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[video] Cassidy & Frankie Krutches "Hop Out"

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What a random-ass video. Random shit in the intro, random people getting gats pulled on them by mimes with hoodies on (??); check it out:

A WSHH Exclusive, for what its worth.

[video] Portishead "Machine Gun"

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Check out the new single from Portishead's Third, "Machine Gun":

You can cop this track now via their website, and it will be released physically on April 14, with Third dropping two weeks later.

Spotted over at URB.

Naphta Long Time Burning [review]


Dublin, Ireland: not necessarily the spot where you would expect the classic sounds of Jungle and Dance Hall would thrive, but Naphta has concocted an album full of dubby, waist-winding cuts that aim to bring back that old time feelin'. I've had this disc in my possession for a minute, and for one reason or another, didn't get around to reviewing it. I'm sober and awake, so let'er rip!

"Can't Stop"
From the intro's "ready for it!" loop to the Luther Vandross samples, right alongside the crazy Amens and expertly-dropped piano loops, this one is just a beautiful Jungle gem. You almost hate for albums to come out swinging this hard, because the assumption is it can't get better than this...

"Won't Stop"
...then it does. Naphta creates an addendum to "Can't Stop", mashing up various elements of the track and creating newer, deeper riddims out of seemingly random snippets of sound, creating a hard-hitting Dance Hall tempo expedition.

"Prince Trojan"
This one showcases how Naphta is so def, he can hone in on those jazzy melodies and make them work in both a hardcore Dance Hall vibe into a more Jungle style tune. Loads of fun riding with this one.

"I Need U (Draw Near)"
This one is more of the classic, seductive Jungle vibes. Big, warm basslines, classic roots vocal samples and chanting in the background, and lovely edits to classic breaks, this is one is a time machine to 1995 Ragga styles.

"Bagman Skank"
This one reminds me of Congo Natty's Drum & Bass output circa 2000, when he started moving into the more steppin' style of DnB while still keeping his large sample library in tune to the sound.

"Jungle Republic"
Nice, mid-tempo track that dabbles in a DnB/Jungle BPM but maintains a nice, dubby vibe throughout. Love that melody in there. Just a nice, vibing cut.

"Babylon Babies"
This is an interesting tune; I want to say it's an interlude, due to the length, and the fact that it's not as fleshed out as the other cuts, but it skanks along just the same.

This track sets up the next one nicely, establishing a brooding mood over the horizon, kind of like riding in one of those boats from Apocalypse Now, with the murky waters and fog and such...

"Copy Rider"
...then the ride starts getting a bit choppy, and you start seeing natives in the woods, holding spears, and all of the sudden its a battle between you and them. Weapons thrown, weapons shot, as you're paddling faster, trying to find your way out of this deep, dark nightmare...

"My Heart Beating"
...and you awake in a cold sweat to realize it was all a dream. You slept with the DVD player on all night, and your roots CD playing in a loop, over and over. What a night.

"All Kinda Style"
This track is the sounds of the tribes in the deepest parts of the wild, putting on centuries-old ceremonies, full of syncopated congas and chanting...

"Street Dancing"
...and out comes the tom-toms, and it's a full-on dance party! This cut is one of my favorites. While the bassline would fit so perfectly with a disgusting Amen rinseout kind of vibe, the tempo is more on a Breaks-style of vibe. Interesting twist.

"Soundclash 1 (VIP Mix)"
One of the other anticipated cuts is this VIP of Naphta's release for Fanu's Lightless label. This is the amen tearer that we were waiting for, and it'd delivered to perfection, aided by a wash of synths and some fat, dubby bass. Ultimate satisfaction.

"Long Story"
And the story ends. We get into the helicopter and leave this crazy Dublin town to its own wild nights and ragga stylings.

I must say, being that I am so deep into the sounds of Jungle, Dub and Dance Hall, this disc was a no-brainer. The fact is I didn't expect it to be SO varied, and was definitely impressed with how well the tracks worked off of each other. Naphta has a gift of creating these tracks that can go in so many different directions, but he also knows when to just establish that groove and ride that bitch to the end. If you are a fan of Dub in all of its differing formations, I suggest grabbing this, early.

rock the dub gives Long Time Burning 4.5 out of 5 stars. Solid execution of the styles within, and a great example of a multi-talented producer making great music and enjoying the art of manipulating sound.

Burn Deez: "Can't Stop", "I Need U (Draw Near)", "Soundclash 1 (VIP Mix)", "Street Dancing"

Naphta's Long Time Burning is available NOW for purchase. Hit up THE FEAR STORE for more details.

Janet Jackson Discipline [review]

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You gotta love how Janet Jackson came out the gate with her first Island Def Jam release, Discipline, and hit #1 in its first week. Was it truly a #1 album, though? Let's rock a sober track-fi-track on this album:

Quick intro. Kind of on some futuristic shit, but it's essentially Janet typing into a PC and getting the album going. What's the point, though - Janet on that next level?

