Saturday, December 15, 2007

LOST Season 4 Trailer

Don't ask me what the hell this is about. Everything flashed by so quickly. Popwatch has their own thoughts, though.

I saw on G4's The Feed that Season 4 of LOST was to premier on Jan. 31st, 2008, in the time slot formerly occupied by Grey's Anatomy. Holla.

Whopper Freakout

I took Friday off, and in the last two days, I've seen this commercial about 4080 times. This is such a good idea, in terms of the sheer ease it took for people to show their love/appreciation for the Whopper. Shit, I want one right now.

I should be getting paid to post this - or at least getting a Whopper.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday, Dec. 14th 2007 playlist

icy weather don't stop the leaks...


Did you guys miss Stones Throw Podcast #27? Peanut Butter Wolf dropped the Badd Santa's After Party mix, and it's lover-ly.

Did you guys miss Dub Floyd & Wally Sparks' Hip-Hop Dock-Trine 2 mixtape? This official mixtape for The Boondocks is 2 discs long and chock full of choice Hip-Hop. Do yourself a favor and grab it, early!


DJ Cable out of the UK sent me a mix he entered into a CK-One competition (he placed 3rd), and it'd got a dope tracklisting, including the fucking Fun Lovin' Criminals AND Arctic Monkeys? Grab this NOW, and peep the tracklisting:

01. Lil' Kim Intro
02. DJ Cable - Ya'll Know Me (Interlude)
03. MIMS Vs. Collie Buddz - This Is Why I Come Around (DJ Cable Blend)
04. Timbaland Vs. Dizzee Rascal - The Old Skool Way I Are (DJ Cable Blend)
05. Sexy Back Routine
06. 45 King - The 900 Number
07. Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks
08. Gnarles Barkley - Crazy
09. Fabolous - Young'n (Holla Back)
10. Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
11. Beenie Man - Hmm Hmm

Dope shit.


Peep out this mix Paul Devro did for MAD DECENT and is in the current FADER 50 issue:

Kid Cuti - Day & Night (Jokers of The Scene Remix) {Fool's Gold}
KW Griff - Phil Collins
Remi Nicole - Rock 'N' Roll (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Roundtable Knights - Freaks of Desire {Arcade Mode}
Nifty - Nifty {Atlantic Jaxx}
Jackie Chain - Blinded By The Light {Paper Route Records}
Diplo - I'm So Hood Dubplate
MC Creu - Danca Do Creu
MC Nemen - Come Queto
Katalina - DJ Girl
DJ Sega - Bodies Hit The Floor {Hollertronix}
Blaqstarr - My Smacked Bitch {Hollertronix}
DJ Sega - Dig {Hollertronix}
Trip - Who's That (Jack Beats Remix) {Ahead of The Game}
Kissy Sell Out - Harriet (Kissy's Special Annie Mac Edit feat. Bolt
Action Five)
Pomomofo - Back at the Club (Boy 8-Bits Emotional Hardcore Remix)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Defender {Vulture}
Crookers - Purple Lens Game
Odyssey - Who {WWA}

Block rockin' beats.


I also got passed this mixtape: Dub MD Presents FARO "Clean Up Season". I haven't heard of either of them, but the e-mail says this is "UK rap with a difference", which is mad intriguing. Check the tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Main Event
03. My 1st Whip
04. Pay Day
05. Alrite Wiv U (feat. Elva)
06. Hood Shit (feat. Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne)
07. E5 2 M16
08. Motivation
09. Time Machine (feat. Dels & English)
10. Sweet Nothings (Skit)
11. More To See (feat. Kid British)
12. No Stoppin
13. With No One (Skit)
14. Real Talk
15. We Got Next? (feat. Panama)
16. Phone Call (Skit)
17. Everywhere I Go (feat. G)
18. The Ends Report
19. What I See (feat. Delta Force, Brux & Angel)
20. Interlude
21. The One For Me (feat. Joe Gee)
22. Brux De Ville
23. Everyday Fresh (feat. G & Lefty)
24. Stage Show (feat. Sizzla)
25. Pure Love
26. Outro

Let me know what you think.


Peep this week's FYLP over at DPD for the latest DNB mixes from Sistem, Serum, NC-17 and the Bachelors of Science.


Finally, Tanya Morgan's Von Pea hooked up his own American Gangster remix project entitled American Angster. Grab it and enjoy!


