Saturday, May 07, 2011

[stream] Pacquiao vs. Mosley (5/07/2011)

[video] Young RJ ft. Vice Verse "ColdWorld"

[video] Open Mike Eagle "Nightmares."

Friday, May 06, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 5/06/2011)

Not only are you not funny, but the joke was over a while ago.

Villainous Volume 17

I actually glanced over the above image earlier this week and reminisced on the days when DTV would drop the Villainous Volume and Deal Dub podcasts. Don't know if I willed it to happen, but Deal surprised the Internets with volume 17 of his Villainous Volume series, back with a vengeance after a lot of changes in his life. Still the same raw shit though. Loads of music you SHOULD be up on - and if you're not, you're welcome. Something to get your weekend right to. Sip on something, you summamabitches!

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume 17

[video] LOL "Squeeze Me"

Bonus Beats LOL "Squeeze Me"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (5/06/2011)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fresh Daily The Quiet Life

The press release that got sent out with Fresh Daily’s The Quiet Life mixtape was that it had more of a mature quality. I felt that instantly – this feels like some grown man shit. It’s dope – dope as fuck, trust, but it’s not dope in the “yeah nigga let’s smoke 3, 4 blunts and play Super Smash Bros. to this”. It’s on some “let’s put the kids to bed, have a couple of close friends over in the den for a game of cards” music. With some premium red wine. Just some shit to truly kick back and enjoy life to. Word is homey started this in March 2011 and finished it in two months. Not bad, considering how fly these tracks are. “Say Yes!” is an early anthem for us pushing 30/over 30 Hip-Hop fiends, who can spot samples but still like to joke with each other over some drinks on the back porch. Producers on this project include Shuko, Fonty, Theory Hazit and MNDSGN, with MCs like ScienZe, Suede Jury and Chris Faust being featured. This is Hip-Hop for clean mouths, no dirty shit. Intelligence. Excellence. Clean lines and fun times.

DOWNLOAD Fresh Daily The Quiet Life

[video] Don Streat "Go Ahead Take It" / "Heat Rocks"

DOWNLOAD Don Streat Streat Theory Pt. 2

[video] DJ Brans ft. M-Dot "Pull Me Down"

JSWISS ft. Noelle Leader "In The Sun"

JSWISS ft. Noelle Leader "In The Sun": Here’s this week’s new leak from the homey SWISS. Homey lifted a beat from Swiff D’s LaDDers beat tape and took it’s airy, summertime vibe to pen a cut for you summer lovers out there. The weather’s been back and forth lately, but these nice days are peeking out when they want to. Sunshine is on the horizon, and this is one of those early afternoon, long walk in the garden type tracks. With your lover, nahmean?

Bonus Beats JSWISS “April Rap Up

Nato Caliph ft. Family Affair & GLC "Consumption"

Nato Caliph ft. Family Affair & GLC "Consumption" (prod. by Trifeckta): Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but The Force has been collaborating with the homey GLC lately. Poebama had GLC featured on the “Out The Kitchen” remix, and now G hops on this new Caliph jawn, alongside the Family Affair. This is some of that edutainment shit – cats bring the heavy with the lyrical content, but bring it forth in a package that’s good for your speakerboxes. Love seeing the Midwest click up and bring forth some quality Hip-Hop. No word on where you’ll find Caliph ending up, but I imagine them niggas have some kind of project (or projects) on the horizon.

The Combat Jack Show (5/04/2011)

The homey @AKingPNCRadio came through with the link for last night's show up dumb early. Classic Internets show here - Combat and Dallas are joined by 2DBz' Meka and the homey DJ Franchise, as well as the homegirl Amanda Bassa and others. Everything from Odd Future to Thor is brought up. Yesterday was a wild day/night. Thank you Grace God. EDIT Do take a listen to Meka's words on the OFWGKTA situation - homey said Earl's not even in Samoa anymore. He said he has heard that Earl's recorded with them but due to his parent's ish and his age, it can't be released. The plot thickens...

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/04/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 5-4-11 (Meka & DJ Franchise) by PNCRadio

[video] Elzhi "Halftime"

Bonus Beats Elzhi "Halftime"

Jelani "Clarity"

Jelani "Clarity" (prod. by Durkin): I’ve been slackin’ on some of these write-ups – I think this track has been in my on deck circle for almost a week. My bad. Fuck it, Jelani and Durkin need to do an album together. These two “get” each other, it feels. Jelani says he had this Durkin BANGER of a beat in his BlackBerry for a while, and would rock to it, often. He’s like me – an observer, and when he decided to pen this one, he took the listener into his head and allowed cats to see their surroundings through his eyes/words. Intriguing idea, and it works well. Especially with a fawnky beat like this.

