Save 1520

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If you've been keeping abreast to recent Hip-Hop news, you should know about the efforts to purchase 1520 Sedgewick Avenue, which is known as the place where Hip-Hop was born. DJ Kool Herc, who I think is not trying to wait for wealthy rappers to ante up some ends, has started up Save 1520, which is a charity that anyone can donate too. AHH reports that there is also a clothing line that will be available, kind of in the same vein as the Sedgewick & Cedar wears, I assume:

One hundred percent of net proceeds from the sale of Save 1520 clothing will go toward helping the 1520 Sedgwick Tenant Association obtain governmental and philanthropic assistance to purchase the building, in addition to preserving the project and maintain affordable housing.

"This is Hip-Hop's original house and home to the people, " said the Hip-Hop legend, who plans to appeal to major artists to make philanthropic donations to assist the tenants n purchasing the building. "We need to save it."

If you love Hip-Hop, I'd image you'd want to spend some cash on something like this. It would be a damn shame if this piece of our history was lost.

Here's a message from the people who live at 1520 Sedgewick Ave.:

Please help, I know I will.

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