Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lessondary Radio: VPND Show

I know them niggas is dumb busy - congrats on their success - but I love hearing my Lessondary peoples do a session, showcasing shit they love listening to. While they're artists through and through, they are also students of the culture, and just lovers of good music. Donwill steps up for 63 minutes of bomb shit. Put that in your piece and puff it.

DOWNLOAD Lessondary Radio: VPND Show
Lesondary Radio - The VPND Show by lessondaryradio

Makoto - New Soul Mix (May 2011)

Time to start this Memorial Day Weekend off RIGHT, right? Makoto's from Japan, and knows a thing or three about Soul - hell, he survived the recent tragedy in Japan (and has a compilation you need to buy, if nothing but for charity). He recently sorted out a mix of old school Soul tracks - I'm talking Curtis Mayfield, Leroy Hutson, Rare Earth, Donny Hathaway and more. Might as well crack a cold one and blast this while you're getting your house cleaned, right?

DOWNLOAD Makoto - New Soul Mix (May 2011)

Lady Elix Presents Sign Of The Ox: Gil Scott-Heron's Loving Tribute

RIP Gil. Via Who's That Lady Show.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (5/26/2011)

[video] J NiCS "The Return"

[video] Stealth "Definition Of Life"

DOWNLOAD Stealth The Last Candle

FuseBox Radio (Week Of May 25th, 2011)

RTD Playlist (Week Of 5/27/2011)

Get your mind right.

Friday, May 27, 2011

RIP Gil Scott-Heron

While an official cause of death hasn't been reported, word on the tweets/Internets is that Gil Scott-Heron, one of the icons and fathers of the word, has passed away at the age of 62. I'm not the biggest student of his catalog, but tracks like "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and "Angel Dust" are shits that have shaped what the fuck I do in life. You can have your Hovs and your Lil' Waynes, Gil was the truth. Is the truth. Damn.

The Combat Jack Show (5/25/2011)

We still here yall. The Combat Jack Show “post apocalyptic edition” as always nothing but pure entertainment. This weeks guest was none other than Peter Oasis. Not sure who this power orchestrator is, do yourself a favor and stream/download the show below. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. [via PNC Radio]

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/25/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Peter Oasis) 5-25-11 by PNCRadio

Bad Meets Evil "I'm On Everything"

I'd go in on how much I love this track, but all my words about the new Bad Meets Evil track is over on The Rap Up. Download that shit, thank YN The Yellow God, and po' something up!

Tranzformer ft. Co$$ "The One"

Tranzformer ft. Co$$ "The One" (Co-Produced by Honey Brown): As if BBAS isn’t large enough as a crew, fucking J57 has to send me shit from BBAS affiliates!?!? Doesn’t matter, the homey Tranz is fire on the tracks, and with Co$$ adding that smooth shit atop this Tranzformer/Honey Brown track? Fatality… flawless VICTORY! Some shit to double cup to. Sang whilst double cupping, you smell me? Tranzformer’s self-titled album drops next week, and also features cats like Koncept, Sene, Blame One, UK drunk Jefferson Price and more!

Bonus Beats Tranzformer ft. Koncept, Blame One, Tenacity & Jefferson Price "Lost"

Les Izmore & D/Will "Swagger Killer II"

Les Izmore & D/Will "Swagger Killer II": You should remember D/Will from Carpe with Dominque Larue, but this time he links with Kansas City spitter Les Izmore for this single from their Heartfelt Anarchy project. I fucking hate when ignant ass niggas corrupt a word like “swag”/”swagger” and render it useless in my vocabulary, so anytime someone can put my hate for that term to a track, I’m all for it. Plodding track here, but just enough punch to make me want to throw a 40 at the next nigga rockin’ a scarf in 85 degree heat.

DJ Nappy Interviews Dillon Francis

The turnaround on this interview/video was CRAZY - love that focus, Nappy! This got thrown up on Generation Bass yesterday, and I believe the interview went down on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Dillon will be at Sub Heat in Chicago on June the 9th, so if you're fucking with this and will be in the Chicago area, you should definitely check his set out. One of the cats who's going to be making a LOT of noise, trust.

