Saturday, December 20, 2008

[video] True Hip-Hop Stories: "Funky Child"

Doitall of the rap group Lords of The Underground, talks with D-Nice discussing the birth of their hit recording "Funky Child":

NJ Hip-Hop in the house.

50 Cent ft. Mobb Deep & St. Laz "Naaaahh"

50 Cent ft. Mobb Deep & St. Laz "Naaaahh": Not sure who produced this, not sure when/where this is coming out, not really sure why it ended up in my inbox; I'm not even sure why it's billed as a 50 Cent track - he just does the hook. In any case, here's some late night NY grit for you niggas to rock to.

Squincy Jones "Krypton For My City"

Squincy Jones "Krypton For My City": Shouts to the homey Squincy for hitting me with this blend of "Kryptonite" and "Put On". Go blaze some of that good and rock out to this one.


Get your party started with this one. 'Nuff said.



1. Konflict - The Messiah (Le castle vania & Computer club rmx)

2. AC slater - Party like us (Udachi rmx)
3. Rockwell - Watching me (Trillbass & Your dirty habit rmx)

4. Sharkslayer - Cold as ice

5. Villains - Thrilla

6. Trillbass - Talking headz

7. Grum - Go back (Le castle vania rmx)

8. Your dirty habit - Your dirty habit (Computer club rmx)

9. Claw - Jersy shore guidos (Trillbass rmx)

10. Pharoahe Monch - Simon says (Konrad rmx)

11. The American dream team - Money

12. Rrrump - Motion of the ocean

13. Big gipp - Hot (Treasure fingers rmx)

14. Prince - Erotic city (Computer club rmx)

15. Wombats - Backfire at the disco (South central rmx) 

16. Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (War games rmx)

17. Para one - My head (paraone rmx)

18. The Ojays - For the love of money (Funk derby rmx)

19. Nine inch nails - Thats what i get (Computer clubs president emeritus rmx)

20. War tapes - Use me (Your dirty habit rmx)

21. Trillbass & Core - Rebel yell (No jazz hands rmx)

22. Messinian feat. True pseudo - Noise in here

23. The Death set - Negative thinking (Treasure fingers rmx)

24. Panther dlx - Popcorn brain (Moods rmx)

25. Your dirty habit - Epic

DJ Food "The Breaks Of Wrath"

DJ Food "The Breaks Of Wrath": Let me tell you a story that's like a decade old: one of my favorite mix CDs (and possible one of the greatest compilations, ever) is ColdKrushCuts, a massive two-disc soundclash between DJ Krush, Coldcut & DJ Food, throwing the headphonephunk of the Ninja Tune back catalogue at that time into two well-spun discs (DJ Krush held one disc down solo, while Coldcut & DJ Food threw the 2nd disc together). On Disc 2, there's the random DJ Food track entitled "The Breaks Of Wrath" that plays for something like two minutes that has eluded me ever since I first heard it. It's nothing more than a simple bass tone progression thrown at a bevy of bombastic beats. Listening to this cut was the highest I got before my pre-ganja days. It's got everything I needed: moody bass, beats for days and nothing else. Now, I always assumed this cut was just a dubplate they made for the mix, but I kept a search for it in my Soulseek wishlist, and this afternoon, I found out that a lone compilation (Rumpus Rooms Volume 1), which came out in 1996 (or 1997?) has this entire track, untouched, as track one of their 2nd disc! Wow. 7 minutes of funk from the DJ Food foursome (Coldcut, PC and Strictly Kev). Early Christmas gifts, forreal.

What's sad about this, however, is that no one but me will care. Oh well.

[video] Behind The Scenes: T-Pain "Freeze"

Friday, December 19, 2008

[video] Angie Martinez Interviews Keyshia Cole

Damn, both of these ladies are so talented, and so beautiful:

Cipha Sounds also interviewed Keyshia Cole on today's show.

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Lost"

Monsta "Got The Love"

Monsta "Got The Love": Here's the homey Monsta's nasty dubstep remix of Candi Staton's "You Got The Love". This is a fresh, lowkey dubstep take on her vocal. Grab it now, as its said to only be around for a limited time!

Marsha Ambrosius Yours Truly Mixtape

I imagine you guys have seen a few of these cuts leaking over the last week or so. I'm just gonna go and say download on sight...

