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OnSMASH Presents: A Notorious B.I.G. Tribute

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The greatest rapper of all time died 11 years ago today. OnSMASH has produced a sick tribute in video form, showcasing some of Biggie's greatest music videos, live performances, freestyles and interviews. Check it out... OnSMASH Presents: A Notorious B.I.G. Tribute.

Freestyle (circa 1989)

"Unbelievable" (circa 1994)

HipHopDX & DJ Slimm Brooklyn’s Finest: Best of Biggie

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HipHopDX & DJ Slimm bringing forth some of Biggie's best cuts, freestyles and some ill blends:


Spotted over at 2dopeboyz; shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up.

rock the dub radio: episode 016

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March 9th is always a hard time for me. I actually watched Bigger Than Life this morning, then took a nap. I just couldn't do nothing, reminiscing on the Black Frank White. During my formative middle school years, the music of The Notorious B.I.G. was deep in my life. No one was iller in the northeast (and soon to be the world), and anytime a new remix came out, I knew it word for word (I still remember Philly DJs cutting up the 'Hip-Hop Remix' of "One More Chance" during the summer weekend mixes). Such a big part of my love for Hip-Hop came from Biggie, from the hilarity to the rugged, cut-throat anthems to his just overall skill and talent on the mic. He taught most of the niggas doing it now how to do it, and did it from the grave. My only regret, aside from his killer still not being found, is that he only had a limited body of work for us to celebrate.

And that's what this episode of rock the dub radio is out. I was going to only do an hour, but I had a 22 of Beck's and some free time, so I dedicated both hours to my favorite rapper. Check it out:


01/The Notorious B.I.G. "The Wickedest (Freestyle)"
02/The Notorious B.I.G. "Warning"
03/The Notorious B.I.G. "Who Shot Ya"
04/The Notorious B.I.G. "One More Chance (Hip-Hop Remix)"
05/The Notorious B.I.G. "I Got A Story To Tell"
06/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. 112 "Sky's The Limit"
07/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. The Lox "Will See"
08/Busta Rhymes "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"
09/The Notorious B.I.G. "Joe Clark Interview" b/w "Wake Up Show Interview/Freestyle"
10/Jay-Z ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Brooklyn's Finest"
11/Jay-Z ft. Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. "A Dream"
12/The Notorious B.I.G. "Party & Bullshit"
13/Crustified Dibbs (aka R.A. The Rugged Man) & The Notorious B.I.G. "Cunt Renaissance"
14/The Notorious B.I.G. "Just Playing (Dreams)"
15/The Notorious B.I.G. "Big Poppa"
16/The Notorious B.I.G. "Me & My Bitch (Live)"
17/Beanie Sigel "I'm In"
18/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man "The What"
19/The Notorious B.I.G. "Ten Crack Commandments"
20/The Notorious B.I.G. "Kick In The Door"
21/The Notorious B.I.G. "Unbelievable"
22/Junior M.A.F.I.A. ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Player's Anthem"
23/Junior M.A.F.I.A. ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Get Money"
24/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "Notorious Thugs" [Biggie's verse]
25/The Notorious B.I.G. "Ready To Die"
26/The Notorious B.I.G. "Everyday Struggle"
27/The Notorious B.I.G. "Long Kiss Goodnight"
28/The Notorious B.I.G. "Suicidal Thoughts"
29/"You Remember That One Day Summer Past" [interlude]
30/Blake Leyh "The Fall"

RIP, Biggie. Shouts to the Wallace family: keep the faith.

rock the dub radio links: RSS / home page / e-mail.

EDIT I'm throwing this one up for those who never heard it. RIP Big Poppa. I meant to do another one of these but my week/weekend was shot. Hopefully I can get back on track soon; have part 1 of RTD Radio 031 in the can. Enjoy.

Bun B II Trill Snippets

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Spotted some snippets off of Bun B's forthcoming II Trill album. Let me know what you think:


Rick Ross Trilla

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Finally out. Try before you buy.

"I'm the biggest boss that you seen thus far..."

[video] "We In Here"

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Peep Quest M.C.O.D.Y. & Marvwon rockin' this cut off their JUMP OFF A BRIDGE mixtape:

Murda! Shouts to Perpetuum for the link.

The Biggie Hendrix Experience

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Wow. I'm not sure who DJ Doc Rok is, but this looks, well, interesting.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty / Clean

Via The Rap Up.


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It's leaked. I will post my full report in the near future.

[video] Layla Kayleigh WPT Outtakes

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Don't know if you guys are aware, but Layla Kayleigh gets that dough - she does work for G4, the World Poker Tour, the Movie Mob, that America's Best Dance Crew show and a host of other gigs. I just caught some outtakes of her spots for the WPT, and felt like posting them b/c I think she's fly and she is a hustla:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #49"

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Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #49": Had to post this one, for Crooked I MURKED Fat Joe's "That White". That's all. Shouts to 2DB.

Beck x Danger Mouse

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The Odd Couple hasn't even hit stores yet, and news is already out that Danger Mouse will be producing Beck's next album. This jawn is in pre-production stages, with no album title/track titles/release date, but I think if this was happening in 2004, I'd be excited. 2008? Not so much...