Sadly, this just misses the mark for me. That "first day period" line was just a tad too raunchy, kind of like when Michael Jackson dropped that "kike" line years back. Can't help it - it's hard to see these stars grow old when you still see reruns of Janet as Penny on Good Times... this is kind of like NC-17 Ciara.

This one hits me nicer. Nice electro-bop to this one, Darkchild did the damn thing on this one. You would wish that more artists would tempt that new-er sound but still maintain their singular personality, and I think Janet hits this one on the mark.

Why does Janet keep doing these less-than-ten-seconds interludes?

Sounds like all of the similies and lines 50 Cent didn't use in "Amusement Park" made it into this track.

"Bathroom Break"
Janet and her girls talkin' girl-talk in the potty. "What yo' name is?"

"Rock With U"
"Sensual Seduction" + 4/4 kicks - the wit and soul = "Rock With U". Kind of surprised she didn't invoke MJ, who had a classic jam of the same name.

Another electro-infused number. You'd think after a few of these not working, Janet would decide to try something different. Hopefully we get more sounds in the later tracks...

"Can't B Good"
Weird track, lyrically. Homegirl is fallin' in love, and the assumption is that she's been hurt before, so she's telling herself this feeling just isn't right. I like that take on it, because you don't hear those emotions dropped so simply, especially over such a cool, calm track like this.

"4 Words"
Another short interlude. Yawn.

"Never Letchu Go"
And another yawn at a snoozer of a track. That Isley Brothers/Santana-lite guitar in the beginning was unnecessary, and the rest of the track comes off like Timbaland trying to be Prince. Just a waste of space.

"Truth Or Dare"
While I'd love to play truth or dare with Janet, I don't need an interlude for this...

"Greatest X"
The-Dream and "Tricky" Stewart contribute to this project, and it's definitely not as hot as lot of the tracks they've done in the past. Janet lamenting on a great ex doesn't really amount to much, especially since there's no real resolution come the end of the track.

"Good Morning Janet"
Wakey, wakey Janet. Stop doing these asinine interludes.

"So Much Betta"
This is the track for the chicks who are the other woman in a relationship. Jermaine Dupri produces a minimal track that I actually felt right from the jump. It's not in the liner notes, but I swear that loop throughout the track is from Daft Punk's first CD. This one is a bit different - still on the current sound, but twisted a bit for the average listener. I wish it was a bit longer, too, but so be it...

"Play Selection"
Hi computer person, end interlude.

"The 1 (ft. Missy Elliott)"
Kind of a subdued version of Amerie's "1 Thing", this one could be a lot hotter than this, it seems. I like the percussion, and I even dig Janet's playful vocals bouncing all over, but it just feels like it's missing something.

"What's Ur Name"
Janet talkin' that slick talk to the nameless cat walking down the street. Oh God, she said swag. Next.

"The Meaning"
What's the meaning of discipline? Janet gives you her favorites. I wish she could discipline herself to stop making pointless interludes.

Lyrically, this one plays like a Penthouse letter - teasing, enticing and, for lack of a better term, cum-drenched. Seductive pace, all slow and heavy, with twinkling keys and beautiful harmonies. Sad thing is, you'd wish she did more tracks like this...

The last interlude. Thank God.

Simple bounce on this one. Janet hitting that higher octave nicely over a basic bop. The metaphor of the show is a nice touch.

At the end of the day, while I admire Janet for stepping up and really trying to come out with the sound of now, it comes off as forced and uninspired. The reason tracks like "Umbrella" or the Justin Timberlake/Timbaland collaborations work is because they sound more fun that "attempts to make money". We get glimpses of that here, but with a CD that's packed with these mid-to-up-tempo electro Pop tracks, it just doesn't work as a Janet Jackson CD. It does get it right a few times, and that is appreciated.

rock the dub gives Discipline a 3 out of 5 stars. What it gets right, it gets all the way right. And while more tracks miss the mark than they should, they can still be enjoyable for the diehard Janet fan. But those interludes have got to go!

Burn Deez:
"So Much Betta", "Can't B Good", "Discipline", "Curtains"

Janet Jackson's Discipline is available in stores now.

Bonus Beats: Discipline DVD preview

"Feedback" LIVE on Good Morning America:

Snapshots: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Movie


Check out these first shots of Snake Eyes, from the forthcoming (read: 2009) G.I. Joe live-action movie. Damn, I might have to go see this. Will Tomax and Xamot be in the movie? They were my favorite characters.

