Saturday, May 14, 2011

PURCHASE: St. Joe Louis "Good Morning" Digi-Single

It's been a MINUTE since we released Deal - The Villain's EPic EP on RTD Records, and the second RTD Records release is the new digi-12" from St. Joe Louis, the Elite Assembly representers from NJ by way of Texas trio of Michael Cardigan, Elete and Tommie Chase. If the tracks on the new single sound familiar, it's because they're taken from 30,000 Ft. High & Rising, the album that we presented alongside Refined Hype & Potholes In My Blog. You gotta support quality Hip-Hop, especially when it's not just about how ill someone is, but some niggas really saying something, and meaning well. Here are some links to purchase, and after the jump, I posted the new video for "Good Morning", as well as the video for "30,000".

[video] Tayyib Ali "Do It"

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (5/12/2011)

[video] Saul Williams "Dance"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (5/12/2011)

[video] Hollywood Floss "Take Notice"

[video] Youngman "Tear It Out"

Digital Soundboy's dropping the "Tear It Out" single, backed with the deadly "I Warned Ya". Youngman FTW.

Friday, May 13, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 5/13/2011) #jasonvoorhees

Busy being many things to many people...

RayDawn Controlled Chaos 2

Good Lord - I'm SO glad to be on the other side of that Blogger outage. I had ish scheduled for yesterday, and wanted to post a grip today, but I'm just glad I can access my ish. Felt lonely. ANYWAYS, today was the day that RayDawn's long-awaited Controlled Chaos 2 dropped, and while I posted it on the tumblr, I wanted to give some words for it here. Alongside SMKA and YNotMyDream, I'm proud to present a tough tape from a young up-and-comer. Ray reps the PA area, and isn't afraid of a grind. He's not someone who is beating you over the head with metaphors and crazy rhyme patterns - he finds that pocket and rides the fuck out of it. And with his choice selection of trunk rattlers on the beats, that's all that's needed. This is the soundtrack to your cruising to the club, or your mackin' on a chick when you get home from the club. Some shit to piff up and ball out to, you feel me? Soundtrack to some drunken follies, fitted low. Enjoy that. You're welcome.

DOWNLOAD RayDawn Controlled Chaos 2

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kanye West "All Of The Lights (Cousin Cole Club Mix)"

Kanye WestAll Of The Lights (Cousin Cole Club Mix)”: Hah big up to Cousin Cole for letting lose some tracks from his personal VIP stable. He had a few issues with ‘Ye’s “All Of The Lights” – mainly that when he played it on a loud system, the original would sound “like a mess”. Homey’s plan was to make this one HARD for club play, so his rearrangements include more chorus and less Fergie, as well has tougher drums. I don’t rock to Kanye’s latest much, but I fox with this one – a lil more infectious. Be on the lookout for Cole’s official remixes for the likes of Starfoxxx and Willy Joy, as well as his normal random bits.

All of The Lights (Cousin Cole Club Mix) by COUSIN COLE

JSWISS ft. Phonetic "The Countdown"

JSWISS ft. Phonetic "The Countdown": The way my schedule has been, my Mondays have been too wild to get SWISS’ shit up when it should be up properly. Homey is still finding (and lacing) classic beats; this week, he meets some Pete Rock pianos and drums with an old school feel on that hook. J and Phon sounds like a couple of vets on this. Just need MORE SWISS in my life. Need to get some of you niggas recognizing nice spitters while they’re just getting that proper footing.

Odd Future x Tim Westwood

[video] Trinity "20 In"

[video] Edo. G "Stop It"

Mike Classic "Smooth Operator"

Mike Classic "Smooth Operator": See that honey dip in the cover art? You know what this is, then. Or do you? After the intro, the only smooth you’ll feel is the FRESH beat the rhymes over, and the butter lyrics themselves. There’s a lot of you young cats that are way cooler than I was back in my day. And I’ll only be turning 30 this October. Way flyer than thou. I applaud that – I think? Anyways, Classic has a bright future ahead of him – you getting on or tuning out?


