Saturday, December 06, 2008

[video] Scripts 'N Screwz "Big City Lights"

Some fresh Electro/Hip-Hop hybrid sound, but its more on the boom-bap side of things. Lots of ill synths, as well as fun-loving vibes. Check out more on this duo via their MySpace page. St. Louis is on some SHIT!

Bonus Beats Scripts 'N Screwz "Big City Lights"

Bonus Beats Scripts 'N Screwz "Brick (Remix)"

Dallas Penn x Panama x Brooklyn

[video] Semtex TV: Kanye West Interview

You got 28 free minutes?:

Bonus Beats Colbert on Kanye, Round 2

Mavado ft. Foxy Brown "So Special (Remix)"

Mavado ft. Foxy Brown "So Special (Remix)": Mavado's toasting over the "unfinished business" riddim has, along with Serani's "No Games", been getting LOADS of burn in the NYC area. Fox Boogie steps up and adds her gun-clappin' patois to this undeniable banger, turning the heat up past boiling point...

Shouts to BoBO letting loose the CDQ!

Friday, December 05, 2008

[video] The Game ft. Ne-Yo "Camera Phone"

[video] Funkmaster Flex Interview Jamie Foxx

Dear John Witherspoon: Myspace

Both Nice "You Gotta See It Live" (Week 7)

Both Nice "You Gotta See It Live": Hype energy. Cold Crush back and forth (easy). O.D.B. R.I.P.

"How ironic that the Mark of the Beast is a triple 6"

previous Both Nice "Aight Bet" (Week 6)

Friday, December 5th 2008 playlist

One of my New Year's Resolutions: enjoy music more.





I've been on this M.O.P. kick, and remember "Ante Up" being my shit. I remember the first time hearing the remix, I believe it was Funkmaster Flex cutting up the "BUSTA RHYMES NOW, M.O.P. NOW" to pieces; I was in the back of this chicks van, pounding beers on the highway up to New York to go see DJ Craze, Grooverider, Twisted Individual and a bunch of other DnB DJs go for theirs at the Roseland Ballroom...

M.O.P ft. Busta Rhymes, Remy Martin & Teflon "Ante Up (Remix)"

Shouts to BoomBoxxMixtape. Enjoy your weekend, fam-o.

Remedial Dances (December 2008 Edition)

My homey DJ Cable just put me on to the "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" dance, which is some shit you do the a K.I.G. & DJ Dexter cut of the same name:

An hour or 2 before that, Enigmatik hit me with some super-rememdial nonsense called "Da Stanky Legg":

The sad thing is, these cats are so serious. I know its all about having fun, but must people look like douches while they do these dances?!

[video] Primeridian ft. Naledge "Buck Town (City Of Wind)"

Pugz Atomz shot and edited this piece; its currently available on Primeridian's All Nighta:

[video] Lily Allen "The Fear"

This is the first single from Lily Allen's forthcoming It's Not Me, It's You CD, which is out Feb. 10th, 2009. "The Fear" hits iTunes on December 9th. Here's the tracklist for the album:

1. Everyone's At It
2. The Fear
3. It's Not Fair
4. 22
5. I Could Say
6. Go Back To the Start
7. Never Gonna Happen
8. Fuck You
9. Who'd've Known
10. Chinese
11. Him
12. He Wasn't There


Memphis Bleek ft. Freeway "Keep Backing 'Em Down"

Memphis Bleek ft. Freeway "Keep Backing 'Em Down": The two niggas to the right of the above picture go IN over this old school "OW! YEAH" cut. I'm feeling this off the rip; its one of those cuts that would get rewound instantly. Really bouncy beat, I could see this one getting burn in the street, at least for a few weeks. To be honest, Bleek is his usual self (read: not saying much), and I'm guessing Freeway's "contribution" is that looped "keep backin' dem down!" in the hook, but so be it.

Shouts to BoBO.

[video] Keyshia Cole x "Shook Ones"

Damn, do we have an heiress to the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul"!?!:

I'd love to hear a whole mixtape of Keyshia Cole over grimey Hip-Hop.

Shouts to VladTV.