Via AICN. Presents The Official A3C Mixtape

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In light of this weekend's A3C Hip-Hop Festival, and DJ Wristpect collaborated on bringing a dope mixtape, featuring the majority of the artists slated to perform at the festival. Serious amount of ill music, check it out:



1. Holly Weerd – Weerdo
2. B.o.B - Haters Everywhere f. Wes Fif
3. Wale - Nike Boots (rmx) f. Lil Wayne
4. Re-Up Gang - 20k Money Making Brothers…
5. The Fresh - A Love Story
6. Little Brother - Good Clothes (prod. Illmind)
7. Tanya Morgan - Walk My Way (Dream On)
8. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean pt.1
9. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean pt.2
10. John Robinson - I Am Not 4 Sale
11. The AB’s - Boom Box
12. Proton - Mighty Cold (Go On…)
13. Guilty Simpson - Getting Riches (prod. Mr. Porter)
14. Binkis - Badwire pt.1
15. Binkis - Badwire pt.2
16. Akrobatik - A to the K f. B-Real
17. Insight - Strategy f. Edo G
18. Hangar 18 - The West Wing
19. C.R.A.C. (Blu & Ta’Raach) - Love Don’t
20. Public Enemy - Check What You’re Listening To
21. Nobody Famous - Grind Hustle
22. The Smile Rays – Chicken
23. Del the Funky Homosapien- Bubble Pop
24. Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.
25. James Pants - On the Floor f. Griplayz
26. Aceyalone – Supahero
27. Hangar 18 - Go Git That

Slick as shit. Fucking Binkis, I missed that crew. Props to Shake for posting this.

Friday, March 21st 2008 playlist

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Why didn't I take today off like everyone else did?


leaks of tha week!




Damn that's a lot. Some wild bits to spike your Easter chocolates with...

Let's end this a bit differently, with this video from Damien Marley entitled "One Loaf Of Bread";

Enjoy your weekend, fam.

Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon "Royal Flush"

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Don't you just love when dope Hip-Hoppers give you dope music? I initially spotted this gem over at Nah Right, where it was just a Greg Street radio-ripped MP3; I then peeped the Cocaine Blunts post where this leak originated, and overnight, MGG has provided a high quality rip of this. Why it's a M4A file is beyond me, but if you know how to work iTunes, you can rip it to MP3 with ease.

Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon "Royal Flush" [CDQ MP3 from 2DB] [MP3 / M4A]

In any case, this cut is reportedly from Big Boi's forthcoming album, Sir Luscious Left Foot, and is said to have been produced by Royal Flush Entertainment. Smooth vibes on this, got that vintage Outkast feel to it. I love that Isley Brothers sample thrown in there. Please don't sleep.

[video] 40 Cal on Fight Klub


I love that "they think I'm spelling Iverson" line. Instant LOL B2B REWIND shit:

Sudden Death Overtime is a bitch.

[video] Pacific Division "Paper"

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Dope story-driven video. Looks like $2 above "low budget", but it works. Featuring Tiron:

Ludachrist Wants You To Dacne

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Yeah I said it, Dacne:

[video] Guilty Simpson "Get Riches"

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Shouts to 2DB for this one:

Ode To The Ghetto drops March 25th.

[video] D Block On Rap City

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Looks like them D Block boys have been on Rap City getting it in...

Sheek Louch Freestyle:

Styles P (with Snoop Dogg) "Blow My Mind" Freestyle (Feb. 28, 2008):

Pugs Atomz Presents... CTA Radio 2

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Big up to Fake Shore Drive for posting up this new Chicago-centric mixtape featuring new shit, exclusive shit and classic shit brought to you by Pugs Atomz & Mustafa Rocks:



1.Pugs & Mustafa Rocks -Cta Vol.2 Intro
2.Hall of fame -I wish
3.Mikkey -Chi Shit
4.Thaione Davis- Director's cut
5.Common -Nuthin' to do (Classic)
6.Drunken Monkeee -Be happy
7.Astonish -Can you hear me
8.Allegra Dee -The musics ok
9.Pugs Atomz -Go City (Exclusive)
11.Boardroom -Rebel(Renegade)
12.Eulorythmics-This morning (Exclusive)
13.Que Billah -So Nuts (Exclusive) feat. Really Doe and Phil G
14.Kidz in the Hall _Drivin down the block
15.Mass Hysteria -Diamonds and pearls Feat.Gravity & Juice
16.Awdazcate -Paid
17.Juice and the Machine- A day in the life
18.Cta Radio Interlude
19.Dug Infinite & No I.D. -Live (Classic)
20.Ivy League -Jamaican Carl (Exclusive)
21.Twista -No peace sign (Classic)
22.The Cool Kids -What it is
23.Just Flo -Good Time
24.Estelle feat. Kanye west -American Boy
25.Prime -pray for Karma (Exclusive)

BHM2K8: Pugs Atomz "The Dog Wood Tree"
[video] Pugs Atomz "The Outlaw"

[video] Dizzee Rascal ft. Bun B "Where Da G's"

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I saw this on MTV2 last night; I caught it after the initial credits came on, and I knew that this was a UGK-featured tune off Dizzee Rascal's recent album (well, I believe the US release is April 2008 on Def Jux, but this hit stores in the UK last summer); so imagine my disappointment that they didn't at least include Pimp C in the fucking video. Yes, I understand, he passed away, but come on now. In any case, here's the clip:

Bonus Beats: Dizzee Rascal ft. UGK "Where Da G's (El-P Remix)"

[video] Amanda Diva & Q-Tip @ S.O.B.'s

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Check out this video taken from Amanda Diva's recent performance at S.O.B.'s, featuring Q-Tip:

Eskay has more videos posted over at Nah Right.

