Saturday, June 04, 2011

[stream] The Roots Picnic (6/04/2011)

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How Donwill gonna give niggas gifts on HIS birthday? One of the Lessondary cats that I don't converse with as much as I should, Dondub dropped DPPLGNGR today. Kind of short, very sweet, and always necessary. Do him a favor and cop Don Cusack today.


Sneaker Fiends Unite: New Balance Swag

Shouts to Dallas Penn bigging up the New Balances. I recently rediscovered my love for New Balances - mainly the 574s. Bought myself a custom pair for Father's Day. If you're in Atlanta this weekend, there's an ill sneaker event going down.

[video] Caspa "Fulham 2 Waterloo"

[video] Lazurus "No More BS"

A lot of you claim to not want any more bullshit - get behind this video, forreal. Hit up Lazarus via Facebook.

[video] Random "Limitless"

Random's TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2 drop June 22nd.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of June 1st, 2011)

[video] Vast Aire "Man Of Steel"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 6/03/2011)

I need a vacation.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Weeknd "What You Need "DJ Fracture's Unofficial Wreck Your Weekend Remix)"

The Weeknd "What You Need "DJ Fracture's Unofficial Wreck Your Weekend Remix)": Here's a sick bootleg featuring 2011's favorite Canadian, The Weeknd. The homey Fracture posted this on Soundcloud a few weeks ago, praising how well the dub he cut sounded, but also denying the public the track. I guess the fervor was too great, as he succumbed to the demand sorted the massive out with this emotional piece of music. He didn't go crazy over the track - just did was any smart junglist does, and added the right pinch of drums and vibes to the already quality track. Something for those late-night summer parties... or sensual encounters. Whenever you drop it, say a silent thanks to Fracture. And do the Astrophonica camp a solid, and purchase Retrospect today.

The Weeknd - What You Need [DJ Fracture's Unofficial Wreck Your Weekend Remix] by Fracture And Neptune

[video] Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean "She"

Associated Minds x Eatgood Present The Highball EP

You guys remember “The Heat”, right? That track, and the entire EP, was made in a night, and feels like a proper soundclash between the Associated Minds and Eatgood Records camps. Some fire throughout this UK-centric project, with artists like P.L.O., Metabeats, RTKal, Ralph Rip Shit, Redbeard and others, and not only features a Dockmini remix of “The Heat”, but the American Language remix of “The Heat”, with US bredren Curly Castro, Has-Lo and Zilla Rocca. Great EP, fire for the weekend.

DOWNLOAD Associated Minds x Eatgood Present The Highball EP

JSWSS ft. Tab-One "Heat"

JSWSS ft. Tab-One "Heat" (prod. by Eschenbach): I remember JSWISS bringing heat with the other Kooley High nigga, Charlie Smarts, and for the first single for his NQM-presented project (All For Us) features the One Tab throwing jabs at this fly afternoon-ready beat. JSWISS always picks dope beats, but this one is seriously made for crushing weed and blowing dutches. Dude’s consistently bringing heat, and is turning into one of my favorite MCs right now. Hopefully more of you take a look at his work.

Rickie Jacobs "Speeding Bullet"

Rickie Jacobs "Speeding Bullet": It’s funny how one MC can drop a track called “Writer’s Block” and another can fill bars with bullet-quick rhymes atop the same beat. That’s Rickie, though – silently firing, killing at will. Now it’s just time for cats to recognize what this Bmore ambassador does with these beats – even if he don’t really wanna rap. You couldn’t tell, though – niggas just goes spastic for 3 minutes. Glad I saw his potential early – I’m laughing at how niggas slept, at the same time glad they are coming around. Dedication.

QuESt "Let It Out"

QuESt "Let It Out" (prod. by A.I (ICE)): It’s great when an emcee can understand the pros and cons of flooding the Internets/blogosphere with tune fi tune fi tune; you’ll see the same names on your RSS feeds daily, essentially hopping on the latest instrumentals, or just spitting nonsense to keep in people’s thoughts. QuESt is a different artist altogether – he has thoughts that he let’s nurture, and is still working. The last five months have seen him spending time on the follow-up to The Reason: A Defense Mechanism, and this cut allows him to unload his heavy mental over a driving beat. Catch up with what he’s been about, and be on the lookout for How Thoughtful 2 later this summer.

