Saturday, March 03, 2012

[video] Coppertop "House Party Freestyle"

Not mad at this.

[video] ScienZe & King I Divine "Enjoy Tonight"

[video] Darrion Taylor "Terry Sawchuk"

Cyrano Sinatra & Centric - The Back 2 Fuck My Lyfe Mixtape

[video] Rashid Hadee "She Ain't Coming Back"

[video] Penny Shaw "Sincerity"

The Custodian of Records - The Remixes

C-Weav - Keys to the City

Hevehitta x DJ Unexpected x Ghostface Killah x DJ Premier "Duel of the Iron Fists" MixtaEP

Dope concept on this one, shouts to Hevehitta and the Diggers Union for this one. Let this one download, and hit the jump for a full description on this one...

Psymun - Marsh Pond EP

I Still Love H.E.R., Vol. 1

[video] Maye Star "The Takeover"

DOWNLOAD Maye Star "The Takeover"

What is FarFetched?

[video] Big Ooh "From The Block To The Boardroom"

Shouts to Side-B.

[video] Charity Clay "Diamond In The Rough"

Curren$y & Styles P - #The1st28

[video] Aaron Cohen "Up and Down"

RTD Playlist (Week of 3/02/2012)

Jakk Frost - Charles Barkley

Neak - Love Greater (The Prequel)

Friday, March 02, 2012

blackrasslin podcast 021

This ep feels like part WWE RAW recap/news show, part highlight of my favorite #GardenVariety cats, but fuck it. I reps what I fucks with. Not as long as last week, but who says that's a bad thing?!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 021

[video] Topaz Jones "Study Hall"

[video] King RA "I Gotta Get Paid"

Phil Ade On Official Street Radio

Thursday, March 01, 2012

[video] DJ Muggs ft. Dizzee Rascal "Snap Ya Neck Back"

DJ Muggs will be dropping his Bass In Your Face LP on Ultra. Random.

[video] J.Y. "Just Clean"

Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

Not sure what prompted Hodgy dropping an EP on the Internets, but I fucks with it. To the point where I'm almost like, let's get a Hodgy solo jawn over non-OF niggas. Just sayin'. Nine tracks of excellence. Some quirk on here ("Samurai") mixed with some knock ("Bullshittin'"). Shouts to PotW. EDIT I had no idea that Thelonious Martin had credits on this ("Ave.", "If Heaven Is A Ghetto"). Respect to him!

DOWNLOAD Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

St. Joe Louis "David Ruffin"

See, this is the kind of shit I love when it comes to Hip-Hop. Niggas taking their influences and truly using them to create new pieces of art. Each member of St. Joe Louis took inspiration from the late David Ruffin, using his "chaotic life of excess" and re-imagining it for their own lives. I'd love to see a video where each member's head is transposed on David's body. Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead, lol. Fucks with SJL, doe. Shouts to The Cloud Club.

DOWNLOAD St. Joe Louis "David Ruffin" (prod. by Ezrakh)

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/29/2012)

Episodes like this are why you need to fuck with the Combat Jack show, featuring the nigga Dallas Penn. Jersey's illest, and one of my top 5 of all-time, Redman, touched down, and they of course went all the way in (this episode goes over three hours!!). Covered all of the early days, through Hollywood and back to Def Jam. You need this, forreal. Respect to the entire #newmanati family.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/29/2012)

[video] Yinka Diz "Overnight Scenario"

[video] Illmaculate "Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[video] Willie The Kid ft. S-Class Sonny "Goodfellas"

Botchamania 203

[video] Jon Connor "Broken Mirrors"

[video] Joker ft. Buggsy & Otis Brown "Lost"

[video] #GardenVariety (2/25/2012)

This features the opening cipher, and sets from cats like Willie Dynomite and Yasin.

[video] Mic Smitty "Lost"

DJ Nappy Interviews Munchi

MUCH more via Generation Bass.

[video] King Foe "FOE"

DOA: 02.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

If you guys slept on Nappy's January 2012 DnB mix for DOA, you fucked up. His mix for February includes a grip of fresh bits from the likes of TC, Tyke, Spinline and Apex, with a crapload of remix pressure. It's a serious mix - I had this jammin' at work the other day. You need to make this a part of your life. Grab it via Dogs On Acid.

Teeza Promo Mix 2012 (mixed by DJ Cable)

Teeza's EP for Triangulum drops this Friday (March 2nd), so DJ Cable made a slick promo mix to support it. The majority of the EP is on this mix, as well as tracks from varying other releases. Make Teeza a part of your playlist, trust. Triangulum is taking over Just Jam today, and Cable sorted a free tune of Teeza's, "Neptune", as well. No excuses.

DOWNLOAD Teeza Promo Mix 2012 (mixed by DJ Cable)

Jahyummy Interviews Black Collar Biz INRE #ForeverBlack

[video] ScHoolboy Q ft. Ab-Soul "Druggys WitH Hoes Again"

The bass in this one is kind of hectal.

[video] Nina Sky "Day Dreaming"

I always fuck with Nina Sky.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[video] Sene "brooklyknight."

Borgore - Flex EP

Not sure what prompted it, but Borgore's given away his Flex EP away for free. For you guys who want to get introduced to dubstep, this might be a great first stop. NOTE: this isn't the full EP - it's missing the Coven and Figure remixes, but those are some jawns you should buy anyways.