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder LIVE (Dec. 10th, 2008)

Maroon 5 "Secret (Premier 5 Remix)"

Maroon 5 "Secret (Premier 5 Remix)" (prod. by DJ Premier): My wife rarely reads my blog. She'll pop in from time to time when something interests her, but I don't think rock the dub is in her daily website searches. I bet she'd be into this one, though. She fucks with Maroon 5, heavy. I actually got into their first album from hearing her rinse it from time to time. This chilled Preemo remix, taken from their forthcoming Call And Response: The Remix Album release (which drops December 9th), reminds me of Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics album, as well as the 90's Premier that would randomly remix shit from N'Dea Davenport. Really loving that they let him drop a hard snare in there, as well as having him do so many cuts on the decks. This is my shit for the weekend, trust.

Shouts to DJ Premier Blog for this one.

Bonus Beats Maroon 5 ft. The Cool Kids "Harder To Breathe (Remix)" [via h.e.r.]

Junclassic "Tha Morning"

Junclassic "Tha Morning" (prod. by Sir K): Here's a butter-smooth banger from Junclassic's 2010 LP, The Hope Business. Now I know what you're saying, "damn, 2010?!?"; yes, that's a year plus away, but don't fret, I know for a FACT that Jun has fire lined up for 2009, which you will be seeing dropped via BPA, Flawess Hustle and other spots. So don't fret. And make sure you blow this up over on HipHopDX!

Pic jacked from Hav.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

[video] Tubesteak Exposes Barack Obama, Pt. 4

Fanu "So Good I Can't Believe It Ain't Buttah!!"

Here's the third and final part of Fanu's Xmas Mix; loads of fresh DnB pressure.



01 - Cryo - Girls and Their Demons (Covert Operations)
02 - Naibu - It Took A Long Time (Creative Source)
03 - Sight Unseen (dub)
04 - Minotaur - Worlds Beyond (Med School)
05 - Randomer - Ball or Fire (dub)
06 - Stranjah - G-Money (Lightless dub)
07 - Martsman - Halow (Med School)
08 - Randomer - Siren Song (dub)
09 - Buzz & Fushara - Trigger For Chance (dub)
10 - Fanu - For Those Who Dream - Vector Burn remix (Lightless dub)
11 - Alpha Omega - Poltergeist - Fanu remix (Lightless dub)
12 - Seba & Krazy - Imperial Moment (Metalheadz)
13 - ASC - Smartbomb (Vampire)
14 - Grand Masterz - The Dreamer - Teebee's part II (Vampire)
15 - Grand Masterz - Shadow Technique (Vampire)
16 - Chris Inperspective - Right About Me (INP:Digital)
17 - Social Engineer - Her Sense (dub)
18 - Fracture & Neptune - Boogalou (13 Music)
19 - Polar - Almost and Beyond (Warm Communications dub)

Check out Parts 1 and 2.

[video] Yak Ballz "Dirt Empire"

Apparently Aesop Rock produced this? Not what I expected at all. Shouts to Kosha Dillz for the link; interview with Dillz is on the way!

Beat Drop: Pimp C

The homies over at Metal Lungies posted up the next edition of their Beat Drop series, this time focusing on Pimp C's production (which doesn't get anywhere near the amount of props it deserves). I didn't get in on this one (I wish I could write more than I do now), but cats like Noz, Ivan and the mighty Bun B. It's a great read; check it out, and put on some of that old UGK today.

E also posted a bunch of videos about the Pimp up.

Rest in power, Pimp.

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #44

DJ Cable keeps it pushin' with a dutty Dancehall mix:



01. Mavado - So Special
02. Beenie Man - Since Him Dis
03. Erup Feat. Management - Way We Roll
04. Elephant Man - Nuh Linga
05. Assassin Feat. Busy Signal - Line Fi Line
06. Busy Signal - See It Deh Now
07. Demarco - Spend Pon Dem
08. Elephant Man - Gully Creeper
09. Beenie Man - Tell Yuh Something
10. Bling Dawg - Supreme
11. Eggy - Dem Nuh Badman

That "Unfinished Business" riddim gets me everytime.

[video] MOMO x New Orleans

Shouts to Elucid for the heads up. Via Animal.

