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The Combat Jack Show (6/15/2011)

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I love the Combat Jack show when they come with the high power interviews - they are a bit more insightful and unique that regular radio shows. But when the guys are flying dolo, and start to dumb out? Classic. This week's episode started out with an odd mic, no mixer and an aggy Combat, and went left... right... and all points in between. One of the funniest and realest CJ shows in a bit.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/15/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 6-15-11 by PNCRadio

J Dilla "King (Sinistarr Remix)"

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J Dilla "King (Sinistarr Remix)": This is one of those remixes where I ask why it hadn't been done before. Taking one of my favorite tracks from the Jay $tay Paid album, Sinistarr flips it in a DnB style. Not too much tweaking, just flipping it up a bit. Didn't even need too much bass. And seeing as Sinistarr is a Detroit cat, it's more than perfect. RIP Dilla Dog.


[video] Wes Fif "Golden Nights"

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Apollo The Great's MTV Sucker Freestyle

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[video] Nato Caliph "Prophecy"

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[video] Styles P "Where The Angels Sleep"

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Fat Joe Announces Big Pun Tribute

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September 17th 2011

BCS in association with Vh1 Save The Music and the J Dilla Foundation
bring you


FAT JOE - special Big Pun Tribute
ILLA J - special J DILLA Tribute

This 3 day event will feature a $10,000 pro bmx competition, breakdance comps and more!

Pico Sports Arena
September 17, 2011
Pico Rivera, California

Disc Jockey Nappy SNUFF

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This is a mix that I've been waiting to drop. Alongside FiftyOne:FiftyOne, I am proud to present you with SNUFF, a quick mix of deadly cuts from the homey Disc Jockey Nappy. Kind of fitting, considering that Nappy's touching down at Mad Decent Mondays tonight, and 51:51 being based in Philly. Just makes sense. This mix has been done since the weekend Hangover II dropped, and I love it more now than I did then. It's just got those quick cuts, constant destruction. Producers featured include Dillon Francis, Muffler, Trolley Snatcha, Document One, TRiLLBASS and more. Sick shit, you need this.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy SNUFF [mirror]

Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L Pt. 2 (Heavy Heart)"

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Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L Pt. 2 (Heavy Heart)": Damn; Tommie is going in. More focused than last week's leak, he definitely opens up his weighted heart and allows the emotion to flood the beat. I feel this shit, too. Part of the reason I fucked with cats like Budden early on. Definitely not for those of you who can't handle real life... fuck. This is the shit that makes #winning so sweet, when you can overcome the ills of life that Tom spills in this one.

Three 6 Mafia vs. 12th Planet "Stay Fly (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

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In honor of the THUGSTEP Summit going down at Philly's Mad Decent Mondays tonight, I figured I'd unleash a refix that's not hit the 'Net as of yet. This is one of his newer blends, but vibing in the older style. Love how that 12th Planet builds, and is a perfect, dumb riddim for the Triple 6 and company to fuck with.

DOWNLOAD Three 6 Mafia vs. 12th Planet "Stay Fly (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

And in honor of THUGSTEP getting a dope co-sign, I had to open the vault with a special one. This cut, as I recall, is one of the first proper, original THUGSTEP tracks done. Don P is a Philly cat who fucked with Peedi Crakk when Nappy was working on things back in '07. Nappy sent him a D1 track and the first, true "Thugstep Anthem" was concocted. Showcases everything that THUGSTEP is all about, really. Need more like these.

DOWNLOAD Don P "Thugstep Anthem"

Dev79 Presents Street Bass Bootlegs

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When we hit you with Dev79's mix for HOODLUM and RTD, we told you this one was on the way. 18 fire street bass refixes of cuts from Aaliyah, The Game, Gucci Mane, Beenie Man, Gorilla Zoe and others, by acclaimed producers like 6blocc BD1982, Down Jones, Starkey, Proper Villains and Dev himself. Not much needs to be said, except if you have shit you need to do, get that shit done and vibe to this one!

DOWNLOAD Dev79 Presents Street Bass Bootlegs

[video] Mr. Fickle ft. Point Blank "24 More"

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The boy Hook Jackson uploaded a video with interviews featuring Mr. Fickle, Skrew, Steve Smiff and Poppa Chief. Check that out via FB.

[video] Random Axe ft. Roc Marciano "Chewbacca"

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DP wins, again. And if you need more Random Axe, check out Jaap's interview with them over on TheRapUp. And make sure you copped the album.

