Saturday, August 22, 2009

DJ Cable "Never Scared of Eastern Jams"

DJ Cable "Never Scared of Eastern Jams": Cable flipped this on one of his radio shows, and let me know this was on the way. Happy Saturday indeed! Bonecrusher works well over dubstep, and Chase & Status' "Eastern Jam" is just itching for some lyrics atop it. You know you wanted some THUGSTEP.

In other news, DJ Cable's Mash Down Vol. 3 is set to drop on Monday, Chase & Status have a new label, and Bonecrusher is... somewhere.

Bekay ft. Masta Ace "Brooklyn Bridge"

Here's the first single from Bekay's forthcoming album, Hunger Pains, which drops on November 10th. I've always been a fan of DJ Babu's beats, and throwing Masta Ace in with the assist? Sick. The video for "Brooklyn Bridge" should be dropping next week, and will feature a snippet of the Alchemist-produced "I Am", which features the mighty DJ Revolution. Looks like Bekay and Coalmine called in the heavy hitters, right!?


This nigga's videos crack me up:

Caspa Narkz ft. Vickee Valle "Take This World"

Caspa Narkz ft. Vickee Valle "Take This World": The boy Caspa pens a 2009 Bonnie & Clyde anthem for dude's who are trying to rule the world with a down ass chick by their side. Really bottom heavy bass on this one - stab out for the getaway music here.

Bonus Beats Caspa Narkz "Hands Up Freestyle"

[video] Mya ft. Bun B "Show Me Something"

[video] Arab "Laugh Out Loud"

Must be nice to be friends with a remedial millionaire ass nigga:

EDIT Arab jackin' wack beats?:

Junclassic At Brown Bag Thursdays (8/20/2009)

"Accordian" (ft. Monsta X)

"Renaissance" (ft. Monsta X and Ceez)

"Frozen" (prod. by Sir K)

[video] FSD Interviews Juice (Part 1)

If you're not up on who the phenomenal MC Juice is, I don't even know what to tell you. If you've used the word "freestyle" and never heard rock, you're missing out. Fake Shore Drive got an interview with dude, and he definitely goes in. Check out Part 1:

Bonus Beats Juice "Go ILL Radio Freestyle" [via FSD]

Friday, August 21, 2009

Botchmania 92

Excess Bangers 40: Let The Game Be Played

As they always do around this time, Highbrid Nation has cooked up the latest edition of their Excess Bangers series, bringing you some of the illest to drop from this week.



01. Drake feat. Nipsey Hussle - Killers
02. Slim Thug And Bun B - Pack The Gat
03. Gucci Mane - My Gucci Bitch
04. Young Breed ft Rick Ross & Gucci Mane - Break Up
05. Shawty Lo Feat. The Dream, Ludacris & Gucci Mane - Atlanta GA
06. Juvenile Ft Pleasure P - Hands On You
07. Saigon-Aye Aye Aye
08. M.O.P. - Shell Casings
09. Jay Rock - Never Coming Home
10. Wiz Khalifa ft. Boogz Boogetz - Favorite Show
11. Trick Daddy - Ruby Red (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)
12. Young Buck - The Morning Paper(The Headlines)
13. Jaz-O feat. The Game - Gangstas Ride
14. Juvenile - Gotta Get It
15. Kurupt ft. Freeway - Check Check
16. Bobby Creekwater feat. Stat Quo - Spotlight
17. Rick Ross & Trina - Skyline
18. Warren G feat. Raekwon & Nate Dogg - 100 Miles & Runnin
19. Naledge feat. Jay Electronica - Cool Relax
20. SoundChild Crew - If Ya Guhl Choose Freestyle

If you dig the SoundChild Crew, peep their MySpace, seen?

[video] Day26 "So Good"

[video] Mary J. Blige "Stronger"

Slaughterhouse "Hot 97 Freestyle"

Slaughterhouse "Hot 97 Freestyle": So their freestyle from last week has finally hit your beloved Internets. I hate when cats make comments like "I'm sick of beefing", but then make a line about "not responding to a nobody". Hypocritical.

And let me say this: Slaughterhouse having an underwhelming first week of sales is not the fault of your Internets. Its their fault. Many sites were hyped about this project - present company included. The fact that four ill spitters linked up to do an album? Fucking phenomenal. The build-up to this project? Major! They seemed to be batting 1.000 every inning. But the first thing that tripped me up was Royce's interview, where he said "
maybe it could be better if we spent a whole lot of time on it". While he cleaned it up, it felt like he was making early excuses before it leaked...