TSS x Trackstar x Wafeek The Aristocats Mixtape

The fresh new mixtape, The Artstocats, from the combined forces of The Smoking Section, Trackstar the DJ and Wafeek, is finally here. Homey goes IN over known instrumentals and fresh beats (shouts to Tech Supreme). Get in on this one before it flies by you!

previous [video] Wafeek "I'mma Learn You" \ Wafeek "Let The Beat Die Backwards"

[video] B.o.B. "Autotune"

This is some funny shit, b/c it's probably true. Eskay posted an MP3 as well.

[video] LOST Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek

Jesus Christ! I need this in my life, ASAP.

Shouts to MissInfo for this one.

[video] Badd Santa LP Trailer

You can cop this over at Stones Throw right now:

[video] Articulate The Warmup EPK, Pt. 2

previous [video] Articulate The Warmup EPK, Pt. 1

[video] Renegade vs. Quest M.C.O.D.Y.

Renegade = Mickey Factz back in 2005; how heads get mad at M.C.O.D.Y. is bananas, that cat is a BEAST:

"You gotta be kidding me" if you think Factz won this one at all.

[video] "Another Black Man, Another Statistic"

Stephen A. Smith goes IN with that real talk:

[video] Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trailer

I remember reading about this game earlier in the year; apparently Dan Akroyd and dude who played Egon went in on a totally new script, making this essentially a sequel to the movies:

Mick Boogie Presents D-Black New Black City

Mick Boogie is in the bomb position. He's very hot right now - hot to the point that whomever he's associated with is at least on people's lips by association. Lucky for Bronx MC D-Black, he can spit, and has a talent group of people who helped bang out his New Black City mixtape (which is mixed by Mick Boogie and DJ Woof, has production from Illmind, Khrysis and Nottz, with features from MCs like Skyzoo, Chaundon, Rapper Big Pooh and others). Sleep is the cousin of death, so don't body yourself by skipping on this tape. Shouts to Matik for the heads up.

Joker Starr Raw Spittage Volumes

Shouts to Fluke Beat Ent. for posting this FREE mixtape from Joker Starr entitled Raw Spittage Volumes; it features RTD friend Genesis Elijah, Skankman, Estelle, Sway and a host of other heads from the UK. Word is dude has an album on the horizon, so treat this as a delicious appetizer for the mayhem to come!

Richard Raw "Clap Ya Hands"

Richard Raw "Clap Ya Hands": New single from Richard Raw's Word 2 The Wize LP, which is dropping Jan. 15th 2009. Is it bad that I could clap my hands for every reason he gives in this track?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

[video] Nelly "One & Only"

Can I Borrow 99 Cents For The New Common Album?


The fam hit me with this new mixtape, done up for the forthcoming release of Common's new album, Universal Mind Control. A lot of new tracks are thrown together with some fan favorites and other featured work. Dope mix.



01. Intro
02. Announcement
03. They say interlude
04. Gladiator
05. Soul by the pound
06. Resurrection
07. Universal mind control
08. Renegades of funk blend
09. What a world snippet
10. Get em’ high
11. Throw ur hands up break
12. The game
13. The corner
14. Punch drunk love
15. Changes
16. Open your eyes
17. The light
18. Inhale snippet

Common fans, stand up.

[video] Ludacris "Everybody Hates Chris"

They hate Khris too:

Boogie Bang 16

DJ Trackstar's last Boogie Bang was #15, which dropped back in August. Come December, he drops #16 (which you can download here); Wafeek plays the host, and the two go IN, with hot tracks from artists like Eminem, Scarface, Joell Ortiz, Termanology, Killer Mike and Wafeek himself. Don't play yourself by not grabbing this one...

Buff1 x Hustle Simmons LIVE (Dec. 13th 2008)

Looks like a fresh night. Make sure you're out there!

Jazmine Sullivan at S.O.B.'s (Dec. 22nd 2008)

Get in on this one, early. Just make sure you don't piss your girl off... or you know what'll happen. I also believe Pete Rock is at S.O.B.'s the following night:

[video] Wafeek "I'mma Learn You"

Via TSS, who also posted Wafeek's "Rep My Hood".

Fanu "Damn, That Oldskool Looks Good On You!"

I hit you with the Downtempo/Hip-Hop edition of Fanu's three part Xmas Mix yesterday, and here he goes into a serious old school Jungle selection...



01 - J Majik - Tranquil (Metalheadz)
02 - 4Hero - Journey To The Light (Reinforced)
03 - Tek 9 - The Beast Within (SSR)
04 - Sounds Of Life - A Spice of Jazz (Cert18)
05 - Jonny L - Uneasy (XL)
06 - Paradox - A Certain Sound (Renegade)
07 - Photek - Hybrid (Science)
08 - Decoder - Vapour Dub (Hardleaders)
09 - Facs - Kromedome (Droppin Science)
10 - Asylum - Da Bass II Dark (Metalheadz)
11 - DJ Swift - 2nd Strike (True Playaz)
12 - Intense - Contact (Vibe'z)
13 - Remarc - 2:01 (Planet Mu)
14 - Acetate - Cold Steel Pressure (Flex)
15 - Dillinja - Armoured D (Metalheadz)
16 - Jonny L - PBX (XL)
17 - Paradox - Furtive Drummers (Reinforced)
18 - Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air (Moving Shadow)

Some classics in there!

Streetmedia "$ Orientated"

Streetmedia "$ Orientated": Streetmedia is a North Cali duo comprised of Ammbush + ELS, and flip that quality Hip-Hop for the people. "$ Orientated" has that real haunting, spooky vibe, with a real aggressive feel, like when Prodigy and The Alchemist link up. This is the first single off their debut, self-titled album, so if you like this, know that there's more where it came from!

Tracks like this are anthems for niggas on the grind, yadig? Hopefully you'll see more of this duo on RTD in the new year...

Shouts out to John the TROUBLMan for the heads up.

DJ Ayers - Best of Jeezy Mix

Emynd just posted this on Crossfaded Bacon, and I had to post. Looks like the mighty DJ Ayers goes IN with Young Jeezy's best, from album cuts to features and everything in between.

DOWNLOAD: 128kbps / 320kbps


1. Gangsta Walkin (ft Dank)
2. We Can Play This Game
3. Put The Whip On It
4. Come Shop Wit Me
5. Ain’t I
6. Trap Or Die Intro
7. Thug Motivation 101
8. Gangsta Music
9. Don’t Get Caught
10. Talk To Em
11. Soul Survivor (ft Akon)
12. Go Crazy (ft Jay-Z)
13. Top Back Remix (TI ft Young Jeezy)
14. Grew Up A Screw Up (Ludacris ft Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
15. 4 Kings (Young Buck ft TI, Young Jeezy & Pimp C)
16. 3 AM (ft Timbaland)
17. J.E.E.Z.Y.
18. You Know What It Is
19. Go Getta (ft R Kelly)
20. Go Getta (Remix ft Bun-B & Jadakiss)
21. I Luv It
22. Hood Nigga (Gorilla Zoe ft Young Jeezy)
23. Diamonds (Fabolous ft Young Jeezy)
24. 5000 1’s (DJ Drama ft Jazze Pha, TI, Young Jeezy…)
25. I’m So Hood (DJ Khaled ft Ludacris, Big Boi, Lil Wayne…)
26. White Girl (USDA)
27. Out Here Grindin (DJ Khaled ft Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy…)
28. Superstar Remix (Lupe Fiasco ft Young Jeezy & TI)
29. Corporate Thuggin (USDA)
30. They Know Remix (Shawty Lo ft Young Jeezy)
31. What They Want
32. Don’t Know You
33. Put On remix (ft Kanye West & Jay-Z)
34. Diamonds (Slim Thug f. Young Jeezy - DJ Ayres & Winslow Turner Porter III Remix)

You know you wanna download!

[video] Akon LIVE On Jimmy Kimmel

"Right Now (Na Na Na)"

"I'm So Paid" (ft. Young Jeezy)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[video] Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz "Arab Money"

Trackstar the DJ presents Classickness Volume 2

Trackstar follows up the first edition of his Classickness series with Classickness Volume 2, flipping essential Hip-Hop from Redman, De La Soul, Outkast, Scarface, Big L, M.O.P. and many more favorites. Don't even TRY to sleep. And make sure you are on the look out for the TSS x Trackstar x Wafeek project dropping soon...

