Saturday, January 15, 2011

[radio rip] Kutz "Untitled" "Superman"

A lil' late night dubstep ting. I think I first heard Kutz' "Hypno" on Hatcha's Kiss100 show, so it's fitting that my current I NEED THIS TUNE dubplate is a Kutz tune, played on Hatcha's radio show recently. The actual tune isn't that intricate - I'm just a sucker for aggressive use of the amen break. Most of the time, amens thrown in a dubstpe tune are done at a more normal speed, but he actually has it running a bit slower, and really rolls it out over the harder dubstep beat. That hypnotic bass just brings it all home, really. I need this. Who knows. I need this, though.

DOWNLOAD Kutz "Untitled" [radio rip]

EDIT Kutz threw this tune up on his SoundCloud, and it's called "Superman"
Kutz - Superman by kutzuk

[video] The Garden State Hip Hop Cypher 2011

This is raw, and features RTD favorites like Deal - The Villain, Daniel Joseph, Rhymageddon and Silent Knight. Peace to GSHH.

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/13/2010)

During the great 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover of 2010, it was announced that Skream & Benga were going to be dropping serious vibes for Radio 1's In New DJs We Trust series. Not sure if either of these dubstep mavens could be considered "new", but they are new to the Radio 1 hierarchy. If you're already a fan of this tandem, be it as producers in their own right, or as 2/3 of Magnetic Man - or as DJs period, you need this. New dubs, fierce released tunes, and even a slick mash-up or two are found in this week's edition. I'm already a few beers into a long night, and this is definitely my soundtrack for the evening.

DOWNLOAD Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/13/2010) [via QRIP]

[video] Crew54 "Impala Music"

previous Crew54 "Impala Music"

Kasso: American Original (Part 1)

Via Jersey Graf.

[video] Dutch New York "Honor Me"

Friday, January 14, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/14/2011)


[video] Copywrite ft. MHz "Mega Mega"

[video] Skream & Example "Shot Yourself In The Foot Again"

Shouts to Fried My Little Brain.

[video] Starkey "Robot Hands"

Big up to Clap Cowards.

[video] DJ Nappy "Thugstep Architect" Party

A new edit from the footage taken during the night THUGSTEP came alive.

The Jake ft. J. Gunn "A Song About Sex"

The Jake ft. J. Gunn "A Song About Sex": If you guys have ladies and need to know what to write in your sexts, you might wanna lift some of Gunn’s rhymes from the beginning, then mimic his moves as he goes on. This track does exactly what it says on the tin, and is a great way to pass the time during these storms that are blanketing the US. Or something to do when the electricity’s cut off. Or when you’re drunk. Or angry. Just go have sex with someone, seriously. Dream Pusher EP is on the way.

Money Making Jam Boys "Tear It Down"

Money Making Jam Boys "Tear It Down": I am a fan of Slaughterhouse, in theory (the album wasn’t my shit), but the MMJB is more my flavor. Just hear STS beast that first verse. That’s a cat I’m proud of – I remember first hearing him and making sure he got some shine here, and to see his name popping up, and just hearing him excel? Shit’s dope. All the Jam Boys come off over this sparse beat – it’s dope, but is really just something that allows them to body their respective verses. Feels like pea coat rap. Video is on a dark corner, one street light, lots of spitting, seeing the hot air fly out of niggas mouths. Maybe a different light for each MC. Who knows. And don’t get me started on Black Thought’s bit. That nigga should be your idol. I believe Shake did the artwork in this post, so big up to him.

Slaughterhouse ft. Dres "Back On The Scene"

Slaughterhouse ft. Dres "Back On The Scene" (prod. by M-Phazes): See, when Nicki Minaj hooked up “Roman’s Revenge”, you figured she would have gotten Busta Rhymes to feature on it, due to that “RUH RUH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON” shit. So, kudos to Slaughterhouse for getting Black Sheep’s Dres to mimic his shit from one of the Hip-Hop scene’s finest early 90s anthems. This beat is some fly shit, allowing these four to do what they do – massacre everything. They have a self-titled EP dropping in February, and since they recently revealed that they signed to Shady, I’m assuming that’s where it’s dropping? Who knows, I just need to hear more Ortiz. That Puerto Rock is a mufucking problem!

