Saturday, August 07, 2010

Chase & Status LIVE At Ibiza Rocks (8/06/2010)

Audio on this isn't the best, but they drop a set of DnB and dubstep for the masses. Sounds like a raver recorded this on mini cassette tape for ish and giggles...

The 13th Annual Black August Hip-Hop Concert (8/13/2010)

Syd Justice ft. Frankie Phresh "More Than Enough"

Syd Justice ft. Frankie Phresh "More Than Enough": The bol @SydJustice flipped Little Brother's "Not Enough" with Spitzwell Brother @LetsGoPhresh, going ham over crack beats. Being a North Carolina nigga, I figure he had enough clout to do this, and the end result is so so ill. If you're digging Syd, check out his We Want Justice mixtape, which you can grab HERE. Syd's got a new mixtape on the horizon, Live From The EastSide, and this cut is from it - be on the look.

[video] DZILLA ft. The Diaz Brothers "I Told Y'all"

Botchamania 144

Botchamania 143

Botchamania 142

Jon Hope ft. Nyisha "Change My Ways"

Jon Hope ft. Nyisha "Change My Ways": I was instantly hooked by the sample in this, with that motherland chant feel to it, but when Hope started spitting, I got hooked by the message, more. Epitome of real talk, nahmean? Big up to BeatsandBombs for passing this one over.

Triple J "Elevator Musik"

Triple J "Elevator Musik": Nice twist - the sample sounds like something you'd hear while going to the penthouse, but the music is also audio crack. You smell what he's puffing? This is Triple J of The Band Eclypse (yeah, me neither), but word is he has an album due out August 12th. Might have to check out for this - shouts to Matt U @ UltraViolet for these.

Bonus Beats Triple J "Infected" (prod. by The Production Kids)

Juice ft. Killa Kyleon "Live At 5"

Juice ft. Killa Kyleon "Live At 5": This track through your speakers feels like the night wind blowing in your face while cruising through your hood, letting the green flow through you. Or that lean, if you pouring it. Lounge out to this one, plot out that next thing and let whatever you gotta do fly.

XLR8R Podcast 154: SWTBRDS

[video] "Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Remix)" / "Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY)" (ft. Rick Ross)

DJ RadioKilla presents Rubadubstep Vol.1

@RadioKillaDJ flipped some UKG, Grime, DnB and THUGSTEP in this one.

Friday, August 06, 2010

[trailer] Purpose Better Than Your Album

Better Than Your Album is set to drop August 13th. Shouts to Mal Moe.

Bonus Beats Purpose ft. DJ Slipwax "City Of Sin"

Black EL "Rush"

Black EL "Rush" (prod. by Durkin): He just leaked "MILF & Cookies", and now we have this throwback-feeling "Rush", which won't be featured on Color Commentary. As EL says, "My whole life people have been telling me to take my time and be patient ever since I was a kid. But when you get in the real world, everyone is rushing for success, so who's in a Rush?" - makes sense, right? Enjoy this.

<a href="">Rush (Produced by Durkin) by Black EL</a>

Kardi "Joke!"

Kardi "Joke!" (prod. by Dru Classic): This is the first cut from Kardi's forthcoming Valedictorian mixtape, which is due out later this month. The joke's on you wack rappers who come at Kardi trying to stunt on him about your rap skills and whatever else you think makes you hot. This isn't hate, this is reality.

RTD Playlist (Week of 8/06/2010)

Gotta finish this quick so I can catch up on Jersey Shore...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(07302010-08052010).ZIP (~510MB)



And here's a recent freestyle from Royal Flush:

Enjoy your weekend, my peoples. One.

Boom Blake & Genrokka ft. AP The Mayor "Black Woman"

Boom Blake & Genrokka ft. AP The Mayor "Black Woman": Blake hit me up on the BBM while they were making this and told me that he had something special on the way - this totally lived up to it. "Black Woman" is just that - it's an ode to those women who were strong enough to do it on their own - raising a family on next to nothing, struggling to survive and teaching their kids the way. This is the kind of message we grew up on in the late '80s Hip-Hop, but sentiments like this don't scream out anymore. This is taken from Boom & Gen's Credit Union street album, which is due out September 2010, and boasts production from Ill Kayn, Divine Drummah, Dolo, QuestGod and more. Trenton, NJ - we still makin' it.

MustListenTo The Cycle

After a number of leaks and such, M.L.T drops his sophmore mixtape, The Cycle. This side-project quickly morphed into a full-fledged mixtape, and you won't be disappointed. He even flips a beat of his own, as well as the Thelonius Martin-produced intro. It's Friday - get a lil' something new in your lives!

DOWNLOAD MustListenTo The Cycle
<a href="">The Cycle (Intro) prod. by Thelonious Martin by M.L.T</a>

D.Julien "Studio Life"

D.Julien "Studio Life" (prod. by Selasse): Good vibe, indeed. Selasse cooked up a 4AM mellow club bounce for D.Ju on this one. Good thing homey knew how to blast off on this one properly - sounds like he was born for this one, it's so fluid. Ready For Tomorrow is on the way!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

[video] Kanye West "Power"

[video] Eminem ft. Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie"

Tempa T At Just Jam 007

DJ Cable just hit me up, letting me know that timandbarry just uploaded the Tempa T show from Just Jam where he DJ'd; pure TEMPZZZZ! Hit the jump.

[video] Trina "My Bitches"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 8/04/2010)

[video] Portishead "The Truly Spectacular"

Apparently this short came with the box set of Third; shouts to PDS.

Serato On A Samsung Galaxy S

Rob Jay Explains "Art Life"

[video] Moe Green "KIM"

Fat Joe x Chelsea Lately

[video] Paul Wall ft. Yung Chill "Still On"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bei Maejor Upside Down

Bei Maejor has been making some noise as of late - this Jive-affiliated artist had a cut out with Diggy Simmons, remixed a recent Ciara track, and has a lot more in store. This Clinton Sparks-hosted mixtape has features from T-Pain, Drake, Keri Hilson and more, and features what could be the future of what the fuck you're hearing on the radio, for good or ill. Dive in.

Smoke DZA George Kush Da Button

And now, for you cats who just rolled up a FAT spliff and need some new music to bomb out to, peep the brand new 13 track album from Smoke DZA, featuring cats like Big K.R.I.T., Mickey Factz, den10 and plenty more, with a slew of beats produced by Ski Beatz.

DOWNLOAD Smoke DZA George Kush Da Button

!llmind Presents Smokey Robotic

I hipped you guys to this project last week, and now this new opus from Illmind is available. Here's some info on the project, ala Dub MD: "Almost 40 years ago, in a no name bar somewhere in Mississippi where two roads meet, with a storm blowing in from the Gulf, something happened. The story goes that a woman walked in who was so shockingly beautiful, and somehow dangerous, that the bartender stuttered when he poured her a shot. The rednecks parted in silence as she made her way to the old Wurlitzer jukebox that had been dark and silent for years. She put in a coin, they say, and at the same moment there was a flash of lightning that seemed to come through the door.

The jukebox lit up and Al Green’s "Simply Beautiful" came pouring out. She didn’t seem surprised, not even when a two foot robot blew right out of the jukebox’s flashing lights and stood beside her. She took its hand, and they left. No one followed them. When Al Green was done, the jukebox went dead and silent again. That was it. For almost forty years. Like it never happened. Like they fell off the earth. Until now...When asked where he came from, Smokey only smiles and points up.

Journalists often ask him to describe his music, to compare it to other artists. Smokey always giggles and says whatever amuses him on that day. He has compared himself to everyone from Sam Cooke to Lady Gaga. Smokey Robotic: “I’ve been making music since God’s dog was a puppy.”".

DOWNLOAD !llmind Presents Smokey Robotic

Eternia LIVE @ RSC 33rd Anniversary Concert (8/01/2010)

Milly July "Running After You"

Milly July "Running After You": Milly likes lurking in the shadows and then reemerging with some ill shit. I haven't had new material from her since March, but this track, which is taken from Mania Music Group's Welcome to The Audience album, has a nice blend of Jazz and reality Rap. I used to hate running after love...

[video] French Montana "My Life"

Rukus ft. Soulbrotha "NEPA (Light Up Freestyle)"

Rukus ft. Soulbrotha "NEPA (Light Up Freestyle)": New freestyle from two of Nigeria's nicest... words from SB: ""NEPA" now currently known as the Power Holding Company of Nigeria is basically the Nigerian National Electric Service provider and for decades has had issues with providing this basic service to the citizens of the country. This irresponsibility on the part of the Federal Government led to the recent twitter movement - #lightupnigeria. A cry by youth to bring to bear upon the government by showing the entire world the issues that having irregular power can do in terms of forestalling basic services in the country.

Think of having no power at all in your apartment, condo, house or whatever for an entire month - your food goes bad, you can't even iron clothes, no running water..on and on. Enter Rukus with a freestyle over Drake's "Light up" song, referencing this issue as well as highlighting his life's journey in comparison to this occurence. I in turn handle the hook duties..".

