Saturday, February 25, 2012

[video] Rashid Hadee "Something Special"

Botchamania 202

Botchamania 201

Mr. Fickle "Rely On"

Fickle is one of those notorious spitter sin the Jersey scene. Dude's not one to be fucked with, and no cipher is safe if he's lurking in the crowd. He recently dropped The Hip Hop Nerd, and while this banger isn't on that, it's a great way to ge tintroduced to him cipher. Beats from Illmind, Fel Sweetenberg, YFame and more on that project. Rock with this then go cop that!

DOWNLOAD Mr. Fickle "Rely On" (prod. by Stretch Banguz)

SB - 4letterwrd EP

Ray Protege - The 23 Laws of Power

Sol Zalez & Tone Liv "Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow"

Not sure what this is coming out on, but I'm fucking with this. That beat is perfect for Sol and Tone to express some fly lines. Jersey all day. I also hope both these brothers are a tonight's #GardenVariety show in Trenton. If not, this'll be on me, so they'll be there in spirit. Don't go with the flow, hockeypucks.

DOWNLOAD Sol Zalez & Tone Liv "Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow"

Kutz - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

The boy Kutz didn't want to sort out my interview on DOA, but no bother. He's still one of my favorite producers irght now. Part of that new breed of bass music dudes. "Superman" was undeniably my favorite tune of 2011, and this mix showcases some of his newer bits, alongside cuts from Benga, Stinkahbell, Dismantle, Plastician and plenty more. Future music, true believers.


Moe-Fit The Phenom "Sheesh"

Shouts to Moe-Fit The Phenom for sending this one over. If you remember, I first heard of dude last week at the #ForeverBlack release party (the above picture is from his performance). Dude brings the thunder on the mic, and is the Co-Founder, President and Lead Artist at Turnpike Entertainment. Pure Jersey right here, with Moe being from Mount Holly originally, but he's repping Camden right now. Sheesh. This Siyah Moon-produced track lends to that ska/dub flavor that I fucks with, and Moe just goes HAM. Sheesh. Fucks with this, and if you're in Trenton tonight, catch Moe at #GardenVariety - I'll be there!

DOWNLOAD Moe-Fit The Phenom "Sheesh" (prod. by DJ Siyah Moon)

Five Steez - War For Peace (Album Sampler)

[video] Young Lyxx "Relief"

RTD Playlist (Week of 2/24/2012)


Friday, February 24, 2012

#BlackFistFridays: Q-Tip On Hot97 (2/24/2012)

No need to go in crazy. For his final #BlackFistFridays guest mix, Mister Cee called on Q-Tip to man the "Throwback At Noon" decks. You should already know what time it is. Grab this one, and if you missed them, grab the previous weeks: DJ Premier, ?uestlove, Pete Rock. Thanks, Cee!

DOWNLOAD Q-Tip On Hot97 (2/24/2012)

Juan Epstein (2/23/2012)

For the first Juan Epstein of 2012, Ciph and Rosenberg have a dope conversation with comedian Aries Spears, who you probably know from MADtv or his stand-up, especially his masterful impressions of Jay-Z, DMX, Snoop and others. He breaks down why he's a better impressionist of MCs than Jay Pharoah or Affion Crockett (and it makes sense), and breaks down why he sometimes has to smack the shit out of a radio host. Episode came out better than I thought it'd be.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (2/23/2012)

[video] Borgore "Flex (Dubstep Mix)"

Borgore's Flex EP drops on February 28th. I had no idea dude was only 23. He merks shit, though. That wild dubstep sound you love? Fucks with Borgore. I actually dig this EP - heard a few of the cuts, he has a nice variety of sounds (the original "Flex" is a little more subtle than this one). Grab this EP next week from

Matth Damon "So Long"

Matth is a cat I've been conversing with via twitter for a minute. I actually had no idea that he made music, so props to him for surprising me. I might be surprising him, and I had this sitting in an email for a MINUTE and just now got a chance to peep it. I fucks with this, too. Heavy dose of heavy mental over a solid track. Need more of you niggas to get ont his real talk, you smell me?