Tanya Morgan ft. Che Grand, King Mez & Skyzoo "Without Hands"

Tanya Morgan ft. Che Grand, King Mez & SkyzooWithout Hands” (prod. by Veterano): A couple drunken Fridays ago, I hit you with the Von Pilsner-produced 4-Ize track from The Official SXSW Mixtape, which drops May 31st via (in cahoots with Unique Squared). On this cut here? Von and Don(will) are joined by Che Grizzly, King Mez and Skyzoo over a fucking beastly Veterano track. This cut is the posse cut backstage at your favorite SXSW showcase – feels like a glimpse into what happens when tough spitters go for theirs in the cipher. Not even about who ate who on this, everyone is mean mugging and piledriving on this one. Disgusting, chief. Peace to Fokis’ mixing technique and DJ Presyce’s nimble cuts.

[video] MaLLy & The Sundance Kid "The Renaissance"

AWKWORD ft. Jade Foxx "The Dating Game"

AWKWORD ft. Jade Foxx "The Dating Game" (prod. by Flam & Aksim and The White Shadow): After the acclaim “Mr. President” got, AWKWORD (alongside Outrageous Ashley and HHC) present this interesting track, giving cats both sides of the coin when it comes to, well, dating. Think of it as “No Scrubs” vs. “No Pigeons” on one track, for 2011. Love that he got the homegirl Jade Foxx to spit some venom for the ladies on her verse. This is taken from World View, AWK’s 100% for-charity global Hip-Hop project, with features from Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Sha Stimuli and KRS-One over beats from producers hailing for 15+ nations! With the Internets connecting people at lightening speed, it makes sense to embark on a project like that.

[video] DVIOUSMINDZ ft. Humble The Poet "WhatyouNEED"

Kinda NSFW.

L'Daialogue DiCaprio ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. “Where's The Match”

L'Daialogue DiCaprio ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y.Where's The Match”: This has that throwback, Southern-tinged dark sound to it. That 90’s late-night murder type shit. This cut is taken from the Kevin Nottingham-presented I Built My Buzz 2, and features the one and only L.E.G.A.C.Y.. Love the idea that a nigga is looking for the match to set fire to his hot shit, burning the track to pieces. Leg’s definitely a Neanderthal, and is the perfect endcap to this banger. Fuck with this, then peep the full jammer.

[video] Adebisi "Closer"

[video] DaVinci "Round Me"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[video] Jadakiss ft. Emanny "Hold You Down"

Danny! ft. Danny Brown "Theme From A Killing Spree"

Danny! ft. Danny Brown "Theme From A Killing Spree": In digital outlets right now is Where Is Danny?, which I affectionately call 2.0, as the producer we shall not name has had his beats replaced by Danny!’s own tracks. Proper scatterbrained prolific funkery on here, from Danny!’s hilarious bars to intricate things (peep for when an homage to the sun slides in then slides back out. Danny!’s production doesn’t go too ridiculous, either – has that old school digging feel, finding a great sample and just extending it for your own Hip-Hop noodling. The full project features cats like Che Grand, Von Pea, Donwill and others, and is iller than a number of projects that dropped this year. And mind you, I been heard the majority of these rhymes. Just saying. You need that. New Danny! album dropping in August, I believe.

Joker Vs. Slim Thug "The Vision (DJ Cable Dubstep Refix)"

NEED an MP3 of this, Cable!

Theo Martins "Puffy Time"

Theo Martins "Puffy Time": Since it’s his birthday and all, I figured I’d post this new track from Theo, which finds him flipping one of my favorite Flux Pavilion tracks, “I Can’t Stop”, showcasing his proper love for dubstep. I won’t go off on a THUGSTEP tangent, but you know how we do around here. No fucking brainer. Neph is gonna be in Asia touring very soon, and will be dropping the video for “Take You There” in no time. He can’t stop.

