Saturday, February 05, 2011

[video] J-Love ft. Meyhem Lauren "Don't Help Me"

Boo Goo Doo Boom Presents Boom Shottas, Pt. 7

The homey @EnigmatikBGDB presents another edition of big bottom gyals and the finest Dancehall that's out.

DOWNLOAD Boo Goo Doo Boom Presents Boom Shottas, Pt. 7
Boom Shottas 7 by enigmatikinviktus

Silent Knight "Stayin' Busy"

Silent Knight "Stayin' Busy" (prod. by Audible Doctor): As the title of this track, and the project it comes from (Busy Is My Best Friend, Feb. 15th), Si Kni drops what might be an anthem to my life. Being a father, husband, writer, blogger... just trying to keep up with life, it's a "perpetual round-robin", as Knight puts it. Feel like if I slow down, I might miss something, or dwell on other shit, so we keep pushin' keep strivin', for different goals but the main one is to get better. You don't understand? You're stagnant.

Che Grand "The Solution (Salute)"

Che Grand "The Solution (Salute)": You should remember Low Key and Sounds Supreme's The Solution mixtape from last March; Low Key has the second edition dropping sometime this Spring, with the homey Lazy Eyez. Their fourth anniversary of their night went down last night, and is one of (if not THE) premier Hip-Hop spot in Denver. Big up to all the Denver, Colorado massive. Bang this Che Grizzly x Madlib shit and get prepped for The Solution Tape #2!

previous Che Grand "Gully Brook Lane Bad Man"

[video] Joe Cool "10 SFG"

Bonus Beats Joe Cool "10 SFG"

[video] DJ Mixx & Band Camp Present "Realer Black Girl"

Bonus Beats DJ Mixx & Band Camp ft. M-1, NYM, Divine & Terry B "Realer Black Girl"

Independent's Day Showcase (2/16/2011)

[video] Armond "Airplanes" LIVE

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 2nd, 2011)

Friday, February 04, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/04/2011)

Natural Ice.

DJ Ambush And Then There Was Diddy...

I was tweeting earlier about having "Victory" on my BlackBerry, and this mix is why. As much as we might want to discount Diddy Puff Daddy Puff for his nignorance masked as rich nigga swag, dude's a dancer and a hustler that has hustled and danced his way to the top. He's got a string of hits, and the homey DJ Ambush compiled this tape as a tribute to the Diddy that "just wants to make you dance". Perfect Friday night Ciroc soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD DJ Ambush And Then There Was Diddy...

JSWISS ft. Charlie Smarts "Fire"

JSWISS ft. Charlie Smarts "Fire": Hah - love pressing play and hearing classic lines from the pilot of The Cosby Show. Taken from his Out of State Intuition mixtape, which will be presented by this very site on the 2nd of March, JSWISS and Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) tackle this jazzy track with some slick bars. If you've been keeping track of my Friday playlists over the last few months, you've consistently seen JSWISS music in them. That's definitely not just thrown in there - I've been checking for dude's work. He's nice with his. Oh and he produced this one, too. Yep. You've been warned!

Rob Jay ft. Young Gentleman "Starring Role"

Rob Jay ft. Young Gentleman "Starring Role": I don't know if you guys are up on it, but Rob also does video work. He gets his worlds colliding on this one, fusing the world of making movies and the art of writing songs and drops some bars about needing that Jada Pinkett to his Will Smith. You feel me? Dude's got some awesome shit going on with his rhymes, might need some more of you guys to take notice.

[video] Stagga ft. Skamma & Joe Blow "Genik Riddim"

Kyle Rapps ft. Joell Ortiz "Hard Knock Children"

Kyle Rapps ft. Joell Ortiz "Hard Knock Children" (prod. by Kev Brown): An Internets Rap Fan’s dream on this one. Rapps “don’t have a slow brain, but he get retarded”. Kev Brown produced all of Kyle’s Re-Edutainment, which is a definite play on the classic BDP album (and is due out March 29th), and hearing Kyle and Ortiz going in on many childhood memories (you’ll say “OH SHIT I REMEMBER THAT!” a number of times) is what I need right now. Reminisce with this one… especially when Joell drops a Wrestlemania III reference. Fire.

Shlohmo x Zilla Rocca "300 Pennies Stacked (Kick Rocks Freestyle)"

Shlohmo x Zilla Rocca "300 Pennies Stacked (Kick Rocks Freestyle)": Rocca ganked a beat from Shlohmo’s Beat CD ‘09 to get some shit off his chest. If I could only leak half the shit I’ve gotten from Zilla over the last year, you’d understand why I hold dude in such high regard. Hard-worker on both sides of the mic, and it just feels effortless. 2011 should have some of you reorganizing how you approach music after fucking with the Three Pistol.

300 Pennies Stacked (Kick Rocks Freestyle)-Shlohmo x Zilla Rocca by ZillaRoccaNoir

Treekeeper "Congratulationz"

Treekeeper "Congratulationz": Here’s a banger of an instrumental from Nashville beatsmith Treekeeper. He’s got a Hip-Hop frame of mind, but that fuzzy electronic vibe is front and center, and defined perfectly on this track. He has an EP dropping in 2011 on New Legacy Music, and hopefully the rest of the release sounds like this. Some shit to build the skyscrapers of your fondest dreams to.

Congratulationz by Treekeeper

Koncept "Things You Do"

Koncept "Things You Do" (prod. by Audible Doctor): Here’s some BBAS drinking music, you feel me? Released as part of DJ Booth & Street Ammo’s Freestyle series, the good doc cooks up a sly beat on this one, where the funky bass subtly drives the crazy samples vocals on the track. Koncept goes ham on that beat, trust. No reason for cats to murder tracks like this, you feel me? Loving this. Be on the lookout for Kon & Tranzformer’s More Than Meets The Eye project, which DJ Booth will be releasing on the 22nd of February.

Clare Maguire "Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix)"

Clare Maguire "Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix)": Here’s some unexpected ish for your Friday night earholes. Chase & Status recently released No More Idols, and this ended up in my inbox the other night. Nice driving beat from C&S, kind of a departure from the dubstep/Drum & Bass anthems they’re more known for. Remixes like this showcase how keen their Pop sensibilities can be, though. Expect this one to get kind of huge...

Clare Maguire - Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix) by Radar Maker

[video] Family Affair "Murda Musik"

[video] Jesse Abraham "Spiderman On Vitamins"

J Slikk Escapism Update (Feb. 2011)

Fucking Slikk. When he’s not on Facebook talking about lyrics he wrote that (thankfully) got erased, mad omen-like, he’s emailing about unforgotten albums and sending thirty second snippets of new Cy Yung material. This nigga. You might remember me speaking on Escapism a while back, but know that what was told to me in the past is not what’s dropping now, as the album has been completely stripped and redone. With 100% more focus and fire, I’m guessing. Homey is saying that he should be sorting this out Late Spring / Early Summer 2011, so be on the lookout. Here’s the aforementioned snippet of Cy Yung on “The Anonymous”:

Cy Yung's Verse - The Anonymous (LOQ SNIPPET)Produced By J. Slikk by jslikkmusic

Expect the full version of this to feature bars from K-Hill, R.O.E. and Junclassic as well. Proper BPA posse jam, you smell me? Now until Escapism drops, Slikk says he has a releases to drop monthly leading up, some of which includes a beat tape/EP dedicated to the late, great Teena Marie (using beats that sample her catalog), the Flavor Spectrum series, which consists of three volumes of 30-minute MP3s full of unreleased material, with no tracklistings. Why no tracklist? Because fuck your tracklist, essentially. Enjoy that, and big up to The Find for featuring Soul Train Dancer in their latest issue!

Tre Bishop The Lyrical Inception (Volume 1)

This mixtape dropped on the 1st, but I figured it was more of a Friday flex. Tre Bishop encapsulates a proper Friday evening - from getting tipsy to getting sloppy toppy, dude brings that new school R&B appeal to this mixtape, which is hosted by DJ Lil Bro. Dude takes you on a journey with this one, and it's a great trip.

DOWNLOAD Tre Bishop The Lyrical Inception (Volume 1) [MIXED | UNMIXED]

Apollo The Great "N.A.S.A."

