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Young Buck Rumors


illRoots posted up the new Young Buck mixtape, presented by The Empire & The Cartel:



01 - Lil Wayne Intro
02 - War Witcha Homeboy
03 - I’ll Be Back
04 - New York City
05 - 5-0
06 - I Aint F*ckin Wit U (Alt. Verse)
07 - I Don’t Care
08 - Feel Lights (GotNow Blend)
09 - I’m Puffin (Feat. Allstar)
10 - Gone In The Morning
11 - Respect The Shooter (feat. 50 Cent Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo Spider Loc
& 615)
12 - Put Me In The Game
13 - Throw Your Hoods Up
14 - Mr Ten A Key
15 - I’m a Pimp
16 - Take A L (feat. T.I. & Young Jeezy) (GotNow blend)
17- Go Hard (feat. 615)
18 - Damn Right I’m Bout Mine (feat. Lil Boosie & 615)
19 - Chronic 2008
20 - Party Aint Over (feat. 50 Cent)
21 - Tell Me How It Feel
22 - U Liein (Grind Hard) (feat. Allstar)
23 - Come & Catch Me (feat. Allstar & Lil Scrappy)
24 - Hit Em Up
25 - Bang Bang (feat. C-Bo) (Prod. By PC)
26 - DUI (Drink & Drive) (feat. 615) (Prod By The Runners)

Who's feelin' this?

Snapshots: Bow Wow Turns 21

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I guess Bow Wow is really trying to show you niggas that he is a grown man now. Shit, when I turned 21 I bought some alcohol (legally) and got tipsy at home. This nigga has bitches with paws painted on their bare breasts. What a difference some cheddar makes. More pics over at The Rap Up.

[video] Teriyaki Boyz "ZOCK ON!"

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I always find it odd when niggas be on tracks by like Asian people and throw the word "nigga" around. In any case, this cut features that nigga Busta Rhymes and Pharrell; nice, percussion-heavy/wobble bass monster:

I didn't realize brolic-ass rappers even thought about six-steppin'!

Toccara Jones Wylin' On Celebrity Fit Club

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Peep this video of Toccara Jones cussing out the judges on Celebrity Fit Club:

She does that annoying shit where her voice goes super high, but this is classic.

"Have some class!"

Ashley Alexandra Dupre Vs. Snoop Dogg

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Peep this blend of Ashley Alexandra Dupre's "What We Want" and Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction", which I spotted over at Dallas Penn (who would probably frown at my uses of "Vs." as opposed to the ever-popular "x"), and originated over at Ill Doctrine:

Grab the MP3 here.

BGDB Presents Boom Shottas

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My nigga Enigmatik has been on a serious Dancehall/Reggae kick for the last week or two, and has been wanting to make a mix as well. We build on the regular, and I suggested her combine the two and do an island-themed mix. He took that and created Boom Shottas. Lovely mix right here, check it out:



1. BGDB Intro
2. Baddest Man Inna Jamaica
3. Last Night - Mavado
4. Bad From Mi Born - Munga
5. Analyze This - Beenie Man
6. Anywhere We Go - Assassin
7. Take It Easy - Mad Lion
8. Sound Bwoy Killing (remix) - Mega Banton
9. Top Shottas Are Back
10. Bad Boyz - Shyne f/Barrington Levy
11. Top Shooter - Sean Paul, DMX, Mr. Vegas
12. Top Shotta Nah Miss - Mavado
13. Enemies - Wayne Wonder
14. Grindin' (Selector Remix) - Clipse f/Sean Paul, Simpleton, Kardinal Offishall
15. Come Fly With Me - Foxy Brown f/Sizzla
16. One In A Millon/Dipset Anthem - Sanchez & The Diplomats
17. Ghetto Red Hot - Supercat
18. Ready Fe War - Pete Rock f/Chip Fu & Renée Neufville
19. Brown Bottle - Mavado
20. Definiton Of A Gangster
21. BGDB Outro

On the low, I wanted to do a Hip-Hop mix with a Dance Hall appeal to it - I might still do this, but until I do, this will have to do. Shouts to E on the slick shit.


