Friday, January 07, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/07/2011)

I'll be back like Ahnold...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rob Jay "Generational Curse"

Rob Jay "Generational Curse": Been a minute since I've heard some new Rob, and this one is dope. Harkens back to the days where MCs spit cautionary tales of life's ills. Many cats talk that thugged out gangsta swag shit, but never think about the seeds who grow up seeing that, living around that - what are they going to turn into? You hope for the best, but this is the tale of someone who flows into the worst...

[video] Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Love"

[video] Dave Raps "In The Morning"

Bonus Beats Dave Raps "In The Morning"

This Is A Big OC Diesel PSA

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 21: Jon Daly

Comedian and Cracked Out rapper Jon Daly joins the Hype Men in Los Angeles to discuss the most misogynistic rap songs + his history with Brett Gelman + the boy with eight limbs + meeting The RZA + the best videos on BET: Uncut + Snoop Dogg’s relevance + how they split the money in Black Eyed Peas + working and hanging out with Fabio + Kim Kardashian’s sex tape + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 21: Jon Daly [via Hype Men]

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Elucid "Together" x "Pain Parade"

Last week, we brought you the first single from Super Chocolate Black Simian (which is still due out on the 11th of January). This week, the second single is here, and it's a motherfucking DOOZY! Flippin' tracks from Breakage and Jamie Vex'd, Elucid continues to take us further down the rabbit hole, providing us some noise terrorism and anthems for the next generation of rebel soldiers...

DOWNLOAD Elucid "Together" x "Pain Parade"

Emcee Jermaine "The Crazy 88"

Emcee Jermaine "The Crazy 88": One of my favorite scenes in Kill Bill is when the Crazy 88s enter and give The Bride a serious workout. Deadly acrobatic ninja ass mufuckas, flippin' styles effortless. Jermaine takes that mindset and shapes it into 88 bars of death, which you have here. I know you're mad that Trenton, and Jersey as a whole, breeds some of the dopest MCs out there. Jermaine makes it a point to kick his rhymes with intellect, humor and style - it's just some perfect Hip-Hop ish, with a beat that flips a CLASSIC breakbeat. You need this - and make sure you remember homey's name. It's simple. Jermaine, he's an MC. Jersey stays active...

[video] Marsha Ambrosius "Far Away"

The Combat Jack Show (12/23/2010)

Here's the last Combat Jack show for 2010, recorded live during the PNC Radio Christmas party. Sounds like it was RAMMED in there, but DP and CJ hold it down, as per usual. Congrats to them on their multiple successes in 2010, and to the endeavors for 2011.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (12/23/2010) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show Holiday Edition (Al Lindstrom , Flud, Dopplegangaz, FT) by PNCRadio

[video] Laelo Hood "Fooling Myself"

Grab Hood's Fuck The World via iTunes right now.

[video] Murs & Terrace Martin "On Melrose"

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eli Porter Disses 50 Tyson

[video] Those Chosen "Act Like You Know "

The video footage is of Those Chosen & DJ Blenda rock'd at one of the final in-store performance at Fat Beats Los Angeles. And of our pilgrimage to Fat Beats New York breaking bread with DJ Eclipse and for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010.

Trackstar the DJ Boogie Bang 25

Damn, Trackstar, 25 Boogie Bangs already!? Here's his latest edition of this fresh series, hosted by The Smoking Section's own David D.

DOWNLOAD Trackstar the DJ Boogie Bang 25

Lyle Horowitz Who Are We? (Part Three: Time Enough At Last)

Lyle comes with the third installment of his Twilight Zone-themed series, but from a different angle: "his time around, I decided to focus on one episode/narrative instead of a bunch of episodes like previous installments. Time Enough At Last is one of the most iconic (and pessimistic) episodes in show's history, and I thought it would be fun to take on the challenge of balancing the episodes humor and despair via music.

I've been working on this project since I dropped the last volume back in October, but watching The Twilight Zone on New Years Day, as I do by tradition every year, lit the fire up under me to finish. For our final trip to the 5th Dimension, I present: Who Are We? (Part Three: Time Enough At Last)".

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz album name Who Are We? (Part Three: Time Enough At Last)

Keon Supreme "Entrance (Interlude)"

Keon Supreme "Entrance (Interlude)" (prod. by Jansport J): Gotta say, while this track is capped off by vivid imagery from Keon Supreme, let me first just get this out of the way - that beat from J is tough. Being as Supreme's Just Cause project is a concept album, this is a dope take on what goes through an artist's mind when they enter the venue, thinking plenty thoughts before they get to touch the mic. Love how quickly this one comes and goes.

Crew54 "Impala Music"

Crew54 "Impala Music" (prod. by The Dopplegangaz): This is fly. I love "Maybach Music" and "Aston Martin Music", but this is some shit to cruise to. Has to be nighttime, though, with an Impala sitting super clean, candy paint, with the streetlights reflecting off that ho so pretty. Love hearing some good dudes putting out that flyness. Something for you grown niggas. Saving checks to cop that whip you've been eyeing since your youth, just to put some time and dedication into it. I smell y'all.

Crew54 Impala Music by crew54

DJ Franchise - The ReIntro Part 2

@DJFranchise says: "The ReIntro Part 2 ends my two-part mix for my fellow lovers of hip-hop who are hesitant to give the new generation of MCs, DJs, and producers an open ear (much less heart). Like many of us who grew up on this culture, we’ve been scorned. We see the art being substituted for commerce. Our exclusive “club” of friends and associates who you recognized loved hip-hop because of the way they nodded their head is now accessible to your grandparents and other unrecognizables. My effort here is to let my circle of influencers, my 5%ers, know that the music we love is well and strong. The quality is now in the minority but the impact is no less effective. While Part 1 focused on earning your respect and was a subtle, approachable blend; Part 2 pushes the listener to engage in the lyrics and beats like we did when we walked the streets with headphones or in our rooms with speakers on blast. Partake!"

[video] Copywrite "Serotonin"

Botchamania 158

Monday, January 03, 2011

[video] Jansport J "Forever"

A week after the record leaks, Jansport J drops a dope video. Save My Soul touches down, like so many other projects, on January 11th.

The Jake ft. Elite Assembly "Give It My All"

The Jake ft. Elite Assembly "Give It My All": What better way to celebrate a new website than to drop an unreleased BANGER? The Jake is preppin' for his Dream Pusher EP, and figured unleashing this EA-assisted unreleased heatrock out there to the public. That beat just screams "merk me!", and Jersey's finest beasts. Period, point blank, end of story, bitch nigga. Hopefully 2K11 features more work from all of these parties involved.

[video] Genesis Elijah "Watch What I Do"

Via Friedmylittlebrain.

Hellz Yea! Reign EP

Back in early November 2010, we leaked "The Reign", a new cut from Hellz Yea!; on the last day of 2010, he released his Reign EP, which is an appropriate introductory statement for cats who might be sleeping on the BK representer. He's definitely just speaking to you niggas, in both LOUD and quiet tones, and the aim is the same: Hellz is here, don't sleep. You might learn a likkle something.

DOWNLOAD Hellz Yea! Reign EP

[video] Rick Ross "9 Piece"/"Even Deeper"

I'm selling dope, straight off the iPhone - copper, please!

The Rap Up's 20 Best Songs of 2010

Aside from The Nigga Net for BGDB, the only 2010 "Best of" list I contributed to was to @Rizoh's I got asked to speak on some of this past year's finest, and some of my words are available in this ill Top 20. I'm always critical of my words, so when heads I respect ask me to get down, I still geeks. Enjoy it.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

[video] Thirstin Howl The 3rd ft. Professor X "What It Iz Brother Lo"

Shouts to Brother DP for the heads up.

[video] Bishop Lamont "Sadatay"

J-Rell 2010 Leftovers

Simple and plain, dope producers have beats that they send out and they get slept on. No one's fault, really - sometimes, MCs are looking for one kind of sound. Or they feel a certain track might get a better look. The homey J-Rell compiled a number of beats he cooked up and sent to cats in 2010 that got slept on, and gave them out for free in this dope beat tape!

DOWNLOAD J-Rell 2010 Leftovers
J-Rell - 2010 Leftovers (Beattape) by J-Rell