[video] Donny Goines From The Lab

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Damn, dope MC in the booth post, part 2. Donny Goines takes a break from scouring through beats for his upcoming album project to talk to the public for a bit:

Wun In A Million

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I just posted up a feature I did on DnB producer Ewun for Dogs On Acid. Dude is a beast with it on the beats, dropping some heavy Hip-Hop influenced jams. He has a new EP coming out, and it's called Wun Nation. The first track in this mix is from that EP, and features Philly's Mental Sharp on the mic. If you like aggressive DnB, don't even sleep:



1. Evol Intent - Take That (Ewun Remix feat. Mental Sharp)
2. Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion
3. The Upbeats, Ewun & Evol Intent - Smash
>> Trinity - Gangsta
4. Spor - Resolute
5. Logistics - Daybreak Sequence
6. Ewun - My Name Is Fame
7. Apex - Nowhere to Run
8. Misha - Bugs
9. Rhymetime - Planet X (Vicious Circle Remix)
10. Spor, Ewun, Evol Intent - Levitate
11. Ewun - Phonetap
12. Apex - Hench
13. Ewun & Spor - We Dominate
>> Spor - 1Up
14. Demo - D#
>> Spirit - Siren (Hive Remix)
15. Ink - Murder Ink (Twisted Anger Remix)
>> Digital - Deadline
16. Ewun - Cop Killa
17. Evol Intent - Middle of the Night

Shouts to Jake. I'm surprised it came out this well, given that everything seems to have been done in like two days!

[video] Redman In The Booth

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Shouts to Wes over at SitDownStandUp for hitting me up with these videos; check out Redman in the booth, recording lyrics for KRS-One's "Self Construction":

He also got some interview footage as well - big up for bloggers with cams!

[video] Biz Markie "It's Spring Again"


For those who don't know, today marks the first day of Spring for 2008, although here in the Northeast, it's chilly out there. Peep out one of my favorite Biz Markie cuts, his ode to the Spring:

Grab your significant other, or find a significant other, and go do Da Butt or something.

History of Hip-Hop Vol. 21: 1999

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Looks like Cosmo Baker ends this series with a serious trek through Hip-Hop's graduating class of 1999:



Youngbloodz "85" feat. Big Boi
DJ DMD "25 Lighters" feat. Lil' Keke & Fat Pat
Cool Breeze "Cre-A-Tine" (I Got People)
Mac Mall "Pussy Whipped"
Missy Elliott "Hot Boyz"
Nelly "Country Grammar (Hot Shit)"
DMX "What These Bitches Want" feat. Sisqo
Nas "NY State Of Mind, Pt. II"
Gang Starr "All 4 Tha $"
Thirstin Howl III "Brooklyn Hard Rock" feat. Unique London
Eminem "My Name Is"
Dr. Dre "XXPlosive" feat. Devin The Dude & Nate Dogg
Jay-Z "Snoopy Track" feat. Juvenile
Black Rob "Whoa"
Common "1-9-9-9" feat. Sadat X & Talib Kweli
Common "Car Horn"
Method Man "Break Ups 2 Make Ups" feat. D'Angelo
Quasimoto "Microphone Mathematics"
Goodie Mob "Chain Swang"
Mos Def "Ms. Fat Booty"
Choclair "Flagrant"
Noreaga "Cocaine Business (Hysteria)" feat. Kelis
Rahzel "All I Know"
Geto Boys "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster"
E-40 "Earl, That's Your Life"
Eve "Gotta Man"
C-Murder "Down For My Niggas" feat. Snoop Dogg
Juvenile "Ha" (Remix feat. Jay-Z)
Eminem "Guilty Conscience" feat. Dr. Dre
Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says"
Tear Da Club Up Thugs "Hypnotize Cash Money"
Ja Rule "Holla Holla"
Jay-Z "Girls Best Friend"
Naughty By Nature "Jamboree" feat. Zhané
Common "Dooinit"
The Roots "Act Too... The Love Of My Life" feat. Common
Jay-Z "So Ghetto"
Grand Agent "Mingling (With Mayhem)"
Beanie Sigal "What A Thug About"
Mos Def "Mathematics"
Jurassic 5 "Without A Doubt"
The Beatnuts "Muchachacha"
Snoop Dogg "Bitch Please" feat. Xzibit
Gang Starr "Full Clip"
Nas "Nas Is Like"
Natural Elements "Two Tons"
Q-Tip "Let's Ride"
Screwball "F.A.Y.B.A.N."
U-God "Bizarre"
The Roots "You Got Me" (Remix)
Dr. Dre "The Next Episode" feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg
Hobo Junction "Greenlite Monks"
Hot Boys "I Need A Hot Girl" feat. Big Tymers
Tash "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"
GZA "Breaker, Breaker"
50 Cent "How To Rob An Industry Nigga"
B.G. "Bling Bling"
Whoridas "Do Or De" feat. Yukmouth
Dr. Dre "The Watcher"
Phat Kat "Don't Nobody Care About Us"
Slum Village "Get This Money"
Lootpack "Whenimondamic"
MF Doom "Doomsday"
Handsome Boy Modeling School "Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)" feat. DJ Shadow & DJ Quest
Q-Tip "Breathe And Stop"
Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm"
Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm" (Remix feat. Lil' Kim)
Method Man & Redman "Da Rockwilder"
DMX "Party Up"
The Beatnuts "Watch Out Now"
Slick Rick "Street Talkin'" feat. Outkast
Lyrics Born "I Changed My Mind" (Stereo MCs Rattlesnake Remix)
Ol' Dirty Bastard "Got Your Money" feat. Kelis
Prince Paul "More Than You Know" feat. De La Soul
Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Ya Neck (The Jumpoff)"
Redman "Da Goodness" feat. Method Man
Mos Def "Umi Says"
Busta Rhymes "What's It Gonna Be!?" feat. Janet Jackson
Dr. Dre "Forgot About Dre" feat. Eminem
Jay-Z "Big Pimpin'" feat. UGK
Ruff Ryders "Down Bottom" feat. Drag-On
Trick Daddy "Nann Nigga" feat. Trina
dead prez "Hip-Hop"

