Saturday, January 28, 2012

[video] ScHoolboy Q "NigHtmare On Figg St."

Kyle Rapps & Diwon - Tyrone Gosling

Tez McClain x Don Cannon - Wishful Thinking Vol. II

[video] ProP "Caution"

Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Money

Hollywood Floss - The Legend Begins

[video] DJ Deadeye ft. Reks, Ea$y Money, Ghetto & Superstah Snuk "Get Out Our Way"

Big Hop x JMProductions - #PenDistrict EP

Friday, January 27, 2012

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/27/2012)


Winter Sessions Showcase/Open Mic (1/29/2012)

Newark's going in with the Hip-Hop shows this weekend! You need this!

[video] b.FUNK "CHeCk yO mIND"

Cypress Hill vs. Rusko "Roll It Light It"

Word is Cypress Hill have a project with Rusko set to drop in April. I won't rant or rave, just use quotes from the press release to showcase what I've been saying...

With rumors tweeted, posted and published throughout the Internet about a possible partnership, Hip-hop legends Cypress Hill and Dubstep DJ/Producer Rusko have finally announced the release of their collaborative effort Cypress x Rusko, out this April. Featuring the striking, signature sound of Cypress Hill alongside Rusko’s unmistakable beats, the 5-track EP shows the full capabilities of two music pioneers combining forces to create yet another raw and unfiltered sound.

"I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop,” says Sen Dog. “Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko, there’s definitely some roughness to it.”

“We’ve always been the type of group to take chances on doing something radically different than what people expect from us. So this carries with the tradition of us going out of the box. If it’s not something that we embrace then we don’t dare mess with it and this is something we fell right into the pocket of,” adds B-Real.

The EP was recorded over a six-month period, with Rusko joining Cypress in the studio for part and sending tracks over email when his crazy touring schedule restricted him from being there in person. “It excited me so much when I received the acappellas because sometimes I’d been away for a week and I’d finally get a Wi-Fi connection,” says Rusko. “The excitement would keep me awake all night feverishly working on the track

Introducing ACCRO

Well, at least I believe I'm introducing ACCRO, aka Triple Acrobatik Robot. Not sure if people have picked up on the storm that's about to hit the dubstep scene. Not even sure I can give too many details about who's behind this. For the time being, let's just say ACCRO is from my side of the United States, and ACCRO is truly bringing some awesome bits. I've been rocking to an EP ACCRO sorted me recently, and I hear it might be getting picked up. Here's one cut from it, "My Identity", which was the first cut of ACCRO's to really get me going:

Proper dubstep with enough quirk to keep me going. Then last night I heard this remix of Neon Hitch's "Fuck U Betta" which is even nastier. Really big sound right here:

And both of these are free. Here's a stream of ACCRO's EP:

You've been warned.

blackrasslin podcast 016

Fucking job has me on some BS lately, so to escape and let my frustrations about the WWE out weekly can be a blessing. I spend time breaking down this week's craptastic RAW, preview Sunday night's Royal Rumble card and even super preview what I think might be the Mania 28 card. Yeah, sue me. New releases from Emcee Jermaine and Small Professor dropped this week, so I rocked two a piece from their projects. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 016

[video] Mr. Miranda "Tight Eyes Freestyle"

[video] SOLO & Lyriqs "The Grind"

NItty Scott, MC x Louie P In The Studio

[video] Lyriciss "Get It & Go"

[video] J The S ft. Styles P "Razor"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[video] BADBADNOTGOOD x Tyler, The Creator "Orange Juice"

[video] Rome Cee "Something Beyond"

[video] Villa Rosa ft. I Self Devine "Chico"

RIP Robert Hegyes

Wanna send a special RIP to Robert Hegyes, the actor who brought to live the Puerto Rican Jew Juan Epstein on Welcome Back, Kotter, who without his spot-on performance there'd probably never have been a Hip-Hop podcast that Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg birthed, appropriately titled "Juan Epstein". I can only hope they hook up a special episode in his honor. Hegyes passed away at 60 from an apparent heart attack in his Metuchen, NJ home.

[video] Soul "Get Low"

Blackout's Long Awaited Album Release Party (1/28/2012)

The boy Blackout's album release and birthday party goes down at the Blue Mirror in Newark this Saturday. Special performances from Rhymageddon, Tone Liv and plenty more. Make plans to be there!

[video] Calez "Intermission"

This is my favorite video of the week.