One Question


Are Lil' Wayne's (old) STRAPPED condom ads being cease & desisted due to the shit looking super homo, or for actual legal reasons? I mean, why sort me out with a C&D on some shit that's being promoted on loads of websites? I won't hyperlink them, but anyone with a brain can find a multitude of sites with the previous ad, which many people considered to be downright, um, homo.

Notice the new image, right? Skraight off the MySpace. Some punk shit, regardless. Like, I think it's really funny - Weezy takes a fag picture, it gets dissed over the 'Net, then you tell me to C&D? LMAO B2B SMH...

On That Leak: AC "She Spitzer Swallows"

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AC ft. Client Number 9 "She Spitzer Swallows" (prod. by Phoenix): I love how Hip-Hop has embraced this Elliot Spitzer scandal. First it was the Three 6 Mafia video, now Staten Island's AC shares the same views I do - what the FUCK is this broad doing for that kind of bread? Ill rhymes, ill beat - plain ol' fire!

On That Leak: 9th Wonder & Buckshot "Hold It Down"

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9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods "Hold It Down": You already know. Two Formula related-posts in one day? I can't wait for this disc! The video for this track should be hitting the 'Net next week - I'll post that when I get it. The video for "Hold It Down" will also feature Charlie Murphy.

Shouts to Matt, as per usual.

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Charlie Murphy "Go All Out"

Bonus Beats: Peep Buck and KRS-One recording Conflosations

Sounds sick. Via Nah Right.

Friday, March 14th 2008 playlist

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Busy week; hopefully after this weekend, I can get back to normal. Is that too much to ask?


leaks of tha week...


Grab these new mixtapes that just surfaced, like, today:

  • Trae's I Am Houston dropped recently; Rizoh has the scoop.
  • 2DB just linked up a mixtape from LiveSoul entitled The Forward; highly recommended.

Get your rock the dub late pass on all things musical that I posted this week:


Did I miss anything? Hit the comments or hit the e-mail.

Peep this quick video for the Million $ Mano remix of Shawty Lo's "Dey Know":

That kid is the shit. Enjoy your weekend!

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Charlie Murphy "Go All Out"

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First video from The Formula, which hits stores 4-29-2008:

DJ Ayers - More Drugs

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Seems like DJ Ayers has been in the mood to pick up the pace, especially after The Rub has been knocking out so many "History of Hip-Hop" mixes; check out this mix Ayers completed, featuring new cuts from a lot of the producers hipster dance fans fiend for:



Juan Maclean - Happy House
Metro Area - Erodyne
A.S.S. - House Bells
Bag Raiders - Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix)
Surkin - White Knight 2
Steve Angello and Laidback Luke - Be (Laidback Luke Rave Edit)
DJ Tameil - Bump Like This
Say Wut - NFL Horns
Million $ Mano - They Know
Jim Sharp - Champion Junglist Sound
Fully Fitted - Roll It
Bladerunners - Champ
Charlean Dance - Mr DJ (Speaker Junk Remix)
King Tutt - The Future
Larry Heard Presents Mr White - The Sun Can't Compare
Juan Maclean - Happy House (reprise)
One Hand Loves The Other - Tortoise (Treasure Fingers remix)

Get your dancin' shoes on...

Paper Route Gangstaz Mixtape Sampler

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Paper Route Gangstaz = DJ Benzi + Diplo. This is a sampler mix they made for SXSW. Grab it:


Enjoy it. Full length mixtape coming soon...

Help Bishop Save Britney

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I love how Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan only needs 33 minutes of Britney Spears' time to help her straighten out her life. He has a website set up and everything. Check out his video message:

I was just watching American Pimp the other day, and I believe Bishop Don could definitely help Britney, but I bet it would involve knee pads and taking over Stone Mountain...

[video] I-20 "Down South"

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Been wondering where I-20 has been? Check out the new video for "Down South":

[video] Prodigy "Money Is A Weapon"

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Hearing Prodigy talk shit is almost as dope as hearing 50 Cent talk shit. WSHH Exclusive:

That sample is bananas. I love it.

[video] Snoop Dogg On Conan

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Check out Snoop Dogg & Too $hort on Conan performing "Life Of Da Party":

Bonus Beats: Check out Snoop's freestyle on V-103. That nigga's flow is so smooth.

