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The Twelve Days of GetBack

So, the "Twelve Days of GetBack" are complete, and all of the FREE, alternate versions of Little Brother's GetBack have been released to the public. Phonte was so nice, he put them all in a nice, tidy .zip file. Recap the dope blog posts via the Little Brother MySpace blog.

Hall of Justus FTW.


J~Dub said...

that's wassup...the getback is fire....btw, who is that in the pic?? she makes me want to get the getback again...lol

khal said...

I believe she is one of the winners of a GetBack t-shirt, through the contest THE SMOKING SECTION held (smokingsection.rawkus.com)... i saw her pic up there, and hers, as well as all of the other winners, are up on the little brother myspace page pics section