Black Collar Biz Forever Black Release Party (2/18/2012)

Another night of dope Hip-Hop coming up in Trenton on the 18th of February, to celebrate the release of Black Collar Biz's Forever Black. Live performances from TOTG, Pop D, Physical Graffiti and plenty more, with live painting and featured visual artists. Word is there will not only be food, but there will be a cypher - and a raffle! It's BYOB, and $10 to come in (which nets you a copy of Forever Black). No reason not to come, right? Full details via Facebook.

[video] hasHBrown "The Devastation" / "Clarity"

[video] Logic & Raze "TOTMM"

[video] Pep Love ft. Opio "Can't Nobody Do It Like Us"

[video] Zulu Faz "The Light"

[video] Joe Cool "Ghetto Bass"

[video] The Projekt "Masks"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/25/2012)

After their bye week, the @CombatJackShow comes back with a tough episode featuring the boy Maino. You may not be a fan of his music, but you gotta respect his story. He doesn't hesitate in speaking on how he grew up and what he's been through, and spent the eve of the release of I Am Who I Am, The Album Before The Album recounting his struggle. We also got some dope mixing and poetry from @pleasedontstare, as well as Jack confessing his comic book addiction love.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/25/2012)

[video] Stealth "Lay Back In The Cut"

DOWNLOAD Stealth "Lay Back In The Cut"

[video] With Lions "Leaving Me"

Big up to Christian, who's having a bit of success With Lions. More info is available over at Artist Direct.

[video] Tarik Adams ft. J Cannon & Jalin Roze "Tigers & Girls (DJ ALWAYS Video Mix)"

[video] Boom Blake "Conquer Rap"

DOWNLOAD Boom Blake "Conquer Rap"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[stream] Small Professor - Gigantic, Vol. 1

I been on some bullshit lately. Should've been had this up, but you should've been up on this. Small Pro is a phenom with them beats. I did a write-up for neph's Gigantic, Vol. 1 album that dropped yesterday, but I've not seen it anywhere. Doesn't matter, this shit is the truth. Features from Guilty Simpson, Von Pea, Elucid, Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Curly Castro, Reef the Lost Cauze, Al Mighty and plenty more. And it's fire. Trust. Stream it below, then cop that shit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[BUY] Emcee Jermaine Jermaine's EP

That's right, Emcee Jermaine's Jermaine's EP is out today. Currently, I'm only seeing it on iTunes and Amazon (even if you're in the UK), but I'll be updating this with more links. Support quality Hip-Hop! And if you're a Rap father in need of clean, dope Rap? Jermaine is so dope, he doesn't use curses on this entire EP.

And if you need enticing, download "Rap Casserole" and "The Crazy 88", both which are cuts from the EP, for free!

[video] Logic "Young Sinatra III"

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Short Yellow Bus Theory"

Shouts to Splash.

Star Destroyer: The Prequel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Young & Reckless Presents Reckless Wobbles

New tape from DJ E-V and Benzi, rocking the fuck out of the #THUGSTEP sound (although they'd never say that), with remix pressure from Styles & Complete, Crizzly, Figure, Heroes and Villains and plenty more.

DOWNLOAD Young & Reckless Presents Reckless Wobbles

MarQ Spekt "Do It 2 Death"

Building off the love showed for his Machete Vision album, MarQ Spekt is letting fly some cuts from Persona NonGrata, his EP with the homey J-Scrilla. This is some shit to sip red wine and smoke a black to, forreal. Actually, let me rewind this to the front and do just that...

DOWNLOAD MarQ Spekt "Do It 2 Death" (prod. by J-Scrilla)

Co$$ "Next Chapter"

Shouts to Numonics for passing this C0$$ leftover to me over the weekend. This is the kind of hypnotic track that I need in my life. Just some heavy stream of consciousness flows, which are some of my favorite kind of tracks. I like hearing shit that doesn't make the album but showcases the true origins of the mental of these MCs. Niggas play like they don't have a lot going on, but a track like this sucks you right in, and wraps you in a quilt of bars, exposing the shit that makes niggas tick.

DOWNLOAD Co$$ "Next Chapter" (prod. by Knxwledge)

Knowledge Medina "You Don't Really Care"

I'm over here catching up on inbox gems, and of course Numonics seemingly comes out of nowhere for this flavorful gem from Knowledge Medina, who I know fuckall about. This cut is taken from their collaborative EP, Never Enough, which drops on February 7th. This is one of those open letters to the loved one that's been through the muck and the miracles and still has a spot in their heart for you. Not a full disclosure shit, but sometimes men need to let these emotions out. And this beat is perfect for that.