Diplo - Blow Your Head 001

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Go The Fuck To Sleep

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This is nothing but wins, especially for all the tired dads out there. Happy Father's Day. Crack open another beer. You can cop this via Amazon. Samuel Jackson FTW.

Bonus Beats The Rapture "Fred"

Father's Day Graf

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Some stills and video of Luv1 painting in BKLYN on Father's Day 2010. Via.

DJ Hipnotikk & Santi Junior - Dirty South Thugstep V

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The two proverbial young lions of our THUGSTEP consortium, DJ Hipnotikk and Santi Junior, have aligned for this dub-packed team-up, which marks the fifth of Hipnotikk's Dirty South Thugstep series, with a dope title that rings true: Real Recognize Real. These two have consistently brought the thunder with their refixes, but I imagine a lot of you slept. Don't worry - you can catch up with this mixtape. Each DJ goes in with their own refix catalog, featuring some exclusives to this mix and some jams you should already be up on. Action-packed THUGSTEP work out for Father's Day, seen?

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk & Santi Junior - Dirty South Thugstep V

Cymarshall Law & DJ GI JOE Hip Hop in the Soul Brother # 1

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Cymarshall Law finally sorts out his DJ GI JOE-assisted tribute mix to Pete Rock. I keep saying it, but in going back to the old Juan Epstein shows, you remember how much Pete means to the game. Good to hear a cat like Cymar show respect. Not too many features on here - although RTD-Approved MCs Daniel Joseph and St. Joe Louis are on here. Pete fathered a lot of niggas styles, so on Father's Day, light something up and reminisce.

DOWNLOAD Cymarshall Law & DJ GI JOE Hip Hop in the Soul Brother # 1

Marsha Ambrosius "Father's Day 2011"

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A gift for her father, reminiscent of the gift she gave her mother.

Father's Day 2011 Daddy's Little Girl by MsAmbrosius

FuseBox Radio (Week Of June 15th, 2011)

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RTD Playlist (Week Of 6/17/2011)

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[preview] Trebles and Blues "Summer Love"

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Of course Trebles and Blues teases us with a preview of a cut dedicated to infatuation during the Summer, a time when the dresses of women get shorter, and the tops cut lower in the cleavage. This taster is a prelude of his next project, which deals with the concept of love, he says. This shit is tough, love the use of the guitar atop that slammin' beat. Definitely want the full project. No word on when this will drop - hopefully we get some insight. But until then, rock to this and reminisce... or get ready for the women you're going to be macking to VERY soon.

Summer Love by Trebles and Blues

And if you rock to this, be sure to grab The Blue Note.

The ILLZ "The Pursuit (ILL Tal Remix)"

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The ILLZ "The Pursuit (ILL Tal Remix)": LOVING the remix ILL Tal did for ILLZ. I'm a fan of keys, piano and other variations of the ebony and ivory keys, so I'm all over this one here. Something dope to cruise to, especially when the streets are empty and the tops down, late night creep style. Word from ILLZ is this jam is featured on ILLZSENTIAL: The Essential ILLZ Collection, which drops July 6th, and is said to be a great way for current fans to enjoy some dope remixes (five bonus ones in total), and a great starting point for new fans. #allwins

The Pursuit (ILL Tal Remix) by TheILLZ

M.anifest "Suffer (M3NSA Remix)"

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M.anifest "Suffer (M3NSA Remix)": M.anifest has a Roots Manuva vibe on this one, especially over this chill remix from M3nsa, who is a Ghana-born, London-residing producer. The Budo-produced original will be featured on M.anifest's Coming to America: immigrant chronicles LP, which is due out in September. Blast this one fi de likkle yout dem who wan ask why dem cyan 'ave no more.

Jon Connor "Money Comes Fast"

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Jon Connor "Money Comes Fast" (prod. by SMKA): This shit seems so easy to Jon. He's got the wit all throughout his lines, but can switch it up to some more straight forward bars in an instant. I don't think I've heard him kick it to beats this slow, but SMKA cooked up a bass-driven slapper and Jon dismantles it. This cut is taken from SMKA's The Report EP, which partnered up with DJ Booth to release. Chase success, nigga!

