Saturday, February 04, 2012

Aaron Cohen - Crack

[video] Concept "And It Begins"

Chels - True School For The Moon Children

J. Lately - One Way Ticket

Crizzly Presents Crunkstep

[video] Kooley High "Drop a Dime (If They Get On)"

Malkovich & P.U.D.G.E - Lethal Vice EP

DOWNLOAD Malkovich & P.U.D.G.E - Lethal Vice EP

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/04/2012)


Friday, February 03, 2012

J-Zone At The Bowery Electric (2/16/2012)

The one and only J-Zone will be bringing the funk literally to The Bowery Electric in remembrance of Don Cornelius. For free. Full details via Facebook.

Botchamania 200

Happy 200, Botchamania! Follow TableOfJapan if you've missed any of these!

Botchamania 198

Check the unedited version HERE. I'd post Botchamania 199, but it's blocked. Botchamania 199.

blackrasslin podcast 017

I hope you guys watched the Royal Rumble - well, it wasn't THAT good, and if you missed it, I run through the entire PPV in this show. I also break down the following night's RAW, which has the fallout from the Rumble... well, it really tried to show the future. Dope show regardless. Some dope Hip-Hop goes down on this one as well. If you're new to this, welcome.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 017

[video] John Graham ft. Esha J "Dear Diary"

[video] Emilio Rojas ft. Emanny "One Last Time"

[video] Smoke DZA ft. P-IC "Money Down"

Them lil niggas kind of disrespectful.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

[video] Pavy ft. Cashflow Ellis "Put Me In Ya Club"

Truth ft. Sean Price "New Type Of Something"

Proper. Niggas just need some undeniably fly Hip-Hop for your ears. A nigga like Sean Price (who recently linked up with Dallas Penn to preview Mic Tyson) is that undeniable Hip-Hop, so it made sense for Truth to add the don to this dynamic example of Winter Rap. Love those keys - shit flows well. The Premier-esque hook? Murder. This is just awesome. Cop this on iTunes, forreal.

[video] Trinity ft. R.O.E. "Odds & Evens"

MoveMeants II: The Reprise Behind The Scenes: "Trial & Error"

Back in May 2011, I checked in with one of Hip Hop's premier DJ's/Tastemakers House Shoes. We spent the evening playing beats for each other, in which I also took the opportunity to play him an early version of MoveMeants II. Valuing his honest and sometimes sobering opinion, this was the night that I realized the album was decent, but simply not good enough. I spent the next couple of months re-working the project until I knew that it was a work that I could be undoubtedly proud of. - Jansport J

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/01/2012)

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn continues to deliver! This week's edition not only features Sha Money XL breaking down survival within the industry, but Green Bay's Ryan Grant drops in for some Super Bowl talk. Benhameen brought more poetry (and ill tracks), we get Matt Raz's news return, and all-in-all we keep the train moving. You can't stop the Combat Jack Show - you can only hope to contain it. And even then, you're losing trying to do that. Chea!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (2/01/2012)

The Dubstep Show with Jakes (1/31/2012)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

[video] Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Young Zee & Pacewon "Design In Malice"

[video] Varsity Squad "Come Back"

Sean Born - 909 Jack: BTS Pause Mix

Word from Rosenberg is that Sean Born's Behind The Scale album is due out in two weeks. To put you folk who might not be up on dude's work, he sorted out this throwback mix of Born verses, freestyles and tracks alongside DJ Marshall Law. Loads of Kev Brown beats on here, with features from Kenny Cold and many more. Roll up to this one.

DOWNLOAD Sean Born - 909 Jack: BTS Pause Mix

[video] Vasco "CrimeApple"

Coldcut "Say Kids What Time Is It?"

The first single on Coldcut's Ninja Tune imprint was the seminal "Say Kids What Time Is It?", a slap-happy cut and paste masterpiece. It dropped on the 1st of February in 1987, and turned 25 years young today. Ninja Tune let this white label be available for free download. Praise Jah. This is the kind of cut-up music I was rockin' to in high school.

DOWNLOAD Coldcut "Say Kids What Time Is It?"

