Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deal - The Villain ft. Tom Chase "Kung Fu Treachery"

Deal - The Villain ft. Tom Chase "Kung Fu Treachery": Here's a cut I wanted to leak months ago - shit, I'm actually not sure when I got this. Big Deal Vader and Tombo Slice go ham over this instrumental, with all kinds of lyrical roundhouses and bodyslams for yo bitch ass! The end comedy is the funniest shit I've heard in a minute - just classic '70s karate flick nigga slicktalk, fuckboy. OOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Joker - Ghetto Clang Mix

If you're looking for someone to truly bridge the gap between "mainstream" and dubstep, I think some Pop star crooning over one of Joker's emotional dubstep journeys might be where to look. Dude's in a class by himself, and this week's episode of BBC Radio 1 Experimental featured Mary Anne Hobbs allowing Joker to drop a 45 minute "Ghetto Clang" mix. I've seen a number of sites post the entire show, but I had to rip the mix and present it to you, the people. Shouts to Passion of the Weiss for the MP3 of the entire show, from which I ripped this MP3.

DJ SOLO LIVE At Dubstep Massacre

SOLO tells me he has Open Up The Trunk 2 on the way, as well as Project Blackbook, an album that is a collaboration between SOLO and Pakistani MC Adil Omar. Keep it locked!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beville Kemoth3rapy

Well damn. Outrageous Ashley hit me up about this cat Beville earlier today, and I must say, I'm glad we had a few random tweets about work and Jersey Shore earlier today. Like most of the Hip-Hop that's surprising me in 2010, Beville is like 19. If I had the means/juice, I'd put him together with like 3 or 4 cats his age, from around the nation, and make a posse cut... the youth is where its at right now! Anyways, No one making original tracks on this tape is allowed to buy beer in America legally, with some niggas being like 16, but you wouldn't know it. South Florida rhyming over some really fly beats - check how Johnny Ciphe flips that classic sample on "Time Machine". This isn't something to get hype to, though. Like, if you've got a bus or train ride to go on, do this: crack you favorite tobacco cigar open, load in whatever strain that gets you elevated, fire up that monster to the face, then go on your bus/train ride, and let this mixtape play front to back. Then avoid whatever destination you were planning on hitting and relisten to this. It's that good. Or maybe I'm bugging. But I don't bug over dope music - I bug over tomfoolery/fuckwadery... sorry, I'm derailing. Hit up Outrageous Ash's site and thank her for putting niggas onto this.

DOWNLOAD Beville Kemoth3rapy
<a href="">Fight For the Dream (Prod. by Jus) by Beville</a>

[video] Cymarshall Law "Nothing 2 Me"

Via 2DBz.

[video] Willie Joe "Focus"

Focus drops August 24th.

RTD Playlist (Week of 8/20/2010)

Ribs from Famous Dave's fucked my afternoon up - in a good way.

RTD_PLAYLIST_(08132010-08192010).ZIP (~525 MB)



And now for something completely different...

Enjoy your weekend, fam.

Rickie Jacobs ft. Rotimi "My Time"

Rickie Jacobs ft. Rotimi "My Time" (prod. by The Awesome Sound): "Being Honest" was the official single, but Air Jacobs is looking "his time" on the radio with this one. September 2nd isn't that far off, and with the tracks we've gotten from Air Jacobs so far, this project has been well worth the wait. Shouts to BuckMarleyXXX.

Muja Messiah "Gary Coleman"

Muja Messiah "Gary Coleman" (prod. by Benzilla): Nice to hear some new material is on the way from Muja. His new album, M-16's, is due out on September 14th, both digitally and physically. Sounds like his style is progressing, building on the last bit of steam and consuming the game with his firey bars. Features on M-16's include M.anifest, P.O.S., Maria Isa and many more. Be on the lookout!

[video] Neako "The Twenty Four (Interlude)"

Taken from The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition.

M.anifest ft. Krukid "If I Was King"

M.anifest ft. Krukid "If I Was King" (prod. by Blastah Beatz): Good to get some new music from the A.R.M. boys. This is taken from freetape for cheapskates, his mixtape that's set to drop later this year. Does exactly what it says on the tin - pondering what each man would do if they were king. At points this feels like something Wyclef would make, for good or ill.

MP3 via 2DBz.

[video] Dirt Platoon "Pennsylvania Ave"

Shouts to Tom Delay, who produced this with R. Taylor. Video directed by Profitt Prod.

DJ Nappy: "Halfway houses..."

