Friday, November 16, 2007

Breakin' & Poppin'

All for $19.99

shouts to Inaya for the link

The Observation Deck (16th Nov. 2007)

Who you callin' a ho, fat man?

  • Out in Australia, Santa is FORBID from saying his trademark "Ho Ho Ho" (they want homey to say "Ha Ha Ha"), because they think the little 6 year old girls are going to think Santa is poppin' shit. What? Are you serious? I'd be more concerned with wondering WHY shorty knew what the fuck a "ho" was, as opposed to Santa trying to spread a likkle cheer...
  • Tim Burton is doing a 3D-remake of Alice In Wonderland, for Disney!?
  • Alex Rodriguez ran back to the Yankess, after getting one offer, and is still set to make crazy bank, including some incentives for breaking Barry Bonds' home-run record. I hope he breaks it, but that's kind of wild. Don't be surprised if A-Rod fires his agent...
  • 50 Cent questions why Britney can say "bitch" and he cannot. He also asks why his track "I'll Still Kill" has to be released on MTV and such as "I'll Still Will". Nigga does have a point, but I mean shit isn't going to change. Hip-Hop will stay on trial, and will still be raped for as much money as the industry can milk from it. Speaking of 50, this chick got paid a nice settlement for NOT having sex with 50.
  • Not saying I'd want any of MY students being taught by "Sister Jessica", but how crazy would it be to hear your sub say shit like "don't call me 'Miss': mister means slave master", "Burger King should be called Murder King" or that there's rat poison in the toothpaste. I'd like to smoke whatever made her think that shit could fly in a 5th Grade class...
  • I feel for the mother in Russia who gave birth to 17lb. Nadia.

Get your weekend on, folks!

Friday, November 16th 2007 playlist

Got a decent top 5 this week... also some undeniable leaks and links:

01/The ARE, OH NO & Kay ft. Roc C "When You're Down (Bad Boys)" [the entire Dem Damb Jacksons disc is the truth; these beats just get you. And you gotta love anti-cop tracks.]
02/Saul Williams "Tr(n)igger" [I like the beat more than the lyrics, but Saul is the shit. QUESTION: was that Public Enemy sample something NEW Trent Reznor did, or was he holding onto that, waiting for the right artist?]
03/Notion "It Was Always (Hobzee Remix)" [why this beast is not scheduled to come out is a question for another man...]
04/Soul Delay "Lebanon" [unsigned DnB hype]
05/Ol' Dirty Bastard "Harlem World" [my favorite ODB track that's not named "Brooklyn Zoo".]


we got them leaks...


Wes linked up the latest mixtape from DJ Premier, Outside Lookin' In. Check the tracklist:

1 "Outside Lookin' In-tro" DJ Premier
2 "Success" Jay-Z ft Nas
3 "Ya Dayz R #'D" NYGz
4 "Let 'Em Have It" Tef & Blaq Poet
5 "We Roll" Pete Rock ft. Jim Jones, Max B
6 "6 in the Morning" Statik Selektah ft. Joell Ortiz, Kool G. Rap, Sheek Louch
7 "B.E.T. 2007 Hip Hop Cipher #1" ft. Wyclef, Twista, Lil Mama, Dizzie Rascal
8 "I'm from Gowanus" E-Dreeze
9 "The Rosary" Money Boss Players
10 "The Radar (Rmx)" Marco Polo ft. Large Professor
11 "The Red" Madlib
12 "Roc Boys" Jay-Z
13 "Never" Scarface
14 "Play It (Rmx)" Big Shug ft. Royce 5'9", Termanology, Singapore
15 "Can't Win For Losing" Little Brother
16 "Don't Give a Fucc!" Blaq Poet
17 "Take it Back" Wu-Tang Clan
18 "Stop, Look, Listen" Statik Selektah ft. Styles P, Termanology, Q-Tip
19 "Promise Land" Royce 5'9"

You need this.


Get Right Music has the latest Swisha House 2xCD mixtape entitled No Time To Waste up. CD one is loads of heat, the 2nd is that heat screwed & chopped. Put some South in ya mouth.