[video] The Electric "Toot Toot"

Wishing I Was A Sneaker Head

Is it odd to wish I was a sneaker head? Cats like Dallas Penn and my other peers are HEAVY into the footwear game, and have been for a bit. I like simple shoes, but I'd like to have a LOT of simple shoes. I'm comfortable in shit like New Balances, but with all the walking I do on the daily, I can jack a pair of dope kicks up. I'm on that "wear them a few times then keep them hidden" kind of stee-lo. Same thing with the streetwear - I love dope t-shirts, but I try to keep my best pieces hidden. What's the point in that? Maybe I just need a job where I can get stupid paid for being at home, or going out to events, and have a chance to rock some dope pieces... dreams, eh? Until then, I guess I'll just be building my collection, piece by piece.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (5/25/2011)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Louie S02 Starts June 23rd

Can't wait. Best show ever.

Native Sun

A short film by Blitz the Ambassador & Terence Nance.

[video] YC The Cynic "The Harder It Is" LIVE

YC #noracks will be at The Compound on Thursday.

#GardenVariety: Divine Drummah

In the many ciphers within the NJ Hip-Hop community, there are names that can be universal. Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman, Naughty By Nature, sure. Cats like Self (aka The Custodian of Records) are known by the majority of cats on the more underground Hip-Hop zone. One name you might see and hear is the homey Divine Drummah, aka DJ Mone. I remember being at my cousin’s house for a cookout a year or so ago and having her fiancee’s brother bigging up Divine’s work. I knew of him through work he’s done for cats like Shawn Lov, Money First and a host of other cats. At last month’s Garden Variety show, I finally got to hear him rock live, and dude’s a monster. I knew his beats were on point, but he was playing a GRIP of instrumentals I wasn’t up on. The following Sunday I did a bit of investigating, and happened upon the Nu Jerzy Tranzit instrumental album, which features cuts dedicated to mad stops on the NJ Transit train route. The one that killed me that night was “Newark Penn Station”:

Hypnotic. Love that sub. Just some intoxicating shit, you feel me? The full project is very Jersey-centric, that mixture of Philly Soul and NY flavor that only Jersey can decipher and make hotter. Rhymaggedon rocked over some of his jawns for the recently-released M.A.S.H., and I highly recommend you fucks with that. Get at Divine for beats, too – he’s not only a local hero, but he’s just that damn good. Don’t play yourself, forreal.

If you’re gonna be around this Saturday, head on over to The Galamo in Trenton for the May 2011 edition of the Garden Variety Show, where Divine will be touching down at again. I’ll be there!

[video] Substance Abuse ft. Tash "Don't Get Us Wrong"

[video] Frank Ocean "Acura Integurl"

JSWISS ft. St. NiCkel "World Domination"

JSWISS ft. St. NiCkelWorld Domination”: Last “New Music Monday” leak before JSWISS drops his All For Us mixtape with Not Quite Millionaires on June 13th. Definitely a different flavor on this one – little deeper, definitely on some heavier shit. Don’t know if it’s because of all of that Rapture talk from last weekend, but this one could be a theme song to a video game or something. Pinky’s Theme. Love this cat’s style, though. Don’t even try to sleep!

Rickie Jacobs "Skully All Black"

Rickie Jacobs "Skully All Black" (prod. by The Awesome Sound): Hah Rickie grabbed a winner of a thumper with this Awesome Sound instrumental. Love when a producer’s name matches up perfectly for the sound they produce. This one is straight up screwed Club shit – has those 808s and spastic twinklings over it, and a trunk rattler of a bassline underneath. Rickie doesn’t hesitate, either – keeps it 100% gutter pon the beat. Some shit to just Bankhead Bounce to, double fisting dranks, eyes closed. With a skully on, nahmean?

[video] TRUTHLiVE ft. Trevor Wesley "Poetry In Motion"

Botchamania 173

[video] Block McCloud ft. RA The Rugged Man & Celph Titled "Crazy Man (Straitjacket Remix)"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I.C. NYC: No Pity In The Naked City

Lil' promo from the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES forthcoming "I.C. NYC" series, which premieres June 1st: "The Internets Celebrities are launching our first official web series on June 1. "I.C. NYC" presents six on-location investigative reports from our city. From all corners of New York, we celebrate the lunatic fringe, capture the fleeting moments and reveal the city's unspoken truths. Then we eat.".