Kastle "I Know"

Kastle "I Know": Gotta love friends like DJ Nappy. That’s the kind of nigga who will review sick projects, but not share the wealth. Seclusiasis was kind enough to let this track from Kastle’s Time Traveler EP go for freebie.99, and it’s dope. Nice dubstep vibe, but it has that bounce that can help it get some play from other camps. Also love the way those synths and vocals soar throughout the track. Just a solid, future funky vibe throughout. If you fox with this, go cop it now via Juno, or wait until the 6th of June, when it drops everywhere digitally, as well as on 12” vinyl.

I Know by Kastle

Legit "Thirteen"

Legit "Thirteen": Feels like it’s been a bit since one of Legit’s tracks has hit my inbox. I believe Apple Juice Kid produced the instrumental Legit blessed, from a Miles Davis remix project, and it’s just awesome. Love that flipped jazzy vibe – feels like something you’d hear at a live open mic, with beats from a dope Hip-Hop band. The bars? Spoken from the mind of a cat who has been putting in some time to make his art something people can digest, and aren’t about to quit, for any reason. This track is the second leak from Legit’s Coloring Outside The Lines, which is due out in July, and I figure it’ll be a continued testament of his determination to better himself, and show off his craft.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (6/02/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (6/01/2011)

Via PNC Radio: "This could’ve been easily titled the “What’s Beef” edition of The Combat Jack Show. Why? Well, apparently one of these industry dudes took a few shots at Combat Jack and implicated PNC Radio in the process. No bueno hombre! But not to be overshadowed by that nonsense, the one and only Internets Celebrities were in he building to discuss a myriad of things including their early beginnings and a possible jump to the theatrical world. Also 1/4 of the ALMIGHTY Star and Buckwild Show, DX21 (Cobobo) came through to show The Combat Jack Show some love. You know what to do…"

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/01/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Internets Celebrities, DX21) 6-1-11 by PNCRadio

8-bza ft. Lyfestile and Undu Kati "Put It In Reverse"

8-bza ft. Lyfestile & Undu Kati "Put It In Reverse" (prod. by D-Stef): Here’s one of those tracks where the beat is some nightmare shit. Sounds like something you’d wake up to in a cold sweat, after having a dream that was similar to a Saw game. Eerie piano, tough drums and fucking crazy bass thrown in awkwardly. Big up to the homey Lyfestile, who’s been crew since RTD was a small fry… who am I kidding, we still small fries! I’m not the BIGGEST fan of the hook; it feels like they got some Onyx flavors going down, kind of dated, but it has that tough, ACG boot steeze to it. Regging a Black music.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

[video] Has-Lo "Limit"

[video] Tranzformer x Jefferson Price "Relevance"

[video] Timbo King ft. William Cooper "From Babylon To Timbuktu"

Wais P "Pendejos"

Wais P "Pendejos": Nice track to vibe to in the afternoon. Kind of feels like a jawn NORE would freak the fuck out to, but with rhymes that aren’t as random. If you were smart and foxed with P’s It’s In The Game mixtape, you know this. If you fuck with this, you’ll hear it again on his Game & Claim EP. The beat on this is some shit to creep to – blast this on the night time cruise, to your booty call or to the club with your niggas, scheming on the freaks you’re trying to smash. Dope Biggie use in that hook as well.

Y-Love ft. TJ Di Hitmaker "The Takeover"

Y-Love ft. TJ Di Hitmaker "The Takeover" (prod. by Diwon): I remember reviewing Y a while ago, and he’s still one of the only Black Jew cats that I hear messing with this Hip-Hop thing. His See Me EP dropped a few weeks back, and this is the lead single. Something a bit different – he still has some knowledge to bring, but this track has a Dancehall vibe, and would be something kind of fresh to sneak into your Caribbean-vibe mix.

Joker vs. Slim Thug & Bun B "The Vision (DJ Cable THUGSTEP Refix)"

Joker vs. Slim Thug & Bun BThe Vision (DJ Cable THUGSTEP Refix)”: Been sleeping on posting these for some reason, but after Cable’s Video Scratch noodling produced a spot-on blend video of these two tracks, I figured some of you smart selectors needed this refix in your life. Taking a vintage Slim Thugga single and pairing it up with the first glimpse from Joker’s forthcoming album? I could see niggas in Houston bouncing their candy painted whips to something like this, syrup’d out, leanin’ low. I’d make about fifty ‘leven posts on Cable’s latest mailout, but I’ll just post the link to the .zip, which not only features an Aphex Twin edit, but unreleased heat from Fused Forces, Dcult and another Cable blend! Support that Triangulum release as well, peeeyump!