Apollo The Great "N.A.S.A." (prod. by The Incredible Stro): Camden’s own has been getting acclaim for his bars, which I love seeing. While this track talks about niggas not seeing him, all I see is everyone praising him – but for good reason. Dicing this Stro beat to pieces, Apollo isn’t taking any prisoners. This is taken from Apollo 21, which is hosted by DJ Omega. Watch for that shit in March, yadig?

Cymarshall Law "One Million Miles Away"

Cymarshall Law "One Million Miles Away": Cy’s seemingly had a great last couple of years, but if you think everything is gravy, listen to this cut and grab a seat inside Cy’s mind. He coasts over this J. Ralph track, talking to the instrumental like it is his psychiatrist. This isn’t something for anything other than therapy, really. And as artists, you gotta respect a nigga who can lay it all out there for you. Keep on this journey with Cy. Jersey stays active.

Shinobi Stalin "Bomb Run"

Shinobi Stalin "Bomb Run" (prod. by Tek The Intern): This is some shit I’d bug to in the dark during some of my high school days, back when I really explored how far niggas were taking Hip-Hop. This isn’t some sonic adventure, but a plodding, horse-drawn trek through a war-torn mental. The soundtrack to the thoughts of those in Cairo, throwing rocks – wishing they were nukes. Stress and frustration reaching that boiling point, then realizing what you’ve done when all noise drops. Stalin has a new album, Invisible Man dropping this year, and I expect nothing more than the cryptic catacombs of the disturbed side of life.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Money Making Jam Boys The Prestige

After wild delay, the Money Making Jam Boys (which is a crew featuring Black Thought, STS, Dice Raw, Truck North and P.O.R.N.) mixtape, The Prestige is upon us. Lyrically, these niggas rip shit to pieces. Beats come from the likes of ?uestlove, Frank Knuckles, Kleph Dollaz and many more, with cats like Jazzy Jeff featured. It's really a MMJB party, and go-to mixtape DJs Mick Boogie & Terry Urban put this jam together. Worth the wait, although I'm still perplexed as to why 10.Deep hooked up this ill website for the project... but then have the file hosted at mediafire? Whatever works, right?

DOWNLOAD Money Making Jam Boys The Prestige

Benji B Toddla T - Future Beats (2/03/2011)

Odd Future x The Berrics

Why yes, niggas do skateboard.

Via OFWGKTA by way of The Berrics.

[video] Zero Star "Power 107.5 Radio Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Zero Star "We Getz Busy 11' (Illegal Tribute)"

[video] windchILL "Can't You See"

PURCHASE windchILL Self Medication

The Electric Life Is Moving EPK

[video] Korhymes ft. Astèr "Stabilize"

Bonus Beats Korhymes ft. Astèr "Stabilize"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (2/02/2011)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

[video] Versis ft. Scienze "TakingTheDayOff"

Via AJB.

[video] Ski Beatz ft. Locksmith "Lock"

Top $ Raz ft. YC The Cynic "The Plague"

Top $ Raz ft. YC The Cynic "The Plague" (prod. by J57): You hear fucking J57 with his lil computer voice drop at the beginning? Thinking he's the man just because he hooked up the most ominous of beats for Raz and YC to dumbout on? I've been making myself watch the Saw series (I finished Saw V yesterday), and this sounds like some shit you could play during the movie. Or the video for this could be the eerie moments for these flicks. I love it. So brooding, menacing.Not sure what Raz has in store, but I need more.

Che Grand "Gully Brook Lane Bad Man"

Che Grand "Gully Brook Lane Bad Man": I know Grizzly is on his ZFTP VIII shit, but I was not expecting to hear him coasting over some Joker riddims. He shoulda hollered at the kid, I woulda got him right! Lessondary souljah, Grand takes no prisoners on this one. FDNY can't save ya. Via ZFTP.