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


01. Intro
02. Sunshine (feat. Little Brother)
03. Dat Shit (feat. Busta Rhymes)
04. R.I.P. (It’s Over)
05. Murdah (feat. The Game)
06. Forget About You
07. Get You Right
08. Impossible
09. Cloud 9
10. I Lost You
11. Interlude (Some Type Of Way)
12. Co-Star
13. Start…Finish
14. Take Care


Johnny Polygon "I Been Runnin'"

Johnny Polygon "I Been Runnin'" (prod. by Green Lantern): Shouts to MAC Media for liberating this bass-heavy cut from the Back 2 The Basics 2 mixtape. The low-end on this one? Serious!

[video] Dollphace "Ticket"

Bonus Beats Dollphace "Ticket"

[video] Jim Jones x Funkmaster Flex

[video] Semtex TV: Fabolous Interview

[video] Che Grand @ Digiwaxx HQ

Kid Hum Fossil Fuel

My boy Kid Hum has given out a free download of his album, Fossil Fuel, and it's the truth. I've actually been rocking to this all week; its a deep instrumental journey, in the vein of a J Dilla or other producers who infuse their personality into their beats - just those off-centre, funky tracks with odd samples that work so well. I'm working on a project with this, but we will get to that when I have more info on it...

If you like this and want to support, you can cop this on Christmas Day 2008 via Amazon. You can preview the entire album over on IMEEM as well. Hit up the official website for more info/details.

[video] LOST Season 5 Trailer

Shouts to eskay for hitting me with this:

Jan. 21st, 2009 can't come any quicker!

Lord Finesse "Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)"

Lord Finesse "Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)" (mirror): This is exactly what you need on a Friday. Nasty funk from Preemo and Lord Finesse. The good folks at Clockwork Music provided this note from Premier himself: FROM THE LORD FINESSE REMIX LP COMING 2010....HERE IS ONE OF THE FIRST CUTS WHICH IS PART OF THE REMIX EP...... AVAILABLE NOW DUE TO HIGH REQUESTS OF THIS RECORDING.....BY THE EP, YOU GET THE LIMITED EDITION VINYL OF THIS SONG......GOTTA GIVE IT TO LORD FINESSE ON THE MARKETING....GOOD IDEA. Can't wait for that!

Friday, December 19th 2008 playlist

Gotta love days off. Let me finish this so I can get into that 40 I'm craving...




This week's BoomBoxxMixtape video pick is a cut I hadn't heard in a WHILE; I remember everyone being into this cut when it came out:

Nonchalant "5 O'Clock"

The weather around here is crazy, let me take care of this and leave you cats to your weekend. Enjoy!

[video] "Santa Groove"

SeanieMic flips Q-Tip's "Move" into some pro-Santa Holiday funk:

[video] Vybz Kartel ft. Spice "Ramping Shop"

They go IN over "Miss Independent":

Kidz in the Hall x 'The Deal' Booth

Why does Double O have a perm?:

That Dilla's Crazy (December 2008)

Last night, when I should've been working on next week's episode of rock the dub radio, I decided to fuck around and make a lil' project for delf. It came out pretty dope, and I figured, why not make this the 13th edition of my Dub Sessions mixes. This mix runs about 42 minutes long, and the main meat of it is the title: it's a blend of Richard Pryor's album, That Nigger's Crazy, which is one of my favorite Comedy albums of all-time, with J Dilla's Donuts, which is one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time. I threw in the instrumental to "Fuck The Police" at an opportune time, and also started and ended the mix with two unrelated tracks that I've been fucking with for the last week or two...

That Dilla's Crazy (December 2008) (mirror)


01/Sean Lennon "Photosynthesis" / Paul Mooney "Makes My Teeth White"
02/Richard Pryor vs. J Dilla "That Dilla's Crazy" (rock the dub blend)
03/N.E.R.D. "Sooner Or Later"

I have volume 14 done, just waiting on someone to drop a track before I post it. Enjoy this!

[video] J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla "Boss Hog Egg Nog"

Wordsmith "Game, Set, Point"

Wordsmith ft. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines & RATheMC "Game, Set, Point" (prod. by Street Level): Words' next mixtape with HipHopDX, The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap, is set to drop soon. That's my homey - I'm glad he is getting the burn he receives, and only hope that in 2009, by hook or by crook, his album drops to rave reviews. It's a Nu Revolution.

Bonus Beats Wordsmith "The Ghost In My Dreams" (prod. by Guilty J)

[MP3s via 2DB]

[video] Royce Da 5'9 "Shake This"

Word is this is a New Music Cartel world premiere:

Bonus Beats Royce Da 5'9 "Shake This" (prod. by DJ Premier)

[video] Pace Won & Mr. Green "I Need Money"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nina Sky Vlog #14: Fila Melrose Shoot

Stay sweatin'; sup Hum!