The first thing that would pop into my head when someone said "halfway house" was those scenes in Double Jeopardy, which may or may not be an accurate depiction of what goes on in those institutions. Without going into crazy bits of detail, my boy DJ Nappy is on the tail-end of a harrowing experience that he's gone through over the last four years, and speaks candidly about the ills that he sees in today's halfway houses...

[update] WhyGee x RTD The Saga Of Mr. Bitches

Back in February of 2009, WhyGee allowed me to create an album from a grip of tracks he had sitting unreleased. The result, the Boondocks-inspired The Saga Of Mr. Bitches got some good press on your Internets - so much so that a limited run is being pressed up. Last night, Why hit me with the above artwork, which was hooked up by Happy Little Trees; if you're looking for some work, hit her up - tell her @khal sentya! Hit up Why for more info on the Saga of Mr. Bitches CD release, if you're trying to get that.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

[video] Drake ft. Lil' Wayne "Miss Me"

Via OVO. EDIT Looks like Drake is on Ustream:

Thanks, RR.

Djezuz Djonez "Pride Freestyle"

Djezuz Djonez "Pride Freestyle": I hope you haven't slept on "Water Walker", but if you did, grab this and then check out that. Dude's a painter with words, and kills any beat he touches - this one is no exception. Oh, and peep this:

BREAKING NEWS! Djezuz Djonez has just re-mixed his new classic Water Walker track with a few of Hip Hop's strongest lyricists! Stay tuned!less than a minute ago via web

It's not a game! Stay tuned!

Joe Budden LIVE In Boston (8/11/2010)

Big up Zeke for this.

Dumhi "Sacred Papercuts"

Dumhi ft. Scanz, Nico The Beast & Rich Quick "Sacred Papercuts": Philly stays going in, and this track should show you. I mean, shit, that line-up, over a fly beat from Haj? Murda. That's it. Cats giving you raw spit like this for free - make sure you're supporting, though! Via

<a href="">Sacred Papercuts w/ Scanz, Nico the Beast, & Rich Quick by dumhi</a>

Deal - The Villain "Midnite"

Deal - The Villain "Midnite" (prod. by The ARE): With "Clay Davis" smashing shit yesterday afternoon, DTV is back like he stole something, out to "jap you outcha celery" over this ARE beat that you should be familiar with. Jackson Jones is still on the way, and has a shitload of material on the horizon, including more new and unreleased music, videos and all that. It's nothing. Watch out for "Free DTV" day on September 1st. Go cop EPic if you're feeling this.

Jazmine Sullivan "Holding You Down (Ted Smooth Remix)"

Jazmine Sullivan "Holding You Down (Ted Smooth Remix)": This is ready for your Saturday night mixshows - Ted knows how to blend some classic sounds underneath some new school tracks.I'm not mad at Philly's Jazmine Sullivan at all, but for some reason I've never properly listened to her album... might need to fix that.

[video] Fresh Daily "Feel M E"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 8/18/2010)

[video] John Legend & The Roots ft. Common & Melanie Fiona "Wake Up Everybody"

[video] The ILLZ "Ode To New York"

[preview] Potholes x Prefix Summer Sampler

Cotdamn! Potholes In My Blog and Prefix have a special two-disc on the way, Summer Sampler, which features a virtual cornucopia of DOOOOOOPE talent, including YC The Cynic, Cymarshall Law, Danny Brown, Stalley, Theo Martins, DaVinci, Co$$, Smoke DZA, Von Pea and many more! This shit makes me want to get on some compilation shit for RTD! Potholes sent over a few tracks as a preview, check 'em out!

The full comp. is set to drop on August 24th - be on the look!

Crazy D & Hatcha On Kiss FM (18/08/2010)

Black Collar Biz At Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam (8/14/2010

Dope video, which includes a live-rendition of @KanyeWest's "Power". Via Leon Rainbow, who posted a bunch of links to Jersey Fresh Graf Jam 2010 recaps and pics.

[video] ILLUS "Beautiful Day"

Botchamania 146

And if you dig these, check out this Q&A with Maffew.

J57 ft. Sene, Co$$ & Homeboy Sandman "Still Phenomenal"

J57 ft. Sene, Co$$ & Homeboy Sandman "Still Phenomenal": Damn - it's not enough that J57 produced a disgusting underwater thunderclap of a funk track, he ropes in a crew of your favorite rappers. Then he has the NERVE to call it "Still Phenomenal"?! Good shit, love your style there, duke. This is the latest leak from Digital Society, which you can cop digitally via iTunes or on vinyl via Fat Beats (yeah, we know). Andrew Thomas on additional synth duty.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hasHBrown "Grand Champion"

hasHBrown "Grand Champion" (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr, co-prod. by Chris Rockaway): Tough, tough track, taken from hasH's Break Something album, which is due out this winter. Sounds like some shit a nigga wants as their theme music. If I was a boxer, I might need to borrow this to get me in that right mindframe.

