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[video] Bekay ft. Masta Ace "Brooklyn Bridge"


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Whygee ft. DJ Brikabrak "The Drastic"

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Whygee ft. DJ Brikabrak "The Drastic" (prod. by Yallzee): Yallzee's boomin' beat x Whygee's ode to quality Hip-Hop + Brikabrak's prime cuts = supreme Hip-Hop satisfaction. I'm not 100% where this cut will end up, but the above graphic should hold the key...

[video] Caspa Narkz "Ride For My Homies"

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DJ Concept More Than A Woman: The Best Of Aaliyah (8 Years Ago…)

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Here's a mixtape that DJ Concept made a few days after Aaliyah passed back in 2001. Any fan should know these tunes by heart.



1. You Wont see Me Tonight-Nas Ft Aaliyah
2. Are You Feelin Me?
3. Try Again
4. Loose Rap-Aaliyah ft Static
5. 4 Page Letter
6. One In A Million
7. Are You That Somebody?-Aaliyah ft Mad Skillz
8. U Got Nerve
9. If You Girl Only Knew
10. Come Back In One Piece-Aaliyah ft DMX
11. Sticken Chickens-Aaliyah ft Missy
12. We Need A Resolution
13. It’s Whatever
14. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
15. Rock The Boat

[video] Ghostface Killah ft. Raheem DeVaughn "Baby"

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Skyzoo's "Saving Our Grace", Episode #1: The Doubt

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Shouts to MAC Media for this one.

Prophit ft. D-Black "Nigga Who?!?"

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Prophit ft. D-Black "Nigga Who?!?" (prod. by Kenlo): Around the end of July, Prophit's Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It's Time To Die mixtape dropped on the masses. It contained this D-Black feature, among a fresh selection of beats and featured artists. Since then, homey has been a performer on the Lollapalooza 2009 tour (in Chicago), and seems to be poised to make a whole mess of noise. If you're feeling this, grab that tape and get enlightened.

Shouts to Matik for the heads up.

Bonus Beats MeLo-X ft. Prophit "The Highest Low"

EDIT Here's some footage of Prophit at Lollapalooza:

Word is Prophit will be at the Highline Ballroom on September 3rd.

Kosha Dillz "I Do Do Do My Thang" LIVE

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Here's Dillz on tour, performing his hot new single "I Do Do Do My Thang":

SoulCultre Presents Aaliyah Revisited

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I try to throw something on RTD on the day that Aaliyah was taken from us. Eight years? Unreal... SoulCulture put together this fresh Tribute EP, featuring a batch of talented Soul artists from the UK. You get the impeccable Marsha Ambrosius, a slick rendition of "If Your Girl Only Knew" (flipping Portishead's "Sour Times") from Sy Smith, Jesse Boykins III and many more. If you love the new Soul singers, and need some fresh takes on Aaliyah's best work, check this EP out NOW!

DOWNLOAD Aaliyah Revisited [via SoulCulture]

[video] Tanya Morgan Interview for

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Bonus Beats Tanya Morgan On WNYC's "Soundcheck"

Potholes In My Blog Presents Transmitting Live Vol. One

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We've heard the ill leaks, and now the good folks at Potholes In My Blog present Transmitting Live Volume One, which is mixed by DJ Traumatix, featuring 29 exclusives from some of the freshest cats out there. Watch...