BLKHRTS "SX,DRGS,VLNC,MNY,DTH.": New shit from the group of live niggas who hate using vowels. Fits their shit, perfectly. This shit is dirty. All about questioning what’s good in life and good for you. Almost like the inner monologue mass murderers have during they commit these dirty deeds, then reap the rewards. All things in life sort of lead back to these topics though, right? If you’re not a fan of wheezing, carnal knowledge or peering into the psyche of psychos, you’ll want to steer clear.

SX,DRGS,VLNC,MNY,DTH. by Yonnas Abraham

Small Eyez "Get Involved"

Small Eyez "Get Involved" (prod. by Abnormal): Eyez is one of the few bloggers I started following when I discovered what RSS was. I didn’t know that he was an emcee back then, just that he had some leftfield tastes in music. I always tend to gravitate to Black folk who fuck with leftfield shit – like myself. He’s been making more of a name for himself with his spit, and his forthcoming project NWords is due out this summer. This cut right here, though? So dope in its simplicity. Abnormal comes with a throwback break that he chose to bring a pretty fawnky, deep bassline atop. Eyez makes sure to upchuck all over this shit, with that stupid hook. Just some shit that, once it comes on, you’re either nodding your head with the scrunchface, or you’re playing hypeman. Only two options.

Rob Markman x Vast Aire

The homey @RobMarkman sits down with the god Vast Aire, one of my favorite MCs. Always been a big Cannibal Ox head, forreal. Big up to Rob, who recently went from doing his thing at XXL to linking with MTV. I also love that Vast's speaking voice isn't that far from his rapping voice, LOL.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 39: Max Silvestri

Comedian and host of Big Terrific, Max Silvestri, joins the Hype Men to discuss Earl Sweatshirt + what Williamsburg, Brooklyn is really like + seeing The Roots live in concert + does Jennifer Aniston know who Drake is + how to best interview a new roommate + the allure of Top Chef + Bon Iver + No Sex in the Champagne Room + Dr. Dre's diet + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 39: Max Silvestri

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (5/11/2011)

The Garden Variety Show (5/28/2011)

Why yes, this is going down again! Once again, the Garden Variety Show is touching down at The Galamo in Trenton on the 28th of May! We had a great time last month, and some faces from that night (Divine Drummah, Rasasia, Grasshopper, Black Collar Biz, Skrew, Surg and others) will be touching down once again, alongside the likes of Nocturnal, Fisix, Rich Mahogany and plenty more. Of course there will be an OPEN MIC CIPHER, and some good times. I'll be the nigga with the glasses, rockin' to the music. Say hi. More details on this when I get 'em! Shouts to Kasso for hitting me with the flier! Here's the Facebook event page.

And just so you know, these Garden Variety shows will be going down in Trenton once a month until the mighty Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam in August! More details on THAT when they arise.

The Primeridian Da Crack A Dawn

As I clean out the queue of sick releases I’d accumulated, this recently-released mixtape from The Primeridian is something you need to give a listen, forreal. Brought to you by The Hip-Hop Project, Ruby Hornet, Jugrnaut, All Natural Inc. & DJ Booth and mixed by Cosm Roks, this 27-track opus finds this duo doing their THING with a host of friends, from Pugs Atomz, Black Spade, Cy Yung, Add-2, Mike Flo and Buff1 to beats from Rashid Hadee, Tall Black Guy, J Slikk, Twilite Tone and more. I’m hoping this isn’t the first time you’ve foxed with Primeridian, but if you love that Chicago-stamped Hip-Hop, this is all you. That Windy City Soul is so prevalent in this, with a grip of disgustingly fresh flows. I can only hope a No DJ version of some of these jams becomes available, because this shit will be soundtracking my early Summer!