Damn that's impressive. What a great mix, too. Hit this link for archives of the complete History of Hip-Hop in the 1990s. And big up to The Rub for making this possible.

[video] The Camp "Why"

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Here's the debut video from Boston's The Camp, who I've leaked a few tracks from:

The Campaign hits stores April 1st.

[video] Lil' Wayne Block

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Been a few Weezy videos floatin' about while he was (is?) out in the UK, so let's just condense all of them into one post, shall we:

DJ Semtex Interview Part 1:

[check the number of cups this nigga holdin... SMH.]

Tim Westwood Freestyle:

[he sounds straight ass acapella]

Tim Westwood Interview:

Hopefully this keeps you Wayne stans calm...

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 10

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Gotta love her giving Blind Nigga Paterson props:

[video] Pauly Shore: Wishing He Was Black?


Pauly Shore talking about how if he was a Black comedian he would be making money:

This pussy doesn't realize that, while Black comics might make loot in terms of movie roles, it's the White comedians who get the long-running sitcoms (King Of Queens, Everybody Hates Raymond, The Drew Carey Show) as well as Deal Or No Deal and the other game shows. Katt Williams ain't gettin' no sitcom anytime soon.

Shore, you're broke b/c your movies suck and you are just unfunny. Once you stopped that "hey buddy" shit, it was a wrap. Get over yourself.

I'm not even 100% sure he is being serious, but I hope not...

Madlib: Suffering From Bitchassness?


Madlib, you get the gas face for asking Kevin Nottingham to take down the Madvilliany sample set. Anytime I listen to anything having to do with underground rappers and backpackers, it's always on some "today's Hip-Hop fan has no idea about its roots", and that the kids of today are uneducated. Thing of it is, your job is then to teach these niggas what time it is. In terms of Hip-Hop production, one of the cornerstones (if not THE cornerstone) is the use of samples to weave new tapestries. How can you sit there and seriously consider sample sets as a threat to Hip-Hop?

If it wasn't for sampling, not only would many fans not know about genres like Soul, classic R&B, Jazz, Reggae and others, but producers like yourself wouldn't be held in such high regard for the amazing things you DO with samples. It goes back to the black tape on the vinyl labels. DJs trying to keep their tools secret, which I can understand. And I appreciate. What I don't do is agree that someone trying to educate the masses on the originals that you flipped is somehow stopping your money. There's already been a Madvilliany, which has been critically acclaimed out the wazoo. And what, do you think no one else in the world can sample what you used? How many times have we heard the Amen break, or the Apache, or Tighten Up. These basic breaks ARE Hip-Hop, and the beauty of this music is the ability to flip known sources and make them yours and unique. If someone were to bite samples and try to recreate gems, that's something the public would sort out (i.e. bashing and annexing these bitches out of the scene). But to stop soemone from a) praising you and b) shining light? Fuck off for that shit.

You lost a lil' bit of shine in my eyes, nigga. S'all good, though. KEEP THE SAMPLE SETS ALIVE!