Illus ft. Homeboy Sandman & JJ Brown "Free"

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Illus ft. Homeboy Sandman & JJ Brown "Free": I won't front - I expected more from this. I knew Sandman would excel on this (he does), but I figured Illus and Brown would step up a bit more, primarily because of an MC of Sandman's caliber. I also wish the beat would've been a bit doper. It served its purpose, but felt like it got stagnant - probably because Illus didn't do much over it. This cut is taken from For Adam, Illus' forthcoming album, which also features cats like Craig G, Bumpy Knuckles, Eternia, Gift Of Gab, Reef The Lost Cauze and more. Just have a feeling that dude bought dope features that might end up outshining him on his own shit.

Dano ft. Damon D "Storybook Girl"

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Dano ft. Damon D "Storybook Girl": Gotta say, that awesome intro kept me interested in this track. Just set the track up perfectly. Dano hails from Nigeria, but is resides in Jersey. Apparently the mixtape this cut is taken from, Verses and Hooks, dropped back in February, but you know, you find out about shit how you find out about it. This feels like some nice Summer shit. One of those tracks you'd figure would have a video for it, as the treatment would be so easy. End of school, watching shorty in class, reading her English book, and Dano in the back, hawking. End of the video he comes up to her and introduces himself. You know, simple puppy love shit. I can dig this.

Villainous Volume 20

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This was a random EA week, so why not end it with the newest/latest edition of Villainous Volume Radio with Deal - The Villain, featuring the homies Myk Dyaleks and Daniel Joseph for #XX. Music featured includes some Bad Meets Evil, some Bad Meets Evil, some Wu-Tang Pulp, and even some of their own shit. Some fun shit for a nice Friday afternoon. EA out.

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume 20

Dev79 - HOODLUM x rockthedub Mix

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Special, exclusive mix that I've inadvertently held on to for too long. Dev79 is known as a man who puts in work - whether it's his myriad of duties for premier Bass Music imprints Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey, a demanding DJ schedule, or working on his own production work, homey puts it down for the Philly scene, for the world wide scene. Before he drops the 18-track Street Bass Bootlegs compilation on Saturday (which features cuts and refixes from the likes of Knight Riderz, 6Blocc, BD1882, Down Jones, Proper Villains and more) - which is a proper lead in to the Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 release in August, here's a dope 20 minute rideout from Dev, exclusive to RTD and HOODLUM. Fuck with this, wait for the Street Bass Bootlegs on Saturday, and figure out what the fuck you're doing with your life.

DOWNLOAD Dev79 - HOODLUM x rockthedub Mix

DJ Nappy Mad Decent Mondays (6/20/2011)

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Nappy has been a busy guy since he touched down - rolling right off of the Sub Heat night in Chicago last week, Nappy is actually in Tennessee right now, on his way to Atlanta. He's actually spinning at Hipnotikk's Bubblicious event in the A this Saturday (more details via Facebook). After slaying the ATL dubstep community, Nappy will be making it back in Philly for Mad Decent Mondays, at their special THUGSTEP Summit event. I have to big up Mad Decent Mondays for not only having Nappy out, but branding the event with the THUGSTEP name. Hosted by Buddy Leezle (the THUGSTEP MC extraordinaire) and the homey Dr. Ew from the Future Thugs camp, as well as the Mad Decent Monday residents (QI Command, Suga Shay, and Tim Dolla). Should be a SICK event. If you're in the area, make sure you're there on Monday night (starts at 10PM); if you're NOT in the area, you better make sure your ass is IN the area for this one!

[video] Juicy J ft. Casey Veggies "Make It Happen"

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Bonus Beats Casey Veggies "Discreet" (prod. by Chuck Inglish) [via 2DBz]

[video] Apollo The Great ft. YFame "Be On Top"

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[video] D.Willz "Watermelon"

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[video] Tanya Morgan "Burnin' Up"

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Here's some live footage of Tanya Morgan performing a ?uestlove-produced track. Oh yes:

No MP3 as of yet, and Don says it may or may not be featured on their new project. I know I need this.