1- Objektiv One - Intro (Beyon3)
2- Muneshine - Heavy Hitters (feat. Fundament & D-Sisive)
3- Trek Life - As The World Turns (Unofficial) (prod. 9th Wonder)
4- DJ Traumatix - Jansport J Scratch
5- K-Murdock - Up-Rizing (feat. Real Reid & Damu The Fudgemunk)
6- Joe Kickass - Gratitude (prod. Arts the Beatdoctor)
7- The Tones & Nichelle Brown - Stay
8- King Magnetic & Elucid - Double Your Money (prod. Haj of Dumhi)
9- Debaser (Ethic & Sapient) - Shuddup
10- J Freedome & MidaZ - Return With a Mask On (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)
11- Killing Skills - Van Dijck Brown
12- Dujeous - Open for Business (feat. Jigsaw the Puzzler) (prod. by Apex of Dujeous)
13- Jern Eye - What U Want (feat. The Regiment)
14- DJ Traumatix - Buff Fart Scratch
15- Buff1 - Good Gracious (prod. M-Phazes)
16- Keelay & Zaire - Pimp Dreams (feat. Slo Mo of Fortilive)
17- Kayo - Calling Me (feat. CooLEra & Kitda) (prod. Ritchcraft)
18- Descry - TV Customs (Swamburger & Alexandrah of Solillaquists Of Sound)
19- Blame One - Never Fit It
20- The Red Giants (Jermiside & Brickbeats) - Touchin’ You
21- Animate Objects - Look to the Sun (PV Wonder's 'Just Smile' Remix) (feat. Charles Hammond Jr.)
22- TAIS - The Gold Rush (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
23- Jon Hope - Renaissance (prod. Taktix)
24- Panacea - Reasons (feat. Drew Thomas)
25- Dela - Oblighetto
26- Alternate Reality (Dumi RIGHT & Cadence) - Lovin' That Heat
27- Big Tone - Liquor Store Counter
28- Sene - PaperPlanePushers (prod. Blu aka GODleeBarnes)
29- ESEMDEE - Hi-Tek FX Bachatiago Outro (feat. by DJ J.br0.5ki & DJ Ab-loon)

Ouch! Throw this on, all day.

BP & OddS "The Gift"

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BP & OddS "The Gift": Damn. I love getting random e-mail blasts and it being some shit I need right now. Here are two cuts from LA duo BP and OddS' album The Medium, which drops in October. You will find these on The Premium Mixtape, which will be available next month. Some really ill, soulful Hip-Hop vibes and stuff. Remember what was good about '90s Hip-Hop? A lot is found in these two cuts...

Bonus Beats BP & OddS "The Medium"

Lyrical God Lets The Beat Ride

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Via The Rap Up. This is the shit.

Money First "All Star Dough II"

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Money First "All Star Dough II": Shouts to Boom Blake for sending this track on through; Money First won the UMA for Best Underground Rap Group - Trenton, NJ stays high and stays fly. Congratulations to them niggas. I can imagine they blasted this and popped a few bottles in celebration. Keep doing your thing, fam.

PANTyRAiD "Beba"

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PANTyRAiD "Beba": This is a fresh cut from PANTyRAiD, aka the new outfit from The Glitch Mob and Marty Party. It combines the glitch-y wonderfunk with some chilled out, Electro-leanin' vibes. Really laidback cut that goes a bit mental at points. Marine Parade will be dropping their album, The Sauce, on September 21st, and if this is an example of what to expect, cover me in chocolate and count me a believer!

Shouts to kush for the heads up on this one!

[video] Phillip Morris & Number 2 "When Animals Attack"


I fucks with this. Chicago stand up.

Azage "Goin' In"

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Azage "Goin' In": Week 8 of 10 shows Azage blasting through that Drake + Weezy "Goin' In" instrumental. If you've missed ANY of these, you failed... but the Bars Outbreak mixtape will be dropping soon!

Rob Jay "Serious Mistake"

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Rob Jay "Serious Mistake": While you guys are captivated by the classic sample playing throughout this one, not to mention the ill story (which I'm told is fictional, and loosely based on Rob and his people's), I'm wondering why they teased me with those Jungle beats in the intro and only revisit them in the latter part of the track. Dude's got some skills - he teases and caresses that beat throughout the track, but still weaves an intoxicating warning of a tale effortlessly. This is taken from his Video Rob Is Dead mixtape, so take heed.

Bonus Beats Rob Jay "Vanessa"

OB "Last Flo"

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OB "Last Flo": Now I know why Digiwaxx has been sending me homey's EPK. Here's a cut from OB's Inconvenient Truth mixtape. OB reps Canada, has worked with MIMS, Stack Bundles and Peedi Crakk, and has a dope flow. Well a bunch of dope flows. Love how this track progresses. You got a crazy speakerbox in your whip? Get on this one...

