Saturday, March 17, 2012

[video] Trel ft. Dres "Killin Em"

[video] Jakk Frost, Nico The Beast & Reef the Lost Cauze "3 Headed Monster"

[video] Rashid Hadee ft. JV "When The Temperature Rise"

[video] Skyzoo "Rap Like Me"

DJ Eclipse - Danny Boy's St. Patrick's Day Mix 2012

King I Divine x ScienZe - Divine ScienZe

[video] Headnodic ft. Raashan Ahmad "Cough Drop"

[video] I.B.E ft. Buda Tye & Muja Messiah "Always On It"

Bonus Beats I.B.E. That Tape

RTD Playlist (Week of 3/16/2012)


Friday, March 16, 2012


This project has been a thing of comedy. It should've been out before 2012 even hit, but I was looking for either proper versions of tracks or promised jawns. Had to let this one go - the idea was too good. I broke the (skewed) science behind the title in the liner notes, and won't go into it all here. Featured artists include Rhymageddon, Mr. Fickle, Rickie Jacobs, AWKWORD, BURNTmd, Touchphonics, Daniel Joseph, Dutch New York and more. A hair under 45 minutes or so. Fucked up part is, hulkshare wasn't letting me upload a .zip (or a .rar!) to their site, so the punchline got merked. Sharebeast, thank you.

DOWNLOAD #onlybuilt4hulksharelinx

blackrasslin podcast 023

I like how this episode came out. Dope cuts from Sean Price, Deal - The Villain, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson and more, along with a shitload of rasslin' news and views, and the recap of Raw. Wrestlemania is coming up mad soon!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 023

I'm So #Antiindustry

Featuring @Grumpy_TV, @KKHolloway, @TakiyahDiamond, @Rhymageddon and @BigGovMattic.

[video] Planet Asia "Whirlwind Patterns"

[video] Dead Poets Socicety "Dead Alchemy"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nas "The Don"

Niggas saying Escobar Season is back. He's been on his dean with the last batch of leaks, and this one is no exception. Heatrock from the moment it drops. Nas said that Heavy D dropped this track off to Salaam Remi for him to rip. Fucks with this. Lyrics and other, um, info via MissInfo.

DOWNLOAD Nas "The Don" (prod. by Salaam Remi, Da Internz & Heavy D)

J.Period Presents... The Best of Muthaf#ckin Nate Dogg

As you may know, we lost Nate Dogg one year ago today. J. Period paid tribute to Nate with this special mixtape, his first ever West Coast tribute. Blast this one LOUD in your cubicle, with your hoe, or in the cipher. Classic.

DOWNLOAD J.Period Presents... The Best of Muthaf#ckin Nate Dogg

[video] Dre Skuffs ft. Courtney Danger "They Know"

DOWNLOAD Dre Skuffs ft. Courtney Danger "They Know" (prod. by Kardan)

#GardenVariety: Natural Selection (3/31/2012)

It doesn't even know how to stop. Another edition of the #GardenVariety show goes down at the Trenton Atelier on the 31st of March, with cats like Sol Infinite, A Crew Called Listen, Rav P, Biz Mighty, M.I.L., Scoop and plenty more! Beats from Divine Drummah + J. Gainey, with Ahmad and Latebloomer on the decks. The dude Edobeci is on hosting duties once again. Should be another fresh one. Facebook Event page is live and in effect. Come through!

Makin' Moves With Phil Jackson, Episode 1

Via The Incredible Kulk.

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (3/14/2012)

Newest latest edition of the Combat Jack show is still Dallas Penn-less, but the god Sean Price rolled through, talking about beards and his next project. High Times' Danny Danko was in studio as well, and the fam got bent. Jack coughed it out. Great show regardless, and as they explain early on, no more downloads of the shows. Not too happy about that, but they don't want to get OnSMASH'd, which I can respect. #GetReadyForCombat

[video] Ski Beats ft. Rugz D. Bewler "Thank God"

Love the Do The Right Thing homage.

[video] Neako "Whippin' Whippin'"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[preview] Dom O Briggs - Always Inspire(d) EP

Funny story, how I got to fucking with Dom O Briggs' music. At last year's #BYOBBBQ2 in BKLYN, I left that event on some slightly stumble shit. I had just drank some Henny with Dallas Penn, Premium Pete and them, and was walking up the block to hit the subway to get back to Manhattan. I thought I had seen Dom O and his crew walking ahead of me, primarily because I had posted a video of his that same day. Random twitter conversation later, and I confirmed that that definitely was him. Wild how that works, right? Over the following months, I've gotten introduced (and, in turn, introduced you) to his music, and have been amazed. And mad that I was just hearing about dude. After championing his sound, his people hit me up about presenting Always Inspire(d), his next EP that's due out on March 25th. After fucking with the leaks (and an unreleased jawn or two), I must say that you niggas who are in that stage of knowing who you are mentally but really figuring out how to get the world fucking with your chi are going to be inspired by this. My man blends humor and verbal dexerity effortlessly, and seems to be having fun. Shouts to DealWithNoDeal and ToySldrs, who are also presenting/sponsoring this EP. The front cover is up above, and the tracklist is down below. You've been warned...

Sucker Freestyle: Myk Dyaleks

Had no idea the boy @MykDyaleks got this off! Jersey!


Deal - The Villain "Try"

Of course DTV will drop a random track out the blue, flipping the same track that birthed "Otis", but not the same way at all. Try a little tenderness and just listen. This Samoan Jersey representer always keeps me guessing. I don't think he has any rasslin' references in this one, doe. You still sleepin', niggas?

DOWNLOAD Deal - The Villain "Try"

[video] Cool Nutz ft. Mikey Vegaz "Superman"

Put This On (S02 E01) [ft. Dallas Penn]

Shouts to eskay.

#GardenVariety (2/25/2012) Montage

Dope montage of pics from last month's #GardenVariety show. I'm actually in a few of these shots - I win! Can't wait for the next one. Shouts to J. Gainey, who also produced the magnificent beat in this piece.

Happy Hour FELAbration (March 20th-25th, 2012)

[video] Scoop "Standard"

[video] Danny Brown "Radio Song"

[video] Diplo ft. Nicky Da B "Express Yourself"

Single is out now. Full details via Mad Decent.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[video] Killah Priest "Listen To Me"

[video] Borgore vs. Dev "Kiss My Lips"

Rich Quick and DJ NoPhrillz: I'm With The DJ

I'm With The DJ drops April 1st. Shouts to Jodie.

DOWNLOAD Rich Quick & DJ NoPhrillz "I'm With The DJ"

#SXSW2012: (3/10/2012)

Here's some (short) video from this past Saturday's event at SXSW2012:

Flying Lotus


[video] Pill "4 Life"

Action Bronson - Blue Chips

Do you really need me telling you that Action Bronson is a beast? Or that Party Supplies makes a grip of heat on the boards? If I do, then shit - what the fuck were you listening to in 2011? In any case, Complex and Reebok, two brands I don't really get behind too tough, backed this, so shouts to them for that. You get a free project of great Rap. Presented by DJ Booth. Drink it down slow.

Soul Khan - Wellstone EP

Wasn't expecting this one. Soul Khan giving away a dope EP of material, produced entirely by BBAS-bredren DeeJay Element? Don't sleep on this. Khan's one of the nicest out there, and I'm not saying that because I pal around with that greedy bastard J57. Khan's got the balance on lock - he's an established battle rap murderer, but he's got a shitload more to say, and knows just how to say it. For free? You better thank him. And be prepped to spend some loot on his next one. Shouts to DJ Booth for presenting this one.

Side-B Radio (3/11/2012)

These boys just don't quit. I didn't realize a lot of things - like Phil has set up a show with the Trentonian on-line, or that he fucked with Kooley High, who call into the show this episode. Divine shouted me out, but he still hasn't leaked anything yet! NEED THAT MUSIC, FAM! Fuck with this episode, these boys putting it down for Jersey.

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 29: The DDP Yoga Episode

I don't know what surprised me more, having Diamond Dallas Page as a guest during this week's show, or having Joe So Delicious' fiance as a guest during this week's show. Both of these are chock full of win.

[video] Jukstapose "My Years"

If you fucks with this, grab Last Year's Mess.

[video] Makeshift "Nothin Light"

[video] Mr. Complex ft. Kalmoo "Slaughter"

Monday, March 12, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy - The Thugstep Commission 2

Once again, it's on. My boy DJ Nappy has had his hands in a few movements - he recently starting working with 11-11 Agency, and is booking for the magnificent David Heartbreak, and is working on refix projects for Aleon Craft, Mighty High Coup and others. He's producing his own tracks, always doing work for Generation Bass, and still DJs. And he puts up with me, and yall know I ain't shit. Following up on December's Thugstep Commission tape, here's the sequel, which features a great mixture of pure dubstep from Zeds Dead, Evol Intent, Lost (who's "Dirty Bandit" is a monster!!) and more alongside some dope THUGSTEP cuts by Santi Junior and Nappy himself, as well as the magnificent Doctor P remix of "The Licence" and Cypress Hill & Rusko's "Roll It, Light It". That Hip-Hop/Dubstep sound has been moving strong, and this is another brick in the wall. Shouts to ClubTapes and Definate.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - The Thugstep Commission 2

Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle "Full Spectrum 2 (L'Orange Remix)"

I love beats like this. Hypnotic symphonies, make me feel prince-ly. No Purple Rain. L'Orange went in with this one, perfecting upon an already perfectious piece of Hip-Hop excellence. You'd think that talented MCs would rap over beats like this more often. Niggas in Jeeps like fucking with thought as well! Don't sleep on the original sequel, either.

DOWNLOAD Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle "Full Spectrum 2 (L'Orange Remix)"

Can Bloggers Put Hope Back Into the 2012 Election?

The League of Young Voters Education Fund empowers young people nationwide to participate in the democratic process and create progressive political change on the local, state and national level – with a focus on non-college youth and youth from low-income communities and communities of color. The League is hosting an official SXSW Interactive panel called "Can Bloggers Put Hope Back Into the 2012 Election?", which you can stream below. Participants include: Chloe Hilliard, Editorial Director, Dee-1, Hip-hop Artist. Jasiri X, Hip-hop Activist. Quentin James, National Director, Sierra Student Coalition. Erica Williams, Senior Strategist, Citizen Engagement Lab. Rob “Biko” Baker, Executive Director, League of Young Voters Education Fund. Rashad Robinson, Executive Director, Color of Change.

St. Joe Lous "The Hardest Goodbye"

As the time draws near for more St. Joe Louis material, we get a new jawn from the trio over some banging Elete production. If you don't know, Elete has been putting some work in with the NJRFSU collective, and I think that young energy is flying into their production. And that's no diss - it brings a dope element that most crews sleep on. This one is tough; the marching drums and ominous horns add a real wartime vibe to it, drawing a line in the sand kind of flex. You ain't ready for this.

DOWNLOAD St. Joe Louis "The Hardest Goodbye"

[video] Rob Gulatte "Trill Hip Hop"

Shouts to Zilla Rocca for sending this one over.

[video] YFame "Shoutout"

[video] Kudoz & Red Spade "Otis (Remix)"

Couple of niggas having fun over a dope track? Why not?!

Bonus Beats Red Spade Starborn

[video] Rapper Big Pooh ft. NoOne & Chevy Jones "Special"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fresh Daily - The Brooklyn Good Guy

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (3/08/2012)

Black EL x Durkin - The Collage

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/07/2012)

[video] KB Jones "Fuck The Bullshit"

I endorse the fuck out of this.

DOWNLOAD KB Jones "Fuck The Bullshit"

TMB Presents Madden Miles "Large Marge Sent Me"

[video] Indiana Rome ft. Tef Poe & Teresa Jenee "So Cold 2"

[video] Lyriqs Da Lyraciss "My Style"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 7th, 2012)