This week's final thought is a video from the Oh Word/Sit Down Stand Up show STAND UP (peep the vids from Donny Goines and Hired Gun I posted yesterday). Gotta love crowd participation:

Cause "On The Run"

Have a good weekend. Northeastern US, get your flannel bedsheets out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2Pac The Best Of 2Pac [review]

2Pac "Best Of" compilations nowadays are a weird thing. With the crazy strings of unauthorized bootleg releases, as well as the sheer volume of NEW material that gets released every couple of years, this has to be one of the worst tasks to embark on. But, 'Pac's legend lives on, and this double CD tries to explore the duality of Pac's short stay on this planet: the Thug and the Life.

This disc starts out right, with a gangsta party. Snoop Dogg drops in for "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted", dropping that proper G-Funk. The funny thing about tracks like this is just the fact that the whole concept was in the chorus, but the actual lyrics would go everywhere. Pac would go from shouting out Snoop to just going off on people trying to hold him down. Nice intro to his THUG side. We also touch on the original "California Love", which is one of the biggest tracks in the Death Row days of Pac's life. Another funked out ride, Dr. Dre and Pac show appreciation to Cali as well as giving Roger Troutman (RIP) his spot in the limelight once again. Pac's verse on this is one of my personal favs, he just attacks the track with a smooth fury. "So Many Tears" is vintage Pac, but seems weird. It's almost a compassionate kind of thug on this one, acknowledging his past, but still unafraid to shed a few tears for his homies. "I Ain't Mad At Cha" is on the same level, but jacks the melody Blackstreet did, which was cool for the time but doesn't seem to age that well 10, 11 years after the fact. I am so glad that "Hail Mary" was included: this was the anthem off of the Makaveli CD, aiming his darts at noone and everyone, over a thick-bottomed beat. "How Do U Want It" is the joint you put on during a party full of liquored up females and niggas, everyone trying to get their swerve on. I'm not quite sure why a remix of "Dear Mama" is included on this THUG disc, or why Anthony Hamilton is on it, but my Contemporary Soul moms would love this smoothed out acoustic guitar jawn. I have to give it up, though: the old Pac, first album Pac, was my shit, so the inclusion of "Trapped" is such a blessing. This is that concious Pac, the one who understood the bullshit and was showing his Panther roots. I just wish this THUG disc was a bit more thugged out.

The LIFE disc starts out with a track entitled "Definition Of A Thug Nigga", which just seems super out of place. When something is so regimented, one disc being THUG and another being LIFE, you'd figure the lines were drawn pretty sharply. Trick Daddy shows up for the underwhelming "Still Ballin'" remix. I'm just not impressed by the beat on this one at all. "Never Call You Bitch Again" (with Tyrese) means well, but seems like a reason to include an acoustic guitar-driven beat to the disc. They should have stuck with "Thugz Mansion" and just kept the beauty and originality of that singular. This one does what Master P wished he did with "Is There A Heaven For A Gangsta". "Dopefiend's Diner" is boring and not even interesting enough to have been included on this disc. Again, that classic Pac sound is the shining moment, with "Brenda's Got A Baby" sounding more prominent today than it did 15 or so years ago, as does the uplifting funk of "Keep Ya Head Up". "When I Get Free" is the voice of that disgruntled nigga who is not rehabilitated, trying to get back into society to get back on top. One of the sleepers of this set. That "Until The End Of Time" remix is predictable and not really necessary - the original does the job.

At the end of the day, neither of these discs are perfect. They definitely paint great pictures of Pac's life, and the duality of his character, but the lines seem blurred, leading to cuts you'd assume were more THUG being on the LIFE disc, and vice versa. At the end of the day, though, 2Pac is a thug poet, a lost griot, and one of the dopest entities the Hip-Hop game had the pleasure to be blessed with. His voice is more necessary than ever nowadays, and the bright spots on these discs showcase this.

The Best Of 2Pac Part 1: THUG - B-
The Best Of 2Pac Part 2: LIFE - B+

Burn Deez: "Trapped", "Thugz Mansion", "Breanda's Got A Baby", "Definition Of A Thug Nigga", "Hail Mary", "So Many Tears"

2Pac's The Best of 2Pac (discs 1 and 2) are available NOW!

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Donny Goines @ Stand Up (video)

Donny Goines performing "Never Let My Talent Die" LIVE at Stand Up. This is a tribute to the song's producer, and good friend of Donny Goines, Disco D. Check it:

RIP Disco D. Interestingly on point comment from the Oh Word post on this vid:
Quick aside… Have you ever noticed the phrase “that’s hip-hop”, similarly to “it is what it is”, is basically another way to say “man, this totally sucks”?
Truer words have never been spoken.

The Observation Deck (13th Dec. 2007)

That's enough news for you injuns to digest for right now. Catch me on the flip.

Hired Gun @ Stand Up (video)

Over at Oh Word, Rafi posted this video of Hired Gun performing "Rappers Are In Danger". More videos of the STAND UP event are to be coming over the next week.

Lovin' this. Can't wait for the rest of the vids to be made available.

PS: Big up HG for rockin' a Jason Kidd jersey.

Too Hood To Be True?

Rizoh posted this video over at TRU, as now the situation surrounding the Criminals Gone Wild DVD is now coming to a head, and the validity of the whole damn thing is in question! The one nigga who robbed and shot/shot at numerous heads in this documentary (mockumentary?) is now saying that everything was staged:

Donny Goines commented on this, and says that he believes the whole damn thing is fake, just based on the reactions alone, which I can definitely see: there's one scene where dude walks into this guy he is cool with's apartment, with a fucking cameraman, and dude is like yeah sure come on in... they end up sticking them up, and find a nice chunk of weed. Now come on. If I'm even THINKING about weed, I'm not letting some nigga I don't know, who has a camera, all up in the spot like it's peace.

Stranger things have happened, but it's kind of insulting that this nigga is making dumb loot (1000s of DVDs sold, at roughly $27 a pop?), and the shit ain't even real. There's more hood DVDs like this out there anyways...

Shouts to Enigmatik for picking the iller title for this post.

On That Leak: "Imagine That"

Joulz Il "Imagine That" (prod. by Entity Starr): my dude Joulz is still unsigned, and he is every BIT of a problem. Ill lyrics, wicked flow, hot hot beats from the one like Entity. Dallas, Texas has a beast on their hands, and is making moves right now. Hop up on this one and get involved, for serious.

Hit up his MySpace page for more info and audio.

Dub Floyd & Wally Sparks present: Hip-Hop Dock-Trine Two

Another exclusive! This is the newest/latest OFFICIAL mixtape of The Boondocks. Two discs of that FIRE! Check it out:

Hip-Hop Dock-Trine 2: The Official Boondocks Mixtape
Disc 1ne (Hall of Justus Edition) (download)
Hosted by Little Brother & Skyzoo

Hip-Hop Dock-Trine 2: The Official Boondocks Mixtape
Disc 2wo (Thugnificent Edition) (download)
Hosted by Metaphor the Great

The full tracklistings are up at illRoots, and feature a laundry-list of dope Hip-Hop acts, such as Chaundon, Asheru, David Banner, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Dres, Cormega, Amanda Diva, Tanya Morgan, Barak Yalad, NYOIL and a whole host of others. Just a beautiful set of discs. Grab this, watch the shows, and appreciate the whole art of creative Black artists.

RIP Ike Turner

I'm no fan of woman beaters, or coke heads, but I will send condolences to the family of Ike Turner, who passed away at the age of 76. He is a true ying and yang in Rock & Roll (word to "Rocket 88", boo to spousal abuse), and a Rock & Roll HOFer. Rest in peace, dog.

"Ike Turner was the King of the Woman Beaters, until OJ took his title..." -Chris Rock

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feds Takin' Pictures

I first caught wind of this via illRoots: Criminals Gone Wild, a DVD that had you riding shotgun with real thugs while they robbed, shot at, and engaged in other nefarious conduct. I was alarmed, and intrigued (I'll admit it), even asked the filmmakers for a promo copy for review (I was turned down, told to buy the jammy when it came out, which I never did). In all of my conversations about this, one question remained: aren't the cameramen essentially accomplices? Well, based on this news piece, it looks like the NYPD has gotten invovled, due to victims who found out about the DVD and were trying to contact the filmmakers with more info on the suspects.

What's even odder is the original trailer was banned from YouTube (due to the excessive violence, I guess?), but the feds weren't tipped off then. We wanna protect the bigwig RIAA/MPAA industries when it comes to copyright, but when human lives are at stake, we are on some "sweep it under the rug" shit? I'm callin' foul on the whole lot of you.

BONUS: Shouts to WSHH for streaming the entire DVD.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seinfeld Gets Pissed

You gotta love it. Jerry Seinfeld was on Larry King, and King seemed kind of confused. He didn't know if Seinfeld got canceled or if Jerry left the show. Jerry is noticeably pissed, but holds it down:

I'm not the biggest Seinfeld fan, but I like how he didn't fly off the handle.