DJ Cable Mash Down, Vol. 3

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DJ Cable comes correct with the third installment of his Mash Down series; this edition finds him mixing up Dubstep, Grime, UK Garage and some Hip-Hop on this go-round. Love some of these transitions!



01. Intro...
02. Mark Instinct - Invader
03. N-Type & The Others - Technophobe
04. Maniac - Thug
05. The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance (Benga Remix)
06. JME - Standard
07. Reso - Smash Yer Face In
08. Crissy Criss - Kick, Snare
09. Distance - Night Vision (Skream Remix)
10. Jakes - Rock The Bells
11. Emalkay - Explicit
12. Chase & Status - Saxon
13. Chase & Status - Saxon (OH SNAP! Edit Stylee)
14. The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (Project Bassline Remix)
15. Jammin - Hold On + "Scratch Interlude"
16. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna - What's Your Fantasy
17. Jakes & Joker - 3Klane
18. Skepta - I Spy
19. Tempa T - Next Hype
20. Rusko - Mr. Muscle
21. D.O.K. - Warning
22. Benga - Buzzin'
23. Kyza - Go (Bar 9 Remix)
24. Foreign Beggars Vs. Rouge A Levres (Feat. Primecuts) - Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-rub)
25. Vista - Forcefield
26. Bonecrusher Feat. Killer Mike & T.I. - Never Scared
27. Caspa - Marmite
28. Ruff Sqwad - Xtra
29. Skream - Simple City
30. High Rankin - No Money For Guns
31. Joker - Do It
32. Seven - Drop
33. David Banner Feat. Lil Flip - Like A Pimp
34. Chingy - Juice
35. Fused Forces - What's Going Down
36. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly's Dubstep Remix)

[video] Raekwon "House Of Flying Daggers"

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Featuring Inspectah Deck, GZA, Ghostface Killah & Method Man:

[video] B.E. Diaries: Guatemalan Midgets

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[video] D.Julien Interview On 102.5 FM

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Here's a radio interview done in July 2009, before they went off the air:

Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings "Catalina"

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Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings "Catalina" (prod. by Dr. Dre): This cut, along with "10 Bricks", have me assured of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 being something to get excited for. We finally get to hear one of those Rae x Dre tracks, and I'm not mad at it at ALL!

Shouts (again) to Nah Right.

Jay-Z "Reminder"

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Jay-Z "Reminder" (prod. by Timbaland): Sounds like a leak got sprung over at Timbaland's studio. This is better than "Off That", in my opinion, but in the string of Hov + Timbo collaborations, this isn't up there. And did he really use that "men lie, women lie, numbers don't" line? How old is this?

Props to Nah Right.

MAGr ft. Blu "Laminated Looseleafs"

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MAGr ft. Blu "Laminated Looseleafs" (prod. by DistantStarr): Here's a leak from a project I've been waiting to unleash for a minute. Dom P at Public Axis and RTD are presenting MAGr's No News Is Good News album... remember when I hipped you to this back in June? I've been rockin' to this for the last week, and its awesome. Al Mighty and DistantStarr make up MAGr, and both have put in a gang of work on this project. The bulk of the project was produced by DistantStarr, but beats from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Erik L, Fel Sweetenberg and many more compliment his soundscapes very well - and the lyrics? Al Mighty is a beast on the mic, and with features from the Rap Pack and Cymarshall Law (again, among others) help accent MAGr's flavors.

Take this as a warning - you better be ready when Public Axis & RTD Present MAGr: No News Is Good News drops on Monday, August 31st. No sleepin' on Jersey...

EDIT Here's a mirror, if you can't access that usershare link.


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Wordspit's had a great lead-up to his The Coolest BBoi Stance mixtape dropping, and now the ish is finally here. What can you expect? Ill rhymes from an ill thinker. Quality Hip-Hop. Some fresh shit for your #musicmonday. Enjoy.


Epiphany ft. Gina Gee "5 Dollas"

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Epiphany ft. Gina Gee "5 Dollas": It's been a minute since I've posted something from Piph, and I wasn't expecting this one at all. The instrumental is on some super feel-good summertime ish, sounds like something Andre3000 would('ve) rapped over. For all of the negative and dark music I get passed, its good to hear someone with a more hopeful message.

