Saturday, March 10, 2012

DC1A -+- Gamma Rayz

[video] Noah D ft. The Grouch "Just Right"

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Decepts On The L Train"

Hollywood FLOSS – One Fan At A Time (Chopped & Screwed)

[video] Dre Robinson "Thoughts"

J. Slikk - Bucktown'81

All Beats produced by J. Slikk for Backpackers Anonymous Music Group. All beats are watermarked (undetectable by normal listening habits!) All beats = 1000 Exclusive 500 Leasing... SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

[video] Cella Dwellas "Be True"

DOWNLOAD Cella Dwellas "Be True" [clean | dirty]

Big K.R.I.T. - 4Eva N A Day

[video] Kasual "Brilliant"

[video] Black Collar Biz "Need You In My Atmosphere"

One of my favorite tracks from Forever Black.

DJ Nappy Interviews Crizzly

Video by Definate Films. Via Generation Bass.

[video] Wes B "Keep Movin"

[video] Jay Griffy "Rigamortis"

RTD Playlist (Week of 3/09/2012)


Friday, March 09, 2012

Mister Cee's Notorious B.I.G. Tribute Mix (3/09/2012)

I've been in a Biggie zone all day, as you can see by the posts that proceed this one. I had been waiting for Mister Cee's three-hour mix on Hot 97 earlier today, and I saw that Rap Radar (by way of Miss Info) has it all posted. Service. Shouts to RR by the way; they are celebrating three years strong in this. Shit. 15 years since Biggie got killed? Fuck. Reminisce on this one.

DOWNLOAD Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Meet T'yanna Wallace

Damn, Biggie's daughter is 18. Hit up Don't Get Gassed to peep the interview with her mother, Jan Jackson, and download the entire show, which is hella Biggie-centric.

Terry Urban & Dope Couture Present Born Ready To Die

I've never listened to Lana Del Rey. I imagine a lot of you have. Terry Urban felt it made sense to flip some of her tracks and throw BIG vocals from Ready To Die on it. This is how it came out.

DOWNLOAD Terry Urban & Dope Couture Present Born Ready To Die

The Notorious B.I.G. "Think B.I.G. (Tribute Video)"

PleaseDontStare is proud to present “Think B.I.G.” a tribute video to the one and only Christopher Wallace. Taking Big’s “Somebody’s Gotta Die” and crafting a short film that details the story told in Biggie’s vivid rhymes, @RealityyBites has created a moving tribute to the late great Big Poppa.

Mighty High Coup vs. Oscillatorz "Brand New (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Last Saturday, Nappy sent me like eight Mighty High Coup refixes. Not sure if he refixed everything of theirs that he got, but I know he plans on releasing a project with them. In any case, White Folks Get Crunk premiered this refixes, and it got a shit ton of downloads. Don't sleep!

Brokn.Englsh "Got Dammit!"

Fuck me for not putting this one out earlier. The Jersey crew Brokn.Englsh flip one of my favorite beats off of Watch The Throne, for no real reason. Well, they did it to hype up the "My Favorite Demons" release, which is a mother. Word is B.E has a series of EPs entitled Brokn.Points: Trilogy, which will not only show their growth but give the heads something you haven't heard from these three before. I also got the scoop that Lyriq 2 Goand Mr. Cion Burris (aka MC Almond Milk) have solo projects on the way. Trying to catch up to Mr. Myk Dyaleks himself. Fucks with this and wait for the next ish.

DOWNLOAD Brokn.Englsh "Got Dammit!"

DJ Definit - The Notorious Prophecy

Dope project from DJ Definit, mixing classic Biggie tracks with the originals that were sampled. Special exclusive from Get Right Music. Loving this one!