Lil' Wayne ft. Static "Lollipop"

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Lil' Wayne ft. Static "Lollipop" (Dirty/CD Quality MP3): This is going to be the third/final post on Weezy's "Lollipop", I swear. I just figured that the masses who hit this blog to view the video might want the MP3 as well. I still can't get into that Auto-Tune, but whatever.

Two Questions

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Two Questions, based on this pic:

  1. Is Diddy going to be selling those "NO BITCH ASS NESS" t-shirts, seen here and on Making The Band?
  2. Why does Jermaine Dupri look like Rick Ross?
Just wondering... pic spotted here.

[video] Behind The Scenes: "Say Yeah"

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Here's a peek behind the scenes of the video shoot for Wiz Khalifa's "Say Yeah":

Rick Ross ft. T-Pain & Bloodraw "The Boss (Remix)"

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Rick Ross ft. T-Pain & Bloodraw "The Boss (Remix)": I just got slid this remix of Rick Ross' current single. Anytime I hear this beat, I get open. I even like Teddy Pain's part. Peep Young Jeezy's boy going in. Nice mixtape addition for you DJs.

Snapshots: Amanda Diva @ S.O.B.'s

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Shouts to Saptosa for flowing me these pix from Amanda Diva's show at S.O.B.'s last night:

The Diva herself...

Talib Kweli performed as well...

Q-Tip was a special guest too! Aren't you pissed you missed this?

Jean Grae & Amanda, cheesin'...

Amanda Diva and ESSENCE editor Cori Murray.

Looks like it was a great night. I need to go see some live Hip-Hop soon... anyone who saw this show have any reviews? Post a comment! EDIT: Diva posted more pics over at her MySpace blog.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 9

On That Leak: Ashley Alexandra Dupre "What We Want"

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre "What We Want" (mirror): This is the $4300 "escort" that helped a blind nigga become the governor of New York. This track is not my cup of tea at all - it sounds something like a Pussycat Dolls/Britney Spears PG-13 rated sex-tease Pop, but it isn't much worse than anything else I've seen on TRL for the last 8 years...

I bring this to you guys because I have been bombarded with this Jersey girl's image and story in my morning newspaper, as well as on NJ 101.5's programs - all day. *sigh*

On a side note, it looks like this track went from being available for purchase for $0.19 to a whopping $0.98! $20 says she has a CD in stores by Christmas 2K8.

MP3 spotted at Minneapolis Fucking Rocks; The Daily Swarm has more info on homegirl's music, including a link to cop her new track, "Move Ya Body".

[video] Maury Povich Pregnancy Test

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Just a big bag of ROFL:

Scouts Needed!

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Not these kinds of scouts; Rafi is looking for some music talent scouts for a project he has been working on for a minute now. I won't divulge the info I know, but it is definitely an interesting idea, and if you are already a talent scout, or someone who fits the outline detailed in this post, you should hit up Rafi at It'd be well worth it.

Ludacris Vs. Patchwork Pirates

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Ludacris ft. Field Mob "Ultimate Satisfaction (Cabin Bwoy Refix)" (mirror): Nice lil' refix with a sneakily familiar sample in there. Borderline THUGSTEP-y. Lovely work from the Patchwork Pirates.

A Letter From David Simon

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I just noticed that David Simon, the vocal creator of The Wire, has posted a letter to the fans on If you enjoyed this show, definitely check it out.

[video] Britney Spears "Break The Ice"

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Peep out Britney's new video, which features an animated Brit in effect:

I always imagined ill animation on a track much hotter than this, but I guess this is what happens when you're halfcrazy and your album still needs promotin'...

[video] Lil' Wayne "Lollipop" (Official)


Yesterday I brought you the rough cut; peep the official version of Weezy's new video:

I don't feel that Auto Tune on Weezy's voice.

[video] Guru "Jazzy Wayz"


I love that Slick Rick sample in this:

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 9

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ROFL @ "old middle passage negroes":

[video] The Knux "Cappucino"

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Here's the video for a track I leaked early last month from The Knux:

Soul Brothers

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The boy Aaron Matthews cooked up this SICK Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth compilation for Hip-Hop Is Read. For everyone out there looking for some "real Hip-Hop", look no further. Serious sounds in that one.