Botchamania 177

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I.C. NYC Episode 2: Enter the Rabbit

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The Chinese New Years Parade is something everyone should experience at least once - the fireworks, the dragon dancers and of course - the dollar dumplings. It's the Year of the Rabbit. Happy New Chea!

previous I.C. NYC Episode 1: I.C. Waters

Boomboxed Radio 1

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I guess Daniel Joseph and Myk Dyaleks got bit by the podcast bug after being featured on VVR19 – Myk dropped his Advent Venture series recently, and D Joseph presents Boomboxed Radio on that ass. And kicked the show off with “First Of The Month” by them Bone Thugs. I am so about that – and I’m digging this look into Espee’s cipher. Love hearing cats really trying to open themselves up and let you know who they are, outside of their dynamic bars. Even without weed, Joseph does the damn thing. Feels like he’s sitting on the porch with his crew, blasting a homemade mixtape of some of his favorite shit. Interesting trip. Trek? Trek. You might want to get your sip on, or your smoke on, and ride out to this. Fun shit to get into. Even if he plays fuck Lupe’s “American Terrorist”. Fucking hate that track. BOOM!

DOWNLOAD Boomboxed Radio 1

TastemakersNJ Presents Summer Ale

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If you know RTD, over the last five years, I’ve relished at the opportunity to highlight cats from Jersey who are dope. A lot of the homies out here are my age and older, but with the backing of the TastemakersNJ camp, Summer Ale highlights that new school of true Hip-Hop flavor that Jersey has. With beats from Thelonious Martin, Hot Grits and ATK, heads like Topaz Jones, Volition, Mars, Bugz and D-Dand show that fresh style from the new breed. I’m not sure who the oldest out of this crew is, but I know they are like Odd Future age, and have that sound that niggas want/need. Reminds me of the gray Maxell tapes I’d horde over, taping Princeton University’s “Vibes & Vapors” back in the day, looking for “that ol’ real shit”. Great project to get into for the Summer as well, be it some top down lazy afternoon sessions or some more crafty late night excursions. Make this the soundtrack to your Summer.

DOWNLOAD TastemakersNJ Presents Summer Ale

[video] K-SISE Rewind+Replay Release Party

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Maria Isa "Esto Suena"

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Maria Isa "Esto Suena" (prod. by MRompe Boca): Loving Maria’s shit, and this one is another banger. Love how it marries some Spanglish in her lyrics, as well as the ill mixture of Hip-Hop with the Latin-flavored percussive flavor in there. Isa’s a dope MC, and knows how to use her voice (and bi-lingualism) to her advantage, although not sounding gimmicky or anything. Even throws in some political darts at Bachmann. Winning. It’s funny, because she actually graduated with Bachmann’s son, and had dealings with him, showing him how she lived and whatnot. Word is Maria and Muja Messiah have their La Villa Rosa project due out at the end of the summer, and she’s also working on the indie film Strike One, based in East LA, which stars the homey Danny Trejo. Esto suena bien, mami.

Seph Jones "Long Road"

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Seph Jones "Long Road" (prod. by Rosirus): I can’t put my finger on it, but Seph sounds like somebody. Maybe it’s like Guilty Simpson, but a with added style. Dude’s been making noise in the DMV area, and is prepping for his Long Road EP, which drops on the 1st of July (and you can pre-order now, if you’re fucking with this one here). Aside from Rosirus, Seph got beats from Tom Delay, Nick Tha 1da and others, and got the Brake Fast co-sign, so I have a feeling that he’ll be creating some more ill shit and dropping a tough EP (and forthcoming album) on us.

King Mez ft. Skyzoo "The Rebirth"

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King Mez ft. Skyzoo "The Rebirth" (prod. by E Jones): It’s great to see the path Mez has been charting. I remember first getting introduced to his music about a year ago or so, and really digging what he brings to the table. Walks that path of straight ahead grinders, not letting weaknesses or obstacles slow their movement. This track feels regal – some real empowering shit. It’s taken from My Everlasting Zeal, Mez’ next project, which you’ll see drop this Fall or Winter. "Appreciate"

1 Comment » "Appreciate": Reminds me of that quirky Hip-Hop that had me open in 2002. With a doper beat. is IV the Polymath and Jondis, and this cut is taken from their Spill LP, which is due out on Friday the 17th of June, aka the end of this week. Pre-order or cop it, you’re doing a good deed, as Polymath Records donates 10% of all proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help fight cancer. I’d be upset if the music was garbage, but this shit knocks. And has a great message, especially for cats who can get depressed like me. No time to sit on your ass and sulk, as this life can be fucking SHORT. Keep your head up and stay motivated, appreciate the good in your life and build off of that. - Appreciate ∆ FREE DOWNLOAD ∆ by IVthePolymath

[video] Frank Ocean "Novocane"

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[video] Galvanized Tron "You Nasty"

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[video] Maffew Ragazino "Shoeperstar"

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[video] Kool Keith ft. Megabone "The Game Is Free"

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[video] J-Love ft. Large Professor "Trust Fund Children"

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[video] Charlie Smarts "Test of Time"

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Taken from Charlie Smarts' Trident mixtape.

