Saturday, January 21, 2012

[video] Chief "What I Do"

[video] Uno Hype ft. Hassani Kwess "Olde English"

Around the time I got into dubstep, I used to regularly drink that OE. I had to stop, though. THe morning after was bad on my stomach. Not throwing up, just some pains. Shouts to the 40oz 800 doe. Just not for me anymore. I'm an old ass man, dawg.

Marco & Treekeeper - Welcome to Bohemia

First Serve - The Goon Time Mixtape

Farfetched Presents Prologue

[video] L.I.F.E. LONG x Big Ape "Sativa"

Skream - Radio 1 Mashup (1/20/2012)

Skream sat in for Annie Mac's Mashup this past Friday, which featured mini-mixes from Doctor P and Breakage, as well as a grip of fresh new cuts, spanning the bass music scene.

DOWNLOAD Skream - Radio 1 Mashup (1/20/2012)

Thad Reid - Tyme Flys EP

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/20/2012)


Friday, January 20, 2012

[video] STS "We Threw A Party"

[video] The Paxtons "I'm Going"

[video] J. Lately ft. El Prez "Share The Love"

blackrasslin podcast 015

I always wonder when I'm going to drop the ball... but the 20 of you who rock with this show make me want to keep it going. And when dudes like Brodus Clay can continue to make me bust out laughing week to week, I have to talk about it. We also recap RAW, preview the Royal Rumble, discuss Evan Bourne's 60-day Wellness Policy suspension and plenty more.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 015

[video] St. Joe Louis x JR&PH7 x Brokn.Englsh "New High/Try"

Go grab My Favorite Demons today.

[video] BIG S.I.N. "Heavy D"

Is S.I.N. drinking moonshine? Respect!

[video] SEMI "So Appalled Freestyle"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Professor ft. Guilty Simpson & Reef The Lost Cauze "Spare Razor"

I see Prefix got the honors of premiering this one. I've been trying to tell yall, Philly's Small Pro ain't nothing to sleep on. On this cut, taken from his Gigantic, Vol. 1 album (which drops on the 24th of January), he gets Reef and Guilty to sharpen their blades and leave this Wu-centric beat diced to pieces. Doesn't even make sense to try and sleep - if you've been in dire need of some new shit for your Jansport, tune in and turn it up. Gigantic.

[video] Jarren Benton "Shut Up Bitch"

The "Shut Up Bitch" remix competition is winding down...

[video] Young Drummer Boy "We Livin This"

[video] R.O.E. "I Won"

[video] Rich Mahogany ft. Pryme Prolifik & Tre-L "Rapping On Tapes"

BTS: JR&PH7 X Brokn.Englsh X St. Joe Louis "New High/Try"

My Favorite Demons is out now.

DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/18/2012)

The one like @DJWonder drops more of the dubstep/THUGSTEP in this Wonder Mix than the last mix of his we I featured. Keep calling me crazy. I'll wait until you come around.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/18/2012)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[video] Soul "Up On Mars"

Ill dubstep-esque vibe in this one.

[video] Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Thuggin"

[video] Copywrite ft.Jakki Da Mota Mouth "Swaggot Killaz"

Bonus Beats Copywrite ft. Jakki Da Mota Mouth "Swaggot Killaz"

[video] FT "Say What's On Your Mind"

This could've been the #nofilterday anthem.

Bonus Beats FT "Say What's On Your Mind"

[video] Jitta On The Track "Friday Night"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L-Boy Catches Us Up On Forthcoming OFWGKTA Shit

Rappers: Stop Promoting Drunk Driving!!

Shouts to @rosenbergradio for this one.

[video] Nicholaus Kane "Prayer for Haiti"

[video] Koncept "Awaken"

Produced by McDuck J57. Awaken is out now on Soulspazm.

The Cloud Club Series (1/24/2012)

St. Joe Louis held several open studio sessions last year and invited their friends to visit. Sometimes this actually created something other than a mess of bottles, ashes and burgers. They dubbed it :The Upstart Cloud Club. Out of those sessions has sprung a concert called The Cloud Club Series. The first event is January 24th at Submerged Art Gallery (210 Market Street, Newark NJ).

Skrewtape ft. Tone Liv & Joey Dynomite "No Question"

Some more #GardenVariety all-stars right here, these three linked up for another gem from Skrew's Skumbag Millionaires album. Some shit to roll up and blow out to. Shit you used to blast in your walkmans, early. Not sure if all three of these cats will be in Trenton this Saturday, but you'd be playing yourself if you're in the area and not checking for them. Cuts by DJ 456.

DOWNLOAD Skrewtape ft. Tone Liv & Joey Dynomite "No Question" (prod. by Kevlaar 7)

FurSun "Treat Me Right"

Been a minute since I got some heat from FurSun, and seeing this on Side-B's blog had me cracking up. My boy flipped a classic Chubb Rock track and managed to both pay homage and show how niggas do it in 2012. I remember when I first featured homey on RTD, and it's good to hear his progression since then. Need more like this, troop!

