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The Wire, Season 5: "Not for Attribution" [recap]

First and foremost, RIP Butchie. You were true to Omar until the very end, and they didn't have to do you like that. I felt for you when you got shot in the legs, and then that final cap bust, I almost shed a tear. Omar definitely shed some tears, as we saw. Kind of crazy, Omar became the legend in another city, but was the smiling giver instead of the cold taker. Nice flip, but based on the previews for next week, the doo rag still fits, and his trigger finger still works (did you see him grab Slim Charles at gunpoint? wild)... Chris & Snoop did that work for Marlo, and while Snoop questioned it for a bit, her blind acceptance is kind of disturbing.

What is more ignorant than disturbing is Marlo's thinking that he could just romp with The Greek like it's nothing. I loved him getting punked, being made to "clean" his money. And the spot at the end, when he went to check his offshore account (that teller was a smoker, no?), he looked like he was going to straight rip through the window, as opposed to calming down and trying to compose his frustration. The deep part of all of this is that, while Prop Joe is showing Marlo his deck, he is also sealing his fate; once Marlo gets all the ins and outs from Prop Joe, what use will Prop Joe serve? I have a feeling that, no matter how legit he is trying to make himself look, his beef with Omar will be his downfall. You can't play both roles, we already saw that with Stringer and Avon. I don't see any amount of money in any non-US bank being enough to pay for the bloodshed that's going to come once Omar rains down on the Stanfield org.

Speaking of the org, did you peep out Michael and Dukie out at Six Flags, macking it to some "that's so cool!" breezies? And that snitch nigga Monk who stepped to Michael with that "Chris already knows" bullshit, I wanted Michael to hit him. Michael knows that the murder game isn't him 100%, but where does he have to go? To his fiend-out momma? To school? Nah. He will just have to dig in deep and keep it moving, I'd guess. It's a hard knock life, but I'm not sure if Michael is ready to leave it...

One person who might HAVE to leave is McNulty, who took his "create-a-serial killer" fiasco to new heights, by not only copping red ribbon to match one he found on an open case, but affixing it to his corpse AND writing it into other cases! It took him a bit of noodling, and a lot of hate from Bunk that got ignored, but he got his vagrant killer into the papers. No one truly gave a fuck... until Freamon got word of it. I had to laugh when he started considering how to make it work ("sensationalize" is the perfect idea), but it's a bit dark, no? And the whole "we have to kill again" shit, and their scene in the previews? Too heavy. I feel for Bunk, b/c he is not trying to rat out his boy, but he is firm in knowing he can't fucking be a part of it. I did find it odd that Bunk kept with the "at __:__ in the morning?!?" when he saw Jimmy drinking (and props for McNulty fucking that chick on the carhood, then holding up his badge. Priceless)... too sad. In the end, I think it's just kind of telling that "ghetto murders" cannot get the play that blonde, missing cheerleaders in Aruba get. And you may think "damn, this is off the mark!", but The Wire has trekked on this turf before. Remember Hamsterdam?

I feel bad for Alma, who is doing great newspaper work and keeps getting slighted. She got her story on the triple homicide chopped then thrown under the fold, and her story on McNulty's serial killer is hardly great work, considering the situation. She was up all early, ready to grab that paper. Humph. At least she's doing it the right way, as opposed to Templeton, who is content to conjure up stories and quotes to appease the suits who he thinks will allow him to progress to a larger paper. With the recent shakeup and letting go of many employees, it might be a good idea, a win-win, but I think he's in for a rude awakening.

I dug how the McNulty killer arc mirrors Alma's story getting cut: those who died were living in the wrong zip code (triple homicide/20+ vacant murders) - and how odd is it that both of these are tied directly to Marlo!!!??!?

Aside from all of that drama, the leaking of the possible shakeup of Police Commish has Burrell wylin' out. Daniels is shook b/c he thinks Burrell is liable to bury him with the dirt in his past (I hope this comes out - we've been teased with this shit since Season 1!); it's Burrell's fault, for all the stat-juking over the years, regardless of whether the money is there, the overall crime rate is still too stagnant.

Clay Davis (and crew - shouts to Ashy Larry!) is on thin ice, as the grand jury case is underway. Expect him to give an impassioned speech in episode 4.

Expect Omar to come out with a bang!

Who was it that Marlo was telling to close their eyes and breathe easy? Omar? Prop Joe? Michael? Oh lawd, I hope it's not Michael!

In any case, another dope episode. HBO On Demand niggas, we can peep episode 4 all week!

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