Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planet Asia & Doo Wop - The Arrival

The Garden State Hip-Hop Cypher 2012

Some of Jersey's finest assembled for the Garden State Hip-Hop Cypher 2012. Featured MCs, by round:

Round One: Grayy Ice, Solo For Dolo, ADH, Los Lee
Round Two: Vasco, Maury Miller, Venomous2000, A.P.
Round Three: Probidense, A. Lewins, Nix, Pinky
Round Four (Bonus Cypher): TBO Fresh, Dubb West, Hi-Deff, Mike Sav, Gramz

[video] Ras Kass "Holes In The Ozone"

The Kid Daytona - Ain't Shit Sweet

Sinopsis - The Buzz Factory Vol. 1

[video] 360 "Don't Let Up"

DJ A-$harp Presents The A-List Vol. 10

Side-B Radio (2/12/2012)

[video] Sadat X "Fake Out"

CapChron - CCRDJ

Amazing. CapChron = Myk Dyaleks x Deal - The Villain. CCRDJ finds them tributing J Dilla by beastin' over those Dilla Joints The Roots put out two years ago. Simply amazing.


Friday, February 17, 2012

RTD Playlist (Week of 2/17/2012)


DJ Nappy Presents Cartoon: Mass Effect

All of the hype, leaks and previews are done. Right now, the next chapter of a six-year journey opens, with Disc Jockey Nappy presenting Mass Effect, his latest THUGSTEP refix project with Mississippi's own Cartoon, who took a grip of beats to task from talented producers like Teeza, Rednek, Rustie, Starkey, Bare Noize and plenty more. There are refixed tracks as well as some original tracks, exclusive for this release. And the train doesn't even stop here. March will see the release of Thugstep Commission 2, which is in the can and just waiting for your eardrums. For now, take a ride to this one. Literally. Spend some dead presidents this President's Day weekend and go in. Special birthday shouts to Nappy as well. This is everything you never thought you'd always need. Take heed.

DOWNLOAD DJ Nappy Presents Cartoon: Mass Effect

Special shouts to ClubTapes for releasing this, and Definate for the artwork.

blackrasslin podcast 019

Shouts to David Otunga, who might be my favorite character on RAW. No, seriously. We break down RAW, preview the Elimination Chamber PPV that goes down on Sunday, kick into a grip of news (so much that an addendum is needed) and drop some sick new tracks. You already know.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 019

[video] SEMI "Shot Caller Freestyle"

[video] D-Man "Sky High Fly Guys"

Bonus Beats D-Man "Sky High Fly Guys"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[video] J. Lately "No Less"

Mister Cee's Big L Tribute Mix (2/15/2012)

Mister Cee recently dedicated his Throwback At Noon to Big L, who's been dead for 13 years. Fuck. Shouts to Rap Radar for the link; the TRU Brain Trust recently Reminisced on our favorite L tracks. Rest in Power, Big L.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee's Big L Tribute Mix (2/15/2012)

Redman "Just Don't Give A Fuck Freestyle"

In a perfect world, I could get an eighteen minute, back and forth freestyle with Redman and Eminem just going in. I'd also have the Redman freestyle where he rapped over that Q-Tip song that had the Dilla beat that he spoke of on Juan Epstein. This world ain't perfect, but Red does beast "Just Don't Give A Fuck" like its 1992. Classic.

DOWNLOAD Redman "Just Don't Give A Fuck Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Redman ft. RuntDawg "At Your Bitch House"
Bonus Beats Redman ft. RuntDawg "So Hood"

[video] Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun ft. Memphis Bleek "Top of the World"

[video] Willie The Kid "Waste Not. Want Not."

[video] Scram Jones "Hour Glass"

[video] MaLLy & The Sundance Kid "Once We're Kings"

#MassEffect, Preview 5

Final preview/leak before Nappy, Cartoon and Clubtapes drop Mass Effect tomorrow at noon. For this final look at this monstrous tape, we find Nappy flippin' a cut of Chimpo's for Cartoon, who goes straight Pac over this one. The intro, with the wild percussion, sets the intensity up perfectly, and this one doesn't let up. Some really wild music right here, pure essence of THUGSTEP. As if you didn't already know, doe. You can keep wondering how Hip-Hop and dubstep will collide, we'll just keep leading the way.

