sometimes you need to forget
drink a 40, let the warm set you in a place of
leave the world behind for a minute
life's walls encompass all of our all
and when we all need some time to unwind we just fall
we can't go forward or backward just fall down the hole
i wish to control these emotions that fold
and unfold and compose
my prose never flows
but my po-e-try's runnin'
straight laps around those
yet when i'm done it's just more of the dol-
drums behold
open up and take hold
of life's trouble's and souls
and scores of whores who suck dry and run away
take the money and fly
then come back the next day
my hair shows some gray
they laugh while i worry
i need to finish everything so i move in a hurry
a flurry of requests but none of mine get half-met
i try to invest but just mope around in jest
the best men have done what this one man cannot do
that's live with no crutches and obey noone's rule
i spend my time dissecting lines of time
basslines and punchlines and buslines and bustimes
and bylines and guidelines and sunshines never seen
i know when it rises and falls but that space inbetween
i'm not seen, nor am i heard
i can be read but what's a word but an extension of a feeling
a thought with no meaning
a scent you can't smell
a taste never felt
will my words ever be felt
will my words ever be felt

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