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When Pigs Fly

I have been listening to the whole New Jersey toll-hike nonsense on NJ 101.5 FM for the last couple of weeks (my job is windowless, and aside from Classic Rock, all I get on my desk radio is talk radio, but you could do a LOT worse). In any case, the Jersey Guys and Jim Gearhart took it upon themselves to call NJ Gov. Jim Corzine's bluff, with his statement of "pigs will fly over the Statehouse before there's a realistic level of new taxes or spending cuts that can fix this mess". They are setting up rallies, detailing the new changes and happenings in this situation daily, and hell, they are even remaking Prince classics: The Jersey Guys "When Pigs Fly" has been cracking me up on the daily. It's kind of bootleg, dude just sings over the original, but it works for something like this. More movements should do shit like that.

Keep it movin'! Fuck the toll-hikes!

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