R.O.E. "The Answer"

R.O.E. "The Answer": Been a minute since we've got some new shit from ROE, so what's he do? He grabs a Nicolay instrumental and feeds those who missed his vivid delivery. Dude should have some new material out in the next couple of months. Maybe? Need some of that, whatever you got on deck, ROE!

[video] M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Masta Ace "You Don't Know About It"

Little Willie John "Need Your Love So Bad"

Little Willie John "Need Your Love So Bad": A little somber romantic interlude for you lot out there. John's story is a sad one - this cat was doing it big in the '50s and '60s, with guys like James Brown opening up for HIM! This track has been covered by Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Whitesnake and others, but the original is so beautiful, I don't want to hear their versions. My wife had me on the hunt for this song, and I'm glad she did - there's a lot going on here. Willie John died in jail, serving 8-12 on a manslaughter charge after stabbing a nigga to death, but he was posthumously inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Rest in peace, John.

Jammer "Back To The '90s"

Jammer "Back To The '90s" (prod. by Toddla T): Don't know what it is, but I didn't vibe to tracks like this in the '90s, especially the 'ardkorejungletekno vibes of 1992, but in 2010, this is my kind of flex when I need an escape from the Hip-Hop/DnB/dubstep that I normally consume. Just has a really HYPE feeling, but the lyrics are spit so slick, I can't help but groove. I'm not all into that sangin', but this is a dope one. This is the B-Side of Jammer's "Bad Mind Single", which I believe drops in October.

Deal - The Villain "Clay Davis"

Deal - The Villain "Clay Davis": I've been building with the Villain over the last month or so, and I know dude has been itching to get some shit out there. Well, why not ignite a flaming pile of sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit on you bitch niggas, Texas Cloverleaf style. That styling confusing you? Listen to the track, numbskull!

Von Pea "The Yorker"

Von Pea "The Yorker" (prod. by Brick Beats): Copping Donwill's Don Cusack In High Fidelity and getting a red Brooklynati fitted reignited my love of fitted caps, and I've been acting shopping/purchasing new ones. Von just dropped a new single from his forthcoming Pea's Gotta Have It album, which is due out October 12th (and will be a birthday present for delf), and it plays as a cut where, while shouting out about fitteds, asks what city you rep on yours. Feel like I need a NJ Devils cap ala Deal - The Villain. Peep audible treats' press release on Pea's Gotta Have It after the jump.

[video] Capone-N-Noreaga ft. Faith Evans "Hood Pride"

Drastick "Pogo Stick"

Drastick "Pogo Stick": The homey Nappy put me onto Dras like two weeks ago. Dude goes in. Hard. Jersey representer, intricate spitter - dude's what some might call a "problem". Check this cut for proof - just put this one on and rock out. Big beat, with enough elements to keep you moving but not overshadow Dras' bouncy flow. Then come back here and thank me for providing you with this one.

RIP Fat Beats

From Cipha Sounds to the Brown Bag AllStars, a number of talented Hip-Hop luminaries have worked at Fat Beats NY, one of the iller Hip-Hop record shops around. Hell, I've posted a good number of in-store performances by some of the illest artists of today, taken from inside that shop. Sadly, it looks like this institution, in its current form, will be shutting down. Hit the jump for the press release on this.

[video] Smoke DZA ft. Den10 "Continental Kush Breakfast"

previous Smoke DZA George Kush Da Button

[video] P.SO & 8thW1 "The Colo(u)r Of Dreams"

Dre Robinson The Lost Treasure Volume One

Been loving the tracks Dre Robinson has been dropping, and now Volume One of The Lost Treasure is out, featuring cuts like "Wah Do Dem", "Droppin' Bills", "Stranded" and more, including a DOPE "Lemonade Freestyle". If you're not up on dude, you've found the buried treasure.

[video] St. Joe Louis "30,000"

Taken from 30,000 ft. High & Rising; the "30,000" single will be dropping digitally on RTD Records in the near future.