DOWNLOAD The Primeridian Da Crack A Dawn

[video] Ruste Juxx ft. Torae & Supreme "Turmoil"

[video] Skyzoo "The Definitive Prayer"

Yung Truth ft. John Dew & DoughBeezy "Gettin' It On"

Yung Truth ft. John Dew & DoughBeezy "Gettin' It On" (prod. by Jett I Masstyr): Here’s some of that New Houston shit, produced by the Masstyr himself – lovin’ that vocal in the beat, fam! Word is THEM’s John Dew linked up with Yung and Dough for this banger, and by banger I mean them 808s is motherfucking KNOCKING! Turn this loud then hold onto your chest, it’ll hit you right there. All three of these homies put on for their city, and it sounds so fresh. This cut is taken from Truth’s From The Dirty, which drops on the 14th of May.

P.L.O. ft. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro "The Heat (American Language Remix)"

P.L.O. ft. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro "The Heat (American Language Remix)": I'd work a new set of thoughts on this, but I wrote the copy that went out with the promo, so I'll just Ctrl+C then Ctrl+Z - Last month, the Associated Minds and Eatgood Records camps leaked "The Heat", a track from their collaborative EP, The Highball. On it, P.L.O. laid down a razor-sharp guitar-driven instrumental masterpiece for Sonnyjim and Mudmowth to speak some of those dirty, distinguished English bars, reppin' the UK Hip Hop scene properly. The geniuses over at Associated Minds figured the world needed a special US version of this banger of a track, and enlisted Philly triumervate of Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro and Has-Lo to sink their collective teeth into that beast. To put a true Hip Hop spin on it, the decision to revisit Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga Da Gambler's classic "Broken Language" opened up a sly framework for these three to slice and dice this beat to pieces. You've got Kanye shruggin', pill pushin', spoon bendin', rhyme twistin' intricate actions broken down in that style. Thus, the "American Language" remix you have before you!

As mentioned, Associated Minds & Eatgood Records will be unleashing The Highball EP. Zilla Rocca is pushing the magnificent Bad Weather Classic EP. Curly Castro is yelling through police sirens on his debut LP Winston's Appeal. And Has-Lo is receiving loads of praise for his Mello Music Group-distributed album In Case I Don't Make It. Support quality hip hop, or we'll have to turn into the hate-spewin', cigar-chewin', ratchet-holdin', knife-wieldin' henchmen and force you to partake.

[video] J Rawls ft. Sadat X & Wise Intelligent "Face It"

Tranzformer x Jefferson Price The Scrutiny Queue

This is another one of those projects that I downloaded and hadn’t gotten around to posting. You heard “Hip Flask” on FiF, and I’m proud I got to introduce these two to a lot of new ears. You’ll hear that track on here, as well as a number of other instrumentals. These two really rock well together, with Tranz having a way with synths as well as Price having a way with words. Down that brown liquor, fire up that green monster and get lit to this – don’t be surprised if you’re singing to this by EP’s end.

DOWNLOAD Tranzformer x Jefferson Price The Scrutiny Queue

Chance LOVE Chance EP

Chance has been a cat that’s been filling inboxes with a steady stream of material, including three mixtapes. This is his first all-original project since, and this 23 year-old from Yonkers brings us the first of his LOVE Trilogy: Living Our Vision Everyday. One of those mantras that really motivates cats to stay grinding, right? This EP is completely produced by Vinny Buck$, which I personally wish more MCs did. Not just work w/ Vinny, but pick one producer and really cultivate a sound. The beats stick to the Funk/Soul sample section, and provides a realy ill soundtrack that helps re-introduce Chance to nigras that might not be up on him. Neph knows how to ride beats, and if you give neph a chance, you’ll love some of the shit he’s saying. “Give him a chance” sounds corny – just don’t play yourself, and rock to this. Fuck is your problem?


