RIP Brad Renfro

Just saw the news that a gifted actor by the name of Brad Renfro died. The assumption is that he finally succombed to his on-going battles with drug abuse, but no official word is available at this time.

I first saw him act in The Client, and followed him in flicks like Sleepers, Bully and American Girl (you may have also seen him in Apt Pupil, but I didn't). He was a very captivating individual, portraying these characters that were both lonely yet lovable, secretive but wanting to scream at the world. Like American Girl, a movie I had no interest in, I waited to see him on screen, he was just that ill.

You could tell, based on his run-ins with the law, that he was in a bad way, and this is just another example of cats not learning their lessons before it's too late. RIP, Brad.

More info on Renfro via Wikipedia.

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