Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Sixth Sense #iseedubpeople

Another year down. rockthedub turns 6 today, and as we always do at this time, I've cooked up a free compilation for you, the artist who fucks with the site, and you, the reader/supporter who always checks the site. Pop a bottle of your favorite libation and celebrate with me! Spread over the main and [extended] parts of this compilation, The Sixth Sense features dope music from Danny!, Zilla Rocca, Tone Liv, MarQ Spekt, Ethel Cee, Muja Messiah (with Maria Isa), Scatta R.Pee, Silent Dust, Elite Assembly, Phace, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez, Ray Dawn, My Man Shafe, BURNTmd, AWKWORD, Yogy and plenty more, including a special J. Slikk-produced KhemLab cut featuring Main Course, junclassic & Sky 7thb!. Some cuts previously-released, a bunch of unreleased/exclusive bits, and even some well-wishes from heads out in Philly (shouts to Haj, Side Effect and Ethel Cee). Shouts to EVERYONE who hit me with tracks for this - greatly appreciated. I want to thank you all for your continued support for RTD - here's my thank you gift.

RTD Playlist (Week of 3/30/2012)


Friday, March 30, 2012

[video] Sean Price "Ruben Blades"

Nardwuar vs. Young Jeezy

[video] Roc Marciano "Emeralds"

DOA: 03.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

As you should already know, Nappy has been doing a sort of monthly-recap of Drum & Bass mixes for Dogs On Acid. His mix for March, which dropped earlier today, is fucking superb. Dude is back like he never left. Fucks with this right now.

blackrasslin podcast 025

Wrestlemania 28 is this Sunday, so I HAD to go in on the entire show. I give my predictions on every scheduled match, running through all kinds of news about the show (and the Hall of Fame), as well as a couple of gems about next year's show. We goes in on this one, nahmean!?!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 025

[video] Soulogik "Self Doubt"

Noismakers With Peter Rosenberg: Nas

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[video] Homeboy Sandman "Mine All Mine"

[video] The Doppelgangaz "Schemes"

[video] M-Phazes ft. Brown Bag AllStars ''What It's All About''

[video] A-Class "So Filthy"

[video] Boog Brown "Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix)"

DOWNLOAD Boog Brown "Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix)"

[video] Muzic Class: Terrorist Threat

Grab Muzic Class' Higher Learning Pre-Tape today.

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (3/28/2012)

"It doesn't stop, it never stops" isn't just a generic "I don't know what the fuck to say" kind of thing that they do over at the Combat Jack show - it's truly a mantra they live by. This show clocks in at just under four hours, but it has to. Johnathan Mannion, Jas Fly and dream hampton all stopped by!??! What a way to close out Women's History Month (no diss, Johnathan). The crew also spent the beginning of the show airing out some CJ Show laundry in regards to the lack of iTunes presence (shouts to @SellCrackTaKids for all of his work). And #DPBack! Fucks with this, Internets.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mister Cee - Freaky Tah Tribute Mix (3/28/2012)

On this, the 13th anniversary of Freaky Tah's death, Mister Cee does what he does best and drops a special Tribute Mix on Hot 97. Shouts to the Lost Boys. Link via Miss Info.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee - Freaky Tah Tribute Mix (3/28/2012)

Thelonious Martin – #STYGLD

Always good to know that my boy Thelonious Martin is getting that shine. Well, "my boy" might be an odd term. We don't be chatting like that, but I fucks with his production, and over the last year, he's been getting those looks from a number of outlets, include work on Hodgy Beats' last project. This is taking it back to the Instrumentals that got him shining (like gold). See what I did there? Part of Jugrnaut's "Yes Please!" series (alongside Ruby Hornet), they calling my man Chicago, but we know he Jersey 'til he die. 10 tracks of quality, you already know.

DOWNLOAD Thelonious Martin – STYGLD

[video] Mike Classic "Drop Bombs"

[video] Ka "Vessel"

[video] Juicy J "Been Gettin' Money"

I never get money. Paycheck in, paycheck out. This cut is taken from Blue Dream & Lean.

[video] Organised Mess ft. Mnsr Frites, Fourny P & Jester Jacobs "Grawler"

Loiter Squad, EP1

[video] Wise Vega ft. E Ness & Sunday Down "Kash Kolony"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[video] The Cranberry Show "Cinema"

[video] Zilla Rocca "Devil's Pie"

Via Passion of the Weiss.

[video] Tef Poe ft. Killer Mike "Wrist Game Proper"

This is one of those tracks I've been waiting for heads to hear. Tef actually got this one done a little bit ago, and the official video is finally back. Poebama's one of those niggas that I have a feeling about, and with co-signs from dons like Killer Mike? Saddle up, let's ride!

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe ft. Killer Mike "Wrist Game Proper" (prod. by Tech Supreme)

[video] Dave Raps "Campfire Of '68"

[video] Hastyle The Barber "Reverse Earth"

Street Truth: Miami Pt. 1

Definate chronicles his travels during the WMC and UMF in Miami.

Jansport J "Chief"

Another single from MoveMeants II: The Reprise before it's April 3rd release, and we find Jansport J flipping a track with a Native American theme. I fucks with the plight of the Native Americans. Got deep into Scalped a month or so ago, and life on the rez ain't no joke. Neither is this tune. All real. Serial serial.

DOWNLOAD Jansport J "Chief"

NatStar "Die Slow"

Here's some Hip-Hop I can get into. For REUPSPOT's F#ck Cancer mixtape, NatStar pens a real one here, going in hard at Cancer. My grandfather had two types of cancer, so I know first hand how that can fuck a life up. That's real pain. If you know ANYONE who's had to go through this, turn this one up loud. Word is artists like Wordsmith, Playboy Tre, SkyBlew, Jones Andrews, Young Scolla, K. Sparks and more will be on this project. Dope shit. Shouts to Vick.

DOWNLOAD NatStar "Die Slow"

Side-B Radio (3/25/2012)

After a week hiatus, Side-B's back. This week features the usual helping of dope Hip-Hop, from NJ and beyond, even from ish from the homey Small Pro. Divine Drummah speaks on his forthcoming Side Beats series, and Phil has a phone interview with Georgia Anne Muldrow. Solid as per usual.

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (4/20/2012)

On 4/20, HHKNJ is back at Fire N Ice in Fords, NJ for their next show. Word is if you can go up and do Guru's verse from "DWYCK", you can win a dope Guru t-shirt (peep it after the jump). Part of something they're calling "Illest Verse". Only 3 spots to attempt, though, so register EARLY ( Go in!

"Stay Sleepin'"

Love the classic WWF logo chain, Rosenberg.

[video] Mauri Tauri "Get Wealthy"

[video] Puck "Welcome To The World"

[video] Lazurus "So To Myself I Say"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mister Cee's Eazy E Tribute Mix (3/26/2012)

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Eazy E's death, so Mister Cee went in during his Throwback At Noon for Eazy. I fuck with a lot of that West Coast sound from that time, so this is right up my alley. Enjoy. Shouts to Info.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee's Eazy E Tribute Mix (3/26/2012)

J. Gainey Presents Beats, Grooves & Remixes Vol. 3 (My Rules)

Hah shouts to J. Gainey for sending this one over. If you fuck with Side-B Radio weekly, you've heard him and his production. If this is your first time, fucks with his music forreal. He has that real Soul intertwined with his stuff. I first got wind of him through the #GardenVariety shows, and I'm a fan. Glad to finally have a new project from dude. This is something to sip some cognac to. Not from the bottle, but in a nice tumbler. Get right to this with your people. Put some smoke in the air and let it marinate.

DOWNLOAD J. Gainey Presents Beats, Grooves & Remixes Vol. 3 (My Rules)

AWKWORD ft. SoulStice, Ess Vee & CuzOH! Black "Requiem"

Check out the newest single off AWKWORD's 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project World View, "Requiem", a catchy frat party track with the worst of tragic undertones, featuring guest 16s from underground mainstay SoulStice and up-and-comers Ess Vee and CuzOH! Black, backed by a booming beat from Susan Sarandon's #1 fan ATG.

J NiCS ft. Aleon Craft "Wired Up"

Southern Niggas Ain't Slow is one of my favorite project titles. I love when niggas take stereotypes and truly flip it, but still keep it dope and not on some preachy shit. J NiCS is that dude (shouts to Numonics for putting me onto dude), and I've been fucking with Aleon Craft for a minute, so to have the two of them linking up over this big body beat? Makes me wish I had a cup of something at the job and could, you know, dance on my desk and shit. Get wired up. Southern Niggas Ain't Slow: The Product drops on April 23rd. Ain't that cover art ill?!

DOWNLOAD J NiCS ft. Aleon Craft "Wired Up" (prod. by SMKA)

[video] Rich Quick "Magnetic (Freestyle)"

I'm With The DJ drops April 1st.

DJ Total Eclipse - The J Tape

Dope concept from The X-Ecutioners' own Total Eclipse. He strictly flips tracks from cats with names starting with J, from J Dilla to James Brown, hitting mad points in between - with mad blends over Dilla beats. We're a month outside of #DillaMonth, but forreal, fucks with this.

Botchamania 204

[video] Brief "Miss Popular"

[video] G Scott "The Market"

[video] EXG "Hustle"

I'm So #Antiindustry BLOOPERS REEL

The girl @TakiyahDiamond was knocked out! Check out the full video HERE.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dom. O Briggs - Always Inspire(d)

Took a bit but niggas got it today, as promised. Call this Dom O. Briggs' magnum opus. Or a proper introduction to #BrandNewYork. Whatever you want to call it, know it's dope. And know niggas is Always Inspire(d). Shouts to DWND and ToySldrs for the help out. And enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Dom. O Briggs - Always Inspire(d)

BadTaste: A FarFetched Podcast (March 2012)

[video] SEMI "Hopping Turnstiles"

My Man Shafe "Soul Love"

And here's another jawn from My Man Shafe that slipped by me. It dropped over on 33jones on the first day of Spring, and is more of that fly Funk/Hip-Hop flavor that you need on days like Sunday. All about that honey dip that's got you weak in the knees. If you're cuddle loving right now, take your shorty to the local discotech and shake a tail feather to this one. Who's That?! My Man Shafe! is on the way, trust.

DOWNLOAD My Man Shafe "Soul Love"

[video] OBX & Tech-Neek "Falling"

[video] Double A.B., Karniege & Torae "Early 90's"

[video] Copywrite "Workahol"

[video] CitySparks "#DUCATI"

Campion Bond - Commencement

[video] J.Y. ft. Michael Francis "Pose For Me"

The Slave Shift drops April 16th.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 21st, 2012)