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The Wire, Season 5: "Transitions" [recap]

First off, RIP to Proposition Joe. Kind of crazy how last week ended with Butchie getting murked. This week, Prop Joe is sending flowers to Butchie's funeral, and the ep ends with Joe getting capped. Cold, too. Fuck Cheese, that's my word. I can understand you wanting to own a piece of the pie, but you don't have to cross your blood doing it. I can only imagine how hard Omar is going to fuck Cheese, though - was getting your hands on Hungry Man really worth it? You had to sell out your unc? Prop Joe was one of the illest characters on TV - remember how he fixed that East vs West ball game in Season 1? I also just loved how he went from an interesting recurring character to one of the more main heads as seasons came. Kind of deep, and ironic, how The Greek and Vondas were going back and forth about "trusting Joe" and picking up that insurance policy. I have a hunch that Marlo might not be as ignorant as he looks, and that he might be playing this somewhat smartly.

Who else is playing it smart? Freamon, who is showing McNulty how they have to play the serial killer angle. I thought it was odd that McNulty seemed almost reluctant to work the angles. How you gonna create a case in your spare time? In order to not get caught, you have to get deep into it. And deep he did - you saw that homeless den he crept into? And who noticed "Fifty" from the docks living down there? That was so crazy that they threw him in there! I guess he went on a super bender. Or is that another critique on the decline of the docks in our life? In any case, Freamon sees what a case like this could do for Major Crimes... but you can't go sloppy with this.

Speaking of McNulty, I like how Beadie finally confronted him, but he was so drunk and off into serial killer-land, he wasn't having that convo. She needs to just leave his shit on the porch and lock the door, if not for her than for the kids, but who knows what she will do. He needs to get out of her life, though. He isn't built for a relationship.

I thought it was kind of deep, and telling, that the D.A. didn't want to go along with the "headshot" on Clay Davis. I guess that case moving up to the Feds would cheapen the acclaim this guy could use when he tries to move up the ladder in the future. And the fucked up part is, what if these other charges don't stick? You saw how quick Clay was to turning the tide around in front of the reporters - the court of public opinion is a mother. Something like an $80K in false loans? Should be a no-brainer... but cats are trying to make a name for themselves as opposed to serve the greater good...

Scott Templeton is one of those guys. This prick was more concerned with interviewing at The Post (who seemed nice but wanted someone with a bigger name) than trying to nail down the Burrell resignation. Shouts to Twigg, who got the ball rollin'.

LOL @ Burrell not even speaking to Daniels when he was explaining his case, but being willing to bitch to Nareese about his file. Why is that whole file so damn secretive? Was Daniels taking ends from a drug case he worked on, or did he just keep trap shut? And why would Ervin keep him around so long, except to keep him as his puppet? Now that his boy is moving him out, he's ready to talk? Bitch move. Another bitch move was Colicchio getting so mad at Kennard punking him that he roughs up a teacher - then gets pissed b/c Carver has to write him up. What did he expect - that he could haul off on anyone and not have to pay for it? Fuck out of here. The whole police department is hilarious. Full of monkeys.

LOL @ Marlo's "did you ever find that camera" comment to Herc.

LOL @ Michael's mom trying to get back in his life. Like he really trying to give her ends to sit around the house and fuck their life up. Yeah, right.

Where's Poot? He came back round the end of Season 4 and just left the hood?

Check out the preview for next week's episode, "React Quotes":

Why does Dukie need to shoot a gat? Who else cannot wait for Snoop and Omar to really go at it? Looks like Clay Davis is playing hardball to stay afloat, and Daniels is having that heated argument with McNulty and Freamon over their "work", which is getting more Sun play.

Things are heating up!

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