This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features 3 mixes from three sides of the DnB spectrum: Infiltrata drops a heavy mix for DOA, ShockOne goes straight to the dancefloor, and Neptune hits you deep inside your soul.

Rest in Peace, Ol' Dirty

"Brooklyn Zoo"

Have a good weekend, peeps.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, ODB

There's not much more I can say about ODB that hasn't already been said by someone who is better with these kinds of words. I mean, today is Dirt McGirt's born-day. I just figured, why not give the people some presents, tracks of Dirty's that I absolutely love, and let you niggas know why:

"Pussy Keep Calling": not sure where this ended up (the Osiris mixtape?); ODB gettin' raunchy over a nice, slower-tempo track. The funny thing about Dirt Dog was that he was so damn nasty, always high, drunk (or a combo of the two), but still would get on these tracks and just talk that raw sex shit. Cracked me up. "Cum all in that pussy" never sounded so threatening... lol.

"Diesel": this is one of the only tracks where Dirty's "I need help!" calls sounded both paranoid and fucking real deal Holyfield at the same time. You also get that classic grimey flow, masking some really intriguing thoughts, almost non-Dirty-esque, if there is such an idea. Classic Wu-banger (off their Greatest Hits disc), with Rae, U-God and Meth on the assist.

"Dog Shit": From Wu-Tang Forever, this is the lone Dirty solo cut. And it knocks. So many quottables in here ("that means, ho, you been shitted on!"), it's crazy. The hypnotic beat matches Dirty's all-over-the-map rhymes. That interlude at the end ("Fisher Price, 'My First Timberlands'") is not to be missed...

"Harlem World": When Return to the 36 Chambers dropped, I copped a bootleg cassette tape of it in New Haven, CT. It was a 45 min. tape, so I had to flip to the B-side and rewind to get more flavor. I hated that, but I learned that entire LP off that tape. I ended up ditching it, and buying the retail CD not too long after, and fell in love with this, the last track and 2nd bonus track. Still not sure why it's named "Harlem World", but that verse where ODB doesn't spit the last word in his bars was actually something I saw him do on MTV, during the Wu's performance of "America" (around 2:57 is where it gets good - I used to have this on VHS), where he would randomly spit the whole verse. Very crazy rhymes, with an equally ill beat (which didn't fit with the rest of the LP, but that's part of it's glory). I think a lot of people dismissed this cut, for no good reason.

"Hip Hop Drunkies": Just a fun-ass track, from the Alkoholiks' Likwidation album. Very dope combo. I had this on a recording of a local Hip-Hop show, Vibes & Vapors, and wore that tape out too. I like the ice cubes hitting the glass in the beat.

Now, I'll throw some YouTube finds here:

ODB @ the '98 Grammys:

Classic RZA & ODB from who knows how long ago (All In Together Now!):

"Got Your Money" video:

"Woo Hah! (remix)" video:

Finally, Wu-Tang Corp. has some MP3s for download:

Enjoy these. Smoke a bone, grab a 40 and get bent to this. We miss you, ODB. You are always with us, my nigga. One love.

UPDATE: theENGINEER has a few posts devoted to the ODB as well. Check them out, now!

Here's another hit, Barry Bonds

Soundtrack: Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne "Barry Bonds"

Have You Seen Me Dunk?

Just a lil' bit of FYI - Enigmatik and myself have embarked on a blog of epic proportions: Have You Seen Me Dunk? is THE spot to peep all of our Basketball-related posting, and is set to be the illest roundball blog on the 'Net. You're going to get Bulls love, Nets love (and tears), as well as anything else B-Ball-related that we sit fit to post.

So head on over there, get on the bandwagon (early), and let us know what you think.

Stop shittin' on Winston

I used to get heated in elementary school when people would talk about Ghostbusters (either the movies or the cartoons), and only speak about the 3 Caucasian 'Busters. The cartoon was the worst - they used to coon up Winston for no good reason. Now, G4 reports that there's a new Ghostbusters video game coming (no word on systems - yet), and stars Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis have all signed on to appear/write scripts for this game. Which is cool but... where's Ernie Hudson?