Andreya Triana "Far Closer (Mr Scruff Remix)"

Andreya Triana "Far Closer (Mr Scruff Remix)": The other day, I was on Dogs On Acid and saw a post regarding our favorite artists on Ninja Tune. I’m a very big fan of their pre-2000 stuff – when I couldn’t find music that fit my taste/need in sound, cats like The Herbaliser, DJ Food and Coldcut filled a void. I said my 1-2 in the post, but forgot to mention Mr. Scruff! Oddly enough, I’ve had this “Far Closer” single for a bit, and while it drops on the 7th of February, I had to throw this one out there. One of my favorite tracks of 2010 was a Mala remix of an Andreya Triana tune, and this track is an early fav in the new year. Scruffiness comes with a bouncy bass, with some perfect clicks and bleeps, adding to the funk of the main line. Her voice is awesome, and is oddly suited for these leftfield excursions, you dig? For those who need to know, the “Far Closer” single features the radio edit (with is a Bonobo production), and alongside the Scruff remix and a live version, Tokimonsta also lent a lounge funk remix to the package. Great addition to Ninja Tune’s immense catalog.

Main Course Blood, Sweat & Tears: A Soulja's Course

I love great producer/MC tandems. Cats who really link up and go in on some music shit. KhemLab member Main Course and producer Holy Soulja have some 50 tracks in the can, recorded between 2008 and 2010, and this project assembles some of the gems, and is the first of two albums from these two (Kane Courso is on the way). MC is one of those cats who puts it all on the line, for the music. Dude’s got a lot of heart, and dips his pen inward, bleeding on the pad. Soulja has a dope, varied style, allowing MC to take the beat and go on a different journey than the last. Book your flight now – it’s free!

DOWNLOAD Main Course Blood, Sweat & Tears: A Soulja's Course

Oscah "Right Now"

Oscah "Right Now" (prod. by Cynergy Soundz): Looks like 2011 is, randomly, going to be the year BPA kicks it into high gear. Recently, Cyn sent over this cut from Oscah’s The Recall project, which is his current opus, and their description of a “2011 Marvin Gaye” really isn’t far from the mark. Definitely feels like some of the music you niggas were conceived too, with that multiple harmonizing thing and subdued funk going on. Oscah also has an album penciled in for a mid-2011 release, entitled Anatomy Of The Ear, so if you’re fuxing with this, and need some R&B in your life, there’s another serving coming your way soon.

Zero Star The Ink Pen Method

Zero’s a cat I don’t know much about. I got this three-song release sent a few weeks ago, and finally got a chance to peep it. Instantly enamored with “Hanging Out”, which is kind of like Star hopped in a Delorean, traveled back to a stoop where some niggas were singing doo-wop and passing some cognac back and forth, and he decided to spit over some of their harmonies. Dude has a dope conversational poetic about him, and I think… yes, I need to hear more from dude.

DOWNLOAD Zero Star The Ink Pen Method

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 12th, 2011)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

[video] Double A.B. "Hit Em"

Featuring Vast Aire & Swave Sevah:

[video] Machine Gun Kelly "Salute"

Dee Vasquez' Round Table (Part 3)

In part three of Dee Vazquez's Round Table series, the panel talks about the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim beef and Rah Digga comments on what it takes to have mainstream success.

previous Dee Vasquez' Round Table (Part 2)

Curly Castro Winston's Appeal Promo Videos 1+2

For some reason, I forgot to post the Winston's Appeal promo video that I got sent last week. Coming back from a quick, exhausting trip, I can't even chisel down my inbox to an acceptable level of unreads. Shit's just dropping to page 3. Anyways, here's Promo Video 1, followed by the 2nd vid, which hit my inbox this morning:

"A Gentleman's Guide To Getting Fresh"

"West Indian Rum"

Winston's Appeal, brought to you by Clap Cowards B2B RTD - very soon. Word from Zilla is that Curly Castro will be performing at the Double Entendre show in Philly this month, with Zilla hosting and Has-Lo as the special guest. Fiyah!