The Garden Variety Show (2/25/2012)

The #GardenVariety show is going down on the 25th of February at the Trenton Atelier, and I'm kind of hype about this line-up! Guys like Skrewtape, Black Collar Biz, Mr. Fickle, Willie Dynomite, Rich Quick, Omega Ice and plenty more are going to be touching the mic, with beats from Divine Drummah & GovMattic, and DJs J.Gainey & Ahmad on the decks! $5 to get in, and there WILL be an open mic cipher. I'll be there, hopefully I can meet some more of Jersey's underground. More info on Facebook!

J57 Made A Beat Called Aqua.

McDuck back, and he brought his beat machine(s). Fuck McDuck doe. Word is vocals for this will be done next week, and should be on the BBAS album, which is due out Fall 2012.

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/15/2012)

Combat Jack and company didn't let a little thing like Kool Herc canceling shut their show down. What we get this week is a pure, unadulterated edition of the show, with Internets calling in, a Matt RAZ-less edition of the news, some special guests dropping by the booth and just pure hilarity. Great way to spend your day. Shouts to the fam.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/15/2012)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Two. Fifteens On 2/15

I had a brief conversation with one of The Two. Fifteens, whom I'd never spoken with via telephone. It's weird how your Internets works. My man actually hit me up because it was 2/15 and, you know, that's their namesake (although their moniker has nathan to do with post-Valentine's Day). There might be those of you who sleep on RTD, Benji B, XLR8R, Starkey and the other tastemakers who've latched onto the brothers, so it made sense to bring some of you nigras up to speed on their last two releases, The Commute, Vol. 1 and Stripes. Both are examples of the next-level of bass music, and great insight into the melting pot of sounds that things like your Internets can create. Hit the jump for downloads of both, and celebrate 2/15 properly - with The Two. Fifteens! And be on the lookout for Effective When Used After...

[video] Rashid Hadee "POV"

[video] Shane Eli "When We Were Kings"


Presented by The Mad Bloggers and RTD, the MC formerly known as Adebisi brings you his new moniker, Blax, and essentially celebrates that with this 11-track release. Features include Mikkey halsted, Que Billah, Dana Coppa and more. For $5, you get some pure, unadulterated rawness. Stream the entire jawn below, and if you fucks with it, put some bucks on it.

#MassEffect, Preview 4

This might be one of the sleepers of the project. For you cats who are ready to drop some dance moves on the floor, this Zomby beat might be the thump you need. Cartoon wastes no time expressing just how wild of a boy he is, whether it's making sure he has his luchini or or chick. Perfect marriage of wild lines over a ferocious riddim. Nappy sure knows how to pick 'em. I'm not sure if Clubtapes is ready for the rampage Mass Effect is about to rain down this Friday! February 17th!

E.T. ft. Hus King Pin "Lumps and Bumps"

I don't know much about E.Q. & Tislam, but I love this late-night, double bass flavor. Has that Memorex/Jansport backpack flavor, middle of the cipher shit. Some coded language in here, let it seep in.

DOWNLOAD E.T. ft. Hus King Pin "Lumps and Bumps"

[video] Marger "Outside Ting"

[video] C-Rayz Walz ft. Freddie Bunz "Blvck Rosaries (Celebrate)"

RIP Eyedea.

[video] J.Nolan "Sharpen The Sword"

Creature ft. Sinnagi "Under the Lights"

Shouts to @Dallas_Penn for lacing me with the flyness. I'm not even sure who Creature is, but damned if this ain't the Wednesday morning get right that I need right now. If you're riding in your whip, turn the volume up on this one. If you're (like me) and on that transit bus, pump this loud through your headphones. Make the driver mad. Live your life to this one.