[video] Luck-One "Sounds Of My City"

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Bonus Beats Luck-One "Sounds Of My City"

Has-Lo & Zilla Rocca "Cock Diesel"

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Has-Lo & Zilla Rocca "Cock Diesel": I saw Zilla speaking on how this track progressed, and loved the story. He’s had the beat bubbling for about four years, but when Has snapped it, it was a wrap. This is taken from their 2004 Commodores album, and has that flavor that makes me wish you guys could hear these Wu-Tang Pulp tracks RIGHT NOW! Some of my favorite artists right now, inside or outside of Philly, and I’m glad to be associated with them in whatever little way I’m associated with them. That last line sounds weird, but it’s true. You hear how that kick knocks? With Has spitting a multitude of murderous darts? My Lord!

[video] Soul Khan "Speeding Bullets"

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Cop the "Speeding Bullets" single via iTunes.

Advent Venture I

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Building on the excellence that was Villainous Volume Radio #19, here’s the first edition of Myk Dyaleks’ new podcast, Advent Venture, where he opens the door and lets you take a seat next to him. The selection is definitely different than what you’d hear on VVR, with Myk not being afraid to showcase some of the RnB and Soul that he fucks with, for example. Deal’s along for the ride, and chimes in, but it’s on a chiller vibe here. Dope thing to really max to. Big up Brokn.Englsh, EA ad the entire Jersey fam.

DOWNLOAD Advent Venture I

[video] Sub Heat (6/09/2011)

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So, you know that the first Sub Heat event went down in Chicago last Thursday - if you were smart, you caught the live-stream as we had it going. Video from the night recently got sorted and, man. This shit looked BANANAS! Featured DJs (of course) include DJ Craze, Dieselboy (with Messinian), Dillon Francis, Heroes & Villains and DJ Nappy. Check it out:

Video by Definate Films. Ill party by Rose Music Productions. And as a funny bonus, here's a video from Young World; this is Episode 3 of their series, entitled "how to dance to dubstep"; it features more footage from the night, as well as interviews with Dillon and HxV:

[video] Starkey ft. Charli XCX "Lost In Space"

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[video] Emalkay ft. Lena Cullen "The World"

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[video] Kayo "My Momma Told Me"

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Benga "Smack Your Bitch Up"

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Benga "Smack Your Bitch Up": I’d go in on how long I’ve waited for this track, and how glad I am that it dropped, but the homey Sach O took the words out of my mouth. Video via RWD, freeness via Benga, who’s sorting out an album.

The Garden Variety Show (6/25/2011)

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Told you guys this was happening monthly! Same Jersey flavor, different venue - if you guys have been to any of the Jersey Fresh Graf Jams in the past, you know where the Terracycle building is. Dope spot, too. Off in the cut (kind of how the Galamo is), but it's a lot bigger on the inside. Should be a dope event. Returning cats include Divine Drummah, Rhymageddon, Mr. Fickle, Blackout, Steve Smiff and more, with dope cats like Shawn Lov, Tone Liv, Fizix, Zu Ninjas and more added to the bill. I imagine that cypher is going to be TOUGH! $5 donation, great night of Hip-Hop. The crowd from the last GV Show was larger than the one in April, so I hope this one is bigger than the May show! Tell a friend to tell a friend - all info is over on Facebook. Big up to Self and Kasso and the other cats who are helping put this together. Dope event!

N.O.R.E. ft. Pharrell & Lil' Wayne "Finito"

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N.O.R.E. ft. Pharrell & Lil' Wayne "Finito" (prod. by The Neptunes): Not sure who leaked this originally, but I’m sort of glad they did – we got the CDQ (clean) version sent out today, and it shows the crack that The Neptunes cook with both NORE and Lil’ Wayne. Is this the first time Noreaga and Weezy did a track together? This one isn’t crazy on the beat, it’s fly enough with the little piano twinkle and weird melody, allowing both of these two to spit some fly shit. I swear I heard Wayne flick a lighter before his bit… just saying. I kind of wonder what NORE would sound like over a beat like “Yes”, though. Maybe next time?

