Saturday, May 21, 2011

[video] Venomous2000 w/ DJ Priority "Drop Of Venom"

[video] Kreayshawn "Gucci Gucci"

DJ Shumzs Presents ERRO The Mixtape

With Eric Roberson touching down in Trenton tonight, I had to throw up SOMETHING for those of you getting ready for the show. This tape, compiled and mixed by the one like DJ Shumzs, is a few years old, but a great jumping off point for fans of the kind of RnB you won't hear on the radio for whatever reason, and something to sip a goblet of fine wine to this beautiful Saturday. Open up to this...

DOWNLOAD DJ Shumzs Presents ERRO The Mixtape

[video] Strong Arm Steady ft. Marsha Ambrosius "When Darkness Falls"

[video] Small Eyez "Get Involved"

previous Small Eyez "Get Involved"

Friday, May 20, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 5/20/2011)


RIP Randy Savage

When my wife called me at work, saying something about Randy Savage dying, I was confused. My workday is pretty busy on Fridays, but I was surprised this info hadn't hit my radar yet. As I always do, I check twitter, and had a barrage of replies asking me about it - it was real. Earlier today, the legend known as the Macho Man died today - word is he had a heart attack while at the wheel and met a tree head-on. The wrestling world lost a true talent, and the Earth lost a great man. I got asked to put down some words on his career, and came up with this...

[video] Adebisi "Rhythmatic"

[video] Apollo The Great "NASA"

[video] Iron Solomon ft. DMC "Sucker MC's"

[video] J The S "Paranoid Politics"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (5/19/2011)

Solid Steel (5/20/2011)

Ninja Tune always brings the illness with their weekly Solid Steel show, but this week has a special treat. 3/4 of the show is the mighty DK, but the one like Z-Trip steps up for Part 3 with a special Beastie Boys mix! Hit the jump for download links, streams and info.

The ICs x The Rapture

Rafi and Dallas ran into a Rapture Parade and give you, the Internets, the low-down on what's gonna happen on Saturday, the 21st of May. If you're still on the Earth after Saturday, know that the IC's new web series debuts on the 1st of June.

[video] CREEP ft. Nina Sky "You"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DJ Nappy's Vestax VCI-300 MKII Review

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

I keep forgetting to post this up. If you guys fucked with Nappy's Purp & Green mix, here's video from the review I got him to sort for Dogs On Acid, breaking down Vestax's VCI-300 MKII DJ controller, w/ Serato Itch.

[video] Smoke DZA "Loaded"

Adora vs. Tyler, The Creator "666 For BASTARD (UFO! Mash-Up Edit)"

Adora vs. Tyler, The Creator "666 For BASTARD (UFO! Mash-Up Edit)": As much as cats might want to flip remixes of Odd Future tracks, the lack of proper acapellas or instrumentals has to make a nigga kind of creative. Lil' Silva went in on his "Yonkers" remix, and I saw Confusion post up a pair of odd blends yesterday, but I was NOT expecting UFO! to come with this mash-up right here. Tyler's style kind of leaves things open for dubstep anyways, so grabbing "Bastard" and throwing those intro keys atop that nasty, glitched-out track just made sense. If you fucks with this, I'd recommend checking out UFO!'s latest mix as well.

"666 for BASTARD"_Adroa & Tyler the Creator OFWGKTA_Mash_Up by ufo55555

The Combat Jack Show (5/18/2011)

For what might the last edition of The Combat Jack Show (let some religious fanboys tell it), the crew gets the legendary Stretch Armstrong in the building! CJ theme song spitter F.T. was in the building, and the heads from Hollywood Punch became the CJ drank sponsor. Love.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/18/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Stretch Armstrong) 5-18-11 by PNCRadio

[video] J-Love "Fucked That Man Up"

Featuring Sean Price, Willie The Kid & LA The Darkman:

[video] Jay-Z x The Boondocks Theme

Apparently Hov and Cartoon Network have a deal coming? More footage of Jay at the Roseland Ballroom via Rap Radar.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (5/18/2011)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 40: Bun B