Please, makers of this new Ghostbusters game, don't shit on Winston Zeddemore!

BONUS FUN FACT: Arsenio Hall voiced the character of Winston in The Real Ghostbusters 1986 cartoon.

UPDATE: An Anonymous rock the dubber posted this link to a Variety article that not only states that Mr. Hudson WILL be in the game, but it also states that this new game will be cross-platform, or so it seems. Looks like the same company that brought you the recent Scarface game will be bringing this to the masses. Sue me for not reading VARIETY LOL; but thanks for the link. I am glad that they STOPPED shittin' on Winston.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

bear with me... I deal with Blogger. I thought I had my template saved, but while testing different templates, I realized that when I tried to revert to my old set up, all of the text on my right side was not saved in the template. What the fuck. In any case, I'm cleaning it up. Might be premiering a new template.

Who knows.


Aside from K-Mart, Dr. J in his prime would be perfect right about now...

NJ Nets, what's going on? I am a fan, although I do not watch as many games a year as I should, but with my son, I figured I wanted to have at least one bond (outside of classic wrestling matches on WWE 24/7) between us, and he seems to dig roundball - even if he is all of 1 year old. In any case, since I've been blogging about 5 moonths shy for two years, I guess it's about time that I dedicated a new series to my hometeam, the New Jersey Nets.

Tonight, unfortunately, my Nets will do battle with the Celtics, AKA the undefeated team that picked up both Jesus and KG in the off-season. *SIGH* Didn't we just get beat by these dudes over the weekend, where we lost Vince Carter? Do we need to suffer more? The Celtics are dropping the majority of their foes by double digits (at least), and don't seem to be running out of steam (maybe someone needs to pull a Tanya Harding on one of their "top 3"). Hopefully, we get solid performances from Kidd, RJ and, um, Nenad, who should be really coming into his own this year. Plus, I have Kidd on my fantasy squad, too (come to think of it - Carter is on my team too - I need an updated report before I drop him), so I hope he comes out with his usual great performance.

Speaking of Vinsanity, the only update is that he has a Grade 1 ankle sprain, but there's no timetable as to when he will come back. My relationship with Vince as a fan is more hate than love, because when there's not much on the line, Vince looks HOF-bound; when we need him to pull it out in the cluthc, oh say, Game 6 of a pivotal playoff series, he will flub shots, lack hustle and just be an all-around scrub with the rock. I don't get dude, but he is under contract, so I can only hope he gets back on his feet and plays quality ball.

Where will the Nets end up this season? As of right now, they are 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, right behind the Celtics (who are probably not going anywhere anytime soon), and if they play their usual ball, should at least make the playoffs. Second round if we're lucky. I just don't know what Rod Thorn is thinking. He needs to holla at Jay-Z, be like "yo, sir, can you please buy us a quality PF/Center and get this thing poppin'?", but NOOOOOO; is he conserving money for the supposed big move to Brooklyn? Who knows, but until someone opens up a purse (have they never heard of the old adage 'you gotta spend money to make money'?), we will have an aging legend in Kidd, an always-improving RJ and whatever the rest of the team is going to try and bring. I just don't see them going further with this squad/attitude.

Prove me wrong, Lawrence.

LOY'S PLACE has the match-up broken down HERE.

The Observation Deck (14th Nov. 2007)