Benji B - Future Beats (1/13/2011)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (1/12/2011)

[video] Emalkay "Crusader"

[video] Astroid Boys ft. Beatbox Major "FREE?STYLE"

Dude did a Grime riddim on the beatbox!?!? Amazing. Shouts to Kaptin for this one!

Bonus Beats Astroid Boys "Rawdeee"

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 22: Scott Vener and Ben Baller

Industry OG Ben Baller and Entourage music supervisor Scott Vener join the Hype Men to discuss how Loon was the real Fresh Prince + David Faustino being more hip-hop than everyone else + rolling around with Eazy-E + what the most expensive song used on Entourage was + House of Pain showing up to high school parties + how meeting Denzel Washington led to working for Dr. Dre + Jeweler beef + the rapper who was originally pitched to play Saigon's part in Entourage + clearing a Jay-Z and Pharrell sample + who Nicki Minaj is actually stealing from + much, much, much more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 22: Scott Vener and Ben Baller [via Hype Men]

Che Grand ft. Donwill "Watch My Feet"

Che Grand ft. Donwill "Watch My Feet": Earlier today, Che Grizzy leaked a trio of cuts from ZFTP VIII: Uche The Great, which I'm not sure of the release date. They both spazz on this spacey track, but this is a BKLYN Lessondary ting - that's standard. Che was one of the artists who I really connected with when RTD started taking off, and seeing his transition into a nigga that MAD heads are looking for? Love that. Stay in tuned to what Uche has cracking off in 2011, trust.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[video] Elucid "Together"

Boombaye FTW.

previous Elucid "Together" x "Pain Parade"

Jeru The Damaja's Hot 97 Promo

This is a fucking time capsule. I remember Cipha Sounds talking about this on Juan Epstein a few times (check the end of their episode with Pete Rock), about how Biggie's "Ten Crack Commandments" was originally a promo Jeru did for Angie Martinez' countdown show. Sure enough, this radio rip hits the Internets, and it's better than I could've ever imagined. Well, seeing as in Philly and Jersey, our countdown shows didn't have dope intros like this, it's dope to hear how on point Hot Nine Seven was with things like this.

DOWNLOAD Jeru The Damaja's Hot 97 Promo [radio rip] [via DJ Premier Blog]

Jansport J Save My Soul

On this day of dope releases, Jansport J releases his Save My Soul LP, full of some motherfucking gems. And by motherfucking, I mean if you throw this on around your boy's hot mom, you might have to smash when he runs to the store to cop some milk. This some grown man, "I just put my paycheck on the light bill" music. Sip some cognac and tell your kids to shut the fuck up while Daddy chillin' shit. Or maybe that's just what I do.

DOWNLOAD Jansport J Save My Soul [via Kevin Nottingham]
PURCHASE Jansport J Save My Soul

[video] RAtheMC ft. Uptown XO, Gordo Brega & AB The Pro "4 The Belt"

Bonus Beats RAtheMC Victory Lap

Suave The Ape The Dead Nation EP

Aside from January 1st, today has been a date that a lot of artist's set to drop their latest projects on. Suave The Ape put on his black beret, his leather jacket and got kind of conscious on this one. I love hearing cats who are kind of young getting that knowledge and kicking some elevated shit on their tracks. Suave got in the pocket with those mid-90's vibes in the beats and the lyrics, and has really come into his own. At least that's how I hear it. Jersey Ape Committee ripping faces, showing you the nonsense underneath.

DOWNLOAD Suave The Ape The Dead Nation EP

Cyrano The Blue Bayou Project

Here's a fly exclusive from RTD and the Backpacker's Anonymous camp. Cy Yung had spoken with me a WHILE ago about compiling and releasing some of his slept-on cuts (the jawns that "blew by you"), but with projects like Soul Train Dancer and other things needing completion, this fell to the wayside. Glad we could finally catch everyone up on this one! Production from J. Slikk, J-Rell, Centric, Cynergy Soundz, Heartbeat, Cyrano himself and other producers, this one is a true testament to an emcee who will NOT be denied.