On That Leak: "Work To Do (Obama '08)"

Shouts out to Kidz In The Hall. Not only have they recently linked up with Duck Down, they've produced an anthem in support of Barack Obama's Presidential campaign.

Kidz In The Hall "Work To Do (Obama '08)" (zShare dload/stream link)

Here's some wise words from Naledge, AKA 1/2 of KITH:

Having followed Obama’s political career from its early stages, Kidz In The Hall’s MC Naledge is very excited to be a part of the movement for change. “From Chicago’s Southside, to The University of Pennsylvania, Kidz In The Hall has always promoted positive change in American communities through social action. The message at the forefront of this soulful anthem is that no one should settle for less than success, because each one of us has the ability to change this world for the better. “Work To Do” is not necessarily a song that was meant as a “campaign song,” but more so a philosophy on how to approach life in general. I think much of what is wrong in my community is that hope has been lost by many of my peers. What many fail to realize is that one person can control his or her own destiny, it just requires due diligence and the ability to fight adversity. I happen to think that Barack Obama embodies everything that is promising for the future of our nation and represents the hope I sought to speak on in the song. Being from Chicago, I have seen his rise to prominence first hand and I can honestly say that I believe he is the best option for our next president.”
Word life. They've also shot an official video for this anthem. Check it out:

There's also some making-of footage HERE, if you are down to see the behind the scene work. Shouts out to KITH for this; I was just thinking the other day, in less than a year we will be voting the next President of the US into office, and with the right push, we can get Obama in there. Let's do it, people!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams [review]

I was so devoted to the Wu. I remember, like 1994-1997, I was a devoted student of the Wu-Tang teachings, as were many of my peers. I bought (!!) and studied their output, and a lot of my pre-adult years were spent finding myself in a RZA beat. Now, in 2007, they've come back, formed like a discombobulated Voltron, and delivered 8 Diagrams. Many of my peers of today have said their peace... now here's mine:

This starts out with something I haven't heard in a while: kung fu samples. I'm not too keen on the singing, though. It's not bad, just kind of out of place. Method Man def. sounds like he's back on his grind, even if he is dropping Timbaland/Timberlake lines. This beat has a few things going on - that drone on the under is dope as hell.

"Take It Back"
Best track on the album, that's my word. It's also pretty frustrating, considering that it's track 2. The chorus is ass, but it definitely explains the track: they took it back, forreal. I love the cuts in this one, even if it doesn't sound live. Oh shit, Easy Mo Bee co-produced this. No wonder. And is it just me, or does Raekwon use this flow every other track?

"Get Them Out Ya Way Pa"
It's kind of awful that the best thing about a track is the chorus. This track is straight weird, with the odd bassline going on in there. Masta Killa's verse fits perfectly: both his verse and the track are undeniably Hip-Hop, but on that offbeat, off-kilter shit.

"Rushing Elephants"
I love the title, but I do not like the beat. RZA's verse is wack, he keeps repeating the same words, and the ones he does not repeat, are so predictable I feel like I'M the one smoking the honey dipped blunts (and sippin' on cranbewwy fwoot jooce). As a matter of fact, GZA's verse was sub-par as well.

"Unpredictable (ft. Dexter Wiggles)"
WTF is a Dexter Wiggle? Deck always sounds hungry when he gets his rhymes on. This one has an interesting string work on this, but that guitar feedback shit is just not working for me. I also don't know what the hell is going on. Is the track supposed to mirror the title? If so, that's mad predictable. That hard guitar shit has no business on this track, it's like forced leftfieldism.

"The Heart Gently Weeps (ft. Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison & John Frusciante)"
This is the track that sampled the Beatles, only not really. I had this on on the busride home and fell asleep. All three verses are dope, but I'm not really into this at all. That muted guitar reminds me of Carlos Santana for some odd reason, which is not something I want on my Wu-Tang plate. This sounds like it's trying to appeal to the Adult Contemporary crowd, which again, is just not necessary. What Wu fan is trying to hear this?

OK so ODB smoked crack, and he died. To replace him, they bring in George Clinton. And it sucks. His contribution would sound nice on a P-Funk record. The beat isn't that bad, though. Not an all-out banger, but I like that looped vocal in the beat. For a 4 minute, 16 second track, this shit feels like its 9 minutes long.

"Gun Will Go (ft. Sunny Valentine)"
This definitely has potential. The guitar sounds like a Portishead loop. As a matter of fact, the whole thing sounds like a Portishead track. That chorus sucks. A lot. The track is called "Gun Will Go", but dude keeps saying "gunna go gunna go!". Mef comes correct as well.

I had high hopes based on the kung fu flick sample in the beginning. I thought I was going to be transported to 1993. Nope, I get some Bobby Digital sounding bullshit. RZA, verses like these sounded out of place on Gravediggaz albums - what makes you think we need THIS!?!?

"Stick Me For My Riches"
God awful track, which Mathematics co-produced. Damn near the first minute and a half is singing? Next!

"Starter (ft. Sunny Valentine & Tashmahogany)"
I love the loop in this, that odd horn thing. This beat is one of the better jawns, really heady RZA head-stash flavors. I hate the chorus, though. First time I've heard GZA go at some sex rhymes in the longest.

The strangest beat out of the bunch... that random loop sounds familiar as hell. I swear its a Portishead loop... but its from Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" (I guess that Kill Bill shit is good for more than a quick buck). Raekwon sounds dope over the beat, but it's Masta Killa who sounds the most at-home. I'd love to hear him do a spoken word LP over the RZA's most off-center tracks.

"Weak Spot"
I hate when RZA jacks those common drumbeats and tries to be all innovative on top. This is boring and lazy. GZA comes fluid on this one, I love it.

"Life Changes"
The Dirt McGirt tribute track, sans Ghostface. I hate that he isn't included. I wished something like this would have dropped around the time he died, and not years later. I also do not like how they pushed this release a month after it was supposed to. Such a bad omen. And why does the Genius wonder what ODB would say on a track that speaks on his passing?

"Tar Pit"
U-God sounds weak on his verse, like his style is being 2 steps behind the beat, like that's hot (and wtf is "dopium"?). This track would have sounded iller with lighter, sampled drums. That hard drum doesn't work for the sweet sounds in here.

"16th Chamber (ODB Special)"
I love how this bonus track is two recycled verses (one from Meth, one from ODB) over a vintage beat. Fun, but I don't see the point.

Which is how I feel about the majority of this album. What the hell is the point? There's no running theme, no common thread to link these tracks together. All members seem to be spitting about nothing in particular, whether its hard or OK. The best tracks on this album wouldn't even make a dope EP. I love the new-found vigor in the rhymes of Meth and Deck, and Masta Killa shines over a ton of the weirdest, most out-there productions on this set, but as a whole, this CD is one hot ghetto mess. With Birkenstocks on.

rock the dub gives 8 Diagrams a 2.75 out of 5. It pains me to say it, but this could have been left on the wayside. I won't say Rae and Ghost were right, but the production leaves a lot to be desired. And for as abrasive and in-your-face as some of the rhymes are, you'd think the sonics would match them. Maybe next go 'round?

Burn Deez: "Take It Back", "Life Changes", "Windmill", "Starter"

Wu-Tang Clan's 8 Diagrams is in stores December 11th, 2007. Hit up the Wu-Tang Mega Store to purchase this CD, as well as other Wu-related music and merch.

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Wu-Tang Clan on MySpace
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Portishead LIVE at ATP (Dec. 7th 2007)

Shouts to dude on DOA who linked these clips. The assumption is that these are new tracks, for I haven't heard them. No word on the names, though. Get invovled:

The Observation Deck (10th Dec. 2007)

expect to see more of this in the coming year...

  • The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 in favor of reducing crack offense sentences. I'm telling you, the blocks are about to get dumb hot.
  • Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months for funding the fighting of dogs. With good behavior, my guess is he'll be out in half that time.
  • Imeem has lucked out and is inking a deal with Universal Music to allow users to listen to UMG artists' music for free.
  • Over at HYSMD, we recently covered Jamaal Tinsley's recent late-night gun battle in Indy. What a moron.
  • The details for Pimp C's funeral are up at XXL.
  • Shouts out to this nun who had the balls to ban a list of words, and just to get her point across, read the ENTIRE list, curse words and all, to the kids.
  • Venezuela has it's own time zone. They set their clocks back a whole 30 minutes, in some shit that just sounds like "yo we gonna do this because we can".
  • Tonight's the big three-hour WWE Raw 15th Anniversary show. Tune in to see which stars will be poppin' in (Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin will be there, and I even heard a rumor that 2 Cold Scorpio will be in the house).

Put that in your crack pipe and geek out.

"Cookies & Milk"

Here's a clip from The Perfect Holiday, which is in theaters this Wednesday (Dec. 12th), and stars Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Terrance Howard, Queen Latifah and a host of other Black actors in an "African American Christmas family film". Looks funny, I'd def. check this one out.

Check out the trailer HERE.