8-Bitster The Spectrum

Here’s another younger cat – 8-Bitster reps Florida, and is currently a 17 year-old junior in high school. On National Reefer Day, he dropped this tape of trials and tribulations of a nigga youth going through the many ills teens go through – drugs, peer pressure, depression, etcetera. All strife and pain, mixed in with good times and learning, create the multifaceted creation known as man, a spectrum of shit if you will. While many are zoning to Goblin, 8-Bitster is letting his problems hang out to dry – go sit in the yard, watch the water drip out and burn one while rockin’ to this. The mood on this is more somber and melancholy, but tracks like “Where The Focus Is” has mad knock.

DOWNLOAD 8-Bitster The Spectrum [mirror]

[video] P.L.O. ft. Sonnyjim & Mudmowth "The Heat"

previous P.L.O. ft. Sonnyjim & Mudmowth "The Heat"

ForteBowie "Sephora's Song"

ForteBowie "Sephora's Song" (prod. by ForteBowie): The nigga I just got introduced to as Daddy Nino has abandoned that name, and is now going by a moniker he had been using, ForteBowie. I’m kind of mad – I loved how this track started. I’m a fan of cats using one particular sound and really showing how you can make a riddim off of it through repetition. I was NOT upset at realizing that Bowie could actually sing! On this, he tries to win over Sephora with a pretty sweet song for her. Almost feel like I shouldn’t be listening to this. Feels too real. Maybe that’s why this won’t be found on Something About #Bowie, which drops on the 1st of June. I can only hope he flips both sides of his musical talents.

[video] Pusha T "Open Your Eyes"

The Spitzwell Brotherz "We Are"

The Spitzwell Brotherz "We Are": This is a cut I got passed via twitter, I downloaded and lost track of where it went. TSB have been quietly amassing a grip of tracks, I can feel it, but they’re being mum like a motherfucker. No (UK) pun intended. They keep their fresh and fly persona alive over this fuzzy beat, some shit you could spit to yourself while fixing your intergalactic space station. I’m anti-fly, but I respect their flavor and don’t doubt their proclamations. I just don’t wanna go off into space. Fuck that shit. I like the ground.

Hip Hop In The Soul Documentary

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[video] J The S "Call U Snitch"

[video] Oddisee ft. Tranquil "City Life"

Brown Bag AllStars "See Again"

Brown Bag AllStars "See Again" (prod. by marink): Here’s another leak from the BBAS Brown Bag Season Vol. 1, which drops on the 17th of May via Nostomania, a label that DJ Brace owns. This beat is dope, and the BBAS cats hopping up on it seemingly at will is a nice touch. Feels like the cats are just vibing on stage, beers in hand, just rocking to the beat and speaking their minds. The crew spends some time going in on cats who live in that Internet world © Funkmaster Flex, which is cool. I just hope J57 hasn’t gotten BBAS gassed and they are speaking about me. That’d be fucking crazy, and would earn him a bottle of OE to the temple. Fucker.

Kontact & Black Knight "Round of Applause"

Kontact & Black Knight "Round of Applause" (prod. by Certified): Here’s the first leak from NU Revolution soldiers Kon and Black, who are getting the promo game for their Eye of the Storm mixtape, which is due out on the 13th of June. If you have rocked with rockthedub for these years, and kept yourselves abreast of Wordsmith’s material, you’ve heard both these cats – repeatedly. This is one of those tracks that you’d likely hear at the beginning of their stage show, getting the crowd HYPE and ready for the proceedings. Solid work.

Disc Jockey Nappy The Wonder Years

In about 12 hours, the life of one DJ will be moving into it's next chapter. I don't want to say it'll be returning to normal, because his drive now is much more intense than it was 4-5 years ago. In building what we've been talking about since 2006, there's been a lot of praise - as well as a shitload of hate. Hate for loads of reasons, be it the way tracks are titled, the bitrate of the refixes or the perceived audacity a DJ would have to blend two tracks together. Now Rusko has Gucci Mane on his albums, and Distance is remixing Nicki Minaj tracks. Before we properly embark on phase 2, I figured we could look back at the first phase, with 12 refixes that Disc Jockey Nappy completed in 2006 and 2007 that I consider to be the best example of the sound we've been affectionately calling THUGSTEP. You've got MCs like Lil' Wayne, B.o.B., Wes Fif, D12, Big Boi, David Banner, Lil' Jon and more over beats from Coki, TRG, Juju, Benga, Skream, Luke Envoy and other dubstep producers. The result is infectious, and some of the best bass-fueled ignorance ever created. A proper introduction, if I do say so myself.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy The Wonder Years [mirror]

STS "The Play"

STS "The Play": Looks like finalizing the Demand More series had STS moving onto new things. Last week, this leak from Bestest Asbestos’ The Glorification of Gangster soundtrack dropped, and I love it. The Glorification of Gangster is a mixed-media exhibition of Alex Haldi’s which goes down on the 12th of May at the World Monuments Fund Gallery, and is just what it says on the tin: an exploration into the infusion of organized crime in entertainment and other areas of life. The likes of J. Cole, Kris Kasonova, Jon Connor, Netherfriends and more are featured on the soundtrack, and this STS track is some diamond in the back, cool blaxploitation hustler plotting type shit. With mad square smoke. Or is that gunsmoke?

Stagga "Genik Riddim (U.S. Re-Spit)"

Stagga ft. Curly Castro, Che Grand, Elucid & Zilla Rocca "Genik Riddim (U.S. Re-Spit)": One of the benefits of championing the whole spitting over bass music scene is getting to hear about projects like THIS. This got posted as a preview recently, then got the full download link, so I’m gonna assume this isn’t being properly released. For shame – the only way we can continue to get MORE ears hearing logical versions of MCs over Grime and dubstep is to make them available for purchase, yeah? Some of the finest MCs over these sub-hugging riddims pair up for the original version of Stagga’s “Genik Riddim”, and while this is fucking PROPER (especially since each MC brings their personality, and they are all Tri-State spitters), I will admit that I wish they had flipped the Starkey remix of “Genik Riddim”, as that instrumental is undeniable. I’d hope to hear more DJs pick up on this sound, though.

Stagga - Genik Riddim ft Curly Castro, Che Grand, Elucid, Zilla Rocca (U.S. Re Spit).mp3 by Slit Jockey Records

Rickie Jacobs "My Generation"

Rickie Jacobs "My Generation" (prod. by Street Scott): Nice flip of a classic from Scott, setting Jacobs up to knock the track out the park. Weather’s right, and something like this is something you’d drop in your whip when you pull up on the block. Not while you arrive, but when you get out and post up. This is the introduction to your arrival. And once it drops? Daps, blunts and liquor. And laughter. Or dancing. Booties poppin’. Hands in the air. Faces on the ground. Rickie’s got it on lock.

SkyBlew ft. Emjae Verses "Wind Blow (I’m Cool)"

SkyBlew ft. Emjae Verses "Wind Blow (I’m Cool)" (prod. by Doc Verbz): While I’m approaching 30 myself, I love that I feel connected enough to current shit that young cats hit me up. SkyBlew is one of those guys who, while he might have an ishload of issues in his life, he’s still cool. Maybe it’s part of internalizing strife and struggle (been there) and just letting it out in the art (done that), but I get him. Sometimes it’s hard – you might NEED to speak to someone, and for whatever reason you’re denied (been there), so you cut off and numb off and dumb off when it’s time to inject that feeling into your passion (why do you think I keep a blog?)… I get it, fam. And I love this Doc Verbz track. Above The Stars Is My Landing, May 18th.

D.Julien "World"

D.Julien "World" (prod. by Clyde Strokes): That nigga D.Ju loves dropping tracks that just miss the project he has on deck.Ready For Tomorrow drops on the 31st of May, and with his talks about “the wine pouring” paired with these vibes? Might need to open a bottle of Shaw Brothers and get that good red wine imbibed. I don’t know if it’s the emotional feel of the track or the wine he’s drankin’ with dinner, but D.Ju opens up a bit – let’s that consciousness stream slyly. One of the cats I think you lot should be checking for.