DOWNLOAD Creature ft. Sinnagi "Under the Lights" (prod. by Reno)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love/Hate Mixtape Vol. 4

Probably the best representation of my twitter timeline on days like today. Either true love or true thug. This tape has a dope mixture of artists, too: Exile, Tony Willimas, Common, St. Joe Louis, Strong Arm Steady, Moe Green and plenty more. Pick a side. And if you missed the first three volumes, grab them HERE.

DOWNLOAD The Love/Hate Mixtape Vol. 4

SB "Happy Valentimez"

Always good to get that dope Hip-Hop from the homey Soulbrotha, especially when it's produced by AEON. They actually worked on an entire EP, 4letterword, which is set to drop on the 17th of February, which "tackles different kinds of love that we experience or come into contact with as human beings on a very broad and fundamental level in society... This single, Happy Valentimez deals with love as dealt with between lovers specifically a man and a woman in the context of the song. What better day to drop this than on February 14th the dreaded day of forget-me-nots, flowers, all-red-everything and chocolate?"

DOWNLOAD SB "Happy Valentimez" (prod. by Aeon)

PH ft. Chordz Cordero "My Type Of Angel"

I'm not sure I ever have heard PH making tracks for the ladies. Not to say he should do it more often, but it's good to hear talented mofos step outside of the box. This track is taken from a six-track EP that I believe is executive produced by Elete of St. Joe Louisentitled This Is Not A Tyler Perry Movie. Peep the first single below (and cop it for $1), and wait for the full EP, which drops next Tuesday.

Luvstep 3 (mixed by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix)

Perfect way to ride out your V-Day in bass-driven harmony. DSJ & Flufftronix have outdone themselves this go round. Full details via Mad Decent.

DOWNLOAD Luvstep 3 (mixed by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix)

Rome Cee - Grey Area EP

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee - Grey Area EP

Do The Dilla 2012: A Tribute To The Drum-Master

This is a slick one: get a group of talented producers (Dibia$e, Moka Only, Sebb, Willy Sunshine and plenty more), and have them flip a grip of tracks Dilla produced, from the likes of Oh No, A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, Phat Kat and plenty more. It's done out of love and homage to the great. Simple and plain. Shouts to Feelin' Music.

DOWNLOAD Do The Dilla 2012: A Tribute To The Drum-Master

UllNevaNo - I'm Thru With Love EP

I'll let UllNevaNo break down the story behind this one: "Ive always wanted to drop a project around a specific holiday, Feb is one of the toughest months for me to get thru due to past relationships from break ups etc, it all occured in Feb, the purpose of this EP is i want to let indviduals know male and female that you dont have to wait for this particular month to go all out of your way to show how much you care about that person, it should be an every day thing because tomorrow is not promise and if you have that special significant other hold on to that person for real!!"

DOWNLOAD UllNevaNo - I'm Thru With Love EP

SigNif "Dynamite (Freestyle)"

The Mad Bloggers presented Madden Miles' A Beat For You [The Donny Hathaway Beat Tape] not too long ago, and are now adding vocalists to his instrumentals. You know how I love doing that shit, so that project gets a proper RTD double thumbs up. The homegirl SigNif ain't playing fair with this one, trust. First leak from TMB's Hathadays EP. You've been warned.

DOWNLOAD SigNif "Dynamite (Freestyle)"

#MassEffect, Preview 3

The only thing this track is missing is the click-clack of change in a cash register. Cartoon doesn't know if his love of loot has made him evil, but he needs it, kind of like how a vampire needs that blood. The Rustie track used for this one is on a Grime-y flex, with a slick bounce, running back and forth. This one is for the block beaters, grinding in celebratory fashion. Mass Effect, February 17th!

[video] Black EL x Durkin "Purgatory"

previous Black EL x Durkin "Purgatory"

[video] The Promise ft. Pugs Atomz & Neak "SoundCatcher"

DJ Cable - Valentine's Day Mix 2012

Like he always does around this time, DJ Cable brings forth a slick mix of bass music and Hip-Hop styles, with some Juke and tings thrown in for good measure, all in the name of Valentine's Day. But this isn't the lovey dovey shit. This is straight sweaty, sticky, dimly lit bedroom mashout styles. Get drunk on that good wine, turn this one all the way up, and smash the shit out of your loved one. They'll love it.