DOWNLOAD FurSun "Treat Me Right" (prod. by Siggy 808er)

Monday, January 16, 2012

[video] Dane The Beautiful Monster ft. Proph "Dial Tone"

[video] Indiana Rome ft. Vega HBK "Primetime"

Math Problems 12: J-Zone

[video] Ground Up "Clutch"

[video] Black Spade "Running and Gunning"

[video] Mista Encore "Just Might Make It"

Danny! ft. Collette "Keep Your Head To The Sky"

#nofilterday So Danny! gonna act like I didn't see this earlier today, right? And then like an hour later leak some shit that samples one of my legit favorite tracks, ever? Forreal, on the right (wrong?) day, "Optimistic" might make me cry real man tears. The right cut leaked for MLK Day, too - this one is all having dreams and pursuing your goals in the face adversity and bullshit. Or just doing your school work like Kid in House Party 2. Fuck. Now this is going to be stuck in my head all day. Payback is due out next week. Or not.

DOWNLOAD Danny! ft. Collette "Keep Your Head To The Sky"

[RTD Interview]: Mouce

#nofilterday I didn't even know this dropped. Saw it come up on my timeline last night. Shouts to Mouce for this, though. I threw some questions, they answered, came out dope. Like hearing niggas TALK, you smell me?

Bonus Beats Mouce "Female Hustler" (prod. by DJ Burn One)

Al-Kayduh x Krash Battle x Elete Wright x Kusher Mickjagger "I'm On One Freestyle"

When I peeped (and fell in love with) the NJRFSU Our First Mixtape the other day, I was kind of surprised to see Elete Wright (of St. Joe Louis) featured on it a few times. No diss on anyone, just didn't know they were down like that. With this new leak, which is a freestyle over "I'm On One", I guess it's solidified. Jersey Boys. I wonder if Elete and NJRFSU will do a collaborative project together?

LinkDOWNLOAD Al-Kayduh x Krash Battle x Elete Wright x Kusher Mickjagger "I'm On One Freestyle"

Mos Def Yasiin Bey "Niggas In Poorest"

#nofilterday Is it Mos Def or Yasiin Bey? I mean, Nah Right is one of the pinnacles of Hip-Hop bloggering, and if they have it up, it has to be official, right? Well, Dante calls himself Yasiin on this track. And anyway, can we really believe Mos Yasiin? He's been in some pretty high profile movies and TV shows, right? I know he has kids, so is he that fucked with his money that he considers himself poor? And why did he spend so much time cutting the beat out of this bootleg version of the "Niggas In Paris" instrumental? Y'all wanna keep laughing, but he should've just spit over "2 Niggas And A White Dude Play "Niggas In Paris" In Paris" and called it a day.

DOWNLOAD Mos Def Yasiin Bey "Niggas In Poorest"

Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May "Falling Down"

#nofilterday While many of you are new to dubstep and bass music in general, but want to blog like you're the authority to this, we'll continue to be true to this. Just dropped this free download from Ram Records' own Sub Focus, who is dropping his sophomore album sometime this year, although it took him a few years to get his debut album finally out in 2009. Shit happens, but you pinheads already knew that, right?

DOWNLOAD Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May "Falling Down"

Today is #nofilterday

Today's the day: unfilter your tweets, and let the world know what's really on your mind. I'm doing it. @RealLifeKaz is doing it. Everyone's doing it... I hope. Let's go, in the name of Kurt and MLK!

MLK Freeway

San Diego emcee, Real J. Wallace refuses to be one of the silent “good people.” Armed with a purpose and a pen, Wallace is a modern day philosophical prophet. A writer of every day experiences, Wallace’s latest project “The J∆hFather of So(u)l Cal” was inspired by his excursions on the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (94 West) in San Diego, California. Each track was formed by his state of mind during his numerous drives to and from downtown. Wallace combined his love for the blues and the soul of hip hop to create an assortment of tunes distinctively his own...

Wallace showcases his vulnerabilities on this first project and hopes to expand on his ideas to include a documentary that sheds light on the surge of gang violence in South East San Diego, a tragedy which resulted in 30 people being shot over the span of one month during the summer of 2011. Moreover, it will examine the apparent disconnect between Martin Luther King Jr.’s message and the evident acts of violence found on Martin Luther King Jr. streets.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SmCity - The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money

Ben Z & hunkE Present Soundcloud Cypher #2

The cypher challenges each MC to answer the question of what he would do if he died tomorrow, and each responds with skillful, introspective lyricism over a tightly sampled, emotional and acoustic beat. The emcees featured include (in this order) Sphinx the Unfathomable, Outsider Muzic, BioLogic, Brasc0, and Ben Z. The track is produced by hunkE.

[video] Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite "Bye Bye Beautiful, Don't Bother to Write"

Chuck Platinum - I AM LEGEND

Super Market Knife Attack - Best of 2011 Instrumentals

Scheme x Slot-A - Life That I Chose EP

The World Famous Tony Williams - Some of My Best Rappers are Friends

REMINDER 2: #nofilterday (1/16/2012)

Kurt's patiently waiting for tomorrow, which is #nofilterday on twitter. Unfilter your thoughts like Kurt's Pall mall cigarettes. @RealLifeKaz is doing it, and you should too. Speak your mind, no repercussions. Well, unless you really go in. Try it.

PleaseDontStare x HipHopIsRead Presents Root Beer & Sour – The Top Samples Of 2011

This tape does exactly what it says on the tin, and is a great way to wake up on a lazy Sunday. DJ BenHaMeen and Ivan Rott linked up for this hour-long journey through over 200 tracks that have been sampled in 2011. Great show, fellas.

DOWNLOAD PleaseDontStare x HipHopIsRead Presents Root Beer & Sour – The Top Samples Of 2011

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 11th, 2012)