DOWNLOAD DJ Definit - The Notorious Prophecy

Side-B At #GardenVaritey (2/25/2012)

Great to see this video finally coming out. You might even spot me in a half-second frame as well. Edobeci + Pryme Prolifik in the above video, after the jump we have performances from Willie Dynomite, King Don, Mr. Fickle, Omega Ice and more.

blackrasslin podcast 022

Another episode of the blackrasslin podcast, featuring the usual RAW recap, loads of news and other nigga views. Had to drop some Biggie on this one as well. Fucks with this if you fucks with WWE.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 022

DJ Leche - Eye Of The Storm (3/09/2009)

Here's a dope LIVE Biggie mixtape that Leche did on the Central Soul Mixshow three years ago, featuring an intro from the one like Talib Kweli. #RIPBIG

Mister Cee's 10th Anniversary Biggie Mix

With Megaupload dying, I was unaware of the status of these files, and figured I should reup these for you BIG fans out there on the day of his untimely death. Juan Epstein asked Mister Cee for these like four years ago, and he graciously sent them his four-hour takeover for Funkmaster Flex, spending Flex's time-slot celebrating the 10th year of Biggie's passing. It's all Biggie, from the hits and remixes to unreleased and unheard cuts. He had some celebrity callers calling in, but really it's just the vibe of the whole event. Magical. Again, shouts to Juan Ep for getting this sorted out. I threw these in a Mediafire folder, so just head over HERE and grab them all, dust off your Coogi, spark up some la and get right. Rest in Peace, Biggie. You're truly missed.

BTS: Black Collar Biz "Death 2 The BullS#!t"

No Pressure (3/10/2012)

DOPE line-up at the Public Assembly Saturday night featuring D.Julien, Tone Liv, OISD, The Cause & Knowledge and many more.

[video] Jamieson "Last Time I Saw You"

Thursday, March 08, 2012

[video] Ess Vee "Feel Music"

[video] Big K.R.I.T. "Boobie Miles"

TriState "The Coffee Break (Zeds Dead vs. DJ Bobby B & DJ Doc Swift)"

I LOVE randomly getting shit that makes me stop what the fuck I'm doing. You should already know that I fucks with Hip-Hop and dubstep hybrid sound (shouts to DJ Nappy), but was not expecting TriState (who you probably recently heard with Planet Asia as General Monks) working on a Hip-Hop/dubstep thing. The Gold Chain fam sent this one over - looks like DJ Bobby B (of the KottonMouth Kings) and DJ Doc Swift are dropping a mixtape entitled Dub Massive on the 15th of March. Oh, the Ides of March. Loving how TriState coasted on this one.

DOWNLOAD TriState "The Coffee Break (Zeds Dead vs. DJ Bobby B & DJ Doc Swift)"

[video] Billy Woods "Headband"

Boom Blake "Thugg'N Freestyle"

Talk about unexpected. Not to say that Boom Blake ain't up on this track, but I wasn't thinking Bleezy was trying to fuck with them Madlib beats! Shout out to White City. He does his thing on this Gibbs track, I can't front. Keeps it Trenton but still lets the track guide him. His album The Manual Procedures drops this summer.

DOWNLOAD Boom Blake "Thugg'N Freestyle"

[video] Neon Hitch "Love U Betta"

Um, yeah. This video is crazy. Yeah. I'm a fan. Does SXSW2012

More details on this via Dogs On Acid, including an opportunity to win some tickets to that March 10th show. You need to get up on that!!

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (3/07/2012)

I can't say I've read a full bio/interview on Young Guru, the engineer behind many of the Roc's tracks, so to have Combat Jack go in with Guru's history in the game is so necessary. Guru's a real dude, intelligent and witty, and if you don't follow him on twitter, you're missing out. No Dallas Penn this week, but does that stop the train? Hell nah, nigga.