DOWNLOAD Cyrano The Blue Bayou Project

[video] Tanya Morgan "Just Not True" LIVE

Tanya Morgan performs my favorite track from Brooklynati at Public Assembly in Brooklyn last month. They are still on The Value Menu Tour with Big Pooh, Roc C and special Hall of Justus members! Here are some current dates, via MFM:

Friday – Jan 21 – Portland, OR @ Backspace (also w/ Freeway & Jake One)
Saturday – Jan 22 – Bellingham, WA @ The Wild Buffalo
Sunday – Jan 23 – Bend, OR @ Mad Happy Lounge
Tuesday – Jan 25 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Moe’s Alley
Wednesday – Jan 26 – San Francisco, CA @ 330 Ritch
Thursday – Jan 27 – Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
Friday – Jan 28 – Santa Ana, CA @ Malones
Saturday – Jan 29th – Phoenix, AZ @ Chasers (also w/ Freddie Gibbs)
Sunday – Jan 30th – Los Angeles @ On The Rox

Dee Vasquez' Round Table (Part 2)

In part two of her new Round Table series, Dee Vazquez sits down with Karen Civil, B.Dot, Lady Luck and Nina B to chicks in clicks and cosigns. Lola Monroe also calls in to give her point of view. itstheBino was there to cover it.

previous Dee Vasquez' Round Table (Part 1)

[video] Gucci Mane "Gucci Two Times"

If I say "Gucci" two times in the mirror, does Gucci Mane visit me and sneeze or something?

[video] Isaiah Toothtaker "Intruder"

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (1/07/2011)

First Combat Jack show for 2011, and they bring the pain. They have the #Mixxie niggas in studio, breaking down their sudden rise to Internets fame (if you wanna call it that) and freestyling, Jack officially announces his position at The Source, dead birds and they really listen to Lil' B - for good or ill. Should be an interesting year for what should be your favorite (eff yo) radio show, period.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (1/07/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 1-7-11 (#mixxie) by PNCRadio

Old School Show, Part 2 (1/29/2011)

This is like a hop, skip and a jump from my crib. Seriously. Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shante, Dana Dane, Nice & Smooth AND MC Shan!??! Sad part? I'm 29, and this is "fellas must be 30 and older". Why?!?! Am I not cool enough to rock to "Raw" or "Dwyck"? Come on. If you're old enough (yawn), go cop tickets via TicketLeap.

EDIT Looks like, if you hit the TicketLeap spot, they say that the 25+/30+ are for the after-party. Definitely not spelled out right on the flyer. The show is all-ages.

[video] Indiana Rome ft. Vega HBK & Hakeem The Dream "Celebration"

[video] Apollo The Great ft. Verb Spielberg "Action"

[video] F. Stokes "Soul Clap"

Independent's Day Showcase (1/19/2011)

Dee Vasquez' Round Table (Part 1)

As part of her new Round Table series, Dee Vasquez sits down with Karen Civil, B.Dot, Lady Luck and Nina B to discuss femcees, Lauryn Hill, turntable hits and if you have to be sexually appealing to be a successful female MC. Rah Digga also calls in to give some input. was there to cover it.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

DJ Trace Journeys Into Jungle

If you're like myself, you're a classic Jungle/DnB enthusiast. I was kind of taken aback that DJ Trace uploaded this time capsule of a mixtape, Journeys Into Jungle, to the Internets, but I guess with the number of new school DnB fans, you HAVE to give them some history. Tracks from this S.O.U.R.-presented project come from artists like Shy FX, DJ SS, L Double, Trinity (aka Dillinja), T Power, Grooverider, Ed Rush and Trace himself. many of these artists are found under their numerous AKAs, BTW. Enjoy this.

DOWNLOAD DJ Trace Journeys Into Jungle [Side 1 | Side 2]

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