  • For all of you Kim Kardashian fans out there, there seems to be a rapidshare link with .ZIP file of her recent Playboy spread (no pun intended) floating about (spotted at Hip-Hop Is Read). I'm not a huge fan but hey, gotta spread (again, no pun intended) the wealth... in a semi-related story, is it true that curvier women are more intelligent?
  • The word around the 'Net is that Dr. Donda West died due to complications brought on by a recent breast reduction/tummy tuck procedure. Her original doctor advised her not to get the procedures done, and she ended up going to this doctor that TMZ is currently throwing under the bus.
  • Dime has a pics and an article from the recent Charles Barkley visit to Philly's Sneakerville, promoting his Barkley Air Force 1 Pack (which, from the pics, is the butters).
  • While I think it's deep that the courts in Princeton, NJ, are trying to murder a dog for protecting its owner, I am still trying to figure out why people are so quick to protest for a fucking dog, and yet not bat an eye at the many people who are on Death Row. Sideways thinkin'.
  • Philly niggas are steady shootin' at cops: my Jeopardy viewing was shortened due to a manhunt for two guys who shot the po-po during the issuing of a warrant. They pulled out the entire precinct, or so it seemed, to find these guys who were in a building... but seem to not give this much attention to the many other shootings, whether gang-related or otherwise. I don't get it.
  • For those wondering, T.I. ain't dead.
  • The media just can't get enough: since Lindsay Lohan is on the good side of drug addiction, they feel they HAVE to run stories about her "addiction to shopping". Please, let the girl spend her money (in fucking UTAH) and live in peace.
  • Marvel Comics Online is coming, but you gotta pay.
  • Hey Dallas, the last thing your Knicks needs is problems with Stephon Marbury!
  • The U.S. Sentencing Commission is possibly going to be releasing 19,500 crack offenders from prison? The block(s) are about to get dumb hot, but at least some babies will have their fathers home.
  • Damn shame: four transplant recipients have contracted HIV... too deep. Bill Gates just gave $50M to fund HIV research in China - can he find out how this slip-up happened?

Cold, cold world.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dirty Minded

Had no idea this documentary even existed... can anyone find this on DVD?

Rest in peace, Ol' Dirty.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

VH1 Hip Hop Honors: Total Fucking Outtakes

Rafi has posted up a few clips that were left out of the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES' "VH1 Hip Hop Honors Total Fucking Access" video. The Consequence video is priceless, just for the point where he realizes who they are! Check 'em out:

Kool Moe Dee interview

those Moe Dee glasses are wild.


my man's swagger-jackin' Mr. Ed's teeth.

NYOIL interview


Don't forget: Stand Up!, December 6th, NY.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hip-Hop Graph

Too Funny. Find more HERE.

Support Asya Shein

She's going to be walking in the 2007 Los Angeles Walk with Us to Cure Lupus Walkathon. As many of you know, J Dilla passed from complications due to Lupus back in Feb. 2006, and through the J Dilla Foundation (and other Lupus organizations), mad awareness and support has come from this sort of Internet/grassroots avenue of education.

Asya Shein hit me up, and is one of 3 members of a team that is walking on the 17th of November in L.A. during this Walkathon. All monies raised will fund research sponsored by the Alliance for Lupus Research and its efforts to prevent, treat and cure Lupus. I think anyone/everyone who has been touched by Jay Dee should donate some dollars or, if you are in the area and can make it, take the time to do some walkin'! It's for a good cause, and it's a great way to exercise, too! She hit me with some facts that kind of bugged me out:

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which a person's immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own tissue.

Lupus can cause life-threatening damage to major organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart and central nervous system.

Lupus is the leading cause of death among women with autoimmune diseases who are in their childbearing years (ages 15-45).

Women are five times more likely to die from lupus than men, and African Americans are three times more likely to die from lupus than caucasians.

Between 1979 and 1998 there was an approximate 70% increase in lupus deaths among middle-aged African American women.
How wild is that? I didn't know that more African Americans die from Lupus than Caucasians. Kind of deep. In any case, visit Asya's page and support/donate/etc., get the word out and I hope they have a great day for walking on the 17th!

One love.

Kel Spencer "The Building" (video)

Crazy computer animations in this one. I love those long shots of dude getting into the club while rappin'. Shouts to Lou for the link:

Peep Kel Spencer on MySpace for more info.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

RIP Donda West

That's what the early reports are saying; All Hip-Hop reports that, at age 58, Dr. Donda West died suddenly, possibly due to some surgical procedure (those reports are not confirmed as of yet). It's just kind of crazy - 58 is way too young to pass! I'm not the biggest Kanye West fan, but I feel for him in these somber times. She just put out that Raising Kanye book, too!

Kanye West "Hey Mama"

I'll post more on this when more info becomes available. RIP Donda West.