NoEmotion Goldmask x Justincredible: 8-Hour Erection

DOWNLOAD NoEmotion Goldmask x Justincredible 8-Hour Erection

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Jansport J "Peace Pipe (BDB)"

If you follow me on the twitters, you might catch me randomly bigging up Jansport J. I have to be cryptic, because I didn't want to be flat out like I GOT THIS SHIT YOU AIN'T GOT, NEE NEE, but I've heard Movemeants II: The Reprise and it hasn't left my NiggaBerry. It's that damn good. You might remember the sample on this as being the one Timbaland used for that "Indian Flute" song, but this is much better. And that feels like it's what J did. He flips your shit and makes it much tighter. He's got a SHITLOAD of quality instrumentals on this one. Trust me. Rock to "Peace Pipe" while smoking a peace pipe, and hit the jump for the tracklist. And check out what happened when J met with House Shoes. Movemeants II: The Reprise drops April 3rd.

DOWNLOAD Jansport J "Peace Pipe (BDB)"

Bonus Beats Jansport J "Stop (Loving Me)"

[video] Wildabeast "Who Knows."

I told you guys this was coming out! When Jelani hit me about this EP, he asked me to send some dubstep tracks so he could flip them. In the pack I sent Pixel Fist's "Seduction", and he looped that shit up crazy, allowing Wildabeast to just massacre it, birthing "Who Knows.". Shouts to all of them for making this happen. Video directed (and edited and shot) by Joey Angerone, produced by Evan Frank. Make StrandBeast a part of your life.

[video] Flux Pavilion ft. Example "Daydreamer"

[video] Rashid Hadee ft. Augustine "The All"

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Drumma Boy ft. Waka Flocka Flame "I'm On Worldstar (DJ Nappy Remix)"

Notice no other producer's name is on this... that's right, DJ Nappy has been talking about making his own tracks for a minute, and premiered one on Mass Effect, but he just sent over this Drumma Boy remix, and his track on here? My Lord. I don't know if people are ready for this... as per usual. I'd love to see this track be used on a nignorant video on Worldstar.

DOWNLOAD Drumma Boy ft. Waka Flocka Flame "I'm On Worldstar (DJ Nappy Remix)"

[video] Legit "Danny Ocean"

Another cut taken from Coloring Outside The Lines.

[video] Christian'Dee "March 27th"

[video] Hodgy Beats & Tyler, the Creator "NY (Ned Flanders)"

Side-B Radio (3/04/2012)

Another dope episode in the can. Phil and Divine drop a load of dope music from cats like Rhymageddon, King Don, Gangrene, El Da Sensei, Mr. Fickle, Black Collar Biz and plenty more. Phil also gets a phone interview with Camden's Big Lou. Solid show as per usual.

[video] Green Street ft. Cavalier "Abundance"

Love this beat.

[video] Sho Baraka "Get Wise"

[video] Yung Truth ft. John Dew & Doughbeezy "Gettin It On"

[video] ANTHM "Can I Live"

Redman On The Combat Jack Show

I truly hope you guys aren't sleeping on this. Peep video of Redman keeping it real on Def Jam (both good and ill). I hope Def Jam doesn't drop Muddy Waters 2; if you want to hear the full show, grab it HERE. And don't sleep - The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn, every Wednesday Night, 10PM to 12AM on PNC Radio (or via mobile link).

[video] Logic "Numbers"

[video] Action Bronson & Party Supplies "Hookers At The Point"

Great concept. I fucked with those HBO specials. This is crazy.

Monday, March 05, 2012

[video] Weapons of Audio "Night Light"

[video] Silent Knight & The Band Called FUSE "Texas North, 5AM"

This is a deep one. Let it marinate. Sucker Punch Gospel is out now.

[video] Metabeats ft. Dubbledge "EyeSeeYou"

Cop this single via iTunes.

[video] Dave Raps "Hitchhicker"

Dave's forthcoming mixtape, AKA Dave Ruffin, drops in April.

Fresh Daily "G.G.G (okay, okay)"

Been a little bit since I've heard Fresh Daily drop some new shit, so to get this cut in the inbox was definitely well-received. Homey has a new project dropping via Complex / Converse that he's been crafting daily for the last two months (I think it's called The Brooklyn Good Guy). This shit is dope - has that chiptune/video game flex to it, with F.D. going IN on the mic. If you're not familiar with him, prepare to be properly introduced. Grab that FreEP March 8th.