[video] Scarface ft. Bilal "Can't Get Right"

[video] Donny Goines "What Happened"

[video] Tubesteak Exposes Obama: Part 3

previous [video] Tubesteak Exposes Barack Obama, Pt. 2

[video] Stephen Colbert On Kanye West

The Paxtons "Free My Mind '09"

The Paxtons "Free My Mind '09": Check The Paxtons flippin' The B.U.M.S.' '94 classic on this one; I also got word that their next mixtape, which will be hosted by DJ Jerome Baker III, is dropping on Jan. 20th, 2009, so be on the lookout for that.

Bonus Check out this video of The Paxtons in the studio, making "Still Waiting":

Fanu presents "Do These Beats Make My Ass Look Big??!"

Fanu just bought some new equipment and figured it was a good time to throw down some mixes; here's the first of a three-part Xmas mix he's giving away; loads of Hip-Hop/Downtempo vibes in this one.



01 - Silent Wolf - Stay or Leave (dub)
02 - De La Soul - Sunshine (Tommy Boy)
03 - Dj Krush - Le Temps feat. DJ Cam (Mo Wax)
04 - FSOL - Woodland (Jumpin' Pumpin')
05 - Galliano - Slack Hands (Talkin' Loud)
06 - Gravediggaz - Diary of A Madman (Island)
07 - Welder - Find You Here (Cyberset)
08 - Bonobo - Days To Come (Ninja Tune)
09 - Dj Krush - Jugoya (Mo Wax)
10 - Tek 9 - Sweet Dreams and Goodnight (SSR)
11 - The Roots - What They Do (Geffen)
12 - Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance (Ninja Tune)
13 - FSOL - Amoeba (Astralwerks)
14 - The Herbaliser - Scratchy Noise (Ninja Tune)
15 - The Pharcyde - 4 Better or 4 Worse (Delicious Vinyl)
16 - UNKLE - Guns Blazing (Mo Wax)
17 - Danny Breaks - Windscreen Wiper (Alphabet Zoo)
18 - De La Soul - Squat! (Tommy Boy)
19 - Welder - Rain (Cyberset)
20 - Blu Mar Ten - Dolce Vita (Exceptional)
21 - Fanu - Dreams Are Like Water (Lightless)


[video] Roc-A-Fella Freestyle, Pt. 5: "Oochie Wally/Dead Wrong"

previous [video] Roc-A-Fella Freestyle, Pt. 4: "Y'all Don't Wanna"

GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow: DEAD BROKE! (Dec. 2008)

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla are back from their two-month hiatus, which they spent promoting Live @ The Liqua Sto (which you can grab off of iTunes), but due to the US officially being in a recession, and their normal infighting, this MIGHT be the last GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow! Make sure you grab this, early, and pray that they continue on...

[video] Black Jesus: Nice-Ass Yeans

[video] "Arab Money Remix" At Akon's MySpace Music Album Release Party

I was just listening to Cipha Sounds speak on how offensive the new remix of Busta's "Arab Money" is, saying that he heard it at the Akon album release party (brought to you by MySpace Music) last night, and I see the niggas already have video up:

8thW1 "Song of Random Thoughts"

8thW1 "Song of Random Thoughts": Browns Mills' own 8thW1 hit me with this and said he hopes I "like this enough to post it", as if I haven't been waiting for more of his fire to grace this site! The lyrics are exactly what the title says, but with a beat this lush, and rhymes that deep, you get lost in the poetic essence. Or just vibe to that ill shit. New Jersey in the house.

For those, like me, who slept on his Crazy 8's mixtape, you can still grab it over at

Monday, December 01, 2008

[video] EPMD "Listen Up"

I'm honestly not feeling the new cuts from the album:

Both Nah Right & 2dopeboyz have some leaks from their forthcoming LP.

[video] Wale "Nike Boots"

[video] Nina Sky Vlog #12: The Source Dimepiece Shoot

Damn right:

[video] Brandy "Long Distance"

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #43

DJ Cable takes it to the club for some of the illest R&B jams of late...



01. T-Pain Feat. Kardinal Offishall & Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It (Remix)
02. Lil Wayne Feat. Bobby Valentino - Mrs. Officer
03. Timbaland Feat. T-Pain & Missy Elliott - Talk That Shit
04. Ray J Feat. Yung Berg - Sexy Can I
05. Ne-Yo - Miss Independent
06. Erykah Badu - Honey

Holla! Here's a list of Cable's UK schedule for this week:

Wednesday 3rd Dec: Po Na Na (Norwich)
Thursday 4th Dec: Oceana (Southampton)
Friday 5th Dec: Qube (Colchester)
Saturday 6th Dec: Liquid (Colchester)
Sunday 7th Dec: The Gallery (York)

Catch the selekta doing his thing!