Action Bronson "Savage From Sarasota"

Action Bronson "Savage From Sarasota" (prod. by Karim Fonda): While I normally avoid cats who come with tribute tracks kind of quick, after hearing Bronson's "Barry Horowitz", I knew he was a proper pro wrestling head. Aside from the bombastic bars that have Macho Man's fury and Ghostface's steelo (and the random snippets from WWF TV), this track doesn't have much to do with Savage, but sometimes the best dedications aren't in the words spent on the dedicated, but in the actions used to remember them.

Hattip: eskay.

[video] Brown Bag AllStars "The Agenda (Marco Polo Remix)"


Get familiar if you've not seen the original.

[trailer] Curb Your Enthusiasm S08

Starts July 10th.

[video] Ganglians "Jungle"

Monday, May 23, 2011

[video] RayDawn "Pardon My Flipped Bird"

Latest video from RayDawn, giving track 7 from Controlled Chaos 2 some needed visuals. I had a convo with Ray last week, and I gotta say - be on the lookout for homey. He's getting some great exposure, and has even more product to drop. Trust. Shouts to Fawn Nicole, and big up to Brandon Dull for the ill video.

Disc Jockey Nappy PUSSY PRINTS

Literally one week after dropping Purp & Green, Disc Jockey Nappy (alongside thefreakbeat and rockthedub) drops his latest mix, PUSSY PRINTS. As championing this shit for the last five years, for me, it's good to have this nigga back out. With the wealth of dubstep mixes out there, it can get stale as FUCK with the shit you're hearing, so to have Nappy be so in your face with the selection? I hope some of you are shaking in your boots. And if you're at work, you might want to keep this one to the headphones - that cover x the pussy drops all over this mix might make you blush. New shit from the likes of Skream, Stagga, Datsik, Bare, MRK1, Cliffhanga and more, including that Jay Sean dubstep tune, which features Busta Rhymes going IN! Top notch mix, been rockin' it all week. Let's see what Nappy has coming for the next one...

Disc Jockey Nappy - Pussy Prints (Mix) by djnappy

[video] Dirt Platoon "Sing A Hymn" // "The Crook"

DJ Cable's Rusko Video Mix

Cable's discovered Serato video mixing...

[video] M-Dot "The Difference"

previous M-Dot "The Difference"

[video] 6:47 "As The Disc Rotates"

[video] Lord Nez "Pray 4 Me/Trial & Era"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of May 18th, 2011)

[video] Vato Gonzalez ft. Foreign Beggars "Badman Riddim (Jump)"

MTV2 Sucker Freestyle: O-Skeez

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Al Mighty Freestyle

Another one of them spitters that I feel needs more recognition. Still got plans to put SOMETHING out from him on RTD. For now, check out a freestyle that dropped around March of this year. Burn 'em! Shouts to Nico The Beast.

[video] Heathen & ILL Cosby ft. El Da Sensei & B.Done "It's Hard Now"

Hodgy Beats & Casey Veggies "Pink Magic (Tim Reaper Remix)"

Hodgy Beats & Casey Veggies "Pink Magic (Tim Reaper Remix)": Not sure what made the homey Tim Reaper flip this Dena Tape track, but I love it for it's odd flavor (no pun intended). That beat from the original was pretty ready for those breaks, yeah? Love that mid '90s Jungle shit, so I'm hype all over this. Wish it was a bit sunnier right now, but maybe these classic sounds, mixed with the OFWG, will scare the sun into shining.

Tempa T x Marvin Gaye "Ain't Next Mountain Hype Enough"

Tempa T x Marvin Gaye "Ain't Next Mountain Hype Enough": I'm a sucker for a great blend. I've called Tempa T Grime's M.O.P., but hearing him over the Soulful "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" instrumental? Adds a hilarious element to his bars. This is pretty fucking genius, and some middle of the road hype for your Sunday morning. Big up to DJ OJ.

DJ OJ - Tempa T Vs Marvin Gaye - Aint Next Mountain Hype Enough by RWDmag

Via Semtex by way of RWD.