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable - Valentine's Day Mix 2012

e.d.g.e. "Vendetta"

Loving this cut - not sure how I missed e.d.g.e. going in over this BroadNMarket track, but here it is. Shouts to BNM for sending this one over. The sample on this one is mean, and everything on this screams "back to the future".

DOWNLOAD e.d.g.e. "Vendetta" (prod. by BroandNMarket)

[video] Hollywood FLOSS "Line Em Up"

Aleon Craft - Cosmic Valentine EP

Aleon Craft and SMKA cook crack together, and for this Valentine's Day, they go in with the special blood crack. Super space vagina music. Shit's dope, too. Enjoy this, and if you fucks with it, wait for the deluxe edition, which is coming in March. No pun intended.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wildabeast - StrandBeast EP

If you were smart, you rocked with the streamed StrandBeast session, which featured Wildabeast crafting the very EP that this post contains, like, today. Not soup to nuts, but Jelani had beats picked and Wil flipped his rhymes, right thurr. And it came out fucking sick. Shouts to Wil and Jel for allowing RTD to not only contribute some ideas to the EP's infancy, but allowing me to present this to you. The official time for completion: 7 hours, 50 minutes. Let me see your favorite rappers/producers do THAT!!!

DOWNLOAD Wildabeast - StrandBeast EP

Lyle Horowitz - Redamancy

While I wait for a grip of tracks that Lyle Horowitz keeps BBMing me about, he drops this nine-track LP, featuring his Woodside Boy-bredren PreZZure, Rapper Big Pooh, Deniro Farrar, Loud Pack Lucy and Lewis. In his words: I started Redamancy on Valentine's Day 2011 during a bus ride back to New York from North Hampton, Massachusetts. I plugged my laptop into the power outlet and created the first draft of "B-43", which is now the album closer. A big part of why this project means so much to me is because of the circumstances that led to me creating it and what I learned about myself and others after those circumstances occurred. Although the impetus for this album was a break-up, this is not a break-up album, at least not entirely -- Redamancy explores love and heartbreak from all sides and the effects it has on those that go through it. This is a truly personal body of work and I hope that you enjoy it.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - Redamancy

Brown Bag AllStars Brown Label Pt. 1

If you slept on BBAS previously, shame on you. This would be a great way for you to get in tune to their sound. In-house production and solid rhymes? You need this. The fuck you waiting on!?!?! Grab it now! Shouts to 2DBz. Word is there's a Part 2 on the way...

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars Brown Label Pt. 1

Rome Cee ft. 810 "Makes Me High"

You're gonna drop this, then have to pull it back immediately and let it rock once again. Just that kind of beat. illMEASURED is just that, ill with the measures... or something. Another banger from Rome's The Grey Area project, which is probably dropping sometime this week.

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee ft. 810 "Makes Me High" (prod. by illMEASURED)

#MassEffect, Preview 2

For the next edition of the Mass Effect previews, Cartoon kicks some of that "higher learning" over a Starkey riddim. The Philly boy really has his sound in the pocket, and blends some great bass alongside other vibes, and 'Toon doesn't hesitate in airing the entire track out.

Ray Dawn "Won't Slip"

Lil' first listen bidness for you guys, shall we? This might be my favorite cut off of #PassportDreams, which I'm honestly not sure when it's dropping. Whatever case, Ray and The Jake cook some serious flavor right here, with Dawn going in about the ills of the industry and artists who are motivated to keep it pushing. It's a rough world out there, especially if you have #PassportDreams. Don't slip or trip, just keep your eyes on the prize.