[video] Monica & Brandy "The Boy Is Mine" LIVE

Damn, this is the first time these two have performed this cut in 10 years?:

[video] Exile "Milli"

Cotdamn. What I need is an MP3 of this!

Armyfatigue "Loud N Clear"

Armyfatique The Initiation
Click the image for the 2nd leak from Armyfatigue's The Initiation, which drops on January 6th. This cut features Mr. Met of the mighty Brooklyn Academy. Shouts to Matt @ Coalmine for this one!

Weezer Dupri?

This is scary. Via OnSMASH.

MAGr "God Like"

MAGr "God Like": The homies at MAGr have flipped track 5 from Jake One's album, without even listening to it first. And they murder it. Case closed. I need more from these cats, seriously.

previous MAGr "Dealings"

Eddie Murphy As The Riddler?

I love the shit homies like TC, from The Smoking Section, hit me with randomly:

TC: U ready for the biggest laugh you'll have all week?
: as ready as ill ever be
: ah what the fuck
this is a joke right?
I suppose
khal: i mean cool
a black riddler
but is he gonna gay it out?
: lololol
khal: johnny gill gonna be his sidekick?
: LOL. Planting little cute pink bombs
: nahmean
or just unfunny bombs
one is gonna have DAVE written on it
"welcome to riddler's day care"
TC: lol
khal: man
he gonna gay that shit out
I literally been laughing the past half an hour
: lol
i wonder wtf was the idea behind that
: on the bright side
maybe method man will remix "the riddler"?
its da rid-laaaaaaaaaaaa
TC: The Sun is a tabloid no?
That shit was dope
khal: yeah UK tabloid style paper
yeah the riddler was my shit
i used to play the shit out of that rmx
TC: Crimininaalllll
khal: the hideout mix i think it was called
eerie ominous two note melody and shit
: Yeah, we the goofy looping beat
Tight shit
khal: lol i need that shit now
i lost the CD single
khal: did you do a drop on this yet?
TC: Password: sunete
I know
it's been on the sight before
I still have it from the Kazaa days
khal: fresh, thanks!
TC: No doubt
khal: fucking gay ass riddler
i mean a nigga in a skin tight body suit with question marks on it
thats bad enough
but eddie murphy?
khal: might as well have put fucking rupaul in the shit

fin. Shouts to TC the heads up.

PS Christ, for the cats on twitter who have to make it seem like I don't know that The Sun isn't credible (we only said it was a tabloid-style paper in the drop), FilmDrunk has the straight poop.

OnSMASH Presents Back 2 The Basics 2

OnSMASH's Legend, DJ Nice and DJ Green Lantern have linked up for this explosive, two-disc mixtape chock full of brand new and exclusive heat. I could say so much more, but really, just peep the tracklists:

DISC 1 (download)


01. Emilio Rojas - Back 2 The Basics 2 (Intro)
02. Royce Da 5′9″ - Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady)
03. Grafh - In Love With The Dealer
04. Johnny Polygon - I Been Runnin
05. Wale - Pot Of Gold (feat. Daniel Merriweather) (Produced by Mark Ronson)
06. B.o.B - We Drank (feat. Playboy Tre)
07. Ced Hughes - DragonBlood
08. BK Cyph - Rap 101
09. Cambatta - Voice Of God Freestyle (Produced by Scram Jones)
10. Styles P - Ride or Die (feat. Snyp Life & Bully)
11. Red Cafe - There He Go (feat. Fabolous & Paul Cain)
12. Don Cerino - Missing Element (feat. Royce Da 5′9″)
13. Hell Rell - I’m So Special
14. La The Darkman - Quiet Storm Freestyle (feat. Willie The Kid)
15. Kool G Rap - Thugs Love Story (Chapter IV)
16. Fortlive - The Come Up (Produced by Illmind)
17. Rain - Director’s Chair (Produced by RocWilder)
18. Big K.R.I.T. - Playaz Circle Freestyle
19. ESSO - New Day (Produced by Black Friday)
20. Donny Goines - The Look (Produced by Dame Grease)
21. ATM (Smoke DZA, Numbers & Cory Gunz) - Time Machine 1.0 (Produced by The Heatmakerz)
22. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) - Thugathon (feat. Lil Fame)
23. Almost September - 16, 17, 18 (feat. KRS-One & Al Be Back) (Produced by Jared Gosselin)
24. Blu & Sene - Mars
25. Rick Ross - Can It Be Freestyle