Shouts to Jeff for these.

Bonus Beats Epiphany "The Come Up"

Junclassic "Beginning Of Days"

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Junclassic "Beginning Of Days" (prod. by Husky): Here's a fresh cut to tide you over until the releases of Imaginary Enemies (which I've heard, and I'm digging), which has now been pushed back to September 22nd. Husky flipped this track and its featured on Imaginary Enemies as "Beginning", featuring Monsta X, but peep this version - one of those paranoia-induced vibin' tracks. Love the keys on this. Really sullen, but has a razor-sharp edge to it.

[video] Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson "She Don't Want A Man"

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[video] DJ Honda "Let It Out" [teaser]

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[video] Lil' Boosie "Back In The Day"

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Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface "10 Bricks"

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Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah "10 Bricks" (prod. by J Dilla): So not a lot of shit can get between me watching Summerslam 2009. New shit from OB4CL2, over a timeless Dilla beat? Yeah, I can take some time out for this. I've been trying to place the beat - I swear J. Rocc dropped this on one of his Thank You, Jay Dee mixes. Regardless, this is the fucking fire. All 3 bring that vintage Cuban Linx shit to this. So essential in my rotation right now. Maybe OB4CL2 WILL be ill!

Shouts to Alex at Killer Beez, as per usual.

Strictly 4 My Negus (August 2009)

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Here's a mix I did for Muttley's SubVersion blog. I did this the Friday before last. Some older cuts mixed in with some newer jawns.



01. intro
02. MF Doom "Hey!"
03. MoodSwingaz "The Blessin'"
04. Reflection Eternal ft. Mos Def & Mr. Man "Fortified Live"
05. Medina Green "Crosstown Beef"
06. Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli "History"
07. Guilty Simpson "Coroner's Music"
08. L.E.G.A.C.Y. ft. Phonte, Chaundon & Sean Price "TKO"
09. Che Grand ft. Tanya Morgan "People Bowling"
10. Tanya Morgan "Bang and Boogie"
11. Elucid "Whirlwind Through Cities"
12. MAGr "Come Home"

Hit up the blog post for a short Q&A with Muttley about the mix.

Jay-Z ft. Drake "Off That"

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Jay-Z ft. Drake "Off That" (prod. by Timbaland): Well, I can see why Jay chose "Run This Town" over this one. I can't say I'm impressed. Is that just Drake on the hook? Is this what we've been waiting for? I mean, this is the obvious underside of the Hot 100-leaning "Run This Town"; this is Hova going for the clubs. Really trendy; I can hear Nelly Furtado or Lady GaGa reworking this. Is gonna be on the remix?


Shouts to OnSMASH.

Take It Personal #24

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Keepin' their bi-weekly flex going, Danyelliott is back for round 24:

Another strange Saturday afternoon at home with the Wilsons. Old school rap. No, really old school rap. Vacations. Twitter vacations. Job opportunities. Horseback rides. The secret society of squash players. Just Blaze. Billboard records. The longest rap remix you’ve heard in a long time. And to top it off, our dog Rosie tried to pee on our super-engineer Sam. Ha!

DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #24

Bonus Beats DPodcast #7

DJ Cable "Never Scared of Eastern Jams"

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DJ Cable "Never Scared of Eastern Jams": Cable flipped this on one of his radio shows, and let me know this was on the way. Happy Saturday indeed! Bonecrusher works well over dubstep, and Chase & Status' "Eastern Jam" is just itching for some lyrics atop it. You know you wanted some THUGSTEP.

In other news, DJ Cable's Mash Down Vol. 3 is set to drop on Monday, Chase & Status have a new label, and Bonecrusher is... somewhere.

Bekay ft. Masta Ace "Brooklyn Bridge"

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Here's the first single from Bekay's forthcoming album, Hunger Pains, which drops on November 10th. I've always been a fan of DJ Babu's beats, and throwing Masta Ace in with the assist? Sick. The video for "Brooklyn Bridge" should be dropping next week, and will feature a snippet of the Alchemist-produced "I Am", which features the mighty DJ Revolution. Looks like Bekay and Coalmine called in the heavy hitters, right!?