[video] John Brown "Keg Party"

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Peep the runner-up from VH1/ego trip's (White) Rapper Show, John Brown, with this new video:

Hallelujah holla back? I applaud dude trying to make a funny video, but that beat is just blah.

Reebok Reverse Jam Mid Monopoly

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Check out Reebok's commemorative kicks, which were made to resemble a Monopoly box, in homage to the final print of the Monopoly board game. Via Sneakerfiles. In stores August 2008.

On That Leak: Nelly "Party People"

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Nelly ft. Fergie "Party People" (prod. by Polow Da Don): Here's the new single from Nelly's Brass Knuckles, which seems to have been in limbo for more than a minute. This should do better than "Wadsyaname", right? I mean, Fergie + Polow Da Don = mad white people buying your CD, I would think. I'd imagine that if this one doesn't pop off, he should just retire.

The more I listen to this, the more it sounds like Timbaland-lite, circa 2000. I could see drunk white girls going buck over this in the club, though. And why do people think it's cute that Fergie wants to rap? That shit is so retarded, especially when she's trying to style and shit. Ultimate fail...

Paterson: "I admit, I tricked a little..."

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David Paterson, AKA the new blind nigga governor of New York, felt it necessary to let it be known that both himself and his wife Michelle Paige Paterson, in a "rough spot" in their marriage, tricked out on each other. Apparently, he admits to having multiple affairs on his wife in the past, although him being a blind nigga, I figure it could be the same chick with just like, a wig and sunglasses on, or a bitch speaking in a different accent. I'm sure this pissed off many politrickal niggas up in NY and in the Democrat party as a whole - "oh shit, the nigger's already got scandal", but hey, at least he was upfront, and has moved forward with his wife.

I can only think, though, that this is still going to be a brown stain, and his limited-time in office is going to be cut short because he told the truth. Good luck, Mr. Blind Nigga.

DJ Nice & Joe Budden Lost Sessions Mixtape

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Shouts to DJ Nice for hitting me with this mixtape, early. Looks like he's mixed and hosted a mixtape culled from Joe Budden's early days, back when Joey was doing his thing with DJ Clue & DJ Envy. You know, before he became "Mr. Jump Off". This tape features a shitload of rare tracks & freestyles, and even has bars from the late Stack Bundles, Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock, among others. Get that good history lesson with these, the Lost Sessions:

DOWNLOAD (mirrors to come!)


1. Is This My Life Ft Ransom
2. Blackout Freestyle
3. Five Alarm Blaze Freestyle
4. Heartbeatology
5. Nobody Loves Me Ft Stack Bundles
6. You'll See Freestyle Ft Ransom
7. Nastradamus Freestyle
8. Interview Part 1
9. Boy Looka Here Freestyle
10. Banned From TV Freestyle Ft Stack Bundles
11. Shit Hits The Fan Freestyle Ft J.Conway
12. It Blows My Mind Freestyle
13. Breathe Freestyle
14. Not Your Average Joe
15. Interview Part 2
16. You Know What'll Happen Ft Stack Bundles
17. This Gangsta Ft. Beanie Sigel
18. Whats Good
19. One Two Freestyle Ft Fabolous
20. Seen It All Before Ft Stack Bundles
21. Reservoir Dogs Anthem Ft Stack Bundles
22. Interview Part 3
23. When Animals Attack Freestyle Ft Hitchcock
24. Shut'em Down Remix Ft. Geolani, Fabolous & Hitchock
(Produced By Metro Beats)
25. Two Sides Of A Coin Remix Ft. Cambatta
(Produced By DJ Nice of Crack City)

ONTOP MUZIK, Crack City, stand up!

Muja Messiah MPLS Massacre

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Muja Messiah is the shit. Dude is intelligent, but he can also spit like what. Here's his new mixtape, MPLS Massacre, vol. 1, hosted by Sideshow Bob:



1.Say Hello 2 The Bad Guy
2.Welcome To MPLS…
3.Get Fresh
4.The Massacre
5.O'Silly Me ft. Slug (Atmosphere)
6.Paper Planes ft. Manifest (LouderThanBombs mix)
7.Snap Out Of It ft. Shoineas
8.Big Bank Therory ft. Real Spit Rick & Dodi Phy
9.Where's The Joy – I-Self Devine
10.Go For Broke ft. Real Spit Ric
11.Dodi Phy freestyle
12.Huey P Newton
13.MPLS Poppin
14.Amy Winehouse
15.Boom Boom Boom- City Slickas
16.Southside ft.Zed Zilla- Muja Messiah
17.Here We Comin' ft. Buda Tye
18.Rap On ft. Samahra (Black Blondie)
19.Differences ft Mashout
20.Gangster Sh*t
21.So Clean- St Paul Slim
22.The Other WhiteMeat
23.Hook It Fat
24.Why ft. Mashout
25.Let Me At Em- Raw Villa
26.Toast It Up- Raw Villa

Open your mind.

