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Trebles and Blues The Blue Note

While there’s already an interpretation on the BTS of this debut instrumental EP from Trebles and Blues, I feel like I need to just share a piece on this release. See, I used to want to be a producer. I’d get stuck on these classic jams and, in my head, chop the sample and lay down what I figure would be some sick beat to go along with it. Alas, I don’t own the patience or time to craft my own gems, so I have to satiate my hunger with the quality material I’m given. I don’t know T&B from a hole in the wall, but his flips are just like what I feel I would want to create. Not that that’s some high compliment, but you just get a feeling when listening to these beats. He wears his inspirations in his tracks, but like many great producers, he makes them become his own. Loads of Soul and Jazz get thrown atop some heaters – not shit you want to hear 50 MCs spitting on, but something to play soundtrack to your life. Shit to create to, you feel me? Check it out.

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