Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston "My Dub Is Your Dub (Remix)"

With word of Whitney Houston's passing at 48 (!!!), I had to dig this one out of the archives and post it. This Illfingas Drum & Bass re-lick of a dubplate Whitney made for Wyclef was that shit when it dropped. This one was released on whitelabel 10 years ago, and still slays me. No pun intended. Push your lighters up and run this one back a few times for one of Jersey's most gifted vocalists. Shit. We were just talking about a recent batch of pictures and Whitney's state. Damn. EDIT Even DJ Nappy had to throw some words up.

DOWNLOAD Whitney Houston "My Dub Is Your Dub (Remix)"

[video] Moe Green "Deja Vu"

Legit "Nevermind"

Here's a fresh bit from Legit that just hit the inbox. I'm surprised more of you blogs and tastemakers don't fucks with his music more. Dude's got all the gifts I figure you lot would love - young, lyrical, intelligent, fearless. What kind of package you looking for? How much iller shall he be? Eh, nevermind. I'll just turn the volume up on this one whilst you sliddeep. I'm just being honest.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Nevermind" (prod. by Off Beat Kid)

R.O.E. - A Backpack Full of Donuts EP

Calez - Kid With Raps

[video] The Internet "Fastlane"

I slept on Purple Naked Ladies for some reason. Watching this documentary got me back on it. I like how this video plays into the clip for "Cocaine" as well. Bang.

[video] Freeway "Master of Ceremony"

[video] The Paxtons "I'm Goin'"

This is taken from Avenue A. Thought I slept on Avenue B, but realized I never got the blast. So it's kind of boffour faults. We all should catch up.

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (2/09/2012)

DJ NoPhrillz - Weed Recognition

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/10/2012)


Friday, February 10, 2012

#BlackFistFridays: ?uestlove On Hot97 (2/10/2012)

One week removed from Pete Rock's explosive massacring of the Throwback At Noon for Mister Cee's #BlackFistFridays, ?uestlove steps up to the decks for a special J Dilla tribute mix. Nothing but classics. Shouts to Rap Radar, via Miss Info.

DOWNLOAD #BlackFistFridays: ?uestlove On Hot97 (2/10/2012)

Indiana Rome ft. Tef Poe & Teresa Jenee "Young World Freestyle"

Not sure what prompted the Force affiliates Tef Poe and Indiana Rome to coast over a Memorecks instrumental, but this is fly. Feels like a nigga'd out video game soundtrack. Teresa does the damn thing as well. Just some big body quirk for your Friday night creep.

DOWNLOAD Indiana Rome ft. Tef Poe & Teresa Jenee "Young World Freestyle"

Small Eyez "The DILLest Shit"

Small Eyez felt inspired to sort out a tribute to the man like Dilla, and freestyled this shit. Finished in two takes, in 30 minutes. Some cool shit to vibe to, especially for those of you who are sitting on unreleased Dilla gems and just feel inspired. Got a great vibe to it, some shit to smoke to and pen your own dreams to. Fuck Dilla Day or Week. This is Dilla month.

DOWNLOAD Small Eyez "The DILLest Shit"

Rickie Jacobs "Abbey"

Word is the next Rickie Jacobs project is entitled Live Epic. Not sure what's going down on that one, but I do know this nigga can do the damn thing when his hand picks up a pen. This cut "Abbey"? Clay Hillman cooked up some intergalactic slap for this one, and Rickie filters his voice to match the electronic symphony. Shit's crazy, and dedicated to that female in your life. Love your bitty to death.

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs "Abbey" (prod. by Clay Hillman)

[video] Trolley Snatcha "Make My Whole World"

[video] Avionadramida ft. SiR E.U "After F"

[video] Dom O Briggs "20 Years"

[video] Knowledge Media & Numonics ft. VIP "All I Know"

Via Never Enough, which you can grab via DJ Booth or iTunes.

[video] JSWISS "Geek Down"

Taken from This 1 Is 4 Dilla.

AWKWORD ft. Main Flow, Rickie Jacobs & Mojo "Rainy Daze"

This is the latest single from AWKWORD's World View project, and it features the Bmore boy Rickie Jacobs (who also sorted out that Charlie Brown-tinged artwork) and others. BuckMarleyXXX got the world premiere on this, and I'm just hoping I avoid the rain. Or snow. I think it's going to snow. This might actually be something dope to watch snow fall to. Fly shit.

DOWNLOAD AWKWORD ft. Main Flow, Rickie Jacobs & Mojo "Rainy Daze" (prod. by The Aqua League)

[preview] Brown Bag AllStars Brown Label Pt. 1

The Brown Bag AllStars have a new EP dropping on 2DopeBoyz on the 13th of February (AKA Monday), and leaked a trio of cuts recently. The boy McDuck J57 celebrated a birthday recently, but I'll still bust his shit. Fuck with these tracks, and make sure you grab that EP on Monday. BBAS always come correct, trust.

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars "I Fucks With That" (prod. by DeeJay Element)

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars "Rottweilers" (prod. by J57)

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars "Sinful Ways" (ft. Akie Bermiss) (prod. by DeeJay Element)

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars "Kin" (ft. Akie Bermiss) (prod. by The Audible Doctor)

blackrasslin podcast 018

The boy Dilla is highlighted, musically, in this episode, with all tracks being either produced or rapped on by the man. We kick a full RAW re-cap, as well as info on what happened post-RAW. Fun show with a grip of great music... and my usual musings.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 018

[video] Phonte "The Good Fight"

Track produced by 9th Wonder. Loving this video.

[video] Jon Hope "Wishful Thinking"

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Side-B TV, Episode 1

The first episode of Side-B TV is here! I believe this drops on TV in two weeks, but Phil and Divine had to let this one fly. Loads of fresh Hip-Hop videos thrown between footage of the guys at a DJ Convention in Atlantic City, which features a dope interview with Da Beatminerz. Go in!

[video] STS ft. Dosage "Earthquake"

[video] Kyle Rapps "Bully"

2012: 54 Reality Show Ep. #2

[video] GLC "Reach for the Top"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/08/2012)

Last night's show featured a lot of phenomenal shit: niggas dropping haikus, niggas talking about cheating on Words With Friends, niggas eating bananas, news, DOPE Hip-Hop and the one and only, the great Fab 5 Freddy! You already know what time it is when one of Hip-Hop's early movers is in the building. It never stops.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/08/2012)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Earl's Home?

Seems legit to me. Word is, when @earlxsweat gets 50K followers, he'll be releasing that piece of excellence up there. He's just under 29K as of the time of this post. I need this track, so fuck you, let's go.

EDIT OK LAWeekly says it's Earl, but Trenton's own Hodgy Beats says he ain't free. I give up.

EDIT YN confirms it, so #nowibelieveit.

DOWNLOAD Earl Sweatshirt "Home"

Shouts to illRoots for this download. I'm with them - the lack of OF "oomph" is kind of suspect. Maybe this is them saying "kill the fucking hype", as the entire situation with Earl has been crazy since he got sent away. Whatever. Earl's back - right?

[video] Icarus & Intalek "Synesthesia"

[video] I Self Devine "Up Aboves"

[video] Dead Poets Society "SuperFireCrackWater" / "Top Shottas"

[video] LooseScrewz "Bloom Of The Android"


Mister Cee Interviews Pete Rock

This was post-"Black Fist Takeover". Shouts to MissInfo.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

[video] Keon Supreme "Monster's Ball"

[video] Ground Up ft. Young Chris "Overboard"

[video] Planet Asia "Golden State"

Socializm (3/02/2012)

Kasso's solo show is going down on the 2nd of March at Trenton Social. MC Pollock will be performing. I might be trying to run through here for a bit. FB event to interact with the community.

[video] Blax "King"

Dieselboy - Wake The Dead

Dieselboy does NOT disappoint. Great mix of Drum & Bass, dubstep and other forms of future bass music. Stream below, download via Facebook.

Monday, February 06, 2012

[video] Venomous2000 ft. Tone Liv & DJ Priority "Constant"

Exactly what I needed. Produced by Dibia$e. Taken from A Moment To Reflect II.

Earl Grey "I Am"

The one time I saw Earl perform last year, we didn't speak. Probably my fault. So when I threw this one on, I definitely got a chance to understand where Earl's coming from, almost making the conversation we should've had not important. If I see him this year, I'll speak. Maybe we'll talk about this track.

DOWNLOAD Earl Grey "I Am"

MCMF ft. Donny Goines "Take U Back"

MCMF's forthcoming I Can Rap features this single, with the god Donny Goines, where they do just that. I didn't think of the obvious sample they'd use on this one, but I'm glad they did. Bully the bassbins with this one!

DOWNLOAD MCMF ft. Donny Goines "Take U Back"

[video] Tez McClain ft. Matt Wade "Can't Let Go"

[video] City Slick "The Believer"

Respect the New Era game in this video.

Skrewtape ft. Thirstin Howl III & Twylight "Tequila Sunrise"

Tequila is one thing I left off my Super Bowl party list, because I wanted to make sure I actually watched the game. Loving how this one came together - Skrew is a fool for getting Thirstin on this one. Skumbag Millionaires LP is on the way, and everything I've heard (and posted) has been amazoid.

DOWNLOAD Skrewtape ft. Thirstin Howl III & Twylight "Tequila Sunrise"

[video] Neako "Atlantis"

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Beville – Sincere Vandal

[preview] Black Collar Biz Forever Black

Don't forget, the release party is February 18th. I'll be there with an all-Black Devils fitted. And a bottle of Henny Black... maybe.

Solid Steel (2/03/2012)

Turn the sound off the Super Bowl and let this be the soundtrack. Seriously. Coldcut provides parts 1-3, with Slugabed guesting for Part 4.

M-Dot x Mr. Malchau x Nutso "You Aint Ready"

Straight nastiness. When I hear cuts like this, and get word that Munich's Midiflash produced this, you just get the reassurance that "real Hip-Hop" is living well overseas. My boy M-Dot has ill international rolodexial skills, as he flips a fresh verse alongside Malchau from Denmark and Queens' Nutso. Drop this one early and often.

DOWNLOAD M-Dot x Mr. Malchau x Nutso "You Aint Ready" (prod. by Midiflash)

Pete Rock On Hot 97 (2/03/2012)

I forgot that Pete Rock was on Hot 97 during Mister Cee's "Throwback At Noon" this past Friday, and I plum forgot. Thanks for The Diggers Union for reminding me! EDIT apparently this is a Black History Month thing.

DOWNLOAD Pete Rock On Hot 97 (2/03/2012)

[video] Darren Hanible "Don't Look Down"

LocalNorth & hunkE - NorthernLights EP

Legit "Poetry Club V"

The fifth installment in Legit's "Poetry Club" series continued where it left off... with Legit crushing everything else I had been fucking with. Some proper stream of consciousness flows, with a loads of heavy mental over a fly beat from Sani. Definitely put this on repeat.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Poetry Club V" (prod. by Sani)

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 28: The Childish Hobbies Episode

FKi - Transformers N The Hood

Milly Esquire Presents Welcome II Y.H.G.M


[preview] Teeza - The Set Up EP [TR003]

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 1st, 2012)

[video] STS ft. ASAP Ferg "Great Mood"

A.P. - FreeWill