Spitzer To Resign Today

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ABC has just learned that Elliot Spitzer is set to resign today as Govenor of New York, to be replaced by a blind nigga. I guess paying something like $80K for hookers was just too big of a burden to bear. This is a good day for blind niggas everywhere - Geordi La Forge would be so proud!

Three 6 Mafia x DJ UNK x Gov. Eliot Spitzer

Mariah Carey ft. The Dream "Touch My Body (Remix)"

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Mariah Carey ft. The Dream "Touch My Body (Remix)": Do I smell another multi-platinum LP from MC? I think I do... Enjoy this Dream-assisted remix of her current single.


[video] Timbaland's First Verizon LP Track

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I spoke on Timbaland's deal with Verizon last month; peep this video with the first cut, "Get It Girl", which seems to feature Keri Hilson:

Looks like a pimped-out studio. You can grab the ringtone here - if you have Verizon, that is.

Ghostface Killah The Wallabee Champ Cover/Tracklist

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Out of nowhere, a new Ghostface Killah compilation, with loads of B-sides and such, is dropping on March 25th. Get that dough, Starks. Peep the tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Wallabee Champ
3. ABC
4. Roosevelts (Raekwon And Trife)
5. Watch Your Mouth (Wu-tang Clan)
6. Tony Siegel (Beanie Siegel)
7. Trials Of Life (Prodigy)
8. Hidden Darts [Remix]
9. The Rich (Raekwon)
10. We Dem N****z
11. Run [Remix] (Jadakiss, Lil Wayne)
12. Good Times [Part 2]
13. Charlie Brown [Remix]
14. Clips
15. Clientele (Raekwon, Fat Joe)
16. Crockett & Tubbs (Raekwon)
17. 93 Freestyle (Method Man)

I love it. Via Nah Right.

[video] Lil' Wayne ft. Static Major "Lollipop"

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Here's a rough cut of the video for Lil' Wayne's lead single from The Carter III; RIP Static:

Apparently this premieres on BET tomorrow?

Bonus Beats: Grab the full, clean MP3 here while it's still around.

[video] Danity Kane ft. Diddy "Damaged"

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One of my reality TV loves is Diddy's Making The Band. I'm not a Danity Kane fan, but I like the behind the scenes shit. Plus, Aundrea ain't nothing to sneeze at. Check out their new video:

They def. got the electro-pop thing going down...

[video] ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme Trailer

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This premieres on VH1 on April 14th; check out teaser #1, which I spotted over at Nah Right:

Serch is a trip, taking us on a tour of their spot.

[video] Out Of Character with Andre Royo

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Check out The Wire's "Bubbles" out of character:

[video] Who Is Willy NorthPole?

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Yeah, I don't know who he is either, but check out this WillySode #1 from DTPTV, which gives us an introduction:

Now peep the world premiere of "Body Marked Up":

On That Leak: "Clocks And Daggers"

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Free The Robots "Clocks And Daggers": Just some ill instrumental Hip-Hop for those fans of cats like DJ Shadow and film scores. Really dusty samples in here, with some odd synth action to boot. This is from OBEY's The Killer Robots EP, which also featues cuts from The Gaslamp Killer, and is available now on iTunes.

The celebration of the limited edition CD/7" release of this EP will be going down on March 13th at SXSW, at a huge showcase featuring the likes of Diplo, Free The Robots, Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus and others. Here's the flier.

Shouts to Justin for the heads up!

Three 6 Mafia x DJ UNK x Gov. Eliot Spitzer

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Check out this "Red Light Remix" of Three 6 Mafia's "I'd Rather" (featuring DJ UNK):

Grab the MP3 as well.

[video] Sidewalk Pimping


Leaving your parent's basement is definitely an accomplishment in itself. Check out Dallas Penn, iNTERNETS CELEBRITY extraordinaire, playing the pavement outside of the recent Puma x Yo MTV Raps! party in NYC recently:

Nice use of a dope J-Live cut btw.

[video] Snoop Dogg "Life Of Da Party"

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This track features Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.; Ego Trippin' in stores tomorrow:

The MCEO Mixtape

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Mick Boogie and Talib Kweli bringing you some serious heat. Featured MCs include Jean Grae, KRS-One, Strong Arm Steady and others. Brought to you by the good folks over at illRoots.