DISC 2 (download)


01. Ced Hughes & Emilio Rojas- Kick In The Door (Produced by The Kickdrums)
02. Raekwon & Special Ed - Hood Story (Produced by Huu Banga)
03. Curren$y - Got It (Produced by Monsta Beatz)
04. KiD CuDi - Can I Be
05. Nipsey Hu$$le - HoodStar
06. GoDChilD - Toast 2 Life (Produced by Black Friday)
07. Sha Stimuli - Next Up (Produced by J.Cardim)
08. The Kid Daytona - Lately (Produced by Ill Bomb)
09. Theo - Roberta Flack Revisit (feat. Dolly) (Produced by Flying Lotus)
10. Killer Mike - Grinding
11. Nino Bless - Murdera
12. Kardinal Offishall - Set It Off (Remix) (feat. Dr. Dre & The Clipse) (Produced by Boi-1da)
13. Novel - Noise (Produced by Breeze The Beatmachine)
14. Chip The Ripper - Moses Freestyle
15. D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind)
16. Fashawn - Freedom (Produced by Exile)
17. Joell Ortiz - Say No
18. Mickey Factz - OnSMASH (feat. CurT@!N$)
19. The Insomniaks - Crashin Whips
20. Mikkey Halsted - Karma (Produced by No I.D.)
21. Skyzoo - Catch Up (Produced by Ski)
22. Billy Danze - Undescribable (feat. Busta Rhymes)
23. Wafleek - The Hollows
24. Harlem’s Cash - Modern Day Malcolm (feat. Santogold) (The Government Remix)
25. A.Pinks - In My Own World (Bonus)

Gotta give props where props are due. Shouts to OnSMASH for keeping things proper.

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #48

DJ Cable is back AGAIN, this time with one of my favorite mixes of his: straight up New Jack Swing. If you aren't up on New Jack Swing, you better get to know!



01. TLC - Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg (US 7" Edit)
02. Guy - Do Me Right
03. Keith Sweat - I Want Her
04. Boyz II Men - Sympin' (Remix Radio Edit)
05. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
06. Boyz II Men - Motown Philly
07. Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison
08. Johnny Gill - Rub You The Right Way

THIS is the music of my youth.

[video] Idle Warship Takes Over Your Party!

Via Tunji: the group is unveiling this new video clip, entitled Idle Warship Takes Over Your Party!, which follows the trio around NYC on a night out, as they record, perform, share their thoughts on artistry and move through the city. It's a really fresh and original video made by my dude Court Dunn at Restless Films, so make sure you check it out. The video also prominently features the dope new joint "Steady," which you can find a zshare link to below. "Steady" will be featured on the upcoming Idle Warship mixtape, which we're dropping very soon.

Bonus Beats Idle Warship "Steady"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[video] Semtex TV: ?uestlove Interview

[video] A.Pinks "Held Me Down (Hip-Hop)"

[video] Grafh ft. King Carlton "Burn 'Em Down"

FreQ Nasty vs. Propa Tingz "Peacemaker (DUB)"

FreQ Nasty vs. Propa Tingz "Peacemaker (DUB)": This cut is featured on FreQ Nasty's Fabriclive.42 mix, alongside a bunch of other nasty tracks that are pure muderation pon di dancefloor. This one has an uptempo dubstep flex to it, and is a nice take on sounds you cats already rock to. Enjoy!

Shouts to Justin for this one.

[video] Young Jeezy "Who Dat"

[video] Jamie Foxx On Jay Leno

[video] Kevin Lyttle "Fiyah"

[video] Cappadonna "The Annointing (Slang Editorial Part 2)"

[video] DivaSpeakTV: Episode 37

I think I also missed Episode 36:

DJ Dlux Love Blows

I first got put onto DJ Dlux through his Drum & Bass mixing (which is pretty slick, I must say); I forget how I found out, but I randomly heard that this Chitown selector also produced Hip-Hop, and he recently sent me his first Hip-Hop LP, Love Blows. Some interesting samples and structures throughout, this is a collection you can kick back to, or road trip to. Check it out.

[video] Another LOST Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek

Shouts again to Miss Info.

previous [video] LOST Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bomb Squad Live 001 & 002

Back in May, I found out that The Bomb Squad was on that Dubstep shit. I recently saw that they were on twitter, and on a whim, asked if they had any mixes of them LIVE from one of their Dubstep nights. I got laced with TWO mixes, and uploaded them for the massive...