[video] Day 26 "Got Me Going"

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Diddy's new boys get their first video off; do they really need to be dancing and shit?:

[video] KRS-One "Criminal Minded '08"

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Had no idea there was going to be a video for this banger:

Directed by Rik Cordero.

On That Leak: "Black Culture"

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Truth Universal ft. Wise Intelligent & Doodlebug "Black Culture" (prod. by Panik): You have to appreciate that pure Hip-Hop with a message. Truth represents Trinidad & Tobago, and grew up in Nawlins. He is down with Paris and the Guerilla Funk family, and his album, Self Determination, drops April 8th. Peep the tracklist:

1.) S-E-L-F Determination Intro (produced by Andino)
2.) Resistance Recital (produced by S1)
3.) Black Culture f/Wise Intelligent and Doodlebug (produced by Panik)
4.) Gotta Luv It (produced by Nick Tha 1da)
5.) Angola 3 (produced by Panik)
6.) Something Awful (Produced by Nick Tha 1da)
7.) Work (produced by Natural Born)
8.) Heat!!! (produced by Natural Born)
9.) Feminine Melanin f/Tondrae Kemp (produced by Gensu Dean)
10.) Beautiful Child Interlude (produced by Dan Freeman)
11.) The Best part (produced by S1)
12.) What It’s Bout f/Stic Man of Dead Prez (produced by Bass Heavy)
13.) Freedom(e) Or Death f/Sula of Zion Trinity (produced by Dan Freeman)
14.) Serve & Protect (produced by Bricks) ****Bonus Track

You gotta appreciate that edutainment.

Props again to Matt for the info!

Foul Mouth Jerk ft. Masta Ace "Small Town USA"


Foul Mouth Jerk ft. Masta Ace "Small Town USA": You gotta love throwback rap. Shouts out to North Carolina for this one; this track is taken from FMJ's forthcoming LP, Streetlight Music, which is rockin' that throwback sound while still trying to bring those new styles and flows. Masta Ace does his thing on his verse, too. Check the tracklist for Streetlight Music:

1.) Streetlight Music
2.) The Jerks Theme
3.) NJ Transit f/El Da Sensai
4.) Small Town USA f/Masta Ace
5.) Tryin To Eat
6.) One Room Shack
7.) Neighborhood Drug Dealer
8.) Day one f/Grandmaster Caz and TopR
9.) The Decider
10.) Culture Of Life
11.) Played Out
12.) Lost In The Sauce f/Breez Evahflowin
13.) Mr. Green f/Hardy Cooper
14.) Take The Money And Run
15.) The Hard Part (Remix) f/Murs and G.Cutty
16.) Monopoly (Remix)

Nigga has a track called "NJ Transit"? I need to hear this! LP is in stores April 22nd.

Props to Matt for this one!

Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group

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DJ Soul & Okayplayer bring forth this new mixtape from one of Hip-Hop's dynamic trios. Yeah I said it. I was rockin' to "Shake It Off" last night, and "And You Say" features my nigga Che Grand. Just great music. Grab this shit, early!



1. Dirt Weed (Intro)
2. Waiting For You (produced by suburb)
3. You Should Know feat. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall
4. Shake It Off feat Kam Moye & Torae (produced by brizzo)
5. Got Fans (produced by Eric Lau)
6. So Sweet
7. Walk My Way (produced by aeon)
8. Killa Tape Interlude
9. Stay Tuned
10. She Moved Outta Cincy (08 Mix)
11. Four Men feat. Kay (produced by Dj Cozmos & King Midas)
12. Golden feat. Elucid
13. Hello Brooklyn feat. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne (Von Pea Remix)
14. Go To Get It feat. Median
15. Che Tanya (produced by cj)
16. Brazilian Wax
17. Bathtub (Interlude)
18. Come Here Shawty feat. Ink Floyd (produced by h/r)
19. Kim & Cookie Interlude
20. Take The W (produced by 88 keys)
21. Bout To Be Some (produced by khrysis)
22. You May Die Now Interlude
23. Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group
24. And You Say feat. Che Grand

Spotted over at Nah Right.

On That Leak: Sugar Tongue Slim "Funky Ass Bitch"

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Sugar Tongue Slim "Funky Ass Bitch" (prod. by Rain): I had no idea of who this cat was until his track "The South" with Bun B leaked a week or so ago. K Scully just hit me with this track, and STS' bio is crazy: dude co-wrote (and won a BMI) for Ciara's "Oh", he's a member of the Knight Writaz production team (with Marsha Ambrosious, Mario, Sterling Simms, etc.), and he's worked with the likes of Nas, Eve, Lloyd, Ab-Liva and Charli Baltimore. Plus, dude reps the ATL and Illadelphia, so I'm definitely into it.

Dude has a nice flow about him - he's gutter as hell, but has some storytelling in him, as well as that substance that is ever-so lacking in much of today's tracks. Big up.

