Saturday, January 07, 2012

Rick Ross - Rich Forever

I'm too broke for this mixtape. Fuck with this, and @ElliottWilson's #RozayRadio broadcast from Friday night.


The Best Toca Tuesdays Freestyles of 2011

Super Market Knife Attack 2011

Wale, DJ Omega & Ty Kidd - Samples 'N Shit

J-Rell - 2011 Leftovers

[video] Black Collar Biz "In This World"

Slice of real talk that you can find on #BlackFriday.

Hodgy Beats, Juicy J & Domo Genesis "LIFT"

Hell yeah. Some new OF to chill to. Not sure how Juicy J linked up with Hodgy and Domo (maybe its a Casey Veggies thing?), but it works. Very well. About to po another cup and turn drop this one from the top. And make sure you throw on that Bonus Beat, which is produced by @KingThelonious himself.

DOWNLOAD Hodgy Beats, Juicy J & Domo Genesis "LIFT" (prod. by Left Brain)

Bonus Beats Hodgy Beats "BKLYN" (prod. by Thelonious Martin) [via FSD]

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz (12/30/2011)

The Dunn Deal Mixtape, V.2012

Dunn Deal v2.012 Mixtape (mixed by Quickie Mart) by (DJ) Quickie Mart

Stereo Boyz - Guten Tag! (mixed by Dj Jesaya)

Bad Taste: The FarFetched Podcast: January 2012

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/06/2012)


[video] Rasheed Chappell ft. DJ Scratch "Break Loose"

Produced by Kenny Dope.

[video] Big Bree "Breakdown"

Friday, January 06, 2012

[video] Lee Bannon "The Chase"

[video] Soul "Everybody Wants It"

Bonus Beats Soul Galaxia

[video] The Kid Daytona ft. Aloe Blacc "New Yorker's Ambition"

[video] Phonte "Dance In The Reign"

blackrasslin podcast 013

I hope you guys who fuck with Professional Wrestling mess with blackrasslin and this podcast. Loads of dope music, mostly from cats you might not be up on, thrown alongside reviews of RAW (which featured Chris Jericho's return), random news and thoughts on the WWE for 2012, including Royal Rumble at the end of this month, and more. Fuck with this.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 013

Supa Produca Fuck Yo Beats - IDGAF Volume 1

I wish I could give you a lot of info on this. Aside from an awesome producer name, a "fuck you" attitude and a grip of great drops, I know fuck all about this project. The "info" .txt file just gives track titles. 14 minutes of gritty instrumentals, doe. Fucks with this.

DOWNLOAD Supa Produca Fuck Yo Beats - IDGAF Volume 1

[video] Random "Lookin' Up"

[video] J The S ft. Emilio Rojas "Shadows"

Produced by J. Cardim.

[video] Fresh Vetz "Dope Addictz"

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Real Late: Best of 2011

Peter Rosenberg touched down on his Hot 97 show Real Late with his best of 2011 mix. Features a number of artists he's championed over the year, from Earl Sweatshirt to Kool G Rap. Solid span of the scene.

DOWNLOAD Real Late: Best of 2011

[video] STS "Something About You"

Word up, @STSisGOLD would sound tough over some dubstep.

J.Nolan "Exhibit Reese"

The new school is still bringing that new cool. 22 year-old J.Nolan and 18 year-old Reese Jones are dropping an EP on the 16th of January entitled The Archetype, and this cut is the first fruit from their union. This is some dope shit to fuck with during the winter cold. Like I see the video with Nolan spitting this with the winter clouds spewing from his mouth with each line, Reese in the background banging HARD on his machine for beat making. Love the switch-ups on this one. Can't wait for the EP, truth be told.

DOWNLOAD J.Nolan "Exhibit Reese" (prod. by Reese Jones)
J.Nolan- Exhibit Reese (prod. Reese Jones) by manifestmovement

[video] DOX ft. D. Julien "My Soul"

[video] Young Scolla "Losin' Myself"

[video] Dead Poets Socicety "Dead Poets Society"

Via The Dead Poets Society.