DJ Cable's Monthly Mixtape - February '08

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Yeah, yeah it's March already. Just peep the ill cuts on this one:



01. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Snoop Dogg - Hi Definition
02. Rampage - Pump It Up
03. Bump J Feat. Peedi Crakk & Gillie Da Kid - Pretty Girls In the VIP
04. Kidz In The Hall - Drivin Down The Block
05. The Cool Kids - Action Figures
06. Snoop Dogg Feat. Too Short - Life Of Da Party
07. Ryan Leslie Feat. MIMS - Diamond Girl Remix
08. Rakim - It's Nothing
09. Dem Franchise Boys - Make U Mad
10. Bun B Feat. Sean Kingston - That's Gangsta
11. Shawty Lo - Dunn Dunn
12. Shawty Lo Feat. Ludacris, Young Jeezy & Plies - They Know Remix
13. Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon - Dey Know Freestyle
14. Flo-Rida Feat. Lil' Wayne - American Superstar


Friday, March 7th 2008 playlist

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Busy ass week, but some hot heat came out of it. This Sunday, I'll have a special treat for you lot...


leaks of the week:


Have you been picking up what I've been putting down? If not, here's your late pass:

Put those in your ganja pipe and toke it.


We all know what March 9th means to the Hip-Hop community at large. We lost one of the greats, The Notorious B.I.G. on that date to senseless violence. Here are a few of my favorite Biggie videos, in rememberance of the don:

"Sky's The Limit" (ft. 112)


"One More Chance (Stay With Me Mix)"

BIG's last interview/freestyle, on The Wake Up Show:

One love. Check me back Sunday.

On That Leak: Kidz In The Hall "The Black Out"

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Kidz In The Hall ft. DJ G.I. Joe "The Black Out": New heat from their forthcoming sophmore LP, The In Crowd, which is out May 13th on Duck Down/Major League. Lovin' that poster BTW.

Shouts to Matt for this one.

[video] The Roots "Get Busy"

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They really are going in on these videos; this featured Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff and directed by Rik Cordero:

What's up with ?uestlove's demeanor? Wild. Good to see Dice (riggity) Raw back in effect. And big up to Enigmatik for reminding me this premiered today.

[video] The Roots "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"

Dru Hill: Make Up 2 Break Up?

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So recently, Dru Hill got back together. They were on a Baltimore radio station to announce their reunited status. Then, that nigga Woody got a text message from God, who told him to be a servant for the Lord. He didn't let his homies know until they were on air... Sisqo got his thong is a bunch:

R&B = serious bidness. Via YBF.

[video] Cool Kids w/ DJ MK In Amsterdam (March 5th 2008)

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Watch these hipster favs take us back to '88:

Sin The Warning Shot Mixtape

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My boy Sin, who represents North Carolina, just hit me with his long-awaited mixtape, The Warning Shot. You can stream and download this over at datpiff, and peep his steeze. He reminds me of guys like M.O.P. or Freddie Foxxx - no, he ain't screamin' FIYAAAAA or challenging the industry to knuckle down, but that same attitude runs rampant through his tracks. Real nigga raps with that classic mixtape feel. Don't sleep on dude.

Notorious Cast Announced


My nigga E hit me with this link from OnSMASH, with word on the niggas who have been cast in Notorious, the story of Biggie Smalls' life. I had to laugh at some of the choices...

  • That rapper Gravy is going to be playing Biggie. Now, Gravy is definitely a fat-ass nigga, but he also got shot in the ass outside of Hot 97 studios. Bad look. Plus, can this nigga even act? Being able to rap shouldn't be the pre-req.
  • Angela Bassett has been cast as Voletta Wallace. I have no jokes, for Angela is the truth in roles like this. I just wonder if she can nail that accent...
  • Nigga who played Antwone Fisher is going to be Diddy. Why do I see Diddy grinning from ear to ear with this news?
  • And finally, 8 Mile's Papa Doc has been cast as 2Pac. That makes that whole "4 Pac, 3 Pac..." shit from 8 Mile come full circle, eh?

I don't have high hopes for this project, I'll be honest. I am just not seeing the casting of Gravy at all, but who knows. It's mad early to tell.

Squincy Jones Nintendub Mixtape

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This cat Squincy Jones hit me out of nowhere with his Nintendub mixtape; this thing mashes up Dubstep, Hip-Hop, video game samples and a host of other shit into a very cohesive set. Like 40 minutes of blipped-out crunk. Highly recommended:



Mario Ds Screwed Intro
Rogue State - Lions Paw (Metroid - Kraid's Hide Edit)
Babylon System - Dancing Shoes (Draped Out Edit)
Walsh & Kromestarr - Panik Room (3 Kings Edit)
Marlow - Road Kill (Goonies Edit)
Benga - Zombie Jig (Wizards & Warriors Kryptonite Edit)
Rusko - Hornz Cru (Diet Kryptonite Edit)
Loefah - Disko Rekah (Goonies Pop Trunk Edit)
Unsolved Mysteries Theme
Chimpo - Lockoff (Freaky Girl Edit)
Nastee Boi - Bangorz (Knuck if you Buck Edit)
Mike Lennon - When Science Fails (Hektagon Remix) (Shorty Swing Edit)
Babylon System - Loaded
Dj Unk - Beatn Down Yo Block
Woogie - End Dub
Rustie - Response
DZ - Just Rolling
Rustie - Jagz The Smack (Zelda Edit)
Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister
Kode 9 - 9 Samurai
Kode 9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)


Bishop Lamont Nigger Noize (Untagged Edition)

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It's the one-year anniversary of the release of Nigger Noize, and Bishop Lamont decided to re-release it, sans tags. Via 2dopeboyz:


On That Leak: "Urban Legends"

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Praverb ft. Arsun Fist "Urban Legends" (prod. by Teddy Roxpin): Just ill. Super smooth beat with some intelligent lyrics over top. Praverb's first verse is a thing of beauty. The non-Arsun version of this will be on the rock the dub compilation. You already know...

Burning Bush Dance

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Redman is a trip:

via Nah Right Lite.

[video] Graffiti in Berlin

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I remember reading old issues of The Source, where they'd show graf from all over - and the Euro cities always had that ill colorful shit. Check out this New York Times piece I spotted on YouTube:

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 8

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Back on her B.I., Amanda Diva comes with the next installment...

[video] Snoop Dogg "Neva Have 2 Worry"

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Video for Snoop's "Neva Hafta Worry", off his forthcoming album, Ego Trippin':

I love that beat. And I wish I heard Kurupt spitting like he did in the intro more often.

[video] Playaz Circle "Mr. L.A. Reid"

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Unreleased video, spotted over at TSS:

It's no "Duffle Bag Boy", but I dig it.

Holyfield Vs. Tyson III?

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The Guardian is reporting that Evander Holyfield has been in talks with Mike Tyson's people for a possible third match. You guys remember the 2nd fight, right? Here's a reminder.

Now, if this had happened, say, in 1998, or even 1999 - I'd be on edge. They would have been in good fighting shape. It's now a decade plus after this fight, and both have hit the downward spiral - who truly wants to see them fight now?

I won't lie, I'll watch it - but I doubt I'd pay for it.

Fat Joe Elephant In The Room Leaks


Fat Joe's forthcoming album is set to drop on March 11th; here are 5 cuts from this LP:

Joey Crack's DJ Premier-produced "Thank God For That White" also leaked earlier this week, and is a certified banger. XXL gave this album an L - sounds like Crack is stuck on, well, that crack, but has shining moments. I still got love for the nigga.

[video] "I Give The Beats"

DJ Drama & B.G. Hood Generals

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Sucker Free threw up this new Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Drama... B Gizzle... Nawlins fury:



01) Stay Strapped
02) Watch Ya Step Intro
03) I Wish A Nigga Would
04) TIP Speaks
05) Kings On Tha Set Featuring TIP
06) Whip A Bitch
07) Ode To The Hot Boyz
08) BG Speaks On Hot Boyz
09) We Right Here
10) BG & DJ Drama Speak
11) DJ Drama - Gotta Get That
12) BG Spekas On Soulja Slim
13) Raised Uptown Feat Hot & Geto
14) For A Minute Ft. TIP
15) La The Darkman & Willie The Kid - Hand On My Glock
16) Sucka For Nuthin
17) BG Speaks On Career
18) Slippin Ft. Gar
19) I Came Up From The Bottom
20) They Kno Feat Choppa City Boyz
21) Hustle Feat Young Jeezy & Maino
22) Check My Resume
23) Im Back Ft. Gar
24) I See U Ridin
25) Street Nigga
26) Champion Ft. Bone Thugz In Harmony
27) Bonus - Ima Die Bout Mine Ft. Soulja Slim

Grand Hustle.

The Notorious O.B.A.M.A.

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This Barack Obama/Biggie Smalls mash-up logo was made via this link spotted over at Different Kitchen. Go make your own Obama logos and share them with your friends!

Bun B II Trill Cover/Tracklist


Rizoh posted a tracklist last month, and Eskay just added a revised one last night. Here's what Bun B's sophmore solo LP is shaping up to look like:

1. II Trill (prod. by Clinton Sparks)
2. That’s Gangsta feat. Sean Kingston (prod. by J.R. Rotem)
3. Damn I’m Cold feat Lil Wayne (prod by Chops)
4. You’re Everything (ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8 Ball & MJG) (Prod. by Mr. Lee)
5. Swang on Em feat Lupe (prod by Enigma)
6. I Luv That (Produced by Scott Storch)
7. My Block (prod by Jazze Pha)
8. Get Cha Issue (Produced by Bigg Tyme & Qwest)
9. Good II Me feat. Mya (prod by Bigg Tyme, co-produced by Intl Red, & Bun B)
10. Pop It 4 Pimp feat Phatz & Webbie (prod by Mouse)
11. Underground Thang feat Chamillionaire & Pimp C (prod by Cory MO)
12. If I Die 2Nite feat. Lyfe Jennings & Young Buck (Produced by J-Rock)
13. Another Soldier feat. Mddl Fngz (prod. by DJ Khalil)
14. If It Was Up II Me feat. Junior Reid (produced by Blackout Movement)
15. Angel in the Sky (Produced by Cozmo)
16. Keep It 100 (produced by Chops)
11. My Paper (prod by Bigg Tyme)

While neither are making definite comments on this set, Riz says that II Trill > Trill, while Eskay feels there are some very strong cuts on this set. Loads of features on here, and I am interested to hear what Bun does to DJ Khalil tracks, or how he and Junior Reid sound together. April 29th is still the release date, no?

[video] Barack Obama '74

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Props to Rafi for hittin' me with this link:

"I don't know what you talkin' bout, nigga - your hair looks like combed cotton candy!"

Autechre - Mary Anne Hobbs Session (2/27/2008)

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Here's a new mix from the minimal IDM duo Autechre from a recent Mary Anne Hobbs session; the filename says 2007, but apparently it's wrong. Loads of minimal techno, Hip-Hop and tons of other goodies:

MP3 [mirror via ACID TED; don't expect that mirror to be up for any super length of time]


1 Eon Fear - The Mind Killer (Altered mix)
2 Keith Leblanc - Here's Looking At You
3 Eric B & Rakim - Chinese Arithmetic
4 The Hypnotist - Pioneers of the Warped Groove
5 The Party Boy aka BamBam - The Twilight zone
6 The Formula - Exploded (Original mix)
7 Davy DMX - One For The Treble
8 Autechre - Drane
9 The B-Boys - 2 3 break
10 The B-Boys - Girls (instrumental)
11 2 Live Crew - Throw The D (Original 12" Dub Instrumental)
12 Break The Limits - E-yeah
13 Eric B & Rakim - Lyrics Of Fury
14 Autechre - Piezo
15 Defcon 1 - Altitude (Remix)
16 Eric B & Rakim - Extended beat
17 Adamski - Tekno Krisna
18 Robert Hood - Internal empire
19 Deasy - Bombay systems
20 Rhythm Device - Acid Rock
21 Tangerine Dream - Supernatural Accomplice ("The Keep" Motion Picture Soundtrack)
22 Broken Glass - Style of the street
23 Xon - Dissonance
24 Bernard Herrmann Main Theme ("Taxi Driver" Motion Picture Soundtrack)
25 Hi-tek & Talib Kweli - Love Speakeasy
26 Minimal Man - Outside The Window (Ian's remix)
27 3D - Giddy Up
28 Mantronix - Listen To The Bass Of Get Stupid Fresh Part II
29 Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
30 Earth People - Dance (Club mix)
31 Phuture Pfantasy Club - Spank Spank
32 Psycho Tribes - Pure Ideas
33 Polygon Window - UT1-dot
34 Reese & Santonio - Grab The Beat

How about this whole set is 27 minutes. Yup.

Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple Tracklist

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Rizoh posted up the tracklist The Odd Couple earlier today, and while I've only heard two of the tracks, maybe someone else has more info on these:

01/Blind Mary
02/She Knows
03/No Time Soon
05/Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
07/Would Be Killer
08/Open Book
09/Going On
10/Charity Case
12/A Little Better

Riz also says that the release date is now April 8th, 2008, not the 15th.

[video] Gnarls Barkley "Run"
[video] Gnarls Barkley "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

[rock the dub Interview]: Donny Goines

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In trying to further the public's conciousness in regards to new music, rock the dub brings you this dialouge with one of the 'Net's illest MCs, Donny Goines. He's represented for All Hip-Hop's Breeding Grounds showcases, is a featured blogger over at Baller Status, collaborated with his now-deceased friend, producer Disco D, and has been featured on many-a Hip-Hop blog, killing the game with an intricate flow and a few critically-acclaimed mixtapes. He is currently working on an album with producer Dame Grease, as well as a forthcoming EP project for HipHopDX. We caught up with him a minute ago, and are finally unearthing this interview to the masses...

khal: First off, you’ve been doing your thing on the low, and 2007 seemed like the year where many heads got an idea of who you were, and what you were trying to do. Can you give those who might not know who you are a brief rundown of where you’re from, who you’re reppin’, and how you got to where you are right now?

Donny Goines: I'll give you the short version. I'm from New York City and that's what Im repping (although I've lived in Philly for years on and off). 2007 was the year that I really came into my own, mainly because I started to discover myself as an artist and the public did as well. I started alone in the beginning of 2006 but since have branched out and worked with many others. Now, I have a good team in place and along with them I hustle hard to get things poppin'. Last year I was just getting warmed up, this year - it's a problem.

khal: Now, you’ve say spent your time between Philly, the Bronx and Harlem. That’s a good chunk of the cold world of the Northeast. How has your time in each city helped mold the man you are today?

Donny Goines: Well, Philly was cool, and besides Philly I've also lived in North Carolina for two years and Illinois for a year and a half, but I'm a New Yorker by blood. Growing up in the Bronx, I learned all the typical street shit. Drugs, robbery, fighting, so on and so forth. While in the Bronx I would travel summers back and forth to Philly. I learned a lot of shit out there as well. I smoked my first blunt there. Learned alot about women, the importance of employment, etc., and by the time I got to Harlem, I was a mess (haha). It took years for me to calm down and reach the state I'm in now, but the one thing I picked up in Harlem, I could say, was the swagger. I was always fly but Harlem just got a different vibe to it (or should I say had) and that helped to complete the cypher so to speak.

khal: Without dwelling to deep into your past, you’ve grown up experiencing some real life issues, i.e. drug abuse and incarcerated family members right in your household, yet you’ve seemed to not have that side of life overshadow your lyrics. Was that a conscious effort (keeping your rhymes truthful and positive)?

Donny Goines: Yes, mainly for two reasons: one is I hate to talk about things I can't do anything about. All it does is bring negative energy towards you, and I don't really want that. The second reason is because there is a time and place for everything and I don't have the proper platform to convey my messages right now to the full effect. The first official album I will speak on several topics in depth and really let the skeletons out of the closet.

khal: What inspires you, both within and outside of the Hip-Hop game?

Donny Goines: The people. Overall I think the people out there inspire me. Money is cool, so is fame but those things really don't appeal to my that much. When someone tells me that my music helps to inspire them, or that it helps to get them through certain situations, that's priceless to me. I've always had material things, cars, jewelry, money, etc. but nothing really would make me happy except this. So, at the end of the day, that's what inspires me to continue on.

khal: One thing you expressed through a recent performance at the Stand Up! showcase was your friendship with Disco D. How close were the 2 of you? Do you have any tracks that you were working on with him that will be seeing the light of day?

Donny Goines: Well, me and him were close in a lot of ways. For one, I was his personal assistant (many people don't know that) and that's how we ended up becoming friends through that relationship. I practically lived at his house for months in late '06 and we really just clicked. You know how you meet certain people in life and ya'll just automatically hit it off? That's how it was with me and him. He was a real good person and he believed in me and my music and I will never forget that. In the future you can expect to hear some things in regards to him, me and music. Count on it.

khal: If you do a search for your name on Google, you’d find a hell of a lot of sites picking up on your name, whether it’s an MP3 or an interview. How has the Internet helped push your career, and broaden the scope of potential listeners? Do you think you’d be where you are today without such a large Internet following?

Donny Goines: I owe the Internet EVERYTHING. If it wasn't for the websites, podcasts and blogs such as yours, I wouldn't be nowhere near where I'm at today. Many people underestimate the power of the Internet but you have to be smart. Today, humans are a species of convenience. We don't have to hunt for food, there are supermarkets. We don't have to build shelters, constructions companies do and we DAMN sure don't have to search for music. All you have to do is turn on the computer and the world is at your fingertips. I hope other aspiring artists out there really utilize the power of net. I'm grateful for all the love and support that I get from everyone.

khal: You’re also blogging for Baller Status, right? Do you try to do anything different in your blogging than you do with your rhymes?

Donny Goines: Not really, to me writing is writing. Blame my efficiency on schooling lol (I was always a nerd and very book smart) but I look at that as any other writing. You need a concept, and a beginning middle and end and its has to capture your attention. The only thing I don't have is a hook (lol).

khal: Now, you’ve dropped two albums already: The Prologue and About The Author, and I read on your MySpace blog that Dame Grease is going to executive producing your forthcoming official album. How did that connection come about? And how do you think this project will differ from the previous two albums?

Donny Goines: Well, long story short: Grease has been following my progress over the past year and decided to step in and help take me to the next level. He sees the potential and is investing alot in me so we are just going to work. This project won't come out on anything less then a major distributor or record label and it's going to be a problem!!!! I've already got a couple in now and I'll just say this about it: you labels are gonna have to cut some large checks lol.

khal: Where do you see your career going in 2008? Do you have any goals set for this year?

Donny Goines: Plenty, but my main goal is to complete my album, find the right situation and drop it before the year's out. That's my main focus as of right now.

khal: If you weren’t creating music, what do you think you’d be doing with your life right now?

Donny Goines: Drinking every night, working a bullshit 9 to 5 and just going through the motions. That's what I did for the past 10 years of my life before rap. Yeah, I went to the Navy and I went to College, had careers etc., but ask anyone who was around me, I never took any of the shit seriously. My heart just wasn't into those things. It's into music. So I would be just like many others out there, drinking and getting high, just passing time. Getting into bullshit.

khal: Are you going to be going on tour in the near future, or do you have any shows lined up for people to check you out at?

Donny Goines: I'm any and everywhere. My mixtape release party is coming up on the 24th and Negril Village. I just performed the other night with Grease and his team on Saturday in Harlem, there's no telling where I might pop up at. Just keep ya ears to the street and hit up my myspace.

khal: Do you have any shout-outs or final thoughts before we wrap this up?

Donny Goines: Thanks for the love. Make sure to hit up my myspace page ( and download that new mixtape Off The Books, hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357. It's free and got nothing but rhymes and beats on it. Look out for my album dropping sometime this year, executive produced by Dame Grease and help spread the word. Thanks for allowing your readers to hear what I have to say, khal. Much love.

[video] Donny Goines, Hired Gun & Cause: Da Cypher
On That Leak: Donny Goines "Alarm Clock"
On That Leak: Donny Goines & Mickey Factz

For more info on Donny Goines, hit the following sites: feature

Bonus Beats: "Do It For Hip-Hop"

[video] FADER TV Interview: Ab-Liva & Sandman

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Re-Up in this:

Bob Marley Biopic A Go

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Word came today that the Weinstein Company has optioned the rights to the long-awaited Bob Marley biopic that Rita Marley will be executive producing. Word is that she wants Lauryn Hill to portray her in this, but there's no confirmation on that. Look for the flick to drop sometime in 2009.

Now, years back, I remember reading (and posting about) rumors that Jamie Foxx was being tapped to play Bob. Reports now say that Bob's grandson, Stefan, might be playing Bob. Who knows.

Del The Funky Megamix

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Mr. Dibbs put together a slick mix full of Del The Funky Homosapien madness into a dope mix to promo Del's forthcoming Eleventh Hour album, which hits stores next week.


World's Fair also has loads of ill info, streams and downloads on Del.

Sedgewick And Saved

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Looks like the efforts to save 1520 Sedgewick Avenue have come through, mainly b/c the new rents would be too high. Go figure - being poor has its advantages!

Jay The Bossfather ft. Grandmaster Caz "Sedgewick & Cedar"

Bunz: Why Flav?

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Why is a female like this trying to be Flavor Flav's chick? The above hottie is Bunz, who is currently in the running to be Flav's shorty on Flavor of Love 3. She represents Houston right now, has 2 kids and a fattie (peep her MySpace if you don't believe me). Now, she already has two boys, and Flav has something like 35 kids. He can't be making SERIOUS bank to support all of that - what do you think he is going to do for you?

I was just flipping through the channels last night and saw shorty on there, and was just surprised that she was up there. She seems kind of hood, but more down to earth (although they were saying she was fake?), and I just don't see fame being that elusive that you have to attatch yourself to a nigga like Flav. Especially with a backyard like that. And she already does promo work!

There has to be a better way... right?

Rocko: Are You Kidding Me?

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So I finally caught Rocko's "Umma Do Me" video last night. Talk about remedial English. And this is the nigga who basically said that rap is all about swagger, and making words rhyme. Listening to his "rhymes", this nigger wasn't kidding. Peep these hot bars:

I swag it out, uh felt my swag.
The shoes match the hat, the hat match my bag.

Say what? Is he rejoicing about the ability to match his shoes, hat and purse? What is this, Sex In The City?!?!

Step ya rap game all the way up or step the fuck off, duke.

[video] Weezy F. Swagger Jacker?

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Enigmatik hit me with this link from Zela's HipHopDX blog. It contains a video not unlike the Jay-Z swagger jacker MP3 that floated around your interweb a few years back, kind of like the XXL "borrower/lender" pieces every month. Are we really shocked that Lil' Wayne has jacked so many lines?:

It is kind of wild that he is lifting whole verses...

[video] "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit"

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You gotta love how I came home to see if the series finale of The Wire was up on HBO On Demand, and I found this:

Shouts to Clay Davis. I guess it's due to the amt. of leakage of this season on-line. Makes sense - but... sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit! I need my fix. Now I actually have to watch TV Sunday night!

Shouts to the Boom for posting this.

The Wire, Season 5: "Late Editions" [recap]

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 Trailer

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First look; this flick is out this summer (August 8th):

No, I don't watch movies like this, but I have a 16 year old daughter in the house - I know about ALL of this kind of stuff.

[video] "Rat Poison"

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This is K. Tana's track, ft. Nems, Iron Solomon and Jessie Jamez. It is entitled "Rat Poison". I am only posting this b/c this is the first time I've actually heard Nems & Solomon on a track, and not battling rappers:

The internets is the only place you can see gully rappers spit while holding boagies. What is this, the Rat Pack? And why does that one nigga's unibrow look worse than Al B Sure!'s?!?!

[video] "I Give The Beats"

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Fat Joe addresses the recent Papoose "beatdown" talk:

I didn't want to even post on this, b/c it's just ridiculous, but Joey been my nigga since back in the DITC days.

[video] Re-Up Gang Interview, Part 2

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Part 2 of this OnSMASH exclusive:

[video] Re-Up Gang Interview, Pt 1

On That Leak: Rock "Attempted Murder"

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Rock "Attempted Murder": Peep this new track where the Rockness Monster speaks on his recent legal woes. From his forthcoming Shell Shock mixtape.

[video] Doin' Time 101: Act Like U Know

On That Leak: Sha Stimuli "Tight Ones"

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Sha Stimuli "Tight Ones" (prod. by Crada Beats): Sha comes with the subdued beat on this banger from his Loves Jones mixtape, which can be grabbed from his MySpace page. I love that B.I.G. up in that hook.

On That Leak: Erykah Badu "Honey (J. Slikk Remix)"

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Erykah Badu "Honey (J. Slikk Remix)": My boy J. Slikk did the damn this with this remix. I love the horns he threw in there. Very perfect example of chilled boom-bap.

Spotted over at BPA.

The Wire, Season 5: "Late Editions" [recap]

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First off, RIP Snoop. You went out like a true G, calm and collected. That "how my hair look" line was just smooth... I love how they did that. I also loved the noise she made to get Michael's attention when he was on the block: it was like a frog coming in with that prolonged "eh-yooooooooo" shit. So true to the hood - I hear niggas with that shit every now and again.

Speaking of Michael, I thought that whole shit was great, although it was ultimately very sad. I can understand why Marlo & Chris wanted him to get got - they had no choice, and they had more trust in Snoop than Michael. You would just think Snoop would have set it up a bit better. Telling Michael not to bring his ratchet was too easy to pick up on, and almost insulting for a smart nigga like him to not see 4 steps ahead. He got the drop on her, and she had to applaud him. It's just wild that now he has to shuffle his fam and be on the lam. Bug looked SO SHOOK during that scene, it was a touching goodbye, and you got to see how deep Dukie and Bug truly got to be. Plus, having an auntie and a box of cash didn't hurt at all. Dukie - damn. Why do I see the prerequisite montage dealing with him sucking dick or shooting heron? I mean, he was going to live at the stables. TV Squad thinks that Michael was being cold as sort of a distancing mechanism, which I think might be partially true, but I also think that Michael was upset over Dukie's choice of where to be dropped off. Dukie came from that life, and was too smart to end up on that shit. The other thing that I thought was touching was the bit about the "piss balloons": I don't think Michael was trying to be cold, but think about it - Michael has seen a lot. A hell of a lot has happened in his life, and an afternoon of piss balloons and ice cream wasn't top on his good memories list. Michael is stone cold - he's a fucking man right now. Dukie is stil stuck in that kid zone, and that's what always separated them. It's a sad seeming end to their story, but I have a feeling Michael will come to play in the finale.

Oh, and big up to Bunny Colvin for rearing Namond into a debate speaker, although I wish we had seen a bit more of him. Nice touch, though.

Gus = a beast, as my boy Darryl would say. He is so close from sinking Scott, and the scene in the vet hospital where Gus was gathering the info, that's the nail in the coffin. He did so much fact-finding on the sly this week, and each time ended up with Scott being a liar. Do you truly see Scott going down the dumps, though? Those suits love that punk something fierce - I'm not sure how much dope Gus could put on the table to have Scott canned...

Now, onto the detail. I loved seeing them get the big bust. I literally felt happy. I bet Sydnor was happy to be in a detail that actually did something. Those glances Lester shared with Marlo spoke volumes, although it wasn't until the affidavit came out that they really got what was going on. The deep part is, Michael was gonna die over the whole "source" lie, which is going to be hard to crack. The dope was on the table, the bad guys were in the clink, and now... well, now Kima is telling what she knows. I understand why she had to do it, but I don't think it's right at all. I mean, the deep part is that cats were out there researching and working this serial killer case, but other cases got work, too - INCLUDING THE STANFIELD ORGANIZATION BUSTS! Morally, she's right, but it just sucks that she will be the one to bring this down.

Did you see McNulty sulking? Some thing it was the guilt... I think it's the spotlight. At the end of the day, without knowledge of what he did to get that wire going, Lester still looks like the superhero. McNulty needs that light shining on him, to let him know he still matters - that's why he goes out and fucks these bimbos, for the adulation, not the stats. He will get the publicity, alright, but on some Bunny Colvin, bowing out gracefully shit. I don't think he will go to jail, but based on the coming attractions, it looks like the higher ups know (including the mayor), and they are hellbent on making sure this stays under wraps. We don't need another Hamsterdam, do we?

It was nice to see that bust go down at the same time Rawls & Daniels are being told to bring down the stats. So funny.

What also had be cracking up was when Snoop and that kid were in Levy's office, telling him to cop to that plea b/c he was on crutches. It's kind of funny when you think about it - drug dealers don't have rest periods, they have 3 year bids. Ill idea.

What's not ill is how Herc is playing both sides of the fence, trying to figure out if there's a wire, when he's the fucker that started it up. I assume he's trying to keep his current job and cover his ass, but what if Carver told him "yeah, it was your number that helped us get Marlo"? He'd be gleaming...

Speaking of Marlo, how wild was that fire in his eyes?!? He needed to know who's name was being spoke in that hood! Almost like he could careless about the years, just keep my name clean. Keep me feared. At the end, that's all he's got. All anyone's got. Look at Omar - once that superman cape was taken off and he was reduced to a hobbler, a lil' hopper threw one in his dome. It's that simple.

It was good to see Bubbles, I mean Reginald, shining up there. He's the character I've loved the most, and seeing him clean and doing well for himself, especially after his journey, it's touching, and one of the lone bright lights within this series.

Oh, what was good with Freamon referencing Shardene when he was drunk, talking about she better be up? Are they fucking, or was he just joking, bringing back the old times? I'm checking Wikipedia now, and not only are they saying that Freamon has been wearing a wedding band (I think I saw that), they said that him and Shardene were sharing an apartment!? Wow...

Oh and LOL @ Freamon getting all that info from Clay Davis. Spillin' the beans. I love it. And another LOL goes to the drunk working the evidence room. Another great slide of an old face in there.

I don't even want to comment on how next week will tie things up, but with a 93 minute finale, they have a nice window of time to end things right. Not "great" or "like I want it to be", but I have no doubt in my mind that in one of the best seasons of one of the best shows on TV, ever, they will do what needs to be done.

Check back here next week. Peep the HBO summary while you're at it.

EDIT - Here's the preview for the series finale

Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV

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Looks like Trent Reznor is experimenting with the free download/paid download/CD thing again. NiggyTardust was a decent experiment, but this new, 36 track instrumental collection goes one step further. Ghosts I-IV is the new Nine Inch Nails project that's available for download for free or $5; you can also pre-order the CD/DVD/Blu-ray packages from the nin website as well, for $10 (2xCD set), $75 (2xCD, 1xData DVD, 1xBlu-ray disc) or $300 (everything in the $75 package, plus 4xVinyl package and more, limited to 2500 copies). The $10 2xCD is being shipped on April 1st, 2008, while the $75 and $300 packages are being shipped on May 1st, 2008.

Head on over to the site for more details. Do you think more artists should go this route? Makes things easier/less cumbersome IMHO.

Bonus Beats: sign up for the 40-page .pdf file that accompanies this release.

[video] Gnarls Barkley "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

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?uestlove wanted to leak this track, and was granted permission to do so. He was even nice enough to shoot a clip for it, starring himself; really moody cut:

Snoop Dogg Ego Trippin'

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The clean version, anyways. You know what it is: try before you buy.

EDIT: mirror 1; mirror 2;

DJ Cable - Weekly Mini Mix #6

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Another new mini-mix from the one like DJ Cable. This mix is more UK-centric, with some Grime and other vibes thrown in there. Don't even ask, just download and funk-out:



01. A1 Bassline Feat. Safi - My Baby
02. Delinquent Feat. Kat - My Destiny
03. Skepta Feat. Wiley, Jme, Jammer, Footsie, Bossman, Bearman, Trim & MC Creed - Duppy
04. DJ Q Feat. MC Bones - You Wot
05. Lethal Bizzle - Pow!
06. Skepta Feat. Jammer - I Spy
07. Wiley - Bow E3
08. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex

Bonus Beats: Yazoo "Don't Go (DJ Cable's B'More Refix)" - Cable has more refixes like this coming as well.

[video] Against Everything Trailer

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From Trae & ABN Films, in association with Info Pimps & Triplleye Films:

Looks like an ill hood classic.

[video] Prodigy "The Life"

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Shouldn't he be in jail by now?

[video] A-Trak Vs. Justin Timberlake

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Check out A-Trak's "My Love" routine:

[video] Rhymefest Live (2/28/08)

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Rhymefest's impromptu performance at the Pete Rock album release party in D.C. NYC (thx for the correction, Chance):

[video] NYOil: Marketing The Message

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NYOil speaking on marketing positive messages in Hip-Hop:

Boogie Bang 12

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DJ Trackstar is BACK with an all-new edition of his Boogie Bang mixtape series. This edition, volume 12, is hosted by NYOil, and features a boatload of new music from artists like Skillz, Erykah Badu, AZ, The LOX, Fred Knuxx, Pete Rock and many others. Do NOT sleep!



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Back with that raw for you. Due to some MyBook issues, I was unable to drop a leak last month, but this cut should make up for it. A minute ago, Fam-Lay dropped "Da Beeper Record", just switchin' up flows and speakin' on how he sticks to his beeper to help usher in major paper (many of you might have noticed a piece of the hook being recycled in this cut). The one like DJ Nappy takes this frantic vocal and places it over a hypnotic, heavy bass thump from the one like DJ Absurd, which takes a sort of celebratory track and puts it into a different zone. Proper dark alley braggadocio in the mirror feel on this one. Just intense.

Fam-Lay Vs. DJ Absurd "Da Beeper Record (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

(sharebee mirror)

Any DJs looking for more THUGSTEP, hit me up:

Happy thuggin'.

[video] Negativland "My Favorite Things"

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If you're a fan of culture-jamming and cut-up art, and this DVD is right up your alley. For 27+ years, Negativland has been commenting on the media, consumerism, and other points with twisted audio-collage pieces, and more full-on songs. I just got sent their Our Favorite Things DVD, which is a collection of 18 collaborations made to Negativland creations from 18 different video artists. You are getting Ariel talking about suing you for jacking audio to an extended commentary on the lengths Pepsi and Coke go to advertise their cola to the masses. The pieces range from full on CGI epics to more crude video trickery, with loads of mashing from old black & white movies, TV broadcasts and more original ish. Highly recommended for fans of crews like Coldcut.

A full review will be coming when I get more time to dissect this epic.

[video] The Gates First 10 Minutes

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Get more info on the documentary on this art project here. I was doing temp work for Sculpture Magazine when this was just going on - I remember thinking this was odd. Not sure if I want to see this documentary. Everyone was big on Christo, but I just don't see it:

Del The Funky Homosapien "Workin' It"

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11th Hour is out on Def Jux this March 11th. Weird video to match a leftfield beat: