Saturday, March 24, 2012

RTD Playlist (Week of 3/23/2012)


[video] Innapropriate Language "Ain't Nobody Out There Ready To Bust"

[video] Perry Porter "19XX"

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution(s)

Kyle Hubbard - You're Not That Special

Dustin-Prestige - Plaid

Chase Fire - I'm Fire

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Victor

DJ Modesty - Kings From Queens 2

Kooley High "Dear Raleigh (The Sinopsis Remix)"

The Sinopsis flipped Kooley High's letter to Raleigh, and this is some chill shit to lounge to on this dreary March afternoon. I'm about to eat some motherfucking pizza and celebrate my Internets being back on. If I smoked, I'd put a few thing sin the air for this one, you smell me? Word is Sinopsis remixed the entire David Thompson - might need that, based on this! Word from Sinopsis is that it's entitled The Skywalker. And if you want more Kooley High, peep them cats on Side-B Radio!

DOWNLOAD Kooley High "Dear Raleigh (The Sinopsis Remix)"

[video] L.A. VanGogh "Thirsty Thursday (Ignorance is Bliss)"

This is forthcoming on L.A. VanGogh's 1986: The Prelude, which drops on April 24th; "The incorporated Weeknd sample with the beat produced by Full Crate adds an abnormally trippy effect to the narrative about college struggles. "Thirsty Thursday" conveys a college scene and possible consequences of alcohol abuse based on an unofficial college holiday where students indulge in substance abuse on Thursdays. Each verse symbolizes and change of scenario symbolizes a change in state of mind varying from fully conscious to unconscious. It's as if L.A. VanGogh transcended his own physical body and saw this whole setup as it happened".

Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar

LOL Kendrick is so taken aback.

[stream] Ultra Music Festival 2012 (3/24/2012)

[video] Serum & Manifesto "Manic City"

[video] Illogic and Aaron Evans "I'm Only A Drop"

Friday, March 23, 2012

Suede Jury "Up"

Damn. Back when I was mining radio frequencies, searching for the new shit, it was cuts like this that I'd hear on late-night Hip-Hop shows that I'd become enamored with. The serious low-end, that thumping kick, the eerie loop that creates a hypnotic melody. The straight to the face delivery? Amazoid. Suede Jury is from The Brooklyn Good Guys, and this one is taken from his Dreamers Block project, which is dropping April 3rd.

DOWNLOAD Suede Jury "Up" (prod. by Tae One)

blackrasslin podcast 024

We're a little over a week away from Wrestlemania 28, but niggas still gotta cover the lead-in to the big one. We break down this week's Raw, discuss what's going on with WWE's Developmental league, and even drop a shit ton of dope Hip-Hop. You already know.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 024

[video] Allen Thomas ft. Khalil Who "Thing I Thing II"

Danny! "Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)"

Here's the intro from Danny! album Payback, complete with a Kay Slay shout. Talk about random. I'm definitely not sure when/where Payback is coming. I know from the reviews I've read that it's getting a lot of good marks, but I also know the shit was supposed to have been out weeks (a month?) ago. Or something like that. Just saying, dude is doing his thing, and is getting Jay-Z love. Cursed or blessed? Silly me, why am I even asking these questions - niggas don't give a fuck either way.

DOWNLOAD Danny! "Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)" [viz 2DBz]

Danny Brown "Grown Up"

Tracks like this are always great. Not because it's on some "back in the day when I was young" shit, but when people think of niggas like Danny Brown or the Odd Future crew, it's the obvious highlighting of the flashy, fucked-up side of their catalog. They pen some ode to their youth, or a song about love lost, and people think it's flukes. When Elucid put me onto Danny Brown's other side, with cuts like "DNA", I grew to appreciate the yin and the yang. Plus these "back in the day when I was young" shits are always fun to blast on the back porch, thinking about penny candy and quarter waters. Damn.

[video] OnCue "Kinda Late"

[video] Genrokka ft. Boom Blake, Slim & Brix "You'll See"

[video] MiLKMEN "Wayans Bro Flow"

[video] CZNA "Relentless Forever"

[video] Pii ft. Hakiym Sha'ir "Old News"

Thursday, March 22, 2012

[video] Homeboy Sandman "The Miracle"

[video] Gensu Dean ft. Large Professor "Forever"

I like that Extra P really looks like a professor. I'm surprised his acting didn't include any "nahmeans", doe.

Nardwuar vs. Danny Brown

Tom Chase "As Live As It Gets"

This is another track I've been sitting on. St. Joe Louis' Tom Chase has been talking to me about his Zombie project, but I'm not sure how deep into it he is. This DJ Priority-produced banger makes me realize at the untapped talent in the Garden State. This version is clean, so I'm hoping Side-B gets on this one early. Tom isn't fucking around, and Priority? My Lord!

DOWNLOAD Tom Chase "As Live As It Gets" (prod. by DJ Priority)

Cult Favorite - The Kingdom

Here's some shit I've been waiting on from Elucid and A.M. Breakups, aka Cult Favorite: "Elucid and A.M. Breakups present The Kingdom as a taste of what's to come, combining elements of dub, glitch, and industrial music. This may sound like a lot rolled into one spliff, but a single listen proves that Cult Favorite keep things rooted in NYC hip-hop, creating a vibe which remains unwaveringly Gutta.

Fresh off a few memorable performances in Austin, Cult Favorite (ELUCID X A.M. BREAKUPS) is proud to present the Kingdom Mix. We wanted to share this SXSW exclusive with everyone who didn't get their hands on the limited edition release pictured below. The Kingdom is a collection of new tunes introducing the high vibrational Cult Favorite brand of chaos rap magic".

[video] Rickie Jacobs "1 Night"

From Rickie's forthcoming Live Epic. Shouts to BuckMarleyXXX.

Nardwuar vs. Action Bronson

[video] David Banner ft. Big K.R.I.T. "Believe"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (3/21/2012)

Coming down from last week's high, and still Dallas Penn-less, Combat Jack and the crew soldier on. All of you Internets be hungry, but it's hard to trust every chef with your belly. Chef Roble stepped in this week to break down what we should be putting into our bodies. And he even spits some bars.

EDIT And you can DOWNLOAD this episode, shouts to PleaseDontStare.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[video] Plan B "ill Manors"

As my Brits would say, this shit is MEN-TAL!

[video] Tanya Morgan "Rock The Bells"

Taken from You & What Army. Produced by AEON. #Lessondary

billy woods ft. Roc Marciano & Masai Bey "Body Of Work"

billy's History Will Absolve Me drops on the 10th of April, and this cut (which features the don Roc Marciano) got some inspiration from chain-gang spirituals. Niggas be thinking, and the science behind these rhymes really goes beyond "niggas be working / grinding / everyday I'm hustling". Christ, I feel old. And tracks like this make me feel good about it.

DOWNLOAD billy woods ft. Roc Marciano & Masai Bey "Body Of Work"

D/Will & Dominique Larue "Circulate"

Back in December of 2010, I helped present Carpe, a dope project from D/Will & Dominuqe Larue, that got a grip of praise for D/Will's masterful beats and Dom's tough rhymes. I had no idea that this was a two-part series, as diem. is set to drop in April. This first cut from the project features a dope flip of a classic sample, and the Missouri x Ohio tandem really create something ill with this. I guess lightening can strike twice.

DOWNLOAD D/Will & Dominique Larue "Circulate"

Emalkay vs. OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane "When I Look At The Trap (DB Thugstep edit)"

Shouts to my boy DJ Cable for putting me onto Dixon Brothers. He said "THUGSTEP" and my ears perked up. I of course asked for more, and got sorted this nasty blend of Emalkay's "When I Look At You" underneath that OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane. What's dope is I hadn't had either of these tracks in my rotation for a bit, so rediscovering both of these is what I needed today. Their SoundCloud has a grip of refixes and mixes up for download, so roll with them early!

[video] Milly Esquire "Let 'Em Say"

[video] SB "Look of Love"

[video] Jasiri X "Trayvon"

DOWNLOAD Jasiri X "Trayvon"
Bonus Beats Reef the Lost Cauze "The Prey (For Trayvon & My Son)"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MarQ Spekt & Mobonix "Cocaine Diaries"

Some late-night hype for you cowboys out there, taken from The Bionic Jazz Project. I never got into that coke, but I figure that weight can get a hold of your mind (be it b/c of snorting or the loot/paranoia attained for woeking with it) and have you expressing yourself a number of ways. This is some crazy, sporadic mental shit over a fly Lex Boogie beat. I really rock to this one, and I never done did the white girl.

DOWNLOAD MarQ Spekt & Mobonix "Cocaine Diaries" (prod. by Lex Boogie)

Soul of the Message (4/20/2012)

Talk about a sick event. The S.A.G.E. Collective, alongside heads like the Trenton Downtown Association and this very website, will be presenting a night of proper Hip-Hop in it's many forms. Heads like Kasso, Luv1, LANK, Leon Rainbow, DELVE and many more will be having their opening reception for "Soul of the Message" on April 20th at the 219 Gallery in Trenton. Live performances will find Black Collar Biz and Roebus-One doing their thing, with the one and only DJ Ahmad on the wheels of steel. Even the mighty Polo Cortes will be doing some spoken word! Facebook Event page is HERE; should be a great night for you ninjas to get some culture in your life!

L.A. "Chun Li"

Cotdamn. L.A. goes for broke over a MEAN one from Cler Vision. This cut is taken from the Mad Bloggers-presented The Lost Riots Series, which is a pre-cursor to the Freshnerd (100 Akres) executive-produced LA Lytes. Love the obvious Street Fighter references in her rhymes and the beat. This shit is fierce and fun, and only someone like L.A. can really make this one pop. Pull this one back and when you're rocking, be sure not to kick a bitch down the stairs!

DOWNLOAD L.A. "Chun Li" (prod. by Cler Vision)

[video] Odd Future "Oldie"

Not only is The OF Tape Vol. 2 available for purchase, but OF will be performing at the Hammerstein tonight. I've had this track on repeat for the last few days, and it really made me drop the hatred for the Johnny Come Latlies and learn to just love OF again. Peter Rosenberg even had Tyler, Taco and Earl on Hot 97 to discuss Earl's return. OF Day!

The Audible Doctor Meets Video City TV

[video] Scoop "Real"

[video] Black Collar Biz "Death 2 The Bullshyt"

[video] Ka "Decisions"

Frank THE Phre$h - Sealed For Phre$hness

1/2 of the Spitzwell Brothers has sorted out his first solo mixtape, mixed by DJ K-Ro, with beats from brandUn DeShay, Dante Lewis and Brian Flores. It also features a grip of NC MCs on it. Pop your collar and rock to this.

DOWNLOAD Frank THE Phre$h - Sealed For Phre$hness

Monday, March 19, 2012

Daniel Joseph & Tone Liv "The Grand Entrance"

I'm throwing up just a preview until I get the final. Here's the first official look at Take A Commercial Break, the long-awaited collaborative project form Daniel Joseph and Tone Liv, which is presenting. This cut is produced by fellow Jersey head DJ Priority, and is a great introduction to this. Priority came with the fresh sample on this one, allowing Tone and Dan to do exactly what they do. Shit feels effortless. I hear this shit is pretty much done, by the way, just putting the final sprinkle dinkles on it. Shit's official.

Side Effect ft. Baby Blak "That Can Change"

The homey Haj of Dumhi has been telling me he's got some shit on deck, and finally sent some fly freshness over in the form of a lazy cavalcade of horns, organs and guitars that he let recent-collaborator Side Effect and Baby Blak merk. This is some shit to coast to, riding out these final hours of a punk-ass winter into what's looking like a beautiful Spring that should lead into a fu cking brutal Summer. All of that can change, doe. Who knows. I fucks with this regardless, turn this one up LOUD. And smoke something to it.

DOWNLOAD Side Effect ft. Baby Blak "That Can Change" (prod. by Haj of Dumhi)

Kusher "LOST"

Some NJRFSU shit right here. Something to marinate on, whether you're smoking or just contemplating. These dudes need to do a show around here or something. Or maybe I'm too old for this shit. Can't help it, this is great music from the youth. Blast this one loud.


J.Nolan "Can't Stop"

SMKA is on a roll, this is some superhero shit right here. J.Nolan is definitely on the come-up right now, and this is the latest single from Dreams Manifest. Loving the inspiration in this shit. Dreams get deferred, but you gotta still strive, you feel me? If I stopped, RTD wouldn't be turning 6. Keep striving.

DOWNLOAD J.Nolan "Can't Stop" (prod. by SMKA)

Miele ft. DDm "If You Got It"

Been a WHILE since I've heard some music from the artist formerly known as Milly July, but now with a new name (Miele) and an infectious, dance-y track, I'm glad to hear some new tunes from her. I'd love to see a video for this one, set in the club. Dancing on one side while that tasty who caught your eye is on the other side. Thinking on if that person has what it takes to fucks with you. First single from Miele's Sundays and Naps.

DOWNLOAD Miele ft. DDm "If You Got It" (prod. by Jaz Lottay)

The Champs ft. ?uestlove

I had no idea Neal Brennan, aka white dude who was writing Chappelle's Show, had a podcast called "The Champs" with Moshe Kasher & DJ Douggpound. He recently had ?uestlove on The Champs, who went in about a number of things, but the most important shit is Jay Electronica's forthcoming album and how Jay-Z discovered Danny! by fucking around on the Internets. I might have to fucks with this podcast on the regular though.

DOWNLOAD The Champs ft. ?uestlove

[preview] Elucid "You Ain't Even Know"

Talk about amazing... this track is only a few weeks old, but it's grown on me. My boy Nappy is like 2 months or so on Ableton, and has been pulling some BANGERS out of his machine. Elucid cooked up a special one on this though - straight up creepy Internets stalking monologue. Like forreal, this is the shit that movies get made from. Just an epic sound, trust. Let this one soak in. More on this track in the near future...

[video] The Natives "The Chaos"

[video] Kyle Hubbard "It's Making Sense"

You're Not That Special drops March 20th.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Cas & DJ G-Spot - S.L.A.B.

[video] Timeless Truth ft. Action Bronson "Get The Doe"


S.A x Tranzformer - Rise In Voltage EP

Phace - Pisces Mixtape

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 14th, 2012)

[video] Gee Dubs ft. All City Crew "Anonymous"