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Martina + Danger Mouse = "Valentine"

Sorry, today is NOT "rediscover Trip-Hop" Day, but I saw this post on Missing Toof and had to inform my Trip-Hop bredren and sistren:

Martina Topley-Bird, who gained fame from her work on Tricky's early albums, is BACK with a new album entitled The Blue God, and this track, "Valentine", is produced by Danger Mouse (who produced the entire LP, from what I'm reading); this track has a smooth, slow feel, ala Portishead or that sound. Not sure how long that MP3 link will be up, but dig this while it lasts!

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Anonymous said...

We've had the chance to film Martina Topley-Bird's concert in Paris during Radio Nova's "Nuits Zébrées", it was a blast! I hope you'll enjoy the video as much as we had :)

Check this out:

Enjoy !!

The Grandcrew Team