I rock this at work yesterday, and loved it. I've always heard that Bun B fucks with that rap nerdery, and no matter how imposing he might sound on wax, dude's got a really dope personality. If you fucks with the Bun, and the UGK, you need this: "The Trill OG himself Bun B joins the Hype Men to discuss envying Jensen's Interscope deal + being a college professor + appearing on every 4 out of 5 rap albums + Jimmy Kimmel shouting "Free Pimp C" + shooting the Big Pimpin' video + Mexicans with Guns + having just one line on Drake's song + why physical CDs still matter + Hannibal Buress' cameos on 30 Rock + recently working with DJ Quik + our craziest celebrity run-ins + Texas football + much, much, much more!"

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 40: Bun B

Botchamania 172

[video] Humble The Poet ft. Sikh Knowledge & AKakaAmazing "Blame Humble"

DOWNLOAD Humble The Poet Presents Believe Me Music Mixtape

[video] The ILLZ "ILLYTAL (Portishead Remix)"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Audible Doctor The Spread EP (Vocal Version)

A while ago, BBAS representer Audible Doctor dropped his Spread EP and got an idea: he asked MCs to contribute their vocals to the beats, and when he released the vocal version, he’d include the best vox. I’m not sure how many cats went in, but what got released is some flyness, featuring rhymes from the likes of Ice The Villain, Apollo 7, Ruffian, June Haze and others. Just some fly Hip-Hop here. You couldn’t tell me that these cuts were made for these vocals – sounds mad organic. Now down a fifth of something and turn this up to twenty eleven.

DOWNLOAD Audible Doctor The Spread EP (Vocal Version)

Rhymageddon M.A.S.H

Rhymageddon has been on his ish for a bit – for NJ Hip-Hop, and just the game as well. Dude’s about keeping the game proper, and executing his spit on a grown man level. Some might think the game is too far gone, but homey may actually save Hip-Hop. See what he did there? Six free tracks, with some dynamic beats (that instrumental for “Illest Bars” is from Divine Drummah, who I’m trying to put you guys onto, seriously). Just a great quick shot from one of NJ’s nicest. That cut “Real Rap” feels like some super hero music. Too tough.

DOWNLOAD Rhymageddon M.A.S.H

MiLKMEN "Freaks & Geeks Freestyle"

MiLKMEN "Freaks & Geeks Freestyle": Some have called me a freak, and I think I’ve been a geek at times (I don’t know how to differentiate a geek from a nerd, but that’s the problem). In any case, the MiLKs have recently dropped their Preview mixtape, and are having so much fun, they figured they’d sort out their 2nd Preview tape for that ass, which should be out at some point. This beat is kind of ill – not sure where it comes from, but it’s got a hype vibe to it. I’d love to see these niggas win – wouldn’t you?

JSWISS "Waken Baken Freestyle"

JSWISS "Waken Baken Freestyle": Here’s another late leak that I’m posting from JSWISS’ #newmusicmonday series. Respect to neph for jacking a beat from Kush & Orange Juice, especially one that’s definitely dedicated to herb puffin’, but spends 0 bars going in the joys of the bud. That’s not normal, but SWISS ain’t your normal spitter. Can’t buy me a drink but he’s wise beyond his years, which will be made official when Not Quite Millionaires drops his All For Us mixtape on the 13th of June.

Jonny Walker "What’s A Man To Do?"

Jonny Walker "What’s A Man To Do?": Walker’s been working, and Brunch is on the way. Walker feels like someone uncle – not one of your OLD uncles, but the nigga that’s like 10 years older than you, who’s seen life, and will smoke a dutch with you while breaking down some of the ills he’s seen, imparting that knowledge on you. Over a vintage break and some infectious melodies, he speaks freely and drops gems constantly. Need more tracks, nigga.