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This nigga's videos crack me up:

Caspa Narkz ft. Vickee Valle "Take This World"

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Caspa Narkz ft. Vickee Valle "Take This World": The boy Caspa pens a 2009 Bonnie & Clyde anthem for dude's who are trying to rule the world with a down ass chick by their side. Really bottom heavy bass on this one - stab out for the getaway music here.

Bonus Beats Caspa Narkz "Hands Up Freestyle"

[video] Mya ft. Bun B "Show Me Something"

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[video] Arab "Laugh Out Loud"

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Must be nice to be friends with a remedial millionaire ass nigga:

EDIT Arab jackin' wack beats?:

Junclassic At Brown Bag Thursdays (8/20/2009)

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"Accordian" (ft. Monsta X)

"Renaissance" (ft. Monsta X and Ceez)

"Frozen" (prod. by Sir K)

[video] FSD Interviews Juice (Part 1)

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If you're not up on who the phenomenal MC Juice is, I don't even know what to tell you. If you've used the word "freestyle" and never heard rock, you're missing out. Fake Shore Drive got an interview with dude, and he definitely goes in. Check out Part 1:

Bonus Beats Juice "Go ILL Radio Freestyle" [via FSD]

Botchmania 92

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Excess Bangers 40: Let The Game Be Played

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As they always do around this time, Highbrid Nation has cooked up the latest edition of their Excess Bangers series, bringing you some of the illest to drop from this week.



01. Drake feat. Nipsey Hussle - Killers
02. Slim Thug And Bun B - Pack The Gat
03. Gucci Mane - My Gucci Bitch
04. Young Breed ft Rick Ross & Gucci Mane - Break Up
05. Shawty Lo Feat. The Dream, Ludacris & Gucci Mane - Atlanta GA
06. Juvenile Ft Pleasure P - Hands On You
07. Saigon-Aye Aye Aye
08. M.O.P. - Shell Casings
09. Jay Rock - Never Coming Home
10. Wiz Khalifa ft. Boogz Boogetz - Favorite Show
11. Trick Daddy - Ruby Red (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)
12. Young Buck - The Morning Paper(The Headlines)
13. Jaz-O feat. The Game - Gangstas Ride
14. Juvenile - Gotta Get It
15. Kurupt ft. Freeway - Check Check
16. Bobby Creekwater feat. Stat Quo - Spotlight
17. Rick Ross & Trina - Skyline
18. Warren G feat. Raekwon & Nate Dogg - 100 Miles & Runnin
19. Naledge feat. Jay Electronica - Cool Relax
20. SoundChild Crew - If Ya Guhl Choose Freestyle

If you dig the SoundChild Crew, peep their MySpace, seen?

[video] Day26 "So Good"

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[video] Mary J. Blige "Stronger"

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Slaughterhouse "Hot 97 Freestyle"


Slaughterhouse "Hot 97 Freestyle": So their freestyle from last week has finally hit your beloved Internets. I hate when cats make comments like "I'm sick of beefing", but then make a line about "not responding to a nobody". Hypocritical.

And let me say this: Slaughterhouse having an underwhelming first week of sales is not the fault of your Internets. Its their fault. Many sites were hyped about this project - present company included. The fact that four ill spitters linked up to do an album? Fucking phenomenal. The build-up to this project? Major! They seemed to be batting 1.000 every inning. But the first thing that tripped me up was Royce's interview, where he said "
maybe it could be better if we spent a whole lot of time on it". While he cleaned it up, it felt like he was making early excuses before it leaked...

Then it leaked. And many of us found out: this isn't as ill as it should be. Or maybe we overthought what it'd be. All four can spit (although I do subscribe to the school of thought that Joe Budden was the weakest link), but there was a lack of ill beats, and there seemed to be too many tracks where it was just bars for the sake of bars. The supposed "deeper" tracks didn't crack off like they should've, and it just ended up being "iiight". But its not just that: it was was the full cookie. They jumped into it on some fire and brimstone shit, and the album was a lukewarm sizzle. And their press closer to the album (aside from Joe Budden's Black Eye) was pretty shitty. Hell, they went on Hot 97 the week this came out and didn't want to talk about too much, and gave a lackluster freestyle to Ciph and Rosenberg! DJ Green Lantern got an 18 minute Tour de France, and the #1 radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B got a marathon for third graders. There was no real push in terms of getting the public to get what they were doing... basically, for an album made for fans of lyrical art, in 2009, 18K CDs sold is probably a good thing.