[video] M.anifest "Makaa Maka"

[video] Dutch New York "Addicted"

[video] El Da Sensei ft. Tame One & DJ Kaos "Everyday In The Street (!llmind Remix)"

[video] General Monks ft. Styliztik Jones "Hand Blocks"

Space City Beat Battle Recap

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[video] MiLKMEN "Swizzert"

DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/30/2012)

Got another DJ Wonder mix, this time featuring two(!!) Santi Junior refixes! A bit of the "dub-hop" from DJ Paul, some cuts form Jeezy and plenty more out there. Rock to this one.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/30/2012)

DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/25/2012)

It was bound to happen. @DJWonder rocked @DJNappy's THUGSTEP Refix of @AleonCraft's "Yoga Flame" during his Wonder Mix last week. Totally missed it - but it's available for you right now. Wonder also threw in some Fused Forces, Skrillex, Action Bronson and plenty more. Sick mix, as per usual.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder - Wonder Mix (1/25/2012)

[video] 12th Planet & Flinch "The End is Near Pt. 1"

[video] Venomous2000 "Where Ya At (Machinist Remix)"

DOA: 01.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

Here's the start of what should be a DnB mix a month from the homey Nappy. I handed him the promos that I got in my DOA mail and asked him to sort out a special mix; here's his drop for January. Featured artists include dBridge, NCQL, Mind Vortex, Friction, Majistrate and plenty more. Enjoy this one!

Jon Hope: A One Of One

WhyGee - I Need Money

I'd go in on this project, which is a sick one, but this write-up says it all: "Bread not looking right? Need some player advice? Whygee and Qknox can help you maximize YOUR Grind. Their critically acclaimed album " I Need $ " has been given the nod for it's smooth arrangement, logical presentation, and a sound which can only be explained as Grown, Anti Pop Bullshit. This is not just some mixtape. It's not a mixtape at all. This is Pre-Meditated Murder Of The Track by Hitmen For Hire".

PURCHASE WhyGee - I Need Money

Monday, January 30, 2012

[video] AL GREAT "Pray I Make It"

R.O.E. x Neak x Sincerely Yours x Slot-A "Hear Ye'"

Some fresh shit I got passed a few hours ago. "Hear Ye'" is what happens when four talented niggas hit up the studio late night and create some crack. Some truthfully awesome bass is laid atop some filtered, throwback breaks and these guys just bless the mic. Straight tough.

DOWNLOAD R.O.E. x Neak x Sincerely Yours x Slot-A "Hear Ye'"

[video] iLLmont "Miscellaneous Info"

The Jake ft. Add-2 "Take A Ride"

Latest single from the homey The Jake features Add-2, who you should be getting to know - if not, introduce yourself and stop playing yourself! This cut is actually dropping on iTunes tomorrow b/w "Beauty in the Bullshit" (which features Jae B & Allen Ritter), so figure this as a pre-release exclusive buy. Support more quality Hip-Hop - these funds will go right back into The Jake's next full length project. And he's quality. So go get it!

BUY The Jake ft. Add-2 "Take A Ride"

Dom O Briggs ft. ScienZe "DopeNDoper"

Fuck - talk about some of that feel good for your morning! That sample? Might make you start hitting the salsa, merengue and other Spanish dances you can't pronounce. Dom O and ScienZe link up for another track that lives up to the name affixed to it. These two just go straight for the jugular, be it stabbing or stabbing. Yeah I said it. Taken from Dom O's Always Inspire(d) EP, which is due out March 25th.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs ft. ScienZe "DopeNDoper"

[video] Mirandom "Big Beat Jawn"

Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle "Full Spectrum 2"

What a great follow-up to "Full Spectrum". The Zilla / Has / Quandary trifecta adds a fourth, Open Mike Eagle, and they coast over this track like Ric Flair and the Horsemen. Only from the 1920s, noir wrestling. Which kind of makes sense. Some of the best wrestling is about the storylines that get intertwined. Plus there's a John Tenta reference in here. Unless I'm lost. It's still early.

DOWNLOAD Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle "Full Spectrum 2"(prod. by Dr. Quandary)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

RoQ'y TyRaiD "Windows Of Bass"

Truth be told, this shit does what it says on the tin. If this cut is anything, it's chest-thumping bass for your face. RoQ'y and Dn³ with some fresh shit for ya. Some shit to straight cruise to. Especially if you have shit you NEED to do but you're avoiding.

DOWNLOAD RoQ'y TyRaiD "Windows Of Bass" (prod. by Dn³)

Doss The Artist - 9Lives

Daily Dose of Dubstep (1/26/2012): Borgore

Coldcut On Solid Steel (1/27/2012)

[video] Constant Deviants "Won't Stop" Presents: The J57 Collection [Mixed by DJ Concept]

[video] Puck "Turn My Music Up"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 25th, 2012)