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Bunz: Why Flav?

Why is a female like this trying to be Flavor Flav's chick? The above hottie is Bunz, who is currently in the running to be Flav's shorty on Flavor of Love 3. She represents Houston right now, has 2 kids and a fattie (peep her MySpace if you don't believe me). Now, she already has two boys, and Flav has something like 35 kids. He can't be making SERIOUS bank to support all of that - what do you think he is going to do for you?

I was just flipping through the channels last night and saw shorty on there, and was just surprised that she was up there. She seems kind of hood, but more down to earth (although they were saying she was fake?), and I just don't see fame being that elusive that you have to attatch yourself to a nigga like Flav. Especially with a backyard like that. And she already does promo work!

There has to be a better way... right?

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