Kanye West "Mama's Boyfriend"

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Kanye West "Mama’s Boyfriend": Being a boy who had to deal with my mom having a boyfriend, I get what Kanye is talking about here. I also dig how this sounds like that pre-808’s flavor, digging into his past over that vocal-driven Soul on the beat. Plus, I got into the same situation – but ended up going all the way with that situation. It’s crazy, experiencing both sides of the whole “that’s my mama boyfriend” shit. Oddly enough, the track ends up working better in concept/theory than execution, mainly because it doesn’t feel fleshed out enough. Shit like this reminds me of “All Falls Down”, but at least on that, Kanye added some more substance to the theme. It’s one of those jokes that has the premise and humor in the explanation, but to truly make it fly, it needs some kind of resolution. Possibly why this didn’t make it to any official projects, and just got leaked out the other day. In any case, shows how Kanye still knows how to open up his heart and speak from his mind, without sacrificing honesty or humor.

EDIT Looks like this version is bogus - apparently someone got their mitts on the Kanye acapella and put their own beat under it or something? Oh well.

[video] Random Axe "Random Call"

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Random Axe is out today for $2 (digitally) over at Amazon. Don't be stupid.

Roni Size Chris Brown'd His Ex?


The other day, on twitter, I was actually asking people if they remembered Redman's Doc's Da Name 2000, which ended with the Roni Size-produced "I Got A Secret". I was a HUGE Roni Size fan back then, from New Forms to a lot of his solo work, so to hear that this Mercury Prize-winner is said to have shoved his ex-girlfriend down some stairs, then smiled when she asked him to dial 999, I was definitely taken aback:

The mother-of-three suffered a shattered heel after the Mercury Prize winner – real name Ryan Williams – allegedly attacked her at his home.

They had a furious row about who she was with the night before and Size, 41, is said to have flipped after she told him: ‘This relationship is over.’ He grabbed her by her hair, head and armpits before pushing her down the stairs, the court heard.

Ms Andrews told jurors how she landed in a heap screaming in agony. ‘I watched my leg go over and I didn’t touch anything else before I hit the bottom,’ she said.

‘My bone came out all the way – it was like a mushroom cloud when a bomb goes off. I sat there crumpled.’

She said he asked him several times to call an ambulance but he stood on the stairs and ‘just kept smiling’.

She was forced to drag herself out of the house and flag down a passer-by who dialled 999. The attack left her on crutches for months.

So she feels that he got some cash, got a white bird, then got possessive/aggy when she tried to do anything? I don't condone any violence towards women, and I try to be on some "innocent until proven guilty" shit, but is THIS part of the reason Roni's not really been on form as of late? Who knows. I hope this all gets sorted out, and I pray he's not really rough-housing chicks.

Juan Epstein x Bad Meets Evil

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Here’s the hour plus interview that Ciph and Rosenberg did with Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 in Detroit for the Hot 97 Morning Show. They go in on a lot of stuff, from the Hell: The Sequel album (which I contributed some words about with the Brain Trust over on TRU) to the scene in Detroit, thoughts about grading rappers, working on classic projects and other bits. They actually touch on a LOT of topics (moreso than the Shade 45 Spotlight they did last week), and of course the Juan Ep spin that can get thrown on this (from questions about Dilla to wisecracks about porn) make this one a must-listen.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein x Bad Meets Evil

And if you fuck with all of this, go cop Hell: The Sequel, and peep the ill Complex piece on these two. You'll love it, trust.

Lyle Horowitz Smiles Of A Summer Night

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Random. Lyle Horowitz hitting me with a Bandcamp link like Saturday night or whenever it was, with this album? Fucking random. Smiles Of A Summer Night is said to have been in the production stages over the last year and a half, not too long after Auteur’s release, and Lyle feels this is his strongest work. Definitely feels a bit different – it’s immediately a bit “brighter” than a lot of the stuff I’ve heard from him, which might be due to the jazz and folk influences he admits to having on this project, but I also noticed a lot more names being shared on production: guys like Cashmere Brown, Adam Prince, Charles Hamilton, MidPoint and Chionesu all feature on this. I noticed that Fresh Daily’s “Easy”, one of my favorite cuts off of The Quiet Life, is featured, as well as cats like PreZZure, who is featured on three tracks. This isn’t just a Hip-Hop thing, though – you’ve got some singing (Dana LaRock has a great voice) and poetry in the mix as well. This is some Sangria shit – but you have to make sure you have the pieces of strawberry and other fruits in there. Really tropical and intoxicating, but only for the summer months. Maybe by a fire, maybe before some hot steamy sexual encounter. Who knows. No winter moods on this, though.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz Smiles Of A Summer Night