Are and Be ft. Radio "Get High"

Are and Be ft. Radio "Get High" (prod. by Radio): Here’s something a bit leftfield from a duo of niggas I never heard of before. Abe Thelonious and Lucky Benjamin make up Are and Be, and shine on this one. If I still smoked reefers, something like this would fuck with me. Has just enough off-kilter sounds and vibes paired with the lush sounds to keep me hooked. This jawn is taken from their Up So High LP, which features the likes of Courtney Day, .lucky, Skyhe Hutch and a bunch of other talentes mufackas you aren’t up on. Real enticing shit, give it a listen. With or without the greenery.

MiLKMEN The Preview EP

Real MiLKy around here. This 10-trackers from a duo that I think should’ve been signed arrived in the inbox, and it’s another part of their evolution. Not too often you can find a crew that does sangin’ AND rapperin’ properly, over a number of different vibes. The intro is some straight midnight fawnk, but you’ll also find the MiLKs flippin’ “1nce Again” to some more poppington shit like “Real Deal” or the single-I-never-got-to-release, “Wake Up”. Different ciphers, top quality. For you guys who love tumblr blogs full of naked bitties with fresh kicks on, this is the kind of shit you’ll love.


[video] Dutch New York "150 On The Dash"

Botchamania 171

[video] Reema Major "Ghetto Kids"

Bryant Stewart Not Quite There

With as hectic as I’ve been over the last couple of years, the three-word description of my life mirrors the title of this freebie Bryant Stewart dropped on the Internets recently. Someone who I believe is the lone RnB nigra from The Force, Bryant reminds me of Trey Songz – not in the douchebag sense, but in the fact that he has a legit voice, but knows how to phrase things in today’s Hip-Hop framework. Dude’s done a lot more hook and feature work, so it’s good to have a full project of his own. Especially since the majority of this is devoid of Force bredren. Loads of beats from Klevah! on here, which is a great look, as well as cats like Johnny Juliano, Chemist and more. And Bryant doesn’t shy away from anything – topic-wise or style-wise. If he fells like strictly spittin’, he’s doing that, or he can flip it and soothe you with his sangin’. An album for different occasions… big up to for hosting this!

DOWNLOAD Bryant Stewart Not Quite There

Monday, May 09, 2011

Trick Daddy x Redlight x Disc Jockey Nappy

Trick Daddy vs. Redlight "Drop (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": You know how we do round here - we are dub-carrying members of the "get it early" committee. Redlight's "Source 16" has been on the dub circuit for a bit, and is a fucking MONSTER. Proper infectious riddim, and the perfect bed for what might have been one of Trick Daddy's last singles. Don't know what it is, but it sounds like he vocal'd this specifically. That "low low low looow" chant fits PERFECTLY when the beat drops in "Source 16", and is just some shit to get tipsy to. "Source 16" dropped today on Digital Soundboy, so we figured it made sense to drop this as well. No pun intended / all puns intended. Also, this is an apology for missing May 1st for a Nappy refix - my bad, cousin! But trust - the pipeline is about to get dumb backed up this month - Nappy's returning VERY soon!

Trick Daddy - Drop (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Redlight Thugstep Mix) by djnappy

Botchamania 170

[video] Chance "Daddy's Home"

[video] Azad Right "Spiderwebs"

If you dig this, go grab Azad's Piece Of Mine EP.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of May 4th, 2011)

[video] Dula-Mite ft. Blaylock "Live Your Life"

[video] JP ft. Boom Blake "Big Money"

[video] Justina "Reputation" x "Hard To The Body"

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius "Mother's Day 2011"

A gift from Marsha to her mother, Cookie.

Mother's Day 2011 by MsAmbrosius

[video] E-40 ft. R.O.D & Mic Conn "I Love My Momma"

Bonus Beats E-40 ft. R.O.D & Mic Conn "I Love My Momma"