Be on the lookout for Immaculate Conception, a project with Tapemasters Inc, The Empire & DJ Aktive.

More Third News

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Shouts to my boy srix for the link to this NME article featuring word on Portishead's forthcoming Third:

Portishead are to release 'Machine Gun' as the first single from their long-awaited album 'Third'.

The 12-inch vinyl is out on April 14, while a digital version is available from from 8pm on April 10.

The release does not feature any B-sides.

Meanwhile a USB stick edition of 'Third', out April 28, features a host of extras, including the following four films:

Ade's House - 'Machine Gun'
'The Rip' live @ Mr Wolfe’s
'We Carry On'
The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film

The band have also announced that they will issue a limited edition box set of 'Third', with details to be announced.

The album's tracklisting will be:

'Nylon Smile'
'The Rip'
'We Carry On'
'Deep Water'
'Machine Gun'
'Magic Doors'

But, if you read my blog, you know this leaked already. Can't wait to buy this, though. Two questions: 1) how much with that USB stick cost, and 2) will their be B-sides to any of the other singles? Oh, and one more: will the videos be available for purchase outside of the USB stick? Time will tell I guess...

Farewell to The Wire In-Store Event

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All you NY fans of The Wire should hit this event up at the HBO Store this Thursday. Take off work and go get your shit signed!

[video] David Paterson Gets Sworn In

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Check out NY's first Black governor, and the first blind nigga ever to govern the state, getting sworn in yesterday:

Such a great day for blind niggas, and niggas in general.

Custom Made "Original Dynasty"

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Custom Made "Original Dynasty" (prod. by Frank Dukes): New heatrock from their forthcoming Babygrande album, Original Dynasty, which hits stores May 25th. I'm really feelin' this one - for the real Hip-Hop lovers.

[video] Bun B "Dey Know" Freestyle

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Check out Bun B murkin' "Dey Know" for AOL:

Here's an MP3 of the same thing.

[video] Poppin' Bottles

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Well, more like throwin' bottles. Looks like the UK has no love for Lil' Weezy. Quality is kind of crap:

[video] David Banner @ SXSW (3/15/2008)

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David Banner performing to a bunch of dudes at SXSW. Quick Pimp C tribute at the end:

[video] The Incredible Hulk Trailer

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Starring Edward Norton. Looks promising:

[video] Talib Kweli "Hostile Gospel Part 1" Behind The Scenes

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Check the behind the scenes footage from Talib Kweli's "Hostile Gospel (Part 1)" video:

B.O.B. ft. Lil' Boosie & DG Yola "Fuck You"

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B.O.B. ft. Lil' Boosie & DG Yola "Fuck You": Odd one here. Quirky enough to work? Who knows... this has some midnight under the stars, gutter country twang to it. Peep it and decide.

Marsha Ambrosius ft. The Game "What's Going On"

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Marsha Ambrosius ft. The Game "What's Going On": This is what the fuck I'm talkin' about. Big RnB beats, sampling classic Isley Brothers tracks. Big the fuck up to Shake for posting this as a bonus to the new Game single. Fuck "Big Dreams", though. Go sip you some Hen on the rocks and rock to this one, bitches.

[video] The Boondocks: "Hunger Strike"

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I brought you the preview of this a minute ago; looks like the full episode has leaked onto YouTube. This was supposed to have been banned, but the YouTube page that houses these says episode 14 of Season 2?? Peep it before it bounces:

[video] DJ Green Lantern TV: Pre Game Pt. 3

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While I would love to know who would win a weed smoking contest with Juelz and Snoop, I'm more into the info on Santana's new LP:

When did scarves around the head and throat become gangsta? And fuck that S.P.L.A.S.H. nonsense...

New Allegations In 2Pac/Quad Shooting

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For those of you who want to a) stir up old demons and b) relive old rumors, the L.A. Times has a new article about the Quad shooting of 2Pac that started the East Coast/West Coast beef. From the same idiot who said that Biggie set up Pac to be murked in Vegas. Yawn. Is there not new news to be reported?

Diddy fully denies the allegations, which was expected.

UPDATE: Jimmy Henchman is denying the allegations as well. Eskay breaks down the main points of the article HERE.

[video] AZ "Undeniable"

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My wife would appreciate the lil' Bachelor feel to this video:

I do find it funny that AZ's company is "Quiet Money Records", and the registers seem to go silent when his CDs are released. AZ's forthocming LP Undeniable drops on April 1st.

Young Buck Rumors


illRoots posted up the new Young Buck mixtape, presented by The Empire & The Cartel:



01 - Lil Wayne Intro
02 - War Witcha Homeboy
03 - I’ll Be Back
04 - New York City
05 - 5-0
06 - I Aint F*ckin Wit U (Alt. Verse)
07 - I Don’t Care
08 - Feel Lights (GotNow Blend)
09 - I’m Puffin (Feat. Allstar)
10 - