Whiskey & Wine

One of my peoples, Pandamonium Jones, has a new 45 minute mix entitled Whiskey & Wine that was to be used for the Modular podcast, but alas it has not made its way there, and it's shit-hot, so he unleashed it himself. Check dis!

MP3 (zShare mirror)


Bippi Lahiri - Raat Aaye Raat Jaye
Neil Young - Computer Age
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog - Yo Big Girl, It’s Your World
Looking Glass - Brandy
Reality - Yolanda
Pest - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix)
GoodBooks - Leni (Crystal Castles Remix)
Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In The Dark
Captain Beefheart - Electricity
Blowfly - Sesame Street
Liquid Liquid - Optimo
MIA - Bamboo Banga
Class Action - Weekend (Larry Levan Remix)
Isley Brothers - Hope You Feel Better Love
Creedence Cleerwater Revival - Walking On The Water
Dead Boys - All This And More

Support him. He's currently on the Great American Road Trip. Hit up his site and get at him if you live in the US and are trying to hang/get mashed out with some beats.

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