Botchamania 134

VT Union ft. Sean Price "This Is Me"

The VT Union, comprised of Dakota (MC), DJ Adog & Nastee (MC/Producer) are pleased to leak the 1st single "This Is Me" (featuring Sean Price), in promotion for the group's forthcoming street album, The VT Union Is Dead that gets set to drop on August 17th. The VT Union Is Dead features guest appearances from Malice (The Clipse), Statik Selektah, Bobby Konders (Hot 97), Akrobatik, BURNTmd & more!

[video] Roach Gigz "Pop Off"

MC Pig Pen & Pat Maine "Old Hands"

Pig Pen & Pat Maine rep hard, and do a lot of touring - hell, check out their upcoming schedule for August and September:

Great Escape Tour - Summer 2010

-Aug 6 2010 9:30pm Paparazzie Albuquerque, NM w/SAPIENT of Sand People
-Aug 7 2010 9:30P
M Boomers Las Vegas, NV, w/SAPIENT of Sand People

-Aug 13 2010 9:00PM 
Sauced Oklahoma City, OK

-Aug 14 2010 9:00PM 
LLywelyns Pub St Louis, Missouri

-Aug 16 2010 9:00P
M Pedicab Bar and Grill San Antonio, Texas

-Aug 17 2010 9:00PM 

-Aug 20 2010 9:30PM 
The Hideout Omaha, Nebraska

-Aug 21 2010 9:30PM 
Norms Superior, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
M Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
M Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 26 2010 9:30PM 
The House Cafe Dekalb, IL

-Sep 2 2010 9:30pm
 The Six Lounge Mount Pleasant, MI
-Sep 3 2010 10pm
 The Perfect Pitcher Taylor, MI

-Sep 5 2010 10pm Dubland Underground, Rochester, NY

If you dig this track, dload it then go check out one of their shows!

The Life and Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 3

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 have dropped, but we've got mad more of these to drop. I told you, 200+ jawns, spread out over 20 mixtapes. This is Vol. 3.

DOWNLOAD The Life and Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 3
<a href="">Get My Shine On by Ill Legit</a>

[video] Psalm One "Woman @ Work"

previous Psalm One "It's Worth It"

DGTLXWW: Generation Next Recap

[video] Ice Cube "Drink The Kool-Aid"


@DeeVazquez done done it again.

Sadat X & Wordsmith "Bar-Ball"

Sadat X & Wordsmith "Bar-Ball" (prod. by Strada, cuts by DJ Minus Nine): Damn, I love getting random gems in the inbox. This heatrock is an unreleased cut that was supposed to have Chubb Rock on it, and drop on Word & Chubb's Bridging The Gap album. Beat has some nice throwback appeal - Minus Nine's cuts are really doing it for me, too.

Hollywood Floss: Xperiments Interview

Respect Houston. Shouts to @EnigmatikBGDB. XP2 is on the way!

[promo] MiLKMEN Half & Half Mixtape

Half & Half drops August 9th. Good job, Elly.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

UllNevaNo The Color Brown Mixtape

This one has been cultivated for a bit - I think I hipped you guys to UllNevaNo's The Color Brown Mixtape back in January, and now this marriage of UllNev rhymes and Kev Brown beats is here, brought to you by UnderSound Music, Agio Life and RTD. And what a perfect combo it is - some of that beautiful "real Hip-Hop", expertly mixed by DJ Harvey Dent, with features from Mic Brown, E-Major, Tislam The Great, Richard Wright and Mic Wilson, all who add a certain something to this project. Open something (guts, blunts or bottles) up to this and reminisce/rediscover the true school.

[video] Danny Brown "Shootin' Moves"

[video] John Dew "Ransom Freestyle"

Bloggerhouse Presents Old To The New Vol. II

Fresh Daily Mothership​/​Land

Here's Fresh Daily's new project, which has been (almost) a year in the making. I'd go into what it's all about, but it really makes more sense to read Daily's words...

This is an amalgam of many things.
Us as a people, black people, the Diaspora, how we relate to each other in relationships & socially.
All in all we've been built and programmed to have shoddy social/love relationships as a result of slavery and years of conditioning to break down our culture and heritage. They've failed. We're WOKE with knowledge of self. We're Young, Gifted and Black.
Also just a personal dissertation & exploration on my relationships w/ lovers, friends & family.
Also a celebration of women & the life cycle of sorts.
We as men come out of a woman (our Mother) enter a woman again (our wives/lovers) and return to mother EARTH in death.
Plus it's just a spaced-out, low-end mixtape composed of dope jams. The mothership is here to expand how you think and take you somewhere else via audio rhythms.
All the artwork is by me, Fresh Daily.
It was mixed by producer, engineer & good friend, Benamin @ The Zoo Studios.
Thanx for listening. Be ready now that it's landed.