[video] Che Grand & Spec Boogie - Crack Distributors Radio Freestyle

[video] Dallas Penn x Kanye West "Love Lockdown"

EDIT Here's a video of Dallas at Interesting New York:

Shout to the homey DP for always shouting me out. I ain't shit, but I support my niggas.

[video] Joell Ortiz "Modern Day Slavery"

Featuring Immortal Technique:

[video] Mazzi - Walking Blog #12

Foals ft. Theo "Electric Boom"

Foals ft. Theo "Electric Boom" (prod. by Santo Angelo): This is the latest track from Theo's Channel Surfin' series. Really noisey, true rock the dub style. I don't think you guys are ready. Theo also told me he has a track on stash that I want to hear. Damn I hate waiting for good music...

Wordsmith "Senor Wordsmith"

Wordsmith "Senor Wordsmith" (prod. by Strada): Here's the first leak from Wordsmith's HipHopDX Presents: The Resolution & Re-Cap Mixtape, which is set to drop sometime this week. Cat stays workin', and his grind has to be paying off!

MP3 via 2dopeboyz.

[video] Leona Lewis "Run"

[video] Yes Man Trailer

rock the dub radio: episode 029

This mix came about mad piecemeal. Two weeks ago, I had the mix from tracks 6-24 done. I then finished the tail-end and added an intro this past Black Friday, with a 40 of OE and no direction. I don't think anyone cares, but I think it came out kind of ill. I threw a few comedic interludes in there for no good reason. I think I'm gonna do a special show with no rapping but mad beats. Soon come. Probably sometime in Jan. 2009...

rock the dub radio: episode 029
DOWNLOAD (mirror) \ RSS


01/Medeski, Martin & Wood "Start-Stop"
02/Ludacris ft. Common & Spike Lee "Do The Right Thang"
03/M.O.P. "What The Fuck"
04/Trae ft. Lil' Keke "Screw Done Already Warned Me"
05/Busta Rhymes ft. Cassidy & Papoose "Psycho"
06/interlude: Time Passes In The Friendly Skies
07/Junclassic "The Basics" (snippet)
08/Junclassic "The Ooh Ahh" (snippet)
09/Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker "Love, Sex Or What"
10/interlude: Give Kobe Some
11/Che Grand "Chateau Gold"
12/Duo Live ft. Billionz, Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda & M.O.P. "Shootin'"
13/Common "Be (original version)"
14/Ludacris "MVP"
15/PA "Rhythmicism Blvd"
16/Muja Messiah ft. Black Thought "Give It Up"
17/Trae ft. Bun B & Lil' Keke "Grey Cassette"
18/E-40 ft. Gucci Mane & Bun B "The Recipe"
19/EPMD ft. Raekwon "Puttin' Work In"
20/interlude: Back Against The Door Deal
21/Small Eyez ft. Antonio Dye "Soul Incredible"
22/Soulstice ft. Boogat, Chaundon & Joe Brown "Crash The Party"
23/Marley Marl ft. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane "The Symphony Vol. 1"
24/interlude: "Gangbusters"
25/B.o.B. ft. T.I. "I'm Dat Nigga"
26/Big Pokey ft. Slim Thug & Trae "Boss Hogg On Candy (Remix)"
27/The Alchemist ft. Mack Maine "My Money Is My Bitch"
28/Self Scientific ft. The Game & Talib Kweli "Everywhere I Go"
29/Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah & Nas "Verbal Intercourse"
30/Royce Da 5'9. Elzhi & Guilty Simpson "Verbal Intercourse (Detroit Remix)"
31/Elucid "June To June"
32/Ludacris ft. Nas & Jay-Z "I Do It For Hip-Hop"

Don't ask why I threw some of these tracks in here. My flavors go haywire when that Olde English is in me.


Big Kuntry King ft. T.I. vs. Reform "Throwback (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)": This was initially leaked on the THUGSTEP Extensions pack, but after the recent Dirty Awards fiasco, I had to flip something for the Grand Hustle fam. Are you slangin' Joe Montana? What about that Hershel Walker? If you on that grind, I think you should be. This Reform beat is bananas... I've seen heads get entranced by that bass. Dope vibes for a dope track.

DJ Nappy is on twitter, too. Keep up, slowpokes!

Jay-Z ft. Santogold "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"

Jay-Z ft. Santogold "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" (prod. by Kanye West): Eskay says this is set to drop on the Notorious soundtrack. This isn't horrendous by any means, but I think one of two things:

  1. when Kanye isn't musing on unlocked-down love, he's flipping hipster chick vocals over marching drums (and going to the well twice in this vein isn't really a great look), and
  2. Jay-Z needs to not feed into that fake patois shit. I know this is supposed to be on the Biggie movie soundtrack, but damn...

All in all, Jigga actually saves this one. If this was Max B over the same instrumental? CD gets thrown out the window.

PS hey Jay, why don't you go hard (pause) for the Nets and sign Lebron when he's a free agent!?!?!?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flyling Lotus - Essential Mix (Nov 29th 2008)

California's Flying Lotus comes with a serious selection, taking through influences and sounds of many styles...



1. Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Turiya
2. Charlie Hayden and Egberto Gisomonti and Gonjasufi - Testament
3. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation (Stripped)
4. Dimlite - Sun Sized Twinkles
5. Flying Lotus feat Dolly - Robertaflack
6. Flying Lotus - Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)
7. Ahu - I Know All The Bitches (Bullion mix)
8. Heralds Of Change - Amuse
9. Carlos Y Gaby - Happy Summer Solstice
10. Pudge - Yung Infamous
11. Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young
12. Nosaj Thing - Bach
13. LL - Turf Day
14. Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Dimlite mix)
15. Clark - Springtime Epigram
16. Burial - Shutta
17. Blank Blue - Blank Blue (Flying Lotus mix)
18. Daedelus - Im String Struck
19. MHE - ?
20. Daedelus and Madvillain - Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus live mix)
21. Hudson Mohawke - Zoo0000oom
22. Rustie - Black Block (remix)
23. Teebs and Jackhigh - Idea 1 (Clutch)
24. Matthewdavid - Tallahassee Tapes
25. Martyn and Flying Lotus - Vancouver/Pet Monster Shotglass
26. Fulgeance - Chico (Dorian Concept mix)
27. Joker - Solid State
28. Rusko - Moanerz
29. Daddy Kev - Invite8
30. Ras G - Star Messenger
31. Madlib - Unreleased Gem
32. SAMIYAM - Cheesecake Backslap
33. Knowledge - Dawn
34. Flyamsam - Princess Toadstool
35. Sa-Ra - Hollywood
36. Muhsinah and Flying Lotus - With Me/Melt
37. Flying Lotus - Dissecto
38. Flying Lotus - Breathe
39. Mike Slott - Home
40. Flying Lotus - Sangria Spin Cycles (ambient mix)
41. Danny Breaks - Cosmic Dust
42. Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots mix)
43. SAMIYAM - Falafel Cannon
44. Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel
45. Slum Village - Players (instrumental mix)
46. Flying Lotus - Cackle
47. Flying Lotus - Raise It Up
48. Osborne - Definition Of A Breakdown
49. Baron Zen - Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk mix)
50. Mono/Poly - Needsdeodorantbitch
51. Chocolate Star and Nelly Furtado - Stay With Me/Promiscuous
52. Gonjasufi - Suzie Q
53. Kiing Midas - Lost (Flying Lotus live mix)
54. Rusko and Flying Lotus - Terminal3 / Tea Leaf (Dancers live mix)
55. Daedelus - Hours Minutes Seconds (beat invitational version)
56. Kode9 and Flying Lotus - Kryon
57. Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie mix)
58. Busta Rhymes - What Up
59. SAMIYAM - Crystal Lake
60. Weather Report - River People
61. SAMIYAM - Flintstone Car
62. Flying Lotus - Backpack Caviar
63. Radiohead - Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)
64. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love
65. Broadcast - Winter Now
66. Portishead - Elysium
67. Linda Perhacks - Hey Now Who Really Cares
68. Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Exile mix)
69. Flying Lotus - Live Set Practice Run