DOWNLOAD Matth Damon "So Long"

Ess Vee "Victor Cruz"

Lemme tell you, Ess picked a perfect beat from this Jew Heff cat. I call tracks like these "instant rewinds" - I can only imagine a capable DJ cutting the intro/first two lines back again and again. Just some straight fly shit over a brooding, moody beat. Love Jersey Hip-Hop. Love when cats borrow that grimey dubstep vibe and work it out. That faster-paced flow goes, too.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee "Victor Cruz" (prod. by Jew Heff)

blackrasslin podcast 020

Had a shitload of things to get through this episode: WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 PPV, Raw and Smackdown? Going in on this CM Punk/Chris Brown bullshit? And breaking down news and Wrestlemania 28 info? My bad, lol.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 020

[video] Granville Sessions "Styles"

#THUGSTEP: Fashawn vs. Rusko

Don't act like I haven't warned you.

[video] Neak ft. NidaNasheeda "Big Dreamer"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Freeway "Ebonics Freestyle"

Fred Knuxx - Rapmania

I hipped you guys to this project back last August, and if I was Knuxx, I would've waited to drop this April 1st, or March 31st, in time with Wrestlemania 28, but it's sick regardless. Knuxx flips a number of classic Pro Wrestling themes on this one. If you're a fan of Professional Wrestling, that should be enough reason to grab. Shouts to Dub MD! This is available for free now, but will be hitting iTunes soon.

DOWNLOAD Fred Knuxx - Rapmania

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/22/2012)

As the train keeps moving, the Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn keeps it moving, and last night's episode featured none other than EPMD. If you grew up on Erick and Parrish like I did, you need this. They break it all the way down like only CJ can. Shouts to the entire team, this episode felt a bit more focused, maybe because of the legends who were in the venue. Shouts to Benhameen for his selection - he dropped the "Rockafella (remix)" instrumental - not sure if that was for me, lol. Enjoy this.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/22/2012)

[video] 360 "Schemin On The Ride"

DOWNLOAD 360 "Schemin On The Ride"

[video] STS "Kids They Dance"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[video] Cypress Hill vs. Rusko "Roll It Light It"

[video] Al-Kayduh "Asshole Shit"

DJ Priority - All Hands On Techs, Vol.2

With Dilla Month still in full swing, Jersey's own DJ Priority knocked out this mix of all Dilla treats, from beats and full tracks to unreleased gems and the like. Respect to him for this one. Ride out to this all day, trust.

DOWNLOAD DJ Priority - All Hands On Techs, Vol.2

[video] Audimatic "Broken Cup"

[video] Prometheus Brown & Bambu "Lookin' Up"

DOWNLOAD Prometheus Brown & Bambu "Lookin' Up"

[video] Logic "The Spotlight"

[trailer] Silent Knight x The Band Called FUSE "Texas North, 5AM"

Launching live on Saturday 3/3 at 92Y Tribeca, Manhattan.

[video] WCL$ "GO!!"

No idea what is going on here, but I can't deny the beat. Subtle, hypnotic.

[video] EQ "The Tribute"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nico The Beast "Deja Vu"

Cotdamn. This is the kind of shit I love hearing from Nico The Beast. Something about that double-time flow he kicks that ALWAYS gets me. I also noticed that he works well with Vanderslice, so to hear thatthey have an EP entitled True To Form on the way? Amazing. Nico goes for broke over this one. Nothing but furious bars on this one. Don't count the Beast out!

DOWNLOAD Nico The Beast "Deja Vu" (prod. by Vanderslice)

Khi Khobane "Reckless Drivin' Freestyle"

February is Dilla Month, so Elite Assembly-member Khi Khobane felt the need to hook up a slick freestyle over one of Dilla's nicest. Deal has been telling me for a bit that Khi has some shit sitting around, and finally proved it. Not mad at all, troop. Not mad. Hopefully we have more like this on the horizon?

