Weezy Vs. The DEA

See what happens when you lames don't give Lil' Wayne the props over his recently leaked singles? He up and gets arrested in AZ for a trio of drug charges while on tour. I am assuming he had herb, tuss and a few other things, but who knows. I gather from this that The Carter III is about to drop like next month or some shit. Gotta get that good pre-release arrest on the books, make the publicity machine move right.

UPDATE: AHH reports that a K9 Unit found a gat (Weezy is registered in Florida), an ounce of Ecstasy, an ounce of coke, and almost 4 ounces of weed. Weezy got hit with the E and the coke, while some of his boys got hit with the green. Weezy likes to ski? And sip lean? This nigga gonna die, early!

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