DOWNLOAD Fresh Daily "G.G.G (okay, okay)" (prod. by Benamin)

Genrokka ft. Boom Blake, GMA & Brixx "You'll See Freestyle"

One of my favorite instrumentals gets dismantled by some of Trenton's wildest. Boom and Gen shouldn't be strangers to RTD fans, and I've posted a grip of their shit before. This is another jawn from Genrokka's forthcoming James Bernard Vol. 1 mixtape, which is now dropping Spring 2012. Some shit to rock to, while inebriated. Pour something up.

ft. Boom Blake, GMA & Brixx "You'll See Freestyle"

Wildabeast ft. King Guttah I & Dutch New York "Bright Lights (Remix)"

Here's a remix of a cut from StrandBeast, which we presented a few weeks back. Dutch, Guttah & Wil are all from Harlem and recorded this cut on the 24th of February. Been waiting on this one, trust! Jelani and them do the damn thing - word from their camp is a video for the dubstep jump-off, "Who Knows", is on the way as well. Love productive cats, fam!

DOWNLOAD Wildabeast ft. King Guttah I & Dutch New York "Bright Lights (Remix)"

PremRock & Willie Green ft. Has-Lo "Radio Dial (Blockhead Remix)"

Wordup. Shouts to PremRock for sending this one over. Reminded me of the days where all I did was keep a cassette in my boombox, waiting for that fresh new shit to come on the dial. Shit doesn't happen anymore - for good or ill - but hearing this took me back. This cut is taken from Prem & Willie's remix album, PremRock & Willie Green: Reassembled, which drops on the 12th of March, which features remixes from NASA, Has-Lo, A.M. Breakups, Lex Boogie and more. Don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD PremRock & Willie Green ft. Has-Lo "Radio Dial (Blockhead Remix)"

[trailer] Roc For Raida

Drops on March 20th.

[video] Tommy Nova ft. Juga-Naut "Remote Detonation"

[video] Jefferson Price "What You Saying Though"

The Sixth Grade - One Takes & Blunt Breaks

The boy Kid Hum has unearthed a cassette (!!) of an album that featured him rhyming. No bullshit: "This might be your only chance ever to hear a full album of Kid Hum RAPPING. This a reissue of the album "One Takes & Blunt Breaks" by The Sixth Grade. The Sixth Grade is a Rap group from Arvada, CO consisting of Kid Hum and Offly Nice. This album was recorded in the summer of 2007 (or 2005 maybe, hmmmm). The only other thing I will say is the whole thing was recorded to Cassette Tape and then played into Pro Tools!!! You will instantly notice the unique sound I was messing with back then using only old records and cassette tape. Check it out!!".

DOWNLOAD The Sixth Grade - One Takes & Blunt Breaks

[video] Neako "LVLFLXXXN"

Keith Murray & BURNTmd - History Of Violence

Dope tour-only mixtape from Keith Murray and BURNTmd circa 2010 that's recently been thrown online. 30 some tracks deep? Light a fat one to this and go beat someone ass. Then wait for these two, as word is they have even MORE heat on the way.

DOWNLOAD Keith Murray & BURNTmd - History Of Violence

Sunday, March 04, 2012

[video] Illiam Child "Deaf"

Stik Figa - Choosy Moms Choose Stik

Sugar Tongue Slim - #GOLDRush

[video] USMC "Smoke Good"

[video] DJ Format ft. Edan "SpaceshipEarth"

The Jake x AMSOC - I Believe in the Tears of a Girl Named Hannah

[video] Pavy "Confusions"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (2/29/2012)


The Dubstep Show with Jakes (2/28/2012)

Dregs One - The Inspiration

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 29th, 2012)