DOWNLOAD Khi Khobane "Reckless Drivin' Freestyle"

[video] Yasiin Bey "Niggas In Poorest"

Why did Yasiin tell me to take my pick of Michaels, and only mentioned Myers?

[video] Rick Ross "High Definition"

One of my favorite tracks from Rich Forever.

[video] Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator "Rella"

[video] Robby Wildebeat "So Sad"

DOWNLOAD Robby Wildebeat My Salad Days: Vol 1

[video] Copywrite ft. Dru Blu & Jason Rose "G$K"

[video] Neako ft. Young Jab "The Lufthansa Heist"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing Scoop

As I broke down in my #ForeverBlack recap, one of the MCs I got to check out over the weekend was NJ's Scoop. The homey Reggie Walker used a great word to describe Scoop: versatile. Dude definitely performed a track called "Pardon My Ignorance", but it takes a smart mufucka to even get down like that. I was intrigued by his performance and his lyrics, and he has the talents to move and shake different sides of the Hip-Hop scene. He hit me with some links to some of his recent projects, and I wanted to help you guys get to know an MC I'm just now discovering. Hit the jump for his latest projects, and be on the look out for Thou Shalt Not Question The SWANK, his next mixtape.

[video] DTMD ft. Godly MC & Kev Brown "Raw"

[video] Race ft. J. Shawna Slikk "Groove On"

[video] SigNif "Soul Clap"

[video] Dre Skuffs ft. Flash "OK, Alright"

DOWNLOAD Dre Skuffs ft. Flash "OK, Alright" (prod. by N-Omega)

[video] Gliffics ft. Lenny Harold "Call Me Crazy"

Sunday, February 19, 2012 and Producers I Know present The Smooth Grooves Beat Tape

#BlackFistFridays: DJ Premier On Hot97 (2/17/2012)

For the third installment of #BlackFistFridays, Mister Cee calls on the mighty DJ Premier to fill-in for the Throwback At Noon. You already know. Preem FTW. Shouts to MissInfo for this one.

DOWNLOAD DJ Premier On Hot97 (2/17/2012)

Lyle Horowitz - Redamancy (Instrumentals)

Jon Connor - The Blue Album

[video] The BenchWarmers Clique ft. REKS "Droppin' Bombs"

[recap] #ForeverBlack Mixtape Release Party

After spending the majority of the day out with the family, and coming home to relax, I set out last night to hit up Black Collar Biz's #ForeverBlack mixtape release party, which went down last night at the Trenton Atelier, and wow. Great event. I got to meet some heads I'd never spoken with before (pease to Physical Graffiti, Luv1 and others), and got to talk to Kasso and Self about some things that they have planned. Should be an interesting 2012 for the NJ Hip-Hop scene. Anyways, this event was very versatile: cats like Scoop, Physical Graffiti and BCB himself really put on some great performances, and I dug Moe-Fit once he got comfortable. Beasts. Self got up and properly Grizzly Adams'd the stage over classic Wu beats, and when Black Collar and his TOTG fam got on stage, it was theirs. There was also some education going down - reps from From The Block To The Boardroom and @SAVESHIRLEY were in the building, speaking on perservering and health in our community. There was even a raffle! In the end, it was good to see all kinds of people coming together, from niggas poppin' bottles to artists getting up. Nice crowd, great performances, and a great release - Forever Black is on iTunes right now!

I've uploaded some photos via Facebook, and have some videos (from my phone - forgive the quality after the jump. Enjoy these, and if you're in Trenton on February 25th, make sure you check out BCB and more at the next #GardenVariety show!

Kinetic NRG - The Free Love EP

[video] Doss The Artists "CAVE"

Soft Esses - What's That Noise EP

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 15th, 2012)