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On That Leak: Afrofreque "Illumination"

Afrofreque "Illumination": When people say "live Hip-Hop", you probably think of The Roots. Take that instrumentation, but add in a bit of the Reggae, some of the Afrobeat, a pinch of Electronica, and some social consciousness, and you are almost understanding what Afrofreque is all about. This track pretty much encompasses all of that into a big melting pot. I could see fans of jam bands getting off on this very easily!

Their debut album, Fresh Soul Frequencies, is available NOW for digital download, and is a great blend of feel-good music with forward-thinking sensibilities. Check out this video of them live at Red Fez in Austin, TX:

Shouts to Daysha for the look! Grab "Illumination" for free, hit up their websites and go see these cats live!


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