Download: illRoots \ MEGAUPLOAD \ SENDSPACE \ BANDONGO \ More To Come!

History of Hip-Hop Vol. 20: 1998

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'98 was a year before I graduated high school; I was going out more, for I had friends that drove. I was getting my first real romance on (nothing too major), trying to be all ballerific and failing miserably. And Hip-Hop was going through a dope transition; the proof is in the pudding:



DMX - Get At Me Dog
DMX - Ruff Ryder's Anthem
Noreaga - Superthug
The Lox ft Lil Kim & DMX - Money, Power, Respect
Cam'ron & DMX - Pull It
Big L - Ebonics
Missin Linx - MIA
Rasheed & Ill Advised -
Cocoa Brovaz ft Raekwon - Black Trump
Busta Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
Juvenile - Ha
Juvenile ft Manny Fresh & Lil Wayne - Back that Azz Up
Jay-Z ft Memphis Bleek - It's Alright
Cam'ron ft Mase - Horse & Carriage
Sporty Thieves - Cheapskate
Redman - I'll Be Dat
The Roots ft Beenie Sigel - Adrenaline
Big Punisher - Beware
Showbiz & AG - Spit
DMX ft The Lox & Mase - Nigga Done Started Something
Cocoa Brovaz ft MOP - Bucktown Remix
MOP - Breaking the Rules
All City - The Actual
Dilated Peoples - Work the Angles
Gangstarr ft Freddie Fox & Big Shug - The Militia
Canibus - Second Round K.O.
The Dead - The Projects
A Tribe Called Quest ft Punch & Words, Jane Doe & Mos Def - Rock Rock Y'all
Medina Green - Crosstown Beef
Slum Village ft Jazzy Jeff - I Don't Know
Pete Rock ft Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - Tru Master
Adam 12 ft Heltah Skelta & Saukrates - Ultimate Rush
Saukrates, Masta Ace & OC - Rollin Remix
Pace Won - I Declare War
Dujeous - Cinematics
Black Star - Definition
Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones
Big Pun - Don't Wanna Be A Player pt 2
Tupac - Do For Love
E-40 - I Hope I Don't Go Back
A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
Eminem - Just the Two of Us
Self Scientific - The Return
AZ - Tradin Places
Saukrates - Father Time
Xzibit, Rass Kass & Saafir - 3 Card Molly
Outkast - Return of the Gangster
Jay-Z ft Jaz-O & Amil - Nigga What Nigga Who
Gangsta Boo - Where Dem Dollas At
Master P f. Fiend, Mia X, Mystikal & Silkk The Shocker - Make Em Say Uhh!
Mystikal f. Silkk The Shocker - It Ain't My Fault
Devin the Dude - Do What You Wanna
Outkast - Spottieottiedopalicious

Some serious heat.

The Wire, Season 5: "-30-" [recap]


It's really over. XXX. Fin-i-to. Done and done. And while most things change, The Wire shows that everything in stays the same - maybe different faces, but the same old shit. So is life...

McNulty & Freamon ended up getting found out and got off, although I find it hard to believe that McNulty can live the civilian life. Freamon? He's good with a beautiful woman and some antique dollhouse furniture to sell. McNulty? He is just, as Landsman said, "natural poh-lice". You see how quick he figured out that copycat murder? That nigga still has it in him...

While I don't think it was funny, I found myself laughing when Bunk and Kima realized that the latest death was a copycat. Bunk is chewing McNulty out on the sly, mainly due to the cameras and shit out there. I missed the Bunk in a lot of these episodes - him playing it close and on point didn't give time for him burning his clothes or any of his other escapades. Great scene for the "black liar".

You knew from jump that Carcetti was going to sweep the whole fake serial killer angle under the rug. He had no choice if he wanted to keep his career going - and everyone had to fall in line as well. Sad part is, everyone pretty much got away with it - aside from Chris Partlow and Monk, everyone else is either dead or out of the game (on both sides). And what gets accomplished? Scott Templeton gets an award...

That tense scene with Scott yelling at Gus was just what I had been waiting for! Scott so frustrated as everyone was disbelieving him, and his "it's in my notes" cry ended up getting Alma moved and Gus demoted. But it seems like Gus was happy, at least his replacement was a great, truthful writer. Scott I assume left the Sun to go on to USA Today or some other rag, and the cycle just kept on moving from there.

Where was Clay Davis in this episode?

How sad was the whole scene with Dukie and Prezbo. You could smell the horse manure and spot the vials cracked up in Duquan's shoes. I had a feeling he would turn to that life, and would joke about it, but seeing Dukie shooting up - that was just deep. On the flipside, it was ill to see Michael become the new Omar. I assume he's not gay, but it was dope to see that revenge manifest itself in Michael sticking up the older gods.

Oh and ROFL at Cheese getting so cocky and getting his wig pushed back by Slim Charles. That needed to be done, and although Slim cost the Co-Op $900K, he saved them a load of headaches.

Fuck Carcetti. I knew he was a snake, and Daniels was 100% right for wanting to burn Carcetti with what he knew. He had no choice but to quit, though - he would be hurting his ex-wife as well as his white lover. Man can't burn both bridges. And plus, we got to see Valchek's sly old ass up in the mix!

LOL @ David Simon's cameo in the newsroom. Tres Hitchcockian! (Peep's interview with Simon.)

I mean, what else is there? I was pissed as hell at Herc for snaking his way into the limelight, even though I guess he sees himself fucking the system that fucked him - although I don't think he was Sarge material at all. TV Squad thinks Levy knew Herc jacked the cell #, and maybe he does - essentially, they used each other, and are about to cake off on this case.

And Marlo. Can't escape the streets. I must admit: I saw him as a cocky, arrogant ass. I realized with this episode, though, that he was the smart guy. He knew he could get out the game with serious bread, and do what Stringer Bell couldn't. Levy saw it, too. Levy would let Stringer go on those meetings and get bled, but Levy seemed to look out for Marlo. In any case, Marlo just loved that power. He had to get out on that block and taste his own blood, make sure he could still do it. For that instant, he was satisfied... and I honestly believe he could live without the game. He's a businessman, right?

In the end, like I said from jump, it's all cyclical. Someone has to get shot in the leg. Someone has to become the new commish. Someone has to be McNulty. Someone has to keep the gears moving. We all do, just to get by. Thing is, The Wire was about showing you where the holes are, and exposing you to what might work in shifting those gears. The thing is, like with global warming or our presidential parties, we're too stuck in our ways, and afraid of change. We know what would be good for us, and expect so much, but don't realize that life isn't all glitz and glamor. Why do you think Omar caught a slug in the dome from a kid? You wanted that hail of bullets. As great of a character as Omar was, he was still a stickup man. They don't cover stick-up men in the paper, the fuck make you think he deserves some blaze of glory. Life doesn't work that way, and until we take shows like The Wire seriously and start to make a change, shut the fuck up about things being different.

I will miss this show. It spoke to the people in the struggle, and showed the bigger picture in regards to the ills of our society. I loved every minute, every frame, every milisecond of speech. I'll miss Bunk's cigars and Marlo's scar. Clay Davis' wit and McNulty's grit (as well as the tits of the chicks he boned). I'll miss Kima's voice and Carver's hard choices. Freamon's wisdom and the many dumb-ass characters throughout the show. Bubbles' will and Slim Charles' ill cool. Prop Joe and Omar. Avon and Stringer. Bodie & Poot. Prezbo. Randy. Gus. The Sabotkas. Norman. There's so much I love and truly appreciate about this show, and the words are meaningless right now. Go sit down with all 5 seasons, watch the quilt get made and then wrap yourself up in the comfort, knowing that real life is just that real.

Thank you for putting out The Wire.

Hit up the synopsis on this finale, as well as The Wire Public Record being made.

Guess The Rapper


Guess which Native Tongue member has had one too many tabs of X? Answer in the comments...

[video] Get Smart Trailer

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This remake of the 1960's spy parody TV show starring Steve Carell is out in theaters June 20, 2008:

[video] HellBoy 2: The Golden Army Trailer

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I've only seen like 15 minutes of the first one, and it looked like a major weird-fest. Looks like this one is possibly set to be in theaters on July 11th?:

[video] Donny Goines EPK

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Donny Goines is that dude:

[rock the dub Interview]: Donny Goines

OnSMASH Presents: A Notorious B.I.G. Tribute

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The greatest rapper of all time died 11 years ago today. OnSMASH has produced a sick tribute in video form, showcasing some of Biggie's greatest music videos, live performances, freestyles and interviews. Check it out... OnSMASH Presents: A Notorious B.I.G. Tribute.