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (6/01/2011)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I.C. NYC Episode 1: I.C. Waters

First episode of The I.C.'s "I.C. NYC" web-series. Word is that Rafi Kam and Casmir will join Dallas Penn on the Combat Jack show tonight, 10PM, on "The Polar Bear Swim is a Coney Island tradition. On New Year's Day, the Polar Bear Club who swim off this beach all winter long invite the world to join them for a plunge in the near freezing Atlantic Ocean. What better way to start I.C. NYC than by participating in this New Year's tradition? Are these people just crazy or are the health benefits of cold water for real? And more pressingly, is this just some white people shit? The IC's aim to find out!"

Pos P "Fly With Me"

Pos P "Fly With Me" (prod. by Tone Blare): Some more of that NJ talent that I’m trying to provide more of. Looks like Pos P used to be down with a crew called Army of Darkness, but has gotten more poppin’ on his own, and his Rebel Musik camp. This past February, he dropped his Hello New World Vol. 1 mixtape, and this track is taken from that. Nice introduction to this cat, atop a sly beat from Tone Blare. Love the use of the sample in his hook; definitely need to turn this one up and crack a brew or three.

[video] King Mez ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog "From The South"


When Aleon Craft's Mothership Decatur dropped, I mentioned Nappy's "Donkey Kong" refix. I remember when I first heard it, I knew that this one needed to be stepped on. The original even had a slower vibe to it - the acapella fell into my lap randomly, and I'm glad Nappy saw it's potential. With that heavy funk from Benga, this ode to fatties cannot be denied. At. All.

DOWNLOAD Aleon Craft vs. Benga "Donkey Kong (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Sub Heat goes down next week(!), so you best be ready, Chi-town. There's currently a giveaway from Crowd Noize for a pair of tickets, so get on that one early! Also got word that it's official: Nappy will touch down in Philly on the 20th of June for Mad Decent Mondays(!)...

JUNE GUESTS: 6/6 - @samosoundboy, 6/13 - @MexWithGuns, 6/20 - @djnappy, 6/27 - @tigerbeat206. #leggoless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Don't you just LOVE when a plan comes together?

Botchamania 174

JSWISS ft. Chaz H "Glenwood"

JSWISS ft. Chaz H "Glenwood": Kind of mad they missed an opportunity to flip the MARTA Soulja Girl’s “GLENWOOD!” in this, but I still fucks with this. JSWISS and NQM are dropping his All For Us mixtape in a few weeks, but decided to throw out this previously-unreleased jam on the people. Expect the first leak from All For Us soon. The piano on this one is kind of funky – loving that sound!

[video] King Magnetic "Watch Out"

Featuring General Steele, Esoteric, Ali Armz, Godilla, Jus Allah & Vinnie Paz:

[video] Re-Surch ft. Singapore Kane "Mic In My Hand"

[video] N.O.R.E. "I Understand"

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L.A. "Spittin’ Out Blood"

L.A. "Spittin’ Out Blood" (prod. by Hippie Sabotage): Fierce bars from L.A. on this one. I don’t know what got into homegirl, but she goes buck fucking wild on this one! I like comparing niggas putting ink on pads to opening up their hearts and spilling blood on the paper, but it sounds like L.A. got stabbed in the gut by someone and let’s that pain flow from her mouth. Whatever happened, you can feel the anger and fury on this one. Need a new project from her, nahmean?

Tommie Chase "IDK"

Tommie Chase "IDK": This is a cut that was to be leaked earlier this week, but my weekend was crazy, and I didn’t do my work properly. Whatever it is, Tom goes in. One third of St. Joe Louis, I have high hopes for this cat. He doesn’t bullshit on the mic at all, and deserves all of the accolades you sleepy fucks don’t paint him with. I know of a few projects he’s going to be a part of, and hope to present them to you sooner rather than later, but for now, take this one on the chin and when you wake up, rewind it and play it again.

[video] RayDawn "StarBucks"

Another banging visual from Brandon Dull, taken from Controlled Chaos 2.

[video] Laelo Hood ft. Pro'Verb & Lyriciss "Cool"

[video] Cardo & Gerald Walker "We Don't Give a Fuck"

[video] Don Blaq @ Garden Variety (4/28/2011)

This is video taken from the April 2011 Garden Variety Show. Blaq went in.

[video] Duganz "Green Light"

[video] Rich Mahogany ft. Pryme Prolifik & Tone Liv "Take The Cake"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Strictly Steele "FavelaNutella"

Strictly Steele "FavelaNutella": Been a minute since I’ve heard some new Stric, although I see fam on twitter all the time. Dropping this one kind of late, as it’s one of those tracks that slowly creeps. Something to throw on around the 9PM hour, when everyone is lifted and you want to dazzle your squad. Over a Slumgullion track that starts out kind of confused, but quickly builds into a jazzy thumper, Stric doesn’t disappoint – flows right alongside the track, finding hi place in the groove and keeping it locked like a dope MC should.

[pics] The Garden Variety Show (5/28/2011)

I'm no photographer, but I brought my Kodak and snapped a grip of pictures from this past Saturday's Garden Variety Show, which was again held at The Galamo in Trenton. April's show was hype, and I don't know if word spread or what, but I walked into the spot about 8:20 PM or so, and there was a NICE crowd in there already! Shouts as always to Self and Kasso for providing such an ill event, and big up to the artists I dapped and snapped: Skrew, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez, Divine Drummah, Slim Dsm, Surg, Black Collar Biz, Mr. Fickle, Joey Dynomite, Pryme Prolifik, Black Out and the others. 'Nuff respect to the writers who provided some dope visuals - that Gil Scott-Heron piece was so official. From what I understand, another GV showcase should be going down in June. Details when I get them.

The KhemLab "Street's Won't Let Me Chill"

The KhemLab "Street's Won't Let Me Chill": It's been a little over a year since I dropped The Four Horsemen, which included the rough version of "KhemLab Theme". The Lab has been sitting on some things, and I hope to have the complete project out in some form by the end of 2011. For now, it just makes sense to leak a complete track, right? This cut finds Cyrano, Main Course and junclassic going IN over that Diamond District "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" instrumental, taking the theme and delivering their own spin on it. I love that each MC literally puts their own vibe to the sampled hook, making each portion of the track unique and uniform. Something to vibe to while cracking a brew at your backyard BBQ. The heat won't let me chill!

Umpire Films presents Skrewtape...

Umpire films presents Skrewtape... Taken from the song "Old Jersey" by Grizzly Adams aka Self aka The Custodian of Records ft. Skrewtape...

Bonus Beats Skrew ft. Pace Won & Dox Boogie "Rap Is A Joke"

Jelani "Japanese Architecture"

Jelani "Japanese Architecture" (prod. by Durkin): I’ve got a feeling Durk and Jelani will be putting out a mixtape or some shit. Jelani didn’t give much info on this track, aside from one word: bars. He has a lot of ‘em. He pops like magnums, while you pussies are mad dumb. He’s an arms reach, a short two-step and a long leap from being where he could be. Or is it should be? I don’t know, that mid-tempo lazy horn bop Durkin has me senseless. Great, laidback sneak attack shit.

Grind Mode Cypher Vol. 3: Shameless Self-Promotion

Writer's Guild "The Droogies (Gotta Go)"

Writer's Guild "The Droogies (Gotta Go)" (prod. by Jimmy Flight): As crews go, this is one I’m eagerly hoping drops more ish together. Made up of Mr. Miranda, Mega Ran, Roqy Tyraid, Pennywise and Roknowledge, this is one of those conglomerates who have separately hit me up a lot over the last few years. Over this beautiful Flight beat, these cats bring it. Taking a fly Nasdat term from A Clockwork Orange, these five band together and take up arms, probably aiming at an industry that doesn’t shine proper light on cats who can make it happen whilst not conforming. You know, no additives shit.

Open Mike Eagle "Nightmares"

Open Mike Eagle "Nightmares" (prod. by Willie Green): Loving this. Kind of intoxicating, like good sleep stories. Pulling you in, giving you a glimpse of a confusingly awesome sight, then stepping back into the recesses of your mind. OME is a painter, although over this plodding, intriguing beat, he’s only using dark blues and blacks. But the picture is fucking awesome. Open heart, slick tongue, daft mind. Lovin’ this.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boom Shottas, Pt. 9

Scratch – Beatbox Expert Vol. 1

Young Jeezy x DJ Drama - The Real Is Back

Statik Selektah & Lord Sear – Open Bar Classics Vol. 2: 90's R&B House Party

Don Cannon x Trae Tha Truth - Undisputed

DJ Trax - HipHop-Not-HipPop

Nametag x Dub MD Presents Classic Cadence Vol.3

SL Jones - The Number 23 (Hosted By Don Cannon)