[video] L.A. "A Place"

[video] Dot The One "Never Wanna Land"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/04/2012)

Let me keep it trill with you: I was tired as shit last night. Proof (which, by the way, isn't an awkward position to find me in, but shit, trying to keep up a few things can do that to a nigga). When the Combat Jack show featuring Dallas Penn got pushed back from10PM to 11PM for its 2012 return, I knew I wasn't going to make it. And of course, I was definitely in bed by 11:30PM, so I didn't get to hear the mighty Bun B make his hiiipower appearance on the show, but if Jack was on his dean, and Bun was his usual self, this one can be nothing short of the best shit you'll hear this week month. Plus, no SoundCloud! Welcome Back!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/04/2012)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

[video] Seanie Mic "2011 Rap Up: WTF In Review"

St. Joe Louis ft. Al-Kayduh "Kinda Strange"

The DJ Tim Dolla-produced instrumental here does what it says on the tin, as 2/3 of St. Joe Louis align with Al-Kayduh for some spooky shit. Listen to this shit when the lights are on, please. You might see some spirits and other spooky shit conjured up when this one emits from your bassbins. You can pre-order Favorite Demons right now, and be on the lookout for St. Joe Lotus (St. Joe Louis x Flying Lotus) as well. Jeezus.

DOWNLOAD St. Joe Louis ft. Al-Kayduh "Kinda Strange"(prod. by DJ Tim Dolla)

Timeless Truth - Brugal & Presidentes EP

This comes recommended from @Dallas_Penn, but truthfully, you don't need the don's approval to fucks with this. Two blood brothers come together to make some excellent Hip-Hop alongside fabulous rhyme fanaticals like Roc Marciano, Sean Price and others? A lot of this is previously-unreleased/hard to find jawns, in their 320kbps MP3 glory. The fuck you sleeping for?!?

DOWNLOAD Timeless Truth - Brugal & Presidentes EP

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Blaxploitation"

@Dallas_Penn strikes again!

[video] Action Bronson "Beautiful Music"

@Dallas_Penn > you.

Chance ft. junclassic "Good"

Well shit. Talk about out of nowhere. Not sure if Chance and jun knew each other before, but they bring their own distinct voices to this throwback loop. Motherfuckin' right. Loving how this one rolls out. Some shit to take long swigs of 'gac, straight from the bottle. Not sure what more is to come of this, but enjoy this while it lasts. Get clean to this one.

DOWNLOAD Chance ft. junclassic "Good" (prod. by Vinny Bucks)

Small Eyez "Fortunate"

Been a quick minute since we've heard from Small Eyez, so he wisely granted us a peek into his mental over a chilled 14KT track. Nice anthem to get you motivated in the morning. Reflect on the good shit, but never lose sight of the prize, you feel me?

DOWNLOAD Small Eyez "Fortunate" (prod. by 14KT)

Cyrano ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Sharp "Full Circle"

This is some ill shit. Cyrano linking up with his SteadyFlow bredren Sharp and the mighty Rapper Big Pooh over this def Centric beat? Major. Love the content, and love hearing that Cyrano's dropping his debut (?!?!) album, Back 2 Lyfe, sometime in 2011. Keep it locked.

DOWNLOAD Cyrano ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Sharp "Full Circle" (prod. by Centric) [clean | dirty]

Astroid Boys On 1Xtra

Not sure Charlie Sloth was ready for this!

[video] J.Good ft. Keno & Chuuwee "Le Nouveau Monde (ordre)"

Taken from Searching For Alicia Silverstone. Might need the instrumental for this.

[video] Granville Sessions "Pubsteppin"

Interesting sound on that beat - live drum shit with the heavier bass? Fawnky. Taken from No State.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy – Best of 2011

Shouts to Nappy for kicking off 2012 with a redesign of his site and this sick mix. He asked myself and Zone3 (of THEFREAKBEAT, who also did the cover art) to give him our top 10 dubstep tracks. He added some of his favs and this mix was born. A number of my jawns of the year are included, as is an unreleased dubplate of Coki's as well. Tough mix, as per usual. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy – Best of 2011
Disc Jockey Nappy - Best of 2011 by Disc Jockey Nappy

Small Professor - Gigantic, Vol. 0

Prior to the release of Gigantic, Vol. 1, Small Professor cooks up this special (re)mixtape for your rooty poot asses. Truly showcasing how well his beats work with talented MCs, S.P. flipped shit from the Wrecking Crew (Zilla Rocca x Has-Lo x Curly Castro), Deal - The Villain (happy bday, troop), Elzhi, Che Grand, Elucid and plenty more. Dude truly crafts remixes that sound like originals for these niggas. Gigantic Vol. 1 is on the way, deal with this for right now.

DOWNLOAD Small Professor - Gigantic, Vol. 0 [mirror]

[video] Brother Ali "Writer's Block"

Bonus Beats Brother Ali "Writer's Block" (prod. by Jake One)

[video] Gee Dubs ft. Neta "Lost Take"

[video] Astroid Boys "Kids That Know"

[video] Mahd "Mahd Power"

Bonus Beats Mahd "Mahd Power"

[video] Footsie "1 Spliff"

Dutty. And true.

Kid Hum - The Beet Tape

Kid Hum has been and always will be that dude. New tape of his fresh beets. 'Nuff said, really. Hopefully we see plenty more from duke in 2012.

DOWNLOAD Kid Hum - The Beet Tape

Monday, January 02, 2012

Hustle Emcee - I Shine, You Shine: Collection # 1

Got put on to Hustle Emcee earlier this year. I need to post that Jersey Fresh Mixtape Vol. 2 at some point. In any case, you can download the tracks for this mixtape via Soundcloud, or pay with a tweet/FB post.

I Shine, You Shine: Collection # 1 by Hustle Emcee

AP the MAYOR - Prayer, Push-ups & Piffy 2.0

[video] A.P. "Ten Fold" (Director's Cut)

The Culture Cypher Presets 2012 Takeover (1/05/2012)

Newark's going in early. This goes down at Lucky 7 this Thursday. Shouts to Phace.

YFame & Kevin Poison "Achilles Heel"

Something a bit moody here, with a nigga's lack of confidence morphing into relationship woes. I been there. Need to turn this one up when you're feeling lonely because of some chick, and you want to just throw the headphones on (followed by your hood) and skrewface it up. Miscellany.

DOWNLOAD YFame & Kevin Poison "Achilles Heel"
Achilles' Heel by MISCELLANEY

Skrewtape ft. Renegade "Wreckognize"

The boy Skrew let this one go the other day. Proper line-up here. Dope feature from Renegade, with cuts by DJ Absurd, all over a Mr. Green beat? Has a dope bounce to it. Love how they go along with the beat, playing the calmer parts one way, with the fury coming when those drums start to knock. Great slice of Hip-Hop Pie for the new year, bitch. Rappers rapping about other rappers rapping/what the fuck happen?!...

DOWNLOAD Skrewtape ft. Renegade "Wreckognize" (prod. by Mr. Green)

Chilly Moody "Power" Remix Contest

In 2011, Philadelphia favorite Chill Moody teamed up with Wes Manchild and released the West Chilly album. This project featured Apollo The Great, Antwan Davis and more. Here is a chance for producers to get involved. Below are the acapellas and original mp3 links of Chill Moody’s “POWER” featuring Apollo The Great. Producers have until Jan 25th to submit there remixes and the winner will be announced Jan 28th and will also have their version used for the visual of “POWER”.


Vasco "Peace To RZA"

Quick freestyle for the boy Vasco. Feels like that cold weather Hip-Hop. Goes in with that Ghostface/RZA random reference shit. All fits though.

DOWNLOAD Vasco "Peace To RZA"

Side-B Radio (1/01/2012)

TastemakersNJ Presents 'Til Next Time

TastemakersNJ has lined up some of the cream of the NJ crop for this EP. Topaz Jones, Volition, Hot Grits and more line up for this quickfast EP. Beats from Thelonious Martin, ATK and others. The NJ Underground has that fire, trust.

DOWNLOAD TastemakersNJ Presents 'Til Next Time

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (1/21/2011)

Facebook Event page HERE. Peep that Song List, and if you're up for it, pre-register.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

SlopFunkDust & J. Bizness — Music To Wrap To

[video] Perry Porter "Apollo 11"

I need a spacesuit.

[video] Rich Mahogany "Speechless"

Lewis - Nothing Personal


Lee Bannon - Gnarlon Bando's Midnight Noir

Kano - Jack Bauer 2.4

[video] Koolade ft. J-Ro "Get Addicted"

Brown Bag AllStars - 2011: A Year In Review

One of the illest conglomerates that I've been throwing tune after tune at you for the longest. They are a great collective, and 2011 might have been their year. 38 tracks of their flyest are here, showcasing how ill their year was. Big things from them in 2012!

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars - 2011: A Year In Review

[video] The Niceguys ft. Bun-B "Ari Gold (Remix)"

[video] Serius Jones "Until Forever"

Notoriety - Road Trippin', Kool-Aid Sippin', Chicken, Beef Patties And Herb (Hosted By CR The Beast)

[video] Kid Hum "Meat Jun"

Beet Tape should be dropping via Bandcamp around midnight.

[video] ScienZe "No Pressure"

This shit is tough. Taken from When Skies Fall.

Raekwon - Unexplained Victory

Skillz "2011 Rap Up"

The Rap Up Presents The 11 Best Rap Albums of 2011

About what you'd expect from my TRU bredren (and sistren). I did the drop for XXX. Peep!

[video] SigNif "Vandal"

UllNevaNo - Color Brown Part 2

[video] PHONZZ x NPerson "Bombshell"

[video] Taigenz "When I'm There"

[video] Dee-1 "Standing Ovation"