Freestyle (circa 1989)

"Unbelievable" (circa 1994)

HipHopDX & DJ Slimm Brooklyn’s Finest: Best of Biggie

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HipHopDX & DJ Slimm bringing forth some of Biggie's best cuts, freestyles and some ill blends:


Spotted over at 2dopeboyz; shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up.

rock the dub radio: episode 016

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March 9th is always a hard time for me. I actually watched Bigger Than Life this morning, then took a nap. I just couldn't do nothing, reminiscing on the Black Frank White. During my formative middle school years, the music of The Notorious B.I.G. was deep in my life. No one was iller in the northeast (and soon to be the world), and anytime a new remix came out, I knew it word for word (I still remember Philly DJs cutting up the 'Hip-Hop Remix' of "One More Chance" during the summer weekend mixes). Such a big part of my love for Hip-Hop came from Biggie, from the hilarity to the rugged, cut-throat anthems to his just overall skill and talent on the mic. He taught most of the niggas doing it now how to do it, and did it from the grave. My only regret, aside from his killer still not being found, is that he only had a limited body of work for us to celebrate.

And that's what this episode of rock the dub radio is out. I was going to only do an hour, but I had a 22 of Beck's and some free time, so I dedicated both hours to my favorite rapper. Check it out:


01/The Notorious B.I.G. "The Wickedest (Freestyle)"
02/The Notorious B.I.G. "Warning"
03/The Notorious B.I.G. "Who Shot Ya"
04/The Notorious B.I.G. "One More Chance (Hip-Hop Remix)"
05/The Notorious B.I.G. "I Got A Story To Tell"
06/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. 112 "Sky's The Limit"
07/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. The Lox "Will See"
08/Busta Rhymes "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"
09/The Notorious B.I.G. "Joe Clark Interview" b/w "Wake Up Show Interview/Freestyle"
10/Jay-Z ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Brooklyn's Finest"
11/Jay-Z ft. Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. "A Dream"
12/The Notorious B.I.G. "Party & Bullshit"
13/Crustified Dibbs (aka R.A. The Rugged Man) & The Notorious B.I.G. "Cunt Renaissance"
14/The Notorious B.I.G. "Just Playing (Dreams)"
15/The Notorious B.I.G. "Big Poppa"
16/The Notorious B.I.G. "Me & My Bitch (Live)"
17/Beanie Sigel "I'm In"
18/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man "The What"
19/The Notorious B.I.G. "Ten Crack Commandments"
20/The Notorious B.I.G. "Kick In The Door"
21/The Notorious B.I.G. "Unbelievable"
22/Junior M.A.F.I.A. ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Player's Anthem"
23/Junior M.A.F.I.A. ft. The Notorious B.I.G. "Get Money"
24/The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "Notorious Thugs" [Biggie's verse]
25/The Notorious B.I.G. "Ready To Die"
26/The Notorious B.I.G. "Everyday Struggle"
27/The Notorious B.I.G. "Long Kiss Goodnight"
28/The Notorious B.I.G. "Suicidal Thoughts"
29/"You Remember That One Day Summer Past" [interlude]
30/Blake Leyh "The Fall"

RIP, Biggie. Shouts to the Wallace family: keep the faith.

rock the dub radio links: RSS / home page / e-mail.

EDIT I'm throwing this one up for those who never heard it. RIP Big Poppa. I meant to do another one of these but my week/weekend was shot. Hopefully I can get back on track soon; have part 1 of RTD Radio 031 in the can. Enjoy.

Bun B II Trill Snippets

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Spotted some snippets off of Bun B's forthcoming II Trill album. Let me know what you think:


Rick Ross Trilla

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Finally out. Try before you buy.

"I'm the biggest boss that you seen thus far..."

[video] "We In Here"

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Peep Quest M.C.O.D.Y. & Marvwon rockin' this cut off their JUMP OFF A BRIDGE mixtape:

Murda! Shouts to Perpetuum for the link.

