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[video] James Lewis "Go Down, Moses" American Idol audition

This nigga. This is from the premiere of American Idol, Season 7. This nigga is named James Lewis: I had to pull the WTF card early on his ass when I saw him getting into his tour guide costume (which consisted of a frilly Prince shirt and a satin vest). OK, nigga, back in the day, we weren't rockin' those wears. If we did, they were torn, and dirty, and massa felt bad for us (shouts to Wifey for hitting pause on the DVR, b/c she KNEW I had a comment upon seeing this nigga with that shirt on). In the end, it didn't matter, because, well, check out his audition:

Nigga. Nigga, nigga, nigga nigga! No. How do you turn into a deaf mute while singing? What part of the game is that? And then he had the audacity to, after getting laughed at, trying to sing again!? Best/worst audition so far!

You guys watching these auditions? Which was your favorite?

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