DOWNLOAD Fresh Daily Mothership​/​Land
<a href="">The Next Best by Fresh Daily</a>

[video] Lil' Jon "Machuka"

[video] Exile ft. J. Mitchell "Summer Song"

[video] Ski Beatz "Nothin' But Us"

Featuring Curren$y & Smoke DZA:

[video] Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx "Rearview"

[video] Three 6 Mafia "Thowed Off"

[video] Rhymefest "One Arm Push-Up"

C'Mon Son 16

NiNa Sky The Other Side

Saturday night, I got sent a copy of a C&D letter from two producers asking that anything containing NiNa Sky's "The OtherSide" be taken down off your Internets. I forwarded this to both of their emails, and the GFCny niggas, but got no hits back from any of them, so I'm assuming posting this is OK, especially since DJ Booth blasted it. This is NiNa's latest opus, featuring production from Double O, DJ Yonny, Salaam Remi and more, with features from Naledge, MeLo-X and plenty more! I rock with what I've heard so far, and you should fuck with it.

KONCEPT "Keeping On"

KONCEPT "Keeping On" (prod. by Maticulous, cuts by DJ Brace): When I grow up, I wanna be a Brown Bag AllStar - these fools know how to PROMOTE! Third leak from KON's Playing Life EP, which is due out August 24th, and it definitely sounds like dude is at the bar, laying down life's ills and really showing cats how he perseveres. Respect grown man rap. WTF is up, J57?

Black EL "MILF & Cookies"

Black EL "MILF & Cookies": First things first - it's no longer Black ELement, just Black EL. Second - I've always been attracted to older ladies, from back in grade school. No wonder I married a female who is older than me. Just something about an older woman... anyways, EL feels the same way, so he grabbed Bumblebeez's "Black Dirt" and expressed his lust love of the older ladies. I talked to EL a month or so ago and he mentioned the progression he's been noticing in his work - be on the lookout for Color Commentary, which is primarily produced by Durkin and should showcase this elevation in his sound. That drops on August 31st.

5 O'Clock Shadowboxers & Curly Castro "Life's Ill: The Redux"

5 O'Clock Shadowboxers & Curly Castro "Life's Ill: The Redux": Curly and link up to pay homage to Cannibal Ox on this one, letting El-P's hectic cut play the soundtrack to letting loose the ills of our lives, be it wack charges thrown at dope MCs on the Fourth of July or zoot-suit riots in the minds of South Street residers. Kick back, listen to this, then plot your escape for whatever crime you're about to commit...

<a href="">Life's Ill : The Redux (Cannibal Ox Homage) by 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers</a>

[trailer] Beyond The Bricks

Beyond the Bricks engulfs viewers within minutes of its opening credits as it follows teenagers, Shaquiel Ingram and Erick Graham as they struggle to stay on track in the Newark, NJ public school system, while weaving in vital information and statistics that paint a clear if not grim picture of urban education in the 21st century. Peppered with commentary from various leading community voices and scholars including the Reverend Al Sharpton, Newark Mayor Corey Booker and Schott Foundation President and CEO Dr. John Jackson among others, Beyond the Bricks explores the impact that an intuitive and engaged community and its leaders have on today’s youth. It is when the documentary viewers realize that the burden of educating an entire generation of young men falls on not just those in control of public policy and the school system, but on the community at large, that the story transcends the films subjects and becomes a personable narrative for anyone engaged in the film. Though the film focuses on these captivating Newark students the issues within it extend far beyond the borders of New Jersey to urban enclaves throughout the nation.

Recognizing that education reform is a national issue, starting in September the Washington Koen Media team will come together with leading national and local community organizations to host a series of Beyond the Bricks Town Hall events in 10 communities that have been identified by their struggling performance and upsetting graduation rates for black males. The tour will serve as a platform for discussion to explore real solutions for a real problem with hope that through continued community efforts and a broadened sense of what constitutes successful change, the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that affect African‐American boys and their education can begin to take a turn for the best.