Nico The Beast "40 Bars Freestyle"

Nico The Beast "40 Bars Freestyle": Nico is one of the realest, period. Dude’s pen touches the pad and paint more vivid pictures than the finest quality camera could snap. On this ALC instrumental, he takes us on a quick journey through his life. Dude’s had a lot going on leading up to this point, and has no qualms in delivering his reality to you, as a guide or just as an examination of the man he’s become. Hate it or love it, you have to respect it. Dude’s gonna roll with you or over you – how would you like your meal served? This is just one of a grip of misc. tracks Nico's uploaded to his Bandcamp - indulge!

Spotlight Live (5/09/2011)

Shouts to @BuckMarleyXXX for the heads up; more info via @SpotlightNJ.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 38: Angela Yee

Loved this episode of Hype Men - I knew Angela Yee's past, but I got to hear a different side of her. Didn't realize she had SO MUCH experience in the industry before she started doing radio. Love her personality and attitude. The Wu-Tang stories alone are worth downloading this.

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 38: Angela Yee

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (5/04/2011)

[video] Vakill "I Came 4 U"

Vakill's Armor Of God drops June 14th.

[video] Wais P "You See It"

[video] Dave Raps "Best Worst Day Ever"

[video] Twin ft. Budah the Rueger & Dutch New York "Get Serious"

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

[RTD Interview]: Danny!

The nigga named Danny! is a lot of things to a lot of people: some see him as a mysterious, inaccessible artist. Others see him and want to spit on him. Many remember him as a college kicked-out, and a Grammy nominee. To others (primarily, record labels), Danny Swain is a one-man music machine, writing his own songs, producing his own tracks, then hyping them to the community. He was previously signed to Def Jux, but in a downward slope that included his "baby" of an album (Where Is Danny?) prematurely leaking, causing rifts and seclusion. Recently, Interscope discovered his talents, and have inked him to a deal. The leaks from the all-Danny! produced Where Is Danny? have hit and are hits, and we got a chance to speak to Swain about his progression, from around 2007 to today. Kick your feet up and help us chart homey's journey to now.

[video] Animal Farm "Pop Music"

[video] Phuture "Stupid Dope Moves"

[video] Blitz the Ambassador ft. Corneille "Best I Can"

Catch Wreck "Bonkers"

Catch Wreck "Bonkers": Here's another flip of Tyler's "Yonkers" to drop a scathing track about the state of Boston Hip-Hop. Judging by the cover art, looks like Catch ain't feeling that Sam Adams cat. Not mad at him for that - it's the perfect instrumental to go in on a nigga that many perceive to be an imposter ass nigga. The homey Wreck has also recently dropped an LP, ADHD, which features cats like O.T.O., Illiam Savant and others, and continues his trek into the depths of true Hip-Hop. You truthfully need both of these.

Bonkers by Catch Wreck

[video] Kosha Dillz "Yom Hashoah Freestyle"

[video] Sweatshop Union "Makeshift Kingdom"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

P Money "P Money's Bass Cannon"

P Money "P Money's Bass Cannon": Disgusting. I think there's an unreleased DJ Nappy refix of this Flux Pavilion banger, but P Money went IN on this one. The track is heavy enough, and in his decimation of the track, he even gives a shout to the homey DJ Cable. This cut is taken from his FreEP. He also goes HAM over beats from Emalkay and The Prodigy. Loving everything about this, ya get me?

[video] Raekwon "Butter Knives"

Random Axe On Toca Tuesdays (4/26/2011)

Sean Price over "Yonkers"? Big up Al Lindstrom.

Brown Bag AllStars "In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)"

Brown Bag AllStars "In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)":J57 doesn't do too many nice things in life. He is a thorn in my side, and a pain in my neck. But the fucker can bring me some sick tunes. If you believers are doing your homework, you should know that this track actually first got heard on FiF. Loved this one right off the bat when homey sent this one. Brace's remix has that ill groove to it. Reminds me of the instrumental Hip-Hop I used to geek off of back in the mid to late '90s. Some shit to pull the L and rock to. Taken from BBAS' Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 CD, which drops on the 17th of May. Enjoy that.

previous Brown Bag AllStars "Crumbling Down"

[video] Versis "Slow Down"

[video] REKS "Mascara"

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (6/04/2011)

[video] DELS "Trumpalump"

The Compound (5/26/2011)

More info on this night as I get it - should be a super treat, though! EDIT Here's the Facebook Event page - send this to your friends! Buy some tickets! Get involved!

Freddy's Dead: Osama Death Celebration @ Ground Zero

@DPZ4Reezy goes where most Internets won't/don't, further establishing as the Internet that could, can and does. Check out his BTS reporting BTS. Some magical shit going on here!

[video] Matth Damon "Coming Around"

The Combat Jack Show (4/26/2011)

This episode of The Combat Jack Show is pure Internets - featured guests include Robbie from, as well as FWMJ of The video up above is just a taste of this episode - I rocked this at work the other day, and legit LOL'd a few times at my desk. Dopeshit from one of the best shows around.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (4/26/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Unkut & FWMJ) 4-26-11 by PNCRadio

The Can You Dig It? Remix Contest

Attention Producers...break out the MPCs!! Coalmine Records joins forces with the online pro audio giant to present you with the Can You Dig It? Remix Contest. In what Coalmine considers to be most dynamic remix contest to date, they have combined El Da Sensei's Global Takeover 2 (GT2) album campaign with the promotion of their five year anniversary compilation, Can You Dig It?. Producers are required to remix "Everyday In The Street" featuring Sean Price & Bekay off the GT2 LP, using "The Warriors Theme Song" as the sample. The winning producer will have their remix featured on El Da Sensei's forthcoming The Nu World Remix EP and will receive a generous prize package that will include gear and promotional goods, courtesy of Get started now by downloading the audio files and rules/itinerary document. If any producers experience any difficulty in downloading or unzipping the files, please send an email to coalminerecords [@] and they will attempt to resolve your issue. All remixes are due no later than Monday, May 16th.

DOWNLOAD Can You Dig It? Remix Contest Assets [mirror]

[video] Redman "Cheerz"

Featuring Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford:

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Holodeck Remixes: Event Horizon EP

It was just about a month ago when the Internets got ignited with the Three Pistol Music Remix of Starkey's "Holodeck", featuring lyrical swordsmen Curly Castro and Zilla Rocca setting their light sabers to "murder everything moving", and commenced to do so. Out of nowhere, the diabolical Zilla Rocca passed a leftfield lazy writer (ahem, myself) the acapella and asked if any producers had the knack to attack it. I sent it out to a few compadres, and the young lions DJ Nappy and Santi Junior gave this a proper THUGSTEP rerub, with Nappy flippin' a hectic Coki riddim over these lyrics, while Santi plays it interesting with a previous beat of Starkey's that works well, on a different level. Add these to the maniacal version SixTen turned in? Yeah, you're basically just reading all of this to get to the download links, yeah? Hard bars paired up with boisterous bass, hitting you from every angle. I hope you've got some armor, your Bannertech shields are fully functional, and you have some kind of teleport ready to get you out of here when you can't stomach it. Everyone's #musicmonday needs an #eventhorizon, you feel me?

DOWNLOAD The Holodeck Remixes: Event Horizon EP

MIRRORS mediafire | hulkshare | nukeshare

Can't forget about Starkey, who has his Space Traitor 2 project dropped on the 6th of June, and features Curly Castro, with remixes from Om Unit, Distal, The Elementz and more. Here's a preview of his latest opus:

Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Preview) by starkey

[video] Pennywise "Have A Little Fun"

[video] MiLKMEN "Another Freestyle"

[video] JC Poppe "Audio"

Sunday, May 01, 2011

[video] Skrewtape At Garden Variety (4/30/2011)

[video] Kilogram ft. Big Ooh & O.Z. "One-Two"

Shouts to Jah Yummy.

[video] Skrew "The Road"

cat I met at #gardenvariety last night, this psychadelic video is from Elevated Records fam Skrewtape (whattup Expo!??!), produced by T.C.O.R.. Skrew also hit me with a copy of Mushroom Cloud, which you can download here.

Apollo The Great Apollo 21

Pardon me if I'm on some Jersey shit a bit tough today - after experiencing some homegrown Hip-Hop in my hometown, that hometown pride gets kind of heavy! The latest tape from Apollo The Great dropped the other day, and I KNOW mad heads were waiting for this. Dude's hard with his, and is pretty ambidextrous with his. You're getting a cavalcade of fly shit on this tape, with features from beasts like Sean Price, Freeway, Joell Ortiz and more. The tape is hosted by DJ Omega, and bangs. I know it's Sunday, but your neighbors shouldn't be too upset if you blast this loud while you drink good and smoke good... right?

DOWNLOAD Apollo The Great Apollo 21 | No DJ version

[video] Surg & Hellfire "Necessary Roughness"

Another cat I met at #gardenvariety last night; this cut is taken from Surg and Hellfire's The Activator. Word is they have a new project on the horizon - be on the lookout!

[video] Jermaine "The Crazy 88" LIVE (4/30/2011)

Here's some BlackBerry camera footage of Jermaine's performance of "The Crazy 88" from last night's Garden Variety show in Trenton. I actually had to dip not too long after this performance - I heard Jermaine killin' shit even more as I was walking out. Things went well last night - I love that outdoor feel that The Galamo gives you. Peace to the cats I built with last night - Kasso, Rain, Skrew, Venemous and the rest of you Jersey artists. Skrew hit me with a CD of his and Expo's, as well as some more music and info. I saw Self out there, Divine Drummah was going IN on the decks - his production is tough, plus he's a dope DJ. Black Collar Biz was out there reppin' - that kid feels like one to blow, he's grinding out there! NJ Hip-Hop is the movement. Trying to highlight more of that on RTD, as I should. But any ways, rock to this video, I'll be uploading some of the better stills I took last night as well. I hope Self can bring this to Trenton more often!