But its not the Internets fault. Make a quality album, something that's undeniable, and niggas will support you 'til the cows come home. Come with some weak lay-up line bullshit, and you catch a seat on the bench.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: the best albums in 2009 are free.

MP3 via Nah Right.

Britney Spears x Top Ten List x Bikini

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Props to Warming Glow.

Anti-Pop Consortium "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)"

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Anti-Pop Consortium "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)": Although the "Volcano" single isn't set to drop on September 21st (with their Fluorescent Black LP dropping the following week), Four Tet's sick remix of "Volcano" landed in my inbox earlier today (thanks James), after premiering on Pitchfork. This remix is crazy - light, space-y (space as in intergalactic), this one sounds like orbs and molecules rockin' to your heartbeat in real time. Fresh future flava.

Sci Development ft. Phil The Agony "Big Boom Theory (Beat Butcha Remix)"

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Here's the iTunes bonus track from Sci Development's Gas For The Machine album, which dropped this past Tuesday. Beat Butcha comes with that eerie organ bounce on this one - drop this one on unsuspecting heads and watch their ears perk up! Shouts to Coalmine for the illshit.

DeepSpace "We Run This (DMVMix)"

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DeepSpace "We Run This (DMVMix)": I'm loving the freestyles and flips of Jay's "Run This Town" more than the track, for some reason. DMV astronauts DeepSpace went off over this, and retained Rihanna's hook, which works well for them. DMV stand UP!

Bonus Beats Quest MCODY "Run This Town Freestyle"

Icadon Goon Walker

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I told you guys Icadon's Goon Walker was coming, and now I have a download link for you. Rock this out all week, then play this LOUD on MJ's birthday on the 29th. RIP.

Dutch New York The Perfect Crime Mixtape

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My boy Dutch passed me his new mixtape, The Perfect Crime, which he's been puttin' in work on. You see those producers in the cover? Dutch purposefully picked beats from Preem, ALC and Kanye, making a statement - trying to get past the cookie cutter ish you hear on the radio day in and day out. Listen to the whole tape... dude's got some stories woven into his lyrics. You wanted that raw NY uncut, right? Here you go...

DOWNLOAD Dutch New York The Perfect Crime Mixtape

Friday, August 21st 2009 playlist

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Fridays used to be ill. What happened? And when is Summer over?


RTD_PLAYLIST_(8-14-2009-8-20-2009).zip (~708MB)


Harlem's inescapable...

Ron Browz "Tell It All"

Enjoy your weekend. Or try to. Sip something.

Jean aka Scott, Homeless Celebrity

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New iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES video coming soon!?!?!

DPodcast #6

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Dallas Penn is one of my favorite people, both on and off the Internets. Oddly enough, we've never hung out in the real world, but he cracks me up with his writing. Dude has a dope sense of humor, and knows how to call it like he sees it. If you have been keeping up, you'd know he's 5 episodes deep into his DPodcast. He dropped #6 earlier today, and threw the previous 5 for you Johnny Cum Latelies. Enjoy.

Icadon ft. Michael Jackson "Why You Looking"

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Icadon ft. Michael Jackson "Why You Looking": For some reason, I kept forgetting to drop these cuts from the boy Ic. He's supposed to be dropping his Goon Walker mixtape today - that title cracks me up. This flips the classic Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me", which is just an undeniable 80s synth-funk favorite. Start your Friday off right with this one!

When I get the final link for Goon Walker, I got you. For now, check out the Pump Mansion!

Bonus Beats Icadon ft. Collee "Johnny Pump Money Remix"

DJ Spinna ft. Krym "New York"

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[video] Beanie Sigel "In The Ghetto"

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[video] J Dilla "24K Rap"

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Featuring Raekwon & Havoc:

Adrienne Bailon "Superbad"

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Adrienne Bailon "Superbad": For today's Unnecessary Leak From A Dime Piece, sepia semi-nude Adrienne Bailon drops this horrendous reach on the masses. Why we needed another synth-driven, Auto-Tune laced club snoozer is beyond me. Tracks like this either get quickly forgotten, or become the anthem of the clubs for the rest of the summer. Hopefully this falls in line with the former, not the latter.

MP3 via Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul.

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 19th, 2009)

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Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of August 19, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our commentary this week focused on more of the crazy nonsense happening at the U.S. "Town Halls" about Health Care (including people standing outside with assault rifles and handguns) and how they're more and more becoming a huge barometer of the issues people still have with race & class in this country, U.S. Football player Michael Vick's release from prison & his interview on 60 Minutes, the passing of journalist Robert Novak and some other things here & there.

This week we had an interview with up and coming independent Hip-Hop MC Rockstar (

Some of the topics we covered with this very talented young MC was his influences (family, in music and otherwise), how it has been working as an independent MC though the years, especially in his area of the U.S. South, doing good business, how to use the Internet & how NOT to use it properly, his "1 A.M. Tour", upcoming music projects and lot of other things!

This week we don't have new Black Agenda Report segment due to the length of our interview. The Direct EFX segments will return at the end of the HBCU's college summer break period in September 2009.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of August 19, 2009 (in no particular order)

Marley Marl/The Symphony RMX/Cold Chillin'
Christopher Titus/Whitey/Comedy Central Records
A-Alikes/Get Along/
Ledisi/Them Changes/Verve Forecast
Johnny Polygon/Dreams/Invasion Music Group
DJ Honda feat. Mos Def/Magnetic Arts/DJ Honda Recordings
Richie Spice/Find Jah (18 & Ova Riddim)/VP Records
JAY ARE (John Robinson & J. Rawls)/It's JAY ARE/White Label
RockStar/It Don't Stop/
Willie The Kid/Aviation/Aphilliates Music Group & Embassy Entertainment
Lil’ Dave/Cafe Cubana/Record Breakin' (
Whitney Houston/Million Dollar Bill/J Records
Haji Springer/Magic Carpet (inst.)/7-Eleven Music
Gorilla Pits feat. The Jacka/Keep Pushin' (inst.)/White Label
The Freshman feat. Nio Tha Gift/Hello There (inst.)/White Label
Mary J. Blige/Stronger (inst.)/Geffen
Scientific The Rap God/Boomerang (inst.)/White Label
Masspike Miles feat. Smoke Bulga/Put Your Head On My Shoulders (inst.)/Maybach Music Group

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

Current FuseBox Radio Broadcast Radio & Internet Affiliates (as of this week):'s The Mix Internet Radio Station - UN Power Jam Radio (owned by Urban Network Magazine), Radio, Progressive Blend Radio, Sprint Radio Extra/mSpot (via the Worldwide Alpha Communications Network), SouthBound.FM, DeadBeat Radio,, Best Jams Radio, FlyTunes.FM/FlyCast ,Planet Urban (Austrailia)/,,, , FONYE Radio , VI Radio , , Beyond.FM ,, Rutgers University Radio, WRSU 88.7 FM, Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio, Ceesiety Radio, Mixshow Blast Radio, Slip-N-Slide DJs Podcast, The Best Jams, ExtravaGangsta Radio, , Digiwaxx Presents: The Blast , White Folks Get Crunk for DJs, Legion Music & Media,, MixLaWax Radio, Trunk Hustlers Online, 907 Jamz. The6.FM, Nilo Radio, 1.FM Jamz, Blayze University Radio, Blip.TV,, Miro,, True Fire Radio, (Streets Mos Magazine Radio), Rock The Dub, Last Word Online, Soul Pitch Hustle, Black Soul Rhythms, Honey Magazine, i95.FM, The PRess Junkie, (Coming Soon), Gutta Muzik (HD) Radio (Coming Soon)

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

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Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon Judah - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon JudahXML
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