Some heavy bassbin battering in these...

[video] MSTRKRFT ft. NORE & Isis "Bounce"

Black Jesus: It's Getting Old

[video] Sway ft. Akon "Silver & Gold"

[video] King Of NYC Beat Battle (10/12/2008)

The Story has recently gotten good response from our win in New York's "King of NYC" beat battle thrown by & Strong Arm Management, along with 3 other wins in the producers circuit through New York. We work from opposite coasts but our intent is to tell the same story... the good music:

DJ Concept - Live & Direct - Episode 4 on W.E.X.E

DJ Concept is back at it again with Live & Direct Episode 4, where he drops a lot of the original samples used on tracks by artists like Styles P, Eminem, Saigon, DJ Premier, The Lox, Reflection Eternal and more. Roll up a fat one, kick back, and get into this one.

[video] Roc-A-Fella Freestyle, Pt. 7: "Kick In The Door"

previous [video] Roc-A-Fella Freestyle, Pt. 6: "Oochie Wally"

[video] Rosenberg's Roundtable: "Arab Money"

Clips of this just aired on Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg recently, and here's an almost 11-minute clip of heads (including Mazzi) discussing Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money":

Shouts to BoBO.

[video] NERD "Sooner Or Later"

previous [video] Behind The Scenes: NERD "Sooner Or Later"

[video] Cymarshall Law LIVE In L.A. (12/11/2008)

[video] The 54 Reality Show (12/15)

More info on this episode here:

Praverb ft. Donny Goines "My Way"

Praverb ft. Donny Goines "My Way" (prod. by Rip One) (mirror): Here's the latest leak from the homey Praverb; this time, he links up with one of the 'Net's favorite Hip-Hop MCs, Donny Goines, over a fresh Rip One track. Here's P-Viz's take on how this one came about:

This track was conceived thanks to the lovely instrumental by Rip One. The scratch hook gave me the inspiration to write about etching my own path in this hip hop game. Donny Goines delivered an awesome verse that further solidifies his role in the progression of NY hip hop.

Speaking of Goines, his album, Minute After Midnight, is out on Amaglam Digital. Cop that.

Monday, December 15, 2008

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #47

DJ Cable's back with a fresh new mix of older RnB. Huh? Just download it!



01. Case Feat. Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige - Touch Me Tease Me
02. Mary J. Blige - All Night Long
03. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down
04. P. Diddy Feat. Usher & Loon - I Need A Girl
05. Usher - Bad Girl
06. Kelis Feat. Andre 3000 - Millionaire

Cable said he's got some ideas for the last batch of Weekly Mixes; keep it locked.

Jet Audio ft. The Kid Daytona "Lose Your Mind"

Jet Audio ft. The Kid Daytona "Lose Your Mind": I love shit like this. It's got that wild Tribe/Q-Tip vibe to the lyrics, and some beautiful sounds on the beats. Apparently there an OnSMASH-affiliated project that this will be released on. Shouts to 6th Sense for pushing me to post (he mixed this). Holla.

Via Nah Right.

Dear John Witherspoon: Hoochies

Go Crazy For Christmas

Paul McCartney with Young Jeezy & Jay-Z "Go Crazy For Christmas (JayCeeOh Edit)": The low-bee forum is THE place for quirky gems, good mixes and all sorts of other funkery. The homey JayCeeOh hooked up this blend of McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" and Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy" into some sly Christmas anthem shit. It's primarily Jay's verse, which isn't bad at ALL! Drop this one unsuspecting-like.

[video] Soulja Boy "Kiss Me Thru The Phone"

Featuring Sammie:

Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don "Drop"

Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don "Drop" [clean / dirty]: Taken from 5 Million, Rich Boy (sellin' dat) links up with Polow Da Don for another one. Sounds like they trying to redo "A Milli"... I personally could've fucked with another "Throw Some D's", but I guess niggas have to evolve?

This has drops and shit during the chorus, too, which are hella annoying. I'm not sure if these are gonna be on the actual track or not, but I don't like 'em one bit. Keep all that contest shit in your e-mail blast, nigga!
PS Is 5 Million the name of Rich Boy's 2nd album? I'm going by what the blast says, but I thought I heard him say that the album would be titled Buried Alive?