DOWNLOAD Knowledge Medina "You Don't Really Care" (prod. by Numonics)

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Necromance"

Been a minute since some new L.E.G.A.C.Y. has hit my inbox. Shit's kind of crazy - this isn't something you can just throw on. This track is part of the heavier side of his catalog, and an example of why I fucks with dude. Forreal - don't bitch out after pushing play. Word is the official version of this track will drop on Amerikkkan Psycho, which I'm told is on the way. Heavyweight psychopath sounds.

DOWNLOAD L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Necromance"

Ray Dawn "Fill Banks"

With word reaching earlier this year that my boy Ray Dawn will be touching down at SXSW this year, this is some celebratory shit right here. Powered by an awesome SMKA-produced cut, Ray lays it all on the table with "Fill Banks", the firsw leak from #PassportDreams, which will be dropping around the end of February. Just awesome, anthemic sounding shit. My boy The Jake is also on the EP. Word on more when I get the OK, slowpokes.

DOWNLOAD Ray Dawn "Fill Banks" (prod. by SMKA)

Emcee Jermaine "Rap Casserole"

Wild how the world runs, isn't it? Back in May of 2010, I got introduced to Emcee Jermaine, who was hosting the Hip Hop Karaoke night in Trenton. That night, I not only had a dope conversation with dude, but heard a track of his entitled "The Anti-Anthem", and was instantly a fan. Over the last year and change, we'd kept in touch, and always managed to run into each other in and around the city. He had been talking about an album he wanted to release, prefaced by an EP that I am lucky enough to be dropping digitally tomorrow, entitled Jermaine's EP, which features "The Anti-Anthem", "The Crazy 88" and this cut, "Rap Casserole".

See, Jermaine and I were cut from the same cloth, and I don't hesitate to recognize how KRS-like his music feels to me. Take "Rap Casserole". We've heard cats compare Hip-Hop (and other things) to food. But with the consciousness that Jermaine eschews, I don't think I've heard an extended comparison between good and bad food and good and bad Rap in this manner. Over a funky, throwback track, Jermaine conjures up many examples of the benefits of good Hip-Hop and good nutrition. As with any of his tracks, he blends wit and knowledge with his skill for penning acrobatic bars. It's edutainment for a new age. And one of the stand-out cuts from the EP.

Jermaine's "Crazy 88" was featured in Steady Bloggin's "Overlooked Gems From 2011" compilation for Passion of the Weiss, and has been performing around the tri-state whenever he's able to. A release party for his EP should be going down soon, as well as a video for "The Crazy 88". Grab the EP, holler at Jermaine and thank him for staying true to the game. He didn't even have to curse.

DOWNLOAD Emcee Jermaine "Rap Casserole"

Sol Infinite "Rumble, Young Man Rumble"

One of the Jersey artists I got the opportunity to learn of, and share some laughs with, was Sol Infinite. Dude embodies some of my favorite bits of the shit that helped mold me, sonically, and on this cut that's inspired by The Greatest, Sol Inf takes all of everything that was Ali and embodies that when putting pad to pen. More MCs (and peoples in general) need to get with that.

DOWNLOAD Sol Infinite "Rumble, Young Man Rumble"

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (1/27/2011)

Due to The Court Tavern's closing, last week's scheduled HHKNJ was canceled. They are rolling it out on the 27th, though, at the Fire N Ice Hookah Bar in Fords. Full details in FB.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[video] Surge ft. Pyxis "Leech"

[video] Declaime "Ship's Doctor"

The Revolutionary Riot Report Volume 20

[video] Moe Green ft. Netta Brielle "Glory"

J The S - The Last Days

[video] Rusko "Somebody To Love"

DJ Concept - Flight Patterns

J. Capri - BornStars

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Señor Kaos "Peter Piper"

Not sure what prompted this, but I'm all about this Jam Master Jay tribute. Kaos does his thing on the mic, breathing new life into that classic Run DMC jam, and Jeff does Jay well. Love Hip-Hop. EDIT Looks like Jay's birthday passed recently.

DOWNLOAD DJ Jazzy Jeff & Señor Kaos "Peter Piper"

Bonus Beats Funkmaster Flex's JMJ Tribute [via herfection]


[video] Mr. Complex "Holy Smokes"

Pavy - Middle Class Ignorance

[video] D-Risha "In The Music (Purple Bastard Remix)"

Gripz - 2DBZ Freestyle Friday Series

[video] Shady Nate ft. VT "Getting Paid"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 18th, 2012)