Eric Roberson ft. Chubb Rock "Summertime Anthem"

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Eric Roberson ft. Chubb Rock "Summertime Anthem": I had to support this one. Jersey’s own Erro was in Trenton last month, and my wife was MORE than impressed, so to hear him come with this backyard funky anthem to the Summer is very necessary. You know the sample when you hear it, and to have a fly piece of the track set aside and really built upon was the good move. You could throw this on and have your mom and your shorty vibing to it, with old niggas and young cats scheming. Some shit to set your family BBQ off RIGHT, trust. Chubb Rock is the perfect cat to throwback on this one. Be on the lookout for Erro’s Mr. Nice Guy? album, which I believe drops August 23rd.

Tef Poe "Words I Never Said Freestyle"

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Tef PoeWords I Never Said Freestyle”: When he’s not engaging in real talk on your twitters, Tef Poe is steady working. His War Machine got ‘nuff respect (although it deserves much more), and he’s been working on a rumored mixtape full of freestyles, that’s rumored to be worked on with the Hip-Hop Billy Ho himself, Trackstar the DJ. Poebama continues to amaze and enlighten niggas on beats he stole and got straight up, so if you’re uninitiated, prepare to be amazed. Or insulted. On the factual side of things, Poe and Rockwell Knuckles are working on their prestige Worldwide EP, and word is that the War Machine 2 project will be on the horizon as well. Hopefully he doesn’t get into any scuffles before that one drops. Yeah I said it.

Villainous Volume 19

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One of the TWO Villainous Volume podcasts that RTD will be featuring this week, which are part of four total that will be dropped this week from representers from the Elite Assembly camp. DTV is in studio with Daniel Joseph and Myk Dyaleks on this one, and both of them have their own podcasts that you’ll get this week as well. In any case, all three are in studio, chopping it up about varying things, as well as bringing some HEAT. Feels like the EA camp has a lot of shit coming – espee has a number of things going on, Myk is getting on his shit, and I know cats like Tom Chase are doing their damn thing as well. Anyways, fuck all that, it’s about the beats, and featured artists on this edition include MadVillain, Earl SweatShirt (which does bring a dope Odd Future conversation) and a number of other jawns you ain’t up on, I’d imagine. I kind of wish I had the funds for a station for shows like this – just honest, grown-up Hip-Hop heads who don’t just listen, but actually create, so they know how to approach certain conversations. Need more of these? I’ll drop VV 20 later this week!

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume 19

hasHBrown ft. The Boy Illinois & John Dew "Collector's Edition"

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hasHBrown ft. The Boy Illinois & John DewCollector's Edition” (prod. by Chris Rockaway, co-prod. by Jett I. Masstyr): The Rap Mayor drops the latest leak from his Sa(1)me EP, and that bass in the beat is so tough. The beat isn’t too crazy – just a steady groove with some added lovelies atop, but that’s all you need, especially when cats like hash, Illinois and Dew can merk that bounce. Sa(1)me drops in August, with features from Hollywood Floss (FLAWSE!) and El Prez. Ungh!

hasHBrown- Collector's Edition ft. The Boy Illinois & John Dew by JettIMasstyr

Bully Mouth "High Tops"

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Bully MouthHigh Tops”: The homey Daniel Joseph sent over this demo from his Bully Mouth crew, who were bubbling around 2003-2007, and are working on a new project. D Joseph (aka espee ONE) and Eggz All Mighty spit on this, and espee even produced it. The four-man crew (which also features JS Krillz and Capicooo), and if it sounds anything like “High Tops”, you might need to really open your mind. I mean, I’m ready for that shit – weird shit is my all day uniform – but some of you think you’re forward-thinking, but truly aren’t ready for that hidden chamber shit. Welcome to Bully Mouth.

DJ Absurd ft. Jaz-O, Copywrite & Mela Machinko "Flying Colors"

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DJ Absurd ft. Jaz-O, Copywrite & Mela Machinko "Flying Colors": I LOL’d when I saw that eskay posted this over on the Nah Right; at May’s Garden Variety show, the homey Pryme Prolifik hit me with a flier about this album, and I was in shock – the features list includes cats like Craig G, Pacewon, Big Lou, Blaq Poet, Trife Da God, Ransom and more. I was also mad, because I wanted to hear it dumb early, so thank you eskay for posting this wild track. Copywrite murders this beat – that track is cool, but he goes HAM on that shit. It’s almost unfair. Absurd’s album drops on the 28th of June – maybe Diamond will sort some more info soon?