[video] Pugs Atomz, Rashid Hadee, Awdazcate, & dj Intel LIVE

Pugs Atomz, Rashid Hadee, Awdazcate, & dj Intel touch down at the House of Blues before a Wu-Tang performance:

PS Pugs says he and Rashid have an album dropping together!?!? WOW!

Dert is Full of Love

Here's a teaser from Dert Floyd's forthcoming beat tape, Talk Strange: A Beat Tape Inspired by Bjork:

[video] Mazzi - Walking Blog #14

BGDB presents The Featured Chef

Enigmatik hit you with the OB4CL II compilation on Friday, and now comes with a serious smattering of joints that Chef Raekwon was featured on. You need this.

rock the dub radio, episode 030

This latest edition of rock the dub radio runs at two hours, 24 minutes. I had to... in brainstorming for this edition, I wanted to have it be strictly 2008 beats with Barack Obama speeches over top (after getting this ill MP3-CD of Obama speeches from wifey - early Christmas present FTW). After I a) realized I didn't have a lot of dope instrumentals as well as b) realizing I was getting sent some ill songs, I decided to only flip two Obama speeches, which boiled over my usual two hour time limit. So, expect to hear more "commercial" beats ("Swagga Like Us", "Get Like Me", "They Know", etc.) under his 2008 DNC Acceptance speech, with some more underground/below the radar instrumentals ("Royal Flush", "Gangsta Boy", "We Roll", etc.) under his "A More Perfect Union" speech. We also feature two new cuts from Elucid, that fresh StreetMedia, and an exclusive, hot off the press remix of Lush One & Phillipdrummond's "Reggie At The Bus-Stop", from my VA homey Perpetuum. By the way, you should cop that Music For Dope Runs album; its definitely some sick shit from this Fresh Coast duo.

rock the dub radio: episode 030
(DOWNLOAD \ beatplexity mirror \ RSS)


01/StreetMedia "Red Carpet" / "$ Orientated"
02/The Paxtons "Japanese Denim"
03/Redman ft. Oh No "Lay You Out"
04/Ludacris "Press The Start Button"
05/Jay-Z ft. Santogold "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"
06/Elucid "1:45"
07/Prodigy "ABC"
08/Busta Rhymes ft. T.I. & Reek Da Villain "We Rollin'"
09/Jay-Z x Fela Kuti "Sweet"
10/Jadakiss "4 Da Fam Freestyle"
11/Memphis Bleek ft. Freeway "Keep Backing 'Em Down"
12/Elucid "Which Way Is Up"
13/8thW1 & Fresh Daily ft. Silent Knight "Peace"
14/Junclassic "Tha Morning"
15/The Arsonists "Major League"
16/interlude: Miles Davis Is The ooh child
17/Barack Obama "DNC Acceptance Speech (rock the dub blend)"
18/Barack Obama "A More Perfect Union (rock the dub blend)"
19/Lush One & Phillipdrummond ft. NoCanDo "Reggie At The Bus-Stop (Perpetuum Remix)"

Another one in the chamber. Enjoy!

PS Let me know if you like the blends - I plan on dropping them before the year is out, and will drop them sooner if the demand is there!

Cy Yung & Centric Back 2 Lyfe: The Return Of Greatness

I dropped the original Back 2 Lyfe mixtape back in June, and got an email over the weekend to Back 2 Lyfe: The Return Of Greatness, which features 6 additional cuts that weren't on the original, and is a great prequel to Cy Yung & Centric's Back 2 Lyfe album, dropping in early 2009. Here are two tracks you can preview by themselves:

[video] Wafeek "The Hollows"

Here's the video for a non-Aristocrats track:

Bonus Beats Wafeek "The Hollows" [via TSS]

Expo "Do You Feel Like We Do?"

Expo "Do You Feel Like We Do?": Fresh cut from the homey Expo, flippin' some choice Peter Frampton into that flavorful funk for your Monday morning. Wake yo punk ass up! He should be a name you get familiar with... I know he's got some project with Miskeen Originals going down, among some things I can't speak on. Keep it locked to this Jersey fresh cat.

Bonus Beats Expo "Dirty Jersey Shuffle"

[video] Last of the Record Buyers EPK for more info.

Brittany Bosco x Danny Swain LIVE (12/18/2008)

Big up on the Bettie Page flyer. Should be an ill show.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

[video] MTV Presents Daddy's Girls Trailer

Shouts to h.e.r..

[video] Throwin' Shoes At Dubya

I'm sorry, but that's funny as fuck.

[video] Kanye West LIVE On SNL

"Love Lockdown"

"Heartless" / "Pinocchio Story"