[video] Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj "Bottoms Up"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lil' Jon "Get In Get Out (DJ Nappy vs. Drown In Dreams Refix)"

Lil' Jon "Get In Get Out (DJ Nappy vs. Drown In Dreams Refix)" [mirror]: Heavy. I won't be calling this THUGSTEP, but this riddim from Drown In Dreams (aka Deadly Habit) comes correct! Love the synth over it, too - adds a nice, eerie element to this. Nappy sent me this the other day and I got a lil' too hype in my cubicle. Moody's mood for riots.

[promo] Mayhem Early May 2

Props to Bostonianz617.

Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose The Inspection

Serious project right here: Mazzi is a problem, Statik Selektah hosting is a problem, and features from Elete, Homeboy Sandman, Breezly Brewin and many more is a super problem. Jersey!

Blitz The Ambassador, Central Park Summerstage (815/2010)

VT Union The VT Union Is Dead

You might've seen a few jawns from this being leaked, and that cover is dumb familiar, right? VT Union have been making noise since 2006, and this new jawn features cats like Malice (The Clipse), Bobby Konders from Hot 97, Sean Price, Akrobatik, BurntMD and a dope remix from Statik Selektah. Hit the jump for a download link and tracklist.

Illuminessence EYE2025*CHAPTER1

Flawless Hustle states: "Illuminessence (aka Ness of A-Alikes) embarks on his solo project EYE2025*Chapter1 thru GuerillaART. Blurring the lines between genres, the album twists and turns through sounds, creating a musical psychedelic fusion like no other. While sonically it is a new direction, experimenting with – and pushing the lines of – genres and sounds, the project is still just as critical of the powers that be and the system we live in as A-Alikes has always, and continues to be. A-Alikes' prior single, “Sirens in the Distance” featuring Mos Def will be available September 21st on iTunes thru SoFlo Entertainment/Guerilla Nation".

Rhymageddon At Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam (8/14/2010)

Here's a picture of myself, Rhymageddon and Faraji Toure, who created a dope video I featured on Sunday of pictures from the jam. I took a batch of photos of pieces from the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam from this past Saturday, and also got some video of Rhymageddon's performance, which included "#NJHipHopIzDaMovement". It was a great event, great day, and some had dope performances. Hit the jump for both videos, and look out for @SOLZALEZ in the 2nd video.

Koncept ft. Silent Knight "The Preview"

Koncept ft. Silent Knight "The Preview" (prod. by DJ Dyllemma): Kon's Playing Life EP drops on August 24th, and this is the latest leak from the project. He links up with a Jersey nigga who I live near but never get in contact with, SiKni, and this is tough. See you when the tsunami hits!

The Kid Daytona "The Champ"

The Kid Daytona "The Champ" (prod. by Ted Smooth): Nice collabo from Daytona and Ted Smooth, who mashes a few vintage Hip-Hop sounds for Daytona to coast over. Word is Funkmaster Flex premiered this last night, so I'm glad the internets gets this today. Taken from The Interlude LP, which is being done in collaboration with L-R-G.

Black EL "The Ride"

Black EL "The Ride" (prod. by Durkin): Black sends out the final non-album leak in prep for Color Commentary, which is still due on August 31st. He goes in on this chilled piano-driven track about this roller-coaster ride called life. Enjoy.

<a href="">The Ride (Produced By Durkin) by Black EL</a>

[video] Evidence "To Be Continued..."

Skyzoo & !llmind Live From The Tape Deck Cover+Tracklist

My love of boomboxes has come back, and I'm on the hunt for a hype one. Need to get a sick one. That was the aim when Skyzoo and !llmind crafted this project, which features cats like Styles P, Heltah Skeltah, Rhymefest, Torae and Buckshot. And I know I want it - on tape. Hit the jump for the tracklist. In stores October 5th, the same day as NBA Jam for the Wii!

MiLKMEN "I'm iLL Freestyle"

MiLKMEN "I'm iLL Freestyle": The MiLKs rip through one of my favorite hype instrumentals from the last year or so. But you already knew they bring their A-game, errday. Still waiting on final word for the "Wake Up" single - hoping to have a date this week. I'll keep you posted!

[video] Barrington Levy ft. MIMS "Watch Dem Murderer"

Monday, August 16, 2010

VerBS The Progress Ep 2:Fuck YEa MAn

VerBS reps Culver City, has beats from Jlisted and features from Versis. This project is a mixture of unreleased stuff, remixes and some new jawns slammed together like a hearty hoagie. Fuck yea!