The Biggie Hendrix Experience

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Wow. I'm not sure who DJ Doc Rok is, but this looks, well, interesting.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty / Clean

Via The Rap Up.


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It's leaked. I will post my full report in the near future.

[video] Layla Kayleigh WPT Outtakes

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Don't know if you guys are aware, but Layla Kayleigh gets that dough - she does work for G4, the World Poker Tour, the Movie Mob, that America's Best Dance Crew show and a host of other gigs. I just caught some outtakes of her spots for the WPT, and felt like posting them b/c I think she's fly and she is a hustla:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #49"

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Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #49": Had to post this one, for Crooked I MURKED Fat Joe's "That White". That's all. Shouts to 2DB.

Beck x Danger Mouse

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The Odd Couple hasn't even hit stores yet, and news is already out that Danger Mouse will be producing Beck's next album. This jawn is in pre-production stages, with no album title/track titles/release date, but I think if this was happening in 2004, I'd be excited. 2008? Not so much...

DJ Cable's Monthly Mixtape - February '08

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Yeah, yeah it's March already. Just peep the ill cuts on this one:



01. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Snoop Dogg - Hi Definition
02. Rampage - Pump It Up
03. Bump J Feat. Peedi Crakk & Gillie Da Kid - Pretty Girls In the VIP
04. Kidz In The Hall - Drivin Down The Block
05. The Cool Kids - Action Figures
06. Snoop Dogg Feat. Too Short - Life Of Da Party
07. Ryan Leslie Feat. MIMS - Diamond Girl Remix
08. Rakim - It's Nothing
09. Dem Franchise Boys - Make U Mad
10. Bun B Feat. Sean Kingston - That's Gangsta
11. Shawty Lo - Dunn Dunn
12. Shawty Lo Feat. Ludacris, Young Jeezy & Plies - They Know Remix
13. Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon - Dey Know Freestyle
14. Flo-Rida Feat. Lil' Wayne - American Superstar


Friday, March 7th 2008 playlist

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Busy ass week, but some hot heat came out of it. This Sunday, I'll have a special treat for you lot...


leaks of the week:


Have you been picking up what I've been putting down? If not, here's your late pass:

Put those in your ganja pipe and toke it.


We all know what March 9th means to the Hip-Hop community at large. We lost one of the greats, The Notorious B.I.G. on that date to senseless violence. Here are a few of my favorite Biggie videos, in rememberance of the don:

"Sky's The Limit" (ft. 112)


"One More Chance (Stay With Me Mix)"

BIG's last interview/freestyle, on The Wake Up Show:

One love. Check me back Sunday.

On That Leak: Kidz In The Hall "The Black Out"

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Kidz In The Hall ft. DJ G.I. Joe "The Black Out": New heat from their forthcoming sophmore LP, The In Crowd, which is out May 13th on Duck Down/Major League. Lovin' that poster BTW.

Shouts to Matt for this one.

[video] The Roots "Get Busy"

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They really are going in on these videos; this featured Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff and directed by Rik Cordero:

What's up with ?uestlove's demeanor? Wild. Good to see Dice (riggity) Raw back in effect. And big up to Enigmatik for reminding me this premiered today.

[video] The Roots "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"

Dru Hill: Make Up 2 Break Up?

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So recently, Dru Hill got back together. They were on a Baltimore radio station to announce their reunited status. Then, that nigga Woody got a text message from God, who told him to be a servant for the Lord. He didn't let his homies know until they were on air... Sisqo got his thong is a bunch:

R&B = serious bidness. Via YBF.

[video] Cool Kids w/ DJ MK In Amsterdam (March 5th 2008)

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Watch these hipster favs take us back to '88:

Sin The Warning Shot Mixtape

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My boy Sin, who represents North Carolina, just hit me with his long-awaited mixtape, The Warning Shot. You can stream and download this over at datpiff, and peep his steeze. He reminds me of guys like M.O.P. or Freddie Foxxx - no, he ain't screamin' FIYAAAAA or challenging the industry to knuckle down, but that same attitude runs rampant through his tracks. Real nigga raps with that classic mixtape feel. Don't sleep on dude.