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BET Vs. The Boondocks

According to HipHopDX (and confirmed on a recent search I did on YouTube), the episode of The Boondocks entitled "The Hunger Strike", which had Huey going on a hunger strike as a protest to BET's programming, has been BANNED. I posted a preview of this, but obviously, that shit is unavailable now. The HipHopDX article actually says two episodes have been pulled and will not air: "The Hunger Strike", which took shots at Reginald Hudlin (which is odd, considering Aaron McGruder did work on a book with Hudlin a few years ago), and the second one had Uncle Ruckus getting his own reality show.

Check out that HipHopDX article for the full story, and hit this link for the leaked content. I wonder if these episodes will ever surface? I'd hope they would show up on a Season 2 DVD set, but who knows...

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