DOWNLOAD Borgore - Flex EP

Dom O Briggs "Out Chea"

After a hype first leak from Always Inspire(d), the boy Dom O slows things down, all hi-hats and drunken trumpet. Some straight young nigga who don't give a fuck sippin on his drank kind of flex. Kind of crazy. Straight spittin', but laxadasical. Dude only 20? Shit's dope. Can't wait for that EP. Maybe I'll actually speak to him this year, too.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs "Out Chea"

Urban Legendz ft. Tef Poe "Dead People"

Some glorious magnificent on the beat right here. Sounds like what happens when your soul leaves your body, and Tef Poe is like the white boy, seeing niggas who dead, trying to coax them to go to heaven. Or maybe it's a metaphor for money. Whatever works. Urban Legendz is a production crew, and I know they have an album, I believe it's called First Contact. I'm kind of off. But this is all the way on. Jam it. Or die lying (to yourself).

DOWNLOAD Urban Legendz ft. Tef Poe "Dead People"

[video] The Paxtons "Lil Bit of Livin'" LIVE

And if you haven't grabbed it, pick up Avenue B.

Collar This, Collar That (Episode 1)

Black Collar Biz got a show!? He takes you into the Garden Variety (with words from the don Kasso), as well as through many of his other travels. Loving this!

Side-B Radio (2/26/2012)

Great episode here. Nice recap of this past weekend's Garden Variety show with Divine Drummah + J. Gainey. Willie Dynomite stopped by as well - #SMD. Oh yeah, a crapload of the finest Jersey Hip-Hop is played as well.

Rich Quick LIVE At #GardenVariety (2/25/2012)

You might even hear me on some of those "hey, ho!" chants. Shouts to Rich. Shouts to Side-B.

previous [recap] #GardenVariety (2/25/2012)

[video] Christian'Dee "Too Retro For The Intro"

This shit gets 5 points for the New Jack loop.

Monday, February 27, 2012

[video] Marcus Love & Rogerst Charles "Occupy"

Ray Dawn - #PassportDreams

Before he takes off to SXSW this year, he drops #PassportDreams, with beats from the likes of SMKA, The Jake and Ohini Jonez. I'm quite partial to Jake's tracks on here, but the nigga Ray Dawn merks everything on this. Great to see a cat you believe in do what you knew he could. And he is FAR from done!

DOWNLOAD Ray Dawn - #PassportDreams

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (3/09/2012)

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ is holding a special Biggie-themed tribute edition on March 9th, the anniversary of Biggie's murder. It's going down in Fords - full details via FB. Get your Coogi sweater dusted off and ready to rock!

Apollo The Great "Minute To The Top" Freestyle

[video] Solomon Childs "Runnin' Your Mouth"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

#THUGSTEP: Chance The Rapper vs. Sluggo, Nerd Rage, & Terrabad

I had no idea this even dropped earlier this month. Here I am thinking I had the flyest Nappy refix, LOL. Hopefully more can come of this, as Chance The Rapper sounds awesome on this one. Real heavy, hypnotize the party type shit.

[video] Mello Mel ft. Tone Liv & SoyMilk Sinatra "Sippin Beers Part II"

I don't know about Mel or Sinatra, but I know the boy Liv knows what he's talking about. He's true to this.

Intalek "Plenty"

Word up to Ritchcraft for sending this one over. Homey said he and Intalek have a grip of tracks tucked, and decided to let this one loose. Hopefully you remember Lives & Vibes, and know what to expect on this one: def rhymes and a truly marching beat. I love when a producer and MC can link up and consistently create crillz. Rock to this one, and pray that Ritch drops some more soonski.

DOWNLOAD Intalek "Plenty" (prod. by Ritchcraft)

Akrobatik aka The Bru-Tang Clan "Enter Tha 63 Chambahs"

[video] William Hermez & Jonesus Kay "Awesome"

Some cats from Trenton. I'll let you judge how "awesome" this is.

[video] Rahiem Supreme ft. Fennan "Tonight"

DOWNLOAD Rahiem Supreme ft. Fennan "Tonight"

Brazillionaire - Trapstep

Talk about a mix doing exactly what it says on the tin! Trap and dubstep link up and make some pretty disgustingly excellent babies. Enjoy that.

[video] Ray Dawn "Won't Slip"

I dropped the MP3 for this track the other day, and #PassportDreams drops tomorrow, but the video for this Jake-produced track is available now.

[recap] #GardenVariety (2/25/2012)

Shouts to everyone who came through to the #GardenVariety show in Trenton last night. Had a nice crowd dumb early, and cats like Rich Quick, Skrew, Black Collar Biz, Mr. Fickle, Moe-Fit The Phenom and King Don set the show off right. There were some cats who got on the mic that I wasn't feeling, but Self set shit straight - he has some ideas that I truly hope come to fruition. As does Kasso. And Tone Liv, who I spent most of the night with cracking jokes and breaking down WWE shit. Random. As per usual, I've posted pics on Facebook, and after the jump I have some BlackBerry footage of Rich Quick and Black Collar Biz performing. And if you're in Trenton on March 2nd, you need to hit up Kasso's Socializm show. Chea! OH, and the above artwork is done by the homey @luvonesta.

[video] 5th Ave Boiz "Lord Knows Freestyle"

I despise spelling "boys" "boiz", but I can't deny my town going in over this beat.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 22nd, 2012)