Then it leaked. And many of us found out: this isn't as ill as it should be. Or maybe we overthought what it'd be. All four can spit (although I do subscribe to the school of thought that Joe Budden was the weakest link), but there was a lack of ill beats, and there seemed to be too many tracks where it was just bars for the sake of bars. The supposed "deeper" tracks didn't crack off like they should've, and it just ended up being "iiight". But its not just that: it was was the full cookie. They jumped into it on some fire and brimstone shit, and the album was a lukewarm sizzle. And their press closer to the album (aside from Joe Budden's Black Eye) was pretty shitty. Hell, they went on Hot 97 the week this came out and didn't want to talk about too much, and gave a lackluster freestyle to Ciph and Rosenberg! DJ Green Lantern got an 18 minute Tour de France, and the #1 radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B got a marathon for third graders. There was no real push in terms of getting the public to get what they were doing... basically, for an album made for fans of lyrical art, in 2009, 18K CDs sold is probably a good thing.

But its not the Internets fault. Make a quality album, something that's undeniable, and niggas will support you 'til the cows come home. Come with some weak lay-up line bullshit, and you catch a seat on the bench.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: the best albums in 2009 are free.

MP3 via Nah Right.

Britney Spears x Top Ten List x Bikini

Props to Warming Glow.

Anti-Pop Consortium "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)"

Anti-Pop Consortium "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)": Although the "Volcano" single isn't set to drop on September 21st (with their Fluorescent Black LP dropping the following week), Four Tet's sick remix of "Volcano" landed in my inbox earlier today (thanks James), after premiering on Pitchfork. This remix is crazy - light, space-y (space as in intergalactic), this one sounds like orbs and molecules rockin' to your heartbeat in real time. Fresh future flava.

Sci Development ft. Phil The Agony "Big Boom Theory (Beat Butcha Remix)"

Here's the iTunes bonus track from Sci Development's Gas For The Machine album, which dropped this past Tuesday. Beat Butcha comes with that eerie organ bounce on this one - drop this one on unsuspecting heads and watch their ears perk up! Shouts to Coalmine for the illshit.

DeepSpace "We Run This (DMVMix)"

DeepSpace "We Run This (DMVMix)": I'm loving the freestyles and flips of Jay's "Run This Town" more than the track, for some reason. DMV astronauts DeepSpace went off over this, and retained Rihanna's hook, which works well for them. DMV stand UP!

Bonus Beats Quest MCODY "Run This Town Freestyle"

Icadon Goon Walker

I told you guys Icadon's Goon Walker was coming, and now I have a download link for you. Rock this out all week, then play this LOUD on MJ's birthday on the 29th. RIP.

Dutch New York The Perfect Crime Mixtape

My boy Dutch passed me his new mixtape, The Perfect Crime, which he's been puttin' in work on. You see those producers in the cover? Dutch purposefully picked beats from Preem, ALC and Kanye, making a statement - trying to get past the cookie cutter ish you hear on the radio day in and day out. Listen to the whole tape... dude's got some stories woven into his lyrics. You wanted that raw NY uncut, right? Here you go...

DOWNLOAD Dutch New York The Perfect Crime Mixtape

Friday, August 21st 2009 playlist

Fridays used to be ill. What happened? And when is Summer over?


RTD_PLAYLIST_(8-14-2009-8-20-2009).zip (~708MB)


Harlem's inescapable...

Ron Browz "Tell It All"

Enjoy your weekend. Or try to. Sip something.

Jean aka Scott, Homeless Celebrity

New iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES video coming soon!?!?!

DPodcast #6

Dallas Penn is one of my favorite people, both on and off the Internets. Oddly enough, we've never hung out in the real world, but he cracks me up with his writing. Dude has a dope sense of humor, and knows how to call it like he sees it. If you have been keeping up, you'd know he's 5 episodes deep into his DPodcast. He dropped #6 earlier today, and threw the previous 5 for you Johnny Cum Latelies. Enjoy.

Icadon ft. Michael Jackson "Why You Looking"

Icadon ft. Michael Jackson "Why You Looking": For some reason, I kept forgetting to drop these cuts from the boy Ic. He's supposed to be dropping his Goon Walker mixtape today - that title cracks me up. This flips the classic Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me", which is just an undeniable 80s synth-funk favorite. Start your Friday off right with this one!

When I get the final link for Goon Walker, I got you. For now, check out the Pump Mansion!

Bonus Beats Icadon ft. Collee "Johnny Pump Money Remix"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

DJ Spinna ft. Krym "New York"

[video] Beanie Sigel "In The Ghetto"

[video] J Dilla "24K Rap"

Featuring Raekwon & Havoc:

Adrienne Bailon "Superbad"

Adrienne Bailon "Superbad": For today's Unnecessary Leak From A Dime Piece, sepia semi-nude Adrienne Bailon drops this horrendous reach on the masses. Why we needed another synth-driven, Auto-Tune laced club snoozer is beyond me. Tracks like this either get quickly forgotten, or become the anthem of the clubs for the rest of the summer. Hopefully this falls in line with the former, not the latter.

MP3 via Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul.

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 19th, 2009)

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of August 19, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our commentary this week focused on more of the crazy nonsense happening at the U.S. "Town Halls" about Health Care (including people standing outside with assault rifles and handguns) and how they're more and more becoming a huge barometer of the issues people still have with race & class in this country, U.S. Football player Michael Vick's release from prison & his interview on 60 Minutes, the passing of journalist Robert Novak and some other things here & there.

This week we had an interview with up and coming independent Hip-Hop MC Rockstar (

Some of the topics we covered with this very talented young MC was his influences (family, in music and otherwise), how it has been working as an independent MC though the years, especially in his area of the U.S. South, doing good business, how to use the Internet & how NOT to use it properly, his "1 A.M. Tour", upcoming music projects and lot of other things!

This week we don't have new Black Agenda Report segment due to the length of our interview. The Direct EFX segments will return at the end of the HBCU's college summer break period in September 2009.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of August 19, 2009 (in no particular order)

Marley Marl/The Symphony RMX/Cold Chillin'
Christopher Titus/Whitey/Comedy Central Records
A-Alikes/Get Along/
Ledisi/Them Changes/Verve Forecast
Johnny Polygon/Dreams/Invasion Music Group
DJ Honda feat. Mos Def/Magnetic Arts/DJ Honda Recordings
Richie Spice/Find Jah (18 & Ova Riddim)/VP Records
JAY ARE (John Robinson & J. Rawls)/It's JAY ARE/White Label
RockStar/It Don't Stop/
Willie The Kid/Aviation/Aphilliates Music Group & Embassy Entertainment
Lil’ Dave/Cafe Cubana/Record Breakin' (
Whitney Houston/Million Dollar Bill/J Records
Haji Springer/Magic Carpet (inst.)/7-Eleven Music
Gorilla Pits feat. The Jacka/Keep Pushin' (inst.)/White Label
The Freshman feat. Nio Tha Gift/Hello There (inst.)/White Label
Mary J. Blige/Stronger (inst.)/Geffen
Scientific The Rap God/Boomerang (inst.)/White Label
Masspike Miles feat. Smoke Bulga/Put Your Head On My Shoulders (inst.)/Maybach Music Group

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

Current FuseBox Radio Broadcast Radio & Internet Affiliates (as of this week):'s The Mix Internet Radio Station - UN Power Jam Radio (owned by Urban Network Magazine), Radio, Progressive Blend Radio, Sprint Radio Extra/mSpot (via the Worldwide Alpha Communications Network), SouthBound.FM, DeadBeat Radio,, Best Jams Radio, FlyTunes.FM/FlyCast ,Planet Urban (Austrailia)/,,, , FONYE Radio , VI Radio , , Beyond.FM ,, Rutgers University Radio, WRSU 88.7 FM, Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio, Ceesiety Radio, Mixshow Blast Radio, Slip-N-Slide DJs Podcast, The Best Jams, ExtravaGangsta Radio, , Digiwaxx Presents: The Blast , White Folks Get Crunk for DJs, Legion Music & Media,, MixLaWax Radio, Trunk Hustlers Online, 907 Jamz. The6.FM, Nilo Radio, 1.FM Jamz, Blayze University Radio, Blip.TV,, Miro,, True Fire Radio, (Streets Mos Magazine Radio), Rock The Dub, Last Word Online, Soul Pitch Hustle, Black Soul Rhythms, Honey Magazine, i95.FM, The PRess Junkie, (Coming Soon), Gutta Muzik (HD) Radio (Coming Soon)

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

Subscribe to get the weekly episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah!

Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon Judah - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon JudahXML
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Main Course & Joulz Il "Be Easy"

Main Course & Joulz Il "Be Easy": Here's Joulz' second Colorado Hip-Hop link-up. Main Course reps the CO, and with Joulz contributing the hook and a dope verse, their contrasting styles link up well. MC let me know that he has two albums (one free, one for a fee) set to drop next month. No title on either (as of yet), but keep an eye peeled for both.

Bonus Beats Main Course "Karma" (prod. by The Admiral)

Mary Anne Hobbs Presents Wild Angels Cover+Tracklist

Back in October of 2006, Planet Mu and BBC Radio 1 personality Mary Anne Hobbs put out the mighty Warrior Dubz compilation, which highlighted talented individuals like Skream, Loefah, Amit, Burial, Kode9, Spor and many more producers, cats who are now known as some of the scene's forward-thinking torchbearers. On the 8th of September, their next compilation, Wild Angels, will be hitting the US (along with a multi-date tour), and looks to do the same that Warrior Dubz did: showcase emerging talent, and make a statement on the scene, as MAH currently sees it.


01 Mark Pritchard - ?
02 Hudson Mohawke– Spotted
03 Gemmy – Rainbow Road**
04 Mike Slott - Knock Knock
05 Brackles - LHC
06 Teebs – WLTA**
07 Nosaj Thing - IOIO
08 Untold - Discipline
09 Tranqill - Payroll (Paul White's Clean Dub)
10 Architeq - Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix)
11 Rustie - ZigZag
12 Mono/Poly - Red And Yellow Toys
13 Hyetal - We Should Light A Fire**
14 Starkey - Gutter Music V.I.P.
15 Darkstar - Videotape**
16 Floating Points - Esthian Three**
17 Sunken Foal - Of Low Count And Light Pocket
18 Legion Of Two - And Now We Wait

Starkey and Hudson Mohawke have already gotten RTD love, and cats like Nosaj Thing, Mark Pritchard and Rustie are cats who you should be on the lookout for. Peep the tour dates below:

Thursday, September 10 Smartbar (DubFix Party) – Chicago, IL
Friday, September 11 103 Harriet St, (Afterburn Party) – San Francisco, CA
Saturday, September 12 The Cellar at Agenda - San Jose, CA
Wednesday, September 16 Holocene – Portland, OR
Friday, September 18 Love (Dub War Party) – New York, NY
Saturday, September 19 Shadow Lounge (SubDivision Party) – Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, September 20 Barcelona (MadClassy Party) – Austin, TX
Wednesday, September 23 Low End Theory – Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September, 25 Cervantes (Bass Invasion Party) w/Skream – Denver, CO
Saturday, September, 26 Decibel Festival – Seattle, WA

Shouts to Alex at Surefire for the info!

Where Hip Hip is From...Where I'm From (Part 2)

previous Where Hip Hip is From...Where I'm From (Part 1)

Maveric "Sniff Me (I'm Dope)"

Maveric "Sniff Me (I'm Dope)" (prod. by Dot Da Genius): Damn; Michael Viner died on the 8th of August, and this is the first "Apache"-sampling track I've received since. You might remember Dot's name from being producer of "Day N Nite", but this is 180 from that one. Maveric represents Brooklyn, and is part of the Faculty Recordings camp, and dude definitely has something going on. Pick up on this one early, as the single officially drops on September 1st - I'm told there's going to be a big push for this one then, so if you're feeling, get in before the others. Shouts to Ryan for this one!

Big S.I.N. 252 Gate City Grinder Mixtape

The homey Big S.I.N. has dropped his latest mixtape, 252 Gate City Grinder, dropping a host of ill Hip-Hop on your ears. We've leaked a few of this prior to release, and its good to have the entire project (which is hosted by DJ Birdstick & DJ MVG) out there. Watch out for homey's album!

DOWNLOAD Big S.I.N. 252 Gate City Grinder Mixtape [via That Crack]

Walking Under Jacob's Ladder

Spec Boogie says that Summer Movie Season is complete, and drops next week. To get you amped for this (as well as teasing us for another week), Spec mashed up Everything's Good Ugly's "Walking Under Ladders" (which features Elucid and Spec) with a CLASSIC freaky flick, Jacob's Ladder:

B.o.B. Should Have Been My First Album

I see a lot of my peers pussyfooting around the situation that B.o.B. is facing right now. For one reason or another, Bobby Ray doesn't have an album out. How a multi-talented artist, who's garnered buzz and acclaim for days, isn't sitting on at least an EP release while being signed to a major label is beyond me. Atlantic, you've failed yet again to capitalize on a promising individual, and heads have decided to call you on it. Contained in the file below is a .zip that does exactly what it says on the tin - this should have been Bobby Ray's first album. Plays like it: has the popular, commercial-leanin' single ("I'll Be In Da Sky"), has the club/mixshow favorite ("Haterz"), and includes a host of other wicked material that show the complexities of the nigga who wrote it. I'd write more, but you already heard all of these cuts before, and I'm really preaching to the choir. Download and ask yourself: are we really missing out on good music over a fucking 360 deal?

DOWNLOAD B.o.B. Should Have Been My First Album [via 2DBz]

[video] Jamie Foxx "Digital Girl (Remix)"

Featuring Drake, The-Dream & Kanye West:

[video] Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West "Run This Town"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Botchmania 91

[video] Kristinia DeBarge "Sabotage"

[video] Brokn.Englsh "Cherry Popper" LIVE

Footage from their performance at Almaz NJ vs DC BeatDown:

Ginuwine "Trouble" Remixes

From deep in the Land of Unnecessary comes two random remixes of Ginuwine's "Trouble", by way of I know what you're saying "ayo khal, why do you have that picture of Cocktail on this post?"... didn't you peep the video?

Will there be a NJ Remix? Redman, Joe Budden, Queen Latifah and Treach? Think on that... or you could just stare at Cocktail. I wouldn't blame you.

King Magnetic & Elucid "Double Your Money"

King Magnetic & Elucid "Double Your Money" (prod. by Haj of Dumhi): Here's the next batch of leaks from PIMB's Transmitting Live Volume 1 mixtape, which drops on August 25th. Loads of exclusives, including this nasty number featuring RTD All Star Elucid. I've been quiet on this track for a minute - its another no nonsense banger that you need to help switch up the monotony in your iPod. Trust.

Bonus Beats Sene "PaperPlanePushers" (prod. by Blu) [grab both!]

Anti-Audio iCoonery Vol. 1: Coonbusters

DJ Fusion, Jon Judah and Fresh Connection Designs have linked up for the first (hopefully of many) Anti-Audio iCoonery mixtapes. I see the coonery and buffoonery as much as you do, and I love when my peers speak on that shit. This mixtape is broken into two sets: Fusion drops some ill songs, and Jon Judah follows up with timeless instrumentals. Fresh Connection Designs has hooked up a Coonbusters t-shirt, which is available for purchase now (it comes with a limited-edition copy of the Coonbusters mixtape). Enjoy this!

DOWNLOAD Anti-Audio iCoonery Vol. 1: Coonbusters (mirror)

[video] Curb Your Enthusiam SE7 [preview]

Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiam premieres on September 20th.

[video] Serius Jones "Gig"

[video] Valve Presents The Summer Showdown (8/29/2009)

For more information, hit up this recommendation post on Dogs On Acid, as well as my interview with Dillinja.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[video] Spoke In Wordz & Kid Hum "My New Routine"

Peep this Wrighterz Block promo video:

previous Spoke In Wordz "Right Now"

Quite Nyce Hello, My Name Is Quite Nyce

We've been hyping this up for a bit, and today is the day for Quite Nyce's Hello, My Name Is Quite Nyce mixtape to drop. Cats like Q-Unique, Reef The Lost Cauze and others popped up for features, and its just a batch of that good 'ol Hip-Hop music. And how about Nyce was born in Trenton, NJ... like two or three streets over from where I grew up! Small fucking world, right?

And to be honest: when sites like 2DBz, WYDU, PIMB, Kevin Nottingham and RTD put our collective stamps on this... can you really deny it? 'Nuff respect to Unherd Digital for coordinating all of this.

DOWNLOAD Quite Nyce Hello, My Name Is Quite Nyce Mixtape

Don't forget, Through My Eyes, drops digitally on August 25th.

[video] Ace Hood ft. Ludacris "Born An OG"

[video] DJ Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz "Saturday"

Directed by klipartstudio, who also hooked up the "Saturday" video website. LOADS of content at that site, so definitely check it out.

M-Dot ft. Jaysaun "The Real & The Raw"

M-Dot ft. Jaysaun "The Real & The Raw" (prod. by Explizit One): Them EMS boys don't stop, do they? Here's a cut from M-Dot, featuring Special Teamz' Jaysaun, which has been catchin' a lot of burn ever since dropping on HipHopDX, and for good reason. This is the first single from M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime, which is said to be dropping Winter 2009... so you should be comfy in knowing you've got some heat for the cold winter months!

DJ Cable - Free To Roam (8/16/2009)

Cable steps up this week for Free To Roam with a batch of new tunes, including Q-BiK's "My House" (did you check his DOA/Serato Mix?), some new bits from Caspa & Rusko and a dope mini mix of Dancehall!



Birdman Feat. Lil Wayne - Southside
Yung Joc Feat. Montana Da Mac & S.S. (Sporty) - Loud
Yung Joc Feat. Gorilla Zoe - Bottle Poppin'
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
Busy Signal - These Are The Days
Alchemist Feat. Three 6 Mafia & Juvenille - That's All Work
I Wayne - Can't Satisfy Her
Beenie Man - Romie
Serani - No Games
General Degree - Traffic Blocking
Monster Empire - Daggering
Elephant Man - Nuh Linga
Assassin Feat. Busy Signal - Line Fi Line
Unfinished Business Riddim (Version)
Puff Daddy & The Family - It's All About The Benjamins
Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable
Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya?
Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
Big L - Ebonics
Jadakiss - Knock Yourself Out
Da Beatminerz Feat. Flipmode Squad & Vinia Mojica - Take That
DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Nero remix)
High Rankin - No Money For Guns
Benga - 26 Basslines
Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers (Doorly Remix)
Caspa & Rusko - Power Shower
Joker & Ginz - Purple City
Joker - Do It
AzteQh - Behind Bars
Radikal Guru - Kingston Town
Rusko - Sound Guy Is My Target
Raven - I Come From
Mojo - Slowly Disappear
DJ Gero - Savate (Kazey N Bulldog Remix
Jackinori & Leon Dipace - All Good
Rico Tubbs - Hip Rave Anthem
Oh Snap! - High Top Fade
Oh Snap! - Bill Cosby Sweater
DJ Tameil - I Get Money
K.W. Griff - What Is It
Tomb Crew - Bigger Than
Sticky Feat. Stush - Dollar Sign
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
Q-BiK - My House

Wizz ft. Cy Yung & Kool G Rap "The Recipe"

Wizz ft. Cy Yung & Kool G Rap "The Recipe" (prod. by Centric): Here's the first leak from Centric's Alter Ego compilation, and nothing on this is a typo. This is the follow-up to Cen's Streetsoul album from 2008, and judging by this subtle banger, this should be one interesting project. They really do mix "the best that do it with the best that did it", you feel me?

[video] Brown Bag AllStars "Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)"

Monday, August 17, 2009

[video] Muja Messiah "Bobby Angels" LIVE

Peep this performance from Sneaker Pimps in Minneapolis on August 14th:

More via Culture Bully.

High Power Moves TV (Episode 7)

[video] The Paxtons SHUT DOWN St. Louis (8/06/09)

No ID Identifications Pt. 2

Here's Part 2 of the Accept Your Own... cassette sampler that Fake Shore Drive uploaded yesterday. Before you even think of proclaiming No ID as your favorite, do the knowledge on where he was at a decade ago and work your way forward.

JAY ARE The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again... Cover+Tracklist

J Rawls and John Robinson linked up to form JAY ARE, and their The 1960's Jazz Revolution Again project is both an ode to those classic Jazz sounds and "the culture that inspired progressive social/political movements as well as a vast array of cultural exploration".


1. Lesson From Trane, A
2. It’s Jay Are
3. Know U – Jay Are & Invizible Handz
4. Type Sounds
5. She’s So Brilliant – Jay Are & Rashad
6. 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again, The
7. Music Is Forever
8. Relax Ur Mind – Jay Are & Tiffany Paige
9. Shooting Smack – Jay Are & K Banger
10. 1 Of The Greatest
11. Jazz Unconditional
12. Love Me Good – Jay Are & Dominique Larue
13. Lee Morgan Story, The
14. We Make The Rules – Jay Are & Rashad/Tiffany Paige

This is out on iTunes on August 28th, and available on CD/2xLP on September 15th. Shouts to born free for hitting me with this.

Wordspit "Poet's Haiku"

Wordspit "Poet's Haiku": Here's the latest leak from Wordspit's forthcoming The Coolest Bboi Stance mixtape. He's going to be on DTR Radio tonight at 7PM EST to speak about his singles, the tape and (hopefully) he'll kick some ill rhymes.