Whats A Man To Do by Jonny Walker

hasHBrown "Crazy"

hasHBrown "Crazy" (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr): Here’s another anthem for you determined artists out there, who have your loved ones (and/or haters) telling you you’re crazy for pursuing your dream. The only worse than talking yourself out of making shit happen is listening to some OTHER moofacka trying to hate on you for believing in yourself. Unless your shit is wack. If that’s the case, recognize that your shit is wack and move on. Flip a burger, nigga. hasHBriddy doesn’t have that problem – he been nice on the beats and the mic, and this is proof positive.

Villainous Volume 18

DTV is back on his grizzly with the VV Radio, following up 17 with an equally satisfying new episode. These are sounding crispier than the previous volumes – I know he recently moved into a new spot, and that reflects now. No diss – I loved his grimier series, but this is proper. DTV doesn’t disappoint at all – mad personality, fire tracks all in a nice pack. Artists on this one include St. Joe Louis, Danny Brown, Tyler, the Creator and a number of other talented moofackas. Y’all need to help me nudge this nigga to getting me a batch of his beats, please. Hit that nigga on twitter (@Deal_TheVillain) and let him know @khal said to send him them beats for that shit! Fuck that. Now!

DOWNLOAD Villianous Volume 18

Danny! "Still Got Love"

Danny! "Still Got Love" (prod. by Danny!): Danny definitely is still getting love from the people – mad heads loved that interview we sorted out. Here’s another leak from Where Is Danny! 2.0, which is a proper prelude to his forthcoming album. Love the loop on this one. So simple and serene, you feel me? any of you artists out there should take heed to the tale he’s weaving here – shit gets real when you’re trying to get noticed, you feel me? Take heed.

Mr. Miranda La Bamba: The Ritchie Valens EP

This track would’ve been up sooner, but with the great Blogger downtime last week, I never got around to freaking this for the main site (although it did grace the tumblr). To celebrate Ritchie Valens’ recent birthday, Mr. Miranda dropped this EP, solely produced by Mute, with a dope collection of tracks. I love how, with the Internet today, we can hear stuff like this, instead of the normal cavalcade of tributes and whatnot. Ain’t no one foxing with Ritchie like that, and to hear Mute open these original samples up and give Miranda something to freak? Perfect ish.

DOWNLOAD Mr. Miranda La Bamba: The Ritchie Valens EP

[video] Mirandom "Wednesday"

Mirandom = Mr. Miranda + Random. Their collaborative project, The Memorandum, will drop this Summer.

[video] Yung Truth ft. Doughbeezy "Time 2 Lay 'Em Down"

The Kid Gashi Last Of A Rare Breed

Here’s someone that DJ Nappy co-signed, and personally hit me with. With cats like Benzi and Don Cannon presenting this tape, it’s essentially a no-brainer: dude’s gonna be ill. Right? Definitely. Gashi goes hard on this one – really intense when he’s on the mic, you can hear it in his voice. Is he the most lyrical cat on the mic? Nah, but his drive is right there on the track. He goes in over a couple of different vibes, too: he will merk a track like “Oh Really”, which is ready for the red carpet, but then will effortlessly go beast mode over some harder shit. Features include Nipsey Hussle, Corte Ellis and French Montana. Shit’s definitely worth the listen.

DOWNLOAD The Kid Gashi Last Of A Rare Breed

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[video] John Dew "Hardtop"

[video] Skit Slam & DJ Tee "The Legend of L-Town"

[video] Vast Aire ft. Kenyattah Black "The Cannon of Samus"

[video] The Black Sunn & 810 "Ghost Town"

[video] Random Axe "The Hex"

[video] BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend went down recently, and while cats like Tinie Tempah, Lady Gaga and others were there, we're not gonna show that here. I'd rather show you video of Nero, Magnetic Man and other bass-loving producers rock live. Hit the jump.

[video] Half Past Never Band ft. Zilla Rocca "Color Bars"

[video] Quake & Kayo ft. SonReal "Go Hard"

[video] Mighty High Coup "BOOM"

Edited by @zone3.

The Donny Goines Project EP1

[video] Wes Fif ft. Big K.R.I.T., CyHi Da Prynce & Dreamer "Hometeam"

[video] Kid Lithium "My Style Was Sick"

[video] Biz Mighty "My Name"

[video] Pusha T "Blow"

[video] Ms. Be "You Be Killin' 'Em (Remix)"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Disc Jockey Nappy - Purp & Green

We here at rockthedub are honored to present the FIRST Disc Jockey Nappy mix in four years. Dude's gone through a lot, and lived up to his "I'm coming home hard, focused like I'm magnified" line in "This Is Anger". For his first mix out the box, he drops a special tribute to the dubstep phenom known as Joker. Joker's possibly one of the illest producers in the game - not just in dubstep. His tracks are in that 140 BPM range, but his sound and style are all his own. Dude was on twitter a few months back, asking for suggestions for the title of his album, and I hit him with "Purp & Green", for two reasons: one, DC Comics supervillain The Joker had a purple and green color scheme, and two, the combination of what Joker was calling his sound ("Purple Wow") and the obvious reference to smoking drugs while listening/creating dubstep. He never responded, but I kept that name on the mental. When Nappy asked for some help compiling essential Joker tracks, the title had a project. Not only does the Thugstep Architect manage to include Joker's new single, "The Vision (Breathe In)" (which features Jessie Ware), but he also throws in the tracks that Lessondary spitters Che Grand and Elucid vocaled, amongst many remixes and bangin' original tracks. And just to keep it thugsteppery and nignorant, the mix ends with a banger of a remix from Texas' own Crizzly and the enornamous new single from Juicy J. You might just need to roll up some of that purple green and kick back to this one - if you weren't a fan before, you will be now... and if you've BEEN a fan, this will solidify why.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - Purp & Green
Disc Jockey Nappy - Purp & Green (Joker Mix) by djnappy

Custees Choice: Episode 1

For the first episode of his podcast, The Custodian keeps it GUTTER! Lots of Jersey artists represented here, from Skrewtape and Grasshopper to Slim DSM and Nocturnal. If you know Self, you know his flavor on the boards, so if you have a dutch full of that good (or a case of brew you can’t wait to down), throw this one on and do that. And don’t forget – the Garden Variety Show hits Trenton again on the 28th of May, at the Galamo.

DOWNLOAD Custees Choice: Episode 1

Neak "Everything I Am"

Neak "Everything I Am" (prod. by Rashid Hadee): Back story on this track is that Hadee originally sent this to Kanye for his Graduation album but it got rejected. Not sure if he sent this to ‘Ye for his “Everything I Am”, but Kanye was rejecting everyone’s shit at that time. Anyways, Neak got his mittens on this four years later, and it sounds right with him – not sure if Kanye would’ve been rockin’ to this in ’07 anyways. This is one of those gems that not only allows the spitter to go ham, bacon, pork chops AND scrapple, but Hadee even flips the instrumental at the end into something SO lovely. This is a previously-unreleased #illRaps jawn. Wish I knew what else Neak has on the horizon, but really, just check for him. He ain’t slippin’.

[video] Par-City "Love This Way"

SL Jones ft. Trae Tha Truth "Swervin’"

SL Jones ft. Trae Tha Truth "Swervin’": First time I’m hearing SL Jones, but I fucks with this. He says he’s always had an admiration for Screw – not just the music, but the culture itself. “Swervin’” is his dedication to screw, and Houston (whattup, @EnigmatikBGDB?), and I think they did a damn fine job with this. Word is Jones has a mixtape on the way with Don Cannon, entitled The Number 23, which drops on May 23rd; features include Killer Mike, Pill, Waka Flocka Flame and more, with beats from Lex Luger, Cannon and Shawty Redd. Po a lil’ mo in ya cup!

Bonus Beats SL Jones "Driveby Music" (prod. by Lex Luger)

J NiCS "Big Tymer"

J NiCS "Big Tymer" (prod. by Ace2euce): NiCS sounds rough on this one – that gravel voice oddly fits WELL over this throwback bounce. Has that chiptune feel over that fat bottom beat, yeah? Some champion shit – shit to go HAM to, be it celebrating a big win or bagging that bitch you were putting your best game on. NiCS has a mixtape, Southern Niggas Ain’t Slow dropping this Summer, and I love that title. Niggas might RAP slow, but they ain’t slow. Keep that fa├žade up, though – sneak attack style.

[video] The Kid Daytona "Padma (So Buttery)"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (5/11/2011)

This past Wednesday was one of the first times I actually heard the Combat Jack show LIVE, and hearing attorney Ed Woods outside of that Son Of A Gun show solidified one thing: that shit on TV ain't no act. Dude speaks his mind, no matter what the situation is, and I guess that's something that has helped him maintain for so long within the industry. A-King (who I believe celebrates a birthday this week) says there is some beef with Ed and DP - can't wait to check this one out. #GetReadyForCombat

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/11/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Ed Woods) 5-11-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Kid Hum "Abbey's Psalm"

[video] DaVinci ft. San Quinn & Matt Blaque "Clean Ass Whip"

[video] Wise Intelligent "Illuminati"

[video] King Mez "Something's Missing"

[video] Kaimbr & Kev Brown "Go Green"

Odd Future On Hot 97

I could only hope that Odd Future is on Juan Epstein at some point.

Hannibal Buress x The Field Negro Guide To Arts & Culture

Had no idea what the shit this podcast was until I saw Hannibal's post on tumblr about his appearance on it. Apparently, In Living Colour's own Vernon Reid (who is a down-ass nigga) and Kamau Bell have a series of dope conversations with all kinds of figures. Hannibal Buress is like my favorite comedian right now, so any chance to hear him speak on ANYTHING is hilarious. If you don't have it yet, please cop My Name Is Hannibal; I also recently copped The Awkward Comedy Show DVD, which features Victor Varnado, Eric Andre, Baron Vaughn and Marina Franklin, and it's the shit. For now, though, check this podcast out.

DOWNLOAD TFNGTAC Episode 12: His Name Is Hannibal | iTUNES

[video] Tone Liv, Pryme Prolifik & L.I.F.E. Long "When The Pen Hits The Paper"

BIG S.I.N. ft. Lin Que "Laugh Now, Cry Later"

BIG S.I.N. ft. Lin Que "Laugh Now, Cry Later" (prod. by Jackel Hyde): Listening to S.I.N. now is mad comforting. He was one of the cats I fucked with BEFORE I started rockthedub, which means I’ve been a fan his shit for about 6 years or so! S.I.N. and Lin go hard over this one – well, Lin goes in but she only flips the chorus, while S.I.N. takes center stage and gets his march on to these tight snares and throwback horns. Jackel! He stays doing it. Be on the lookout for S.I.N.’s The Soul of Henrock.

Husky ft. K-SISE & Jelani "Play It Cool"

Husky ft. K-SISE & Jelani "Play It Cool": Recently, Husky dropped his latest album, The Punisher, which features this throwback jam with K-SISE & the nigga Jelani. Straight boulevard bangin’ on this one, extension cords plugged into the streetlight type shit. SISE and Jelani go in like any dope MC should. If you fox with this, go grab that album. It’s got great features and dynamic beats. You need this.

Bonus Beats Husky ft. junclassic "Foundations"

Joe Stu "Patriarchy"

Joe Stu "Patriarchy" (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.): @ClubbaLang from Dot Got It doesn’t email me much, but when he does, I have to answer, as he always comes correct. Joe Stu has a new jam with D.R.U.G.S., taking a long, hard look at society today, over a generous helping of flyness in the form of this instrumental. It’s definitely crazy when you see the idea of the glorification and humiliation of the woman in America – and really, worldwide. A lot of these things add up – guys will say “man, these bitches is crazy”, not realizing our society MADE them that way! Next time you wonder why that chick is fucked the fuck up, mentally, think about your actions and how you might’ve contributed.

[video] Louie Gonz ft. Mr. Pacheco "You Made Us"

Bonus Beats Louie Gonz & Mr. Pacheco Light Work

FuseBox Radio (Week Of May 11th, 2011)