Town Hall Dates & Locations:
September 18 Jackson, MS Tougaloo College
September 25 New Orleans, LA TBD
October 2 Oakland, CA Allen Temple Baptist Church
October 9 Baltimore, MD Morgan State University
October 16 Atlanta, GA Morehouse College
October 23 Detroit, MI Detroit Public Library
October 30 Chicago, IL University of Chicago
November 6 Milwaukee, WI TBD
November 13 Philadelphia, PA TBD
November 20 Boston, MA Wheelock College

[preview] Versis "The Need"

<a href="">"The Need" by Versis</a>

Another cut from Versis' iLLCANDESCENT, which drops on August 9th.

DOX ft. D. Julien "The Coalition"

DOX ft. D.Julien "The Coalition": You think DOX is mad that D.Ju murdered him on his own track, without annoying doubles? That beat is mean, too! If you hear DOX and still wanna mess with him, check out Ignorance Is Bliss, which is available via, which has an annoying automatic YouTube video on the homepage.

Brother Nature "Gramas Cookin"

Brother Nature "Gramas Cookin" (prod. by Rob Viktum): It's been a minute since I posted "Mama's Lemonade", taken from Brother Nature's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade mixtape. They are back on that homegrown ish, creating an audio version of Soul Food, it sounds like. Word is a video for this one is on the way, so when I get it, it's up here. Shit made me hungry - I need some fried chicken, pronto!

SoulKlap Prelude To A Parallax

This project does exactly what it says on the tin... SoulKlap drops a dope prelude to his album, Klapisms Vol. 1: A Parallax, which is on the way. There's a lot of new and some unreleased material on this one, with some of my favorites being "Dear Summer (Bigger Than Me)", which shows Klap getting kind of personal and deep with his. You get some live freestyles, some rowdy cuts and just a good mix of flavor from the boy. Check it out.

Dice The Nicest 92.3 The Beat Mixtape

I've been peepin' the shit Dice The Nicest has been doing over the last month or so - dude's got some shit going on. With his latest mixtape, he drops a tribute to 92.3 The Beat, one of LA's legendary radio stations. Dice handles all of the production, and has features from cats like Hawdwerk, Jazzy, Young Vo and more, and even got a drop from the legendary DJ Diana Steele!

Mayhem Retro May (Early May 2): 8/27/2010

You already know...

[video] Wayne Marshall ft. Mavado "My Heart (Remix)"

Monday, August 02, 2010

[video] Young Jeezy ft. Yo Gotti "All White Everything"

[video] Neako "Resume & Name"

previous Neako The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition

[video] MED "MEDical Card"

Via 2DBz.

[video] The ILLZ "Persistence"

[video] Cam'ron & Vado "Speakin' Tungs"

[video] Planet Asia ft. TriState "Trouble"

J Dilla Donut Shop

Just came from the Stones Throw newsletter: "FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR STONES THROW NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: As a way to say "thanks" to all of the DJs and Dilla fans who have supported this release, here is a free download of the six Dilla tracks". They said they'd do it!

DOWNLOAD J Dilla Donut Shop [mirror]

[video] A.G. "Off The Wall"

Spotted over at GRANDGOOD.

Tef Poe "I Am Mel Gibson"

Tef Poe "I Am Mel Gibson" (prod. by Indiana Rome): This is sure to offend some of you niggas, but fuck it, Poebama went in over this monstrous beat. You can feel it once it drops, and it's both funny and true and eevrything else... if you're talking about killin' niggas, might as well be Mel Gibson, nahmean? Look for War Machine to drop in a few months... The Force!

Hip Hop Karaoke (8/26/2010)

Ski Beatz Speaks On Fresh Daily

He makes some fire-hot beats, too.

FTG Who The Flip?

We've been promoting this one a bit, and with good reason - Sean J & Soy, aka Flip Them Guys work great as a duo, and this is a dope compilation of their collaborations, mixed by the mighty DJ Sureshot. 3 Filipinos reppin' quality Hip-Hop? Reminds me of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Features include Jae Millz, Shinobi Stalin, Daewon and many more. Shouts to Reign Clothing. Hit the jump!

[video] Sauce Money "Still Poppin'"

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Mega Ran's 8 Minute Freestyle @ Access Hip Hop presents [ applied minimalism ]

All tracks made from one sample: the kick-drum from a TR-808. This mix was done by the Microfunk crew (Bop, Oak + Jalex):

DOWNLOAD presents [ applied minimalism ] [via] Interviews Breez Evahflowin

Check the other parts out at

Chubb Rock & DJ Bent Roc Live ON WBLS NYC (8/01/2010)