Gully Brook Lane Bad Man by CheGrand

previous Che Grand ft. Donwill "Watch My Feet"

[video] Sha Stimuli "Who Am I"

[video] J57 ft. Jefferson Price "Digital Society"

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 24: Scoop Deville & Ryu

Two thirds of the Get Busy Committee, rapper Ryu and producer Scoop DeVille join the Hype Men to discuss freestyling on the Wake Up Show + choosing rapping as a career over professional baseball + the Dust Brothers + Crystal Method + the fascination behind Lil’ B the Based God and Odd Future + Scoop’s father selling Snoop Doogy Dogg his first gun + Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park + Tokyo Sex Whale + sampling Soul II Soul + DJing for NKOTB + working with 50 Cent, Kid Sister, Diggy Simmons, Cory Gunz + much more! [via Hype Men]

Dumhi "The Knife (Remix)"

Dumhi ft. Sean Price, Burke The Jurke & Reef The Lost Cauze "The Knife (Remix)": I was actually speaking to Haj earlier today, and he told me that he's working on some serious things, be it or the next Dumhi release. In an effort to get you fools to pay attention, he unleashed this remix of "The Knife", which was found on last year's The Jungle minus P. Reef and Price are two of my current favorite MCs - it's straight bars when either of these cats touch a mic, and Dumhi's track is the perfect vehicle for these two to dumb out on. Rock with this, then keep it locked for further instructions, ya dig?

Wise Intelligent ft. Tara Courtney "UndergroundSpiritualGame"

Wise Intelligent ft. Tara Courtney "UndergroundSpiritualGame" (prod. by Bigg Scott): New leak from Wise’s The UnConkable Djezuz Djonez, which drops on the 8th of February. This track is deep because I’m pretty sure I know the homegirl Tara from my NJ Transit bus ride home. I might have to get her permission to host some of her own music on here. Anyways, Wise channels Djezuz and SPAZZES over a driving guitar riff, while Tara kicks some eloquent thoughts… there’s just a lot going on in this track, trust. You’re going to have play twice before listening, then play a third time to really pick up the jewels these two put down. Damn. Djonez.

[video] Pigeon Hole ft. D-Sisive "LIght Show"

Bonus Beats Pigeon Hole ft. D-Sisive "Light Show"

L.A. The Presentation

Despite that nigga @ThroatChopU sending me this (haha), I gave it a listen. Let me tell you, I’m loving that so many females are coming up and spitting. It felt like a few years ago, you could count the current mainstream and underground rap chicks on both hands. L.A. drops her Presentation, showcasing her abilities over a grip of found instrumentals. And she goes in. Over a majority of Kanye West jawns. And it’s ill. Even features the homey D.Julien, Dremur (who I just got introduced to) and Hi-Jynx on it, which I’m happy for. Highly recommended.

DOWNLOAD L.A. The Presentation [mirror]

[video] Onyx "Mad Energy"

The NU Revolution Camp "Freedom Theme"

The NU Revolution Camp "Freedom Theme" (prod. by Rafpak): Most of the time, I’m on some depression aggro shit. Dark beats, deep themes. But when I’m on my uplifting ish? Wordsmith is where it’s at. "Freedom Theme" sounds like something I’d blast as a runaway slave, escaping my captors. Or blast while watching Fourth of July fireworks over a beautiful body of water. Or just when I think positively about what I do like about our country. With so much hate and despair regarding our country, laws and politics in general, it’s good to have inspirational tracks like this.

[video] Jessi Jae Joplin & The Ruckus "Deal With You"

[video] Nu Jerzy Devil "Devil In That Black Vest

Bonus Beats Nu Jerzy Devil "Devil In That Black Vest"

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

J NiCS x Numonics Champion Rizla EP

Yesterday, I brought you the one-hitter instrumental release from Numonics, and today, via DJ Booth / Last Rights / 2DBz, Numonics and J NiCS presents the full ounce, Champion Rizla. You should know by now that Numonics is fire on the boards, and J NiCS is a perfect compliment to homey's beats. Proper intoxicating release right here. I also appreciate that it's light on features - let the duo breathe! Inhale... exhale... giggle. Good to have a Rizla...

DOWNLOAD J NiCS x Numonics Champion Rizla EP

[video] Rihanna "S&M"

Roc C x Guilty Simpson Ox 2 The D EP

I love my peers, but the lack of providing all the information kills me. Not too long, Roc and Simpson put out Ox 2 The D a mixtape that featured a number of cuts from the homey Soul Professa. You’ve heard his jawns with Roc C on RTD before, right? Soul took it upon himself to proper quality and untag the gems he produced, and put them out as this five-track EP. I love how his sample-use fits both of these cats, like “Resurrection Of The Realness” – Guilty sounds so Blaxploicool on that shit. Anyways, something quick to smoke some good to and mean mug niggas with.

DOWNLOAD Roc C x Guilty Simpson Ox 2 The D EP

Dremur "Gotta Get It"

Dremur "Gotta Get It" (prod. by Arsiney): Now this is what the shit I’m talking about. Proper dope shit from niggas I never heard of. Introducing Dremur. Instantly captivating instrumental here – love the marching vibe coupled with Dre’s motivating flavor. Kind of reminds me of the (few) things I like about Lupe Fiasco, the microwave Muslim… but I digress. This is refreshing. Dremur’s One Step Away Miles To Go is on the horizon – you’ve gotta get it.

OK, that was corny. Don’t let my goofiness over this ill song deter you from downloading.

The Clubhouse ft. Homeboy Sandman "Fully Equipped"

The Clubhouse ft. Homeboy Sandman "Fully Equipped": Hah – Sand did the same thing I did when that guitar shit came on. Some hype, hummable shit. Then he just goes in. Dude’s getting some recognition, which I’m digging because he’s got it. Always in the pocket, bringing something diverse in the way of flow to the game. This cut is the first single from HomeBase Presents: Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1, which drops on February 9th via I’d give you more info, but J57 is stingy with the details in the emails he sends over. It’s because he hates me. That’s OK, though – he’ll rue the day he tried to pull a fast one on me!


Stunna Mane ft. Project Pat & Benz vs. Muffler "Drunk Gorilla (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": Mississippi stand up! If you've been following DJ Nappy and this THUGSTEP movement, you definitely heard this cut before; the homey zone3 featured this on The Freak Beat back in November of last year, but a funny thing happened while we were plotting our takeover - niggas started taking notice! Stunna Mane, especially, liked how the movement was rollin' and saw an opportunity... after one interesting phone convo, a pack of acapellas and some bangin' beats later, and we're two weeks away From Mississippi To Mars, the latest project from the HOODLUM conglomerate - full release February 18th, 2011. That's right, Nappy, DJ Cable and DJ Hipnotikk have ran these beats through the ringer and provide some excellent slices of THUGSTEP mayhem. Consider this your soundtrack to goin' intergalactically HAM! Cable's dropping the official mix for this project, and the release will be presented by Ego Thieves and Rock The Dub. If you guys are nice, I'll drop a few more cuts from this next week, in preparation, you smell me? Oh and the BONUS BEAT on this post will not be featured on this project - the mighty Hipnotikk crafted a banger refix in it's place, though!

You're officially not ready for what my crew has in store. Shouts to So Damn Pretty Entertainment, Stunna Liqueur, the homegirl Tonya and everyone else who's down for the cause. Artwork by the one and only Justin Rossi. Oh this is gonna smash niggas!

Here's a lil' promo video from Stunna Mane, talking about this project:

Bonus Beats Stunna Mane vs. Black Sun Empire "Have U Ever Had That Feeling (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

[video] Capone "Can't Stop"

[video] Black Rob "Ventilation"

[trailer] J Dilla: Still Shining

Monday, January 31, 2011

Numonics Champion Sounds

On February 1st, Numonics and J.NiCS drop their Champion Rizla EP. Today, Numonics dropped Champion Sounds, a collection of instrumentals that you can roll weed into Rizlas to. Some of these beats are found on Champion Rizla. It's almost like a contact high.

DOWNLOAD Numonics Champion Sounds

Help Kool Herc

I can forgive someone if they aren't up on Kool Herc. While dude is essentially the whole reason that breakbeats, rapping and breakdancing are integral parts of what we call Hip-Hop today, with the way history is told and retold, his proper credit might get lost in the footnotes (his Wikipedia page don't lie though). Word is Herc is currently seriously ill, and is without health insurance/the ability to pay for surgery. Herc's family is asking for donations to his medical fund, with both mailing addresses and PayPal being accepted. If you can spare it, please contribute to help Herc out!

Send donations to:

Kool Herc Productions
P.O. Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Or submit via PayPal to his sister at

Featuring L​.​E​.​G​.​A​.​C​.​Y., Pt​. ​2

Glad this new mixtape from DJ Forge and L.E.G.A.C.Y. is out there. After the illness that was Part 1, it's great to hear Legs spit alongside cats like Chaundon, Skyzoo, Dirt Platoon, Soulogik and plenty more, featuring beats from 9th Wonder, Tom Delay, Khrysis and others. Legs is the proper star, IMO, but you know, this isn't no BS. Take a couple shots and dig deep, you smell me?

DOWNLOAD Featuring L​.​E​.​G​.​A​.​C​.​Y., Pt​. ​2 [mirror]

[video] Gee Dubs ft. SR "I Don't Care"

Bonus Beats Gee Dubs ft. SR "I Don't Care"

[video] MiLKMEN "Teddy Baker Freestyle"

[video] The Tribe & Big Cats! "Breakin Down The Walls"

PURCHASE The Tribe & Big Cats! Forward Thinkers, Movers & Shakers

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kosha Dillz "Cake Smasher"

Kosha Dillz "Cake Smasher" (prod. by Dibia$e): Kosha, as per usual, is a busy man. He's got a free EP, Gina, dropping soon. This EP will be promoting the Shuko-produced EP Gina & The Garage Sale. Grab this track, jam out, then hit up Kosha Dillz World for upcoming "Gimme Five" tour dates, which will be raising money for Tipitina's Foundation, a New Orleans non-profit organization that donates instruments for 60 area schools. Ill(z).

[video] Waka Flocka "Dont Be Mad At Me"

[video] Jim Jones "Goin' For The Kill"

Via Miss Info (well, Mikey Fresh, but you know).

Cello Kid "Wake Up Music"

Cello Kid "Wake Up Music": I know it's kind of early, so instead of waking the neighbors up with some Mobb Deep or something, take it a lil calmer with this piano-lead banger from Cello Kid, who actually knows how to play the cello. He's dropping a mixtape, Forget Me Nots, which will be presented by Pretty Boys "r" Us Clothin Co. and hosted by Dj J-Mayy, and drops on February 13th. Some fly Midwest flex, seen? If you fucks with this, definitely recommend waiting for that.

UllNevaNo "Horror Flick"

UllNevaNo "Horror Flick": If you recall, 2010 showcased a number of fine talents, including the boy UllNevaoNo. Gifted MC that he is, he dropped The Color Brown mixtape with RTD and UnderSound / Agio this past August, and in 2011, he has The Color Brown vol. 2 mixtape, which will be presented by and Expect that tape to drop this summer.

UllNeva says "Fans, and new cats that are just hearing about my music i really appreciate the support from you all, and i was sort of in between a rock and a hard place with choosing the next project for the color series, but since i've been receiving a great and huge response off the first "Color Brown" project over Kev Brown beats, i decided to do a part 2 over Apollo Brown beats, and his music is very inspiring as well as far as the way he chops samples, and soulfullness, so big shouts out to Mello Music Group for giving me their blessing into pursuing this project and hopefully ya'll enjoy whats yet to come for 2011 thank you all....".

The Electric "Overload"

The Electric "Overload": Crazy - never expected DJ Vadim to venture into this kind of Hip-Hop/dancefloor vibe, given his classic material like his "40 Winks" remix (which is a personal favorite of mine), but I guess I also never expected Pugs Atomz to venture into this vein as well. Oddly enough, this shit works. It's not groundbreaking, but you can move through the club, drink in hand, to shit like this. Their new mixtape, Hey You Guys, is dropping on the 10th of February, and will be hosted by DJ. Intel (and presented by DJ Booth / BamaLoveSoul). Fuck with that, then be on the lookout for their Life Is Moving LP.

[video] Dana Coppafeel "Paradise"