DOWNLOAD VerBS The Progress Ep 2:Fuck YEa MAn
<a href="">Stop Acting like a Douche (prod. Affinity) by VerBS</a>

[video] Bei Maejor "She Was (A Broken Love Story)"

Neako On Crack Distributors Radio, Part 1

Buns, Beer & Backpacks: A (2)DopeBBQ Wrap Up

More info/pictures of this event via 2DBz.

previous A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition

Diplo ft. Lil Jon "U Don't Like Me (Heroes & Villains Remix)"

Diplo ft. Lil Jon "U Don't Like Me (Heroes & Villains Remix)": Told you guys this was some intense shit! I had no idea this had crept onto the Internet, but I saw it on this song is sick and had to repost. Shouts out to Heroes & Villains for this one - tear the club up! Cop the full release if you're feeling.

Aleon Craft The Stargazing Soundtrack

When Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, you know that something is going down. I first got into Aleon Craft through cuts from SMKA, and he's totally growing into his own being. Some of the tracks on this are otherworldly, indeed - like a new age P-Funk going down. Dude goes off, and brings cats like Nappy Roots, Playboy Tre, Grip Plyaz, Mikkey Halstead and many more. Hit the jump for the goods.

[video] Azage "Countdown"

[video] Monsta X "Upper Hand"

And if you mess with that, check the premiere party for "Upper Hand".

Bun B's Red Bull Emsee The Road To 8 Mile Freestyle

Rob Jay sent this one over, and had this to say: "out here in Houston, that Red Bull event came through. Long story short, some clown in the crowd kept heckling Bun B, so Bun called out the dude and brought him on stage and let him rhyme. This dude might be the worst rapper alive. Anyway, someone in the crowd shot some really good footage of it and I haven't seen it on any blogs so I thought I'd shoot it to you". Thanks, fam.

[video] Grand Central "Call Me Anytime You Like"

[video] Grindmode "Ooo...You Didn't Know"

Hollywood Floss ft. Dannie Walker "When The Worlds Against You"

Hollywood Floss ft. Dannie Walker "When The Worlds Against You": I'm hoping you guys fucked with Xperiments! Vol. 2 (Fightclub), which dropped last Monday. It got a GREAT response, and hopefully brought some new eyes to a talented MC out of Houston. New Houston. If you're looking for some material from Floss, check this cut from his House of Dreams album, which is available on iTunes right now. Floss says "This song captures the emotion and the fear we must overcome as we get pushed to the edge and try to overcome all the obstacles life throws our way". Check his lyrics - he's part of the future!

Lennon "Alicia's Interlude"

Lennon "Alicia's Interlude": I'm finally catching up with my inbox; this cut got sent to me a few days ago, and is taken from TheHipHopEffect's Girls I Gave My Heart To II (if you missed the first one, research); Ant THHE says "About two weeks ago I asked Lennon to contribute an interlude to's upcoming original release "Girls I Gave My Heart To pt.II", I sent him the sample I wanted to use which was the end speech from When Harry Met Sally.

He sent me the final mix 30 minutes ago and while the full project wont come out until late fall 2010, we wanted to release the interlude now because it perfectly encompasses the meaning behind the tape". Captivating stuff.

Via TheHipHopEffect.

Dissecting The ARE & B.E: CFWD

previous The Are & Brokn.Englsh The Are & B.E.

Garden Variety: Don't Get Gassed (9/03/2010)

The Boondocks S03E15: "It's Goin Down"

previous The Boondocks S03E14: "The Color Ruckus"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

DJ Hipnotikk Dirty South Thugstep Vol. 3

Hipnotikk hit me with this on the private style, had no idea that this got released to the masses. This shit is the truth, and features five DJ Nappy refixes (including the new "Roll Call" jawn), as well as a bunch of fire selections from Hipnotikk, Daddy's Money, Heroes & Villains and a grip more. Hit the jump to download, stream and devour the tracklist.

A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition

They've been hyping this one for a MINUTE, and it finally dropped yesterday. Meka & Shake, AKA the heads behind 2dopeboyz, put together a new edition of their (2)Dope Mixtape series, this time focusing on the Big Apple. It's mixed byh DJ Slimm, hosted by the nigga Dallas Penn, and features heads like Sene, The Lessondary, ESSO, Brown Bag AllStars, Wordspit, Skyzoo, Torae, YC The Cynic, Tonedeff, PackFM, Cymarshall Law, Fresh Daily, 8th W1 and plenty more fire artists. Makes me feel like I should get my shit together! LOL. Hit the jump the goods...

[video] Lloyd Banks ft. Lloyd "Any Girl"

[video] Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam (8/14/2010)

Via Faraji Toure. I'll be posting more on yesterday's Jam this week. Great vibe out there.