DOWNLOAD Ray Dawn "Won't Slip" (prod. by The Jake)

[stream] Wildabeast - Strandbeast EP

Starting at 10AM, Wildabeast will be working on his Strandbeast EP with Jelani. Full stream after the jump, which will feature Wildabeast listening to beats, recording vocals and Jelani mixing/mastering the jawn. Hip-Hop to dubstep to whatever the fuck else works. I heard one of Jel's flips and I need this shit to be on it. Once I get the word that this EP has been mixed/mastered and is ready to go, I got you.

Black EL x Durkin "Purgatory"

New shit from Black El & Durkin. How an intriguing cut that was due to be an instrumental interlude turned into a track speaking on the power of choice doesn't matter - what matters is this one is the truth. Actually, this might be one of my favorite tracks from this duo. EL was smart in snapping this one up. Think on this one. Be on the lookout for The Collage.

DOWNLOAD Black EL x Durkin "Purgatory"

SaV! "Cloud Cruisin'"

I love tracks like this; shit to help you get motivated in the A.M.. SaV! is dropping Time Wasters & Cheap Thrills soon, and this cut is taken from that tape. I imagine most of you wake & bakers will find this as a good track to get lifted to in the morning, picking out which Timbs or loafers will set your outfit off.

DOWNLOAD SaV! "Cloud Cruisin'" (prod. by Flawless)

[video] ZanK iLLa ft. Raynell tha Astronaut "King High"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela x David Little x Zilla Rocca "Pulp Banga 101"

Talk about some shit I been waiting for! Not sure if/when Wu-Tang Pulp is dropping, but this posse cut is one of the flyest I've heard from this compilation. Just so true tot he original, and the Wu-ethos. Feels like a sitdown over some great Chinese take-out, scategorizing the layout of the land and how cats fit in it. Wild.

DOWNLOAD Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela x David Little x Zilla Rocca "Pulp Banga 101" (prod. by Small Professor)

Get Well Soon - Sunday Night Insomnia III

[video] Rashid Hadee "Back On My Grind"

J The S - The Jake The Snake Conspiracy

[video] The Kingmakers "RAW"

This is one of my favorite instrumentals, ever.

Willie The Kid - Dilla Forever

Skrillex Wins A Grammy

No, seriously...

[video] RiFF RaFF ft. Action Bronson "Bird On A Wire"

Linsane In The Membrane

Even when @Dallas_Penn doesn't make it into the game, he still manages to pull off a choice video. Step your Internets video game up, Internets.

#MassEffect, Preview 1

Just like we did this time last year, Nappy has cooked up another refix project with a Mississippi spitter, Cartoon, and the result is Mass Effect, the latest release in Nappy's continuing efforts into the THUGSTEP sound. Shouts to everyone who's been rockin' with the sound over the last six years. It's gaining momentum, and you can't even front on the track record Nappy has. Cartoon realized this when we dropped From Mississippi To Mars, and the seeds for this tape were sown over the last year. Mass Effect will be dropping on Friday, and I'll be previewing a track off of this tape ever day until it's release. Let's go!

The first leak is a tune that's been around for a bit - even made it onto Nappy's Thugstep Commission mixtape from last month. Features Cartoon coasting over an explosive tune from Rednek. Something to really get the party hype, as well as showcase what the fuck true THUGSTEP should sound like. Hold onto your hats, kids...

EDIT Here's a Celly Cel refix that Nappy just blasted out...

DJ BenHaMeen x Ivan Rott – Root Beer & Sour (The Dilla Edition)

They done done it again! Essential Sunday afternoon listening.

DOWNLOAD DJ BenHaMeen x Ivan Rott – Root Beer & Sour (The Dilla Edition)

DJ Skee's Whitney Houston Tribute Mix

Rest in Peace to one of the greatest singers and entertainers to ever do it. I put this mix together as a tribute to celebrate the amazing career of Whitney Houston. It will air on KIIS FM every hour on top of the hour on 102.7 KIIS FM and most other Clear Channel, IHeartRadio stations nation wide. - DJ Skee

DOWNLOAD DJ Skee's Whitney Houston Tribute Mix

[video] Aaron Evans "I've Been Blessed"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 8th, 2012)

[video] 4th Pyramid "Webslinger"