[video] Jon Connor "The Heist" / "Hustlin Is Always A Option"

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[video] Lyric Jones "Trapped In The City Lights"

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Bonus Beats Lyric Jones "Trapped In The City Lights" (prod. by Mr. Fish)

Cold Heat ft. Nico The Beast, SR, Neta & Meyhem Lauren "Spanish Guitars"

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Cold Heat ft. Nico The Beast, SR, Neta & Meyhem Lauren "Spanish Guitars": The boy Nico’s been going through some ish in his life, but out of the pain comes the determination, and he hit me with this gem over the weekend from the Cold Heat boys, featuring not only Nico, but the homey Meyhem Lauren. This track is crazy – it definitely features a lonely Spanish guitar loop, with a bunch of grimey cats stomping the shit out of it. The track flips weird, too – goes from those guitars into some other shit, deep. Just one of those really open cuts that allows an MC to really kick their feet up and make it theirs. Heavy.

[video] Black Collar Biz "The Introduction"

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One of Trenton's best kept secrets. Hey @whatupcollar, need the MP3 of this!

MiLKMEN The 2nd Preview

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They loved the first preview so much, they decided to hit you again. The MiLKs continue to ride that wave that emerged when Drake really got some burn, but these niggas can sing way better than Wheelchair Jimmy does. Ont his one, the bulk of the project is produced by Robi, who has definitely been able to get the best out of these two, but there’s definitely fly shit from the likes of Mistah Sandman, Ludwig Persik and deadpresidentz510. I like the progression on this one – it starts out a bit slower, then builds into this monster. I feel like there’s a story in there, but I’ll let you decide.

DOWNLOAD MiLKMEN The 2nd Preview

[video] MeyHem Lauren "Lost Souls"

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Nas "Nasty"


Nas "Nasty" (prod. by Salaam Remi): I believe a tagged version of this leaked earlier, but props to Steve-O at BoBO for sending over the dirty CDQ. Some new Nasty Nas for the summer, fucker, taken from his forthcoming Life Is Good album. Feels like when "Made You Look" and other tracks of that ilk dropped - Remi + Nas is all you really need. Straight dirty Hip-Hop shit - that track is no melody, and Nas just slices right through it. This is the Nas you niggas been waiting for, you feel me? Take the razor out of your mouth, sip a 40 and play this one on repeat.

"I never see the whips niggas be claimin' they driving/I guess entertainment means blatantly lying..."

[video] Wale ft. Rick Ross & Jadakiss "600 Benz"

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Rawse got the Heat cap on. Aww. Best track off that Self Made coaster. Via Complex.

[preview] BET Bars On Deck

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If you've been listening to The Combat Jack show, you've heard @AKingPNCRadio talking about the BET Bars On Deck project they've been working on. In this preview, you get a sampling of what exactly this will be about, featuring cats like Oddisee, Das Racist, Homeboy Sandman & Blu.


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Released today via Not Quite Millionaires, JSWISS drops his latest project, #AllForUs. Loving JSWISS' sound right now - dude is real, he can rap, and he has a great ear for the right beat. Producers featured on this include J Roc, Diverse, The Colombians and SWISS himself, with featured MCs including Tab-One of Kooley High, K-Hill, Jones Andrews, Noelle Leader and more. I've posted enough on dude, just grab the cotdamn tape!


[video] The Co-Op "Rap Money"

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[video] Illa Ghee ft. Sean Price "Price To Be Illa"

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[video] Money Making Jam Boys "Tear It Down"

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Via Nah Right.

[video] Mellowhype "64"

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Wow. BLACKENEDWHITE drops July 12th - pre-order now.

Tommie Chase "Gibberish"

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Tommie Chase "Gibberish": Taking things into a different lane, St. Joe LouisTom Chase didn’t have any plans when he turned on the mic – he just tackles a dope beat (the same sample J-Live made uber-famous) and just lets loose. Almost like a zombie that just goes for the jugular. Not one of those Night of the Living Dead niggas, but one of them 28 Days Later niggas. You don’t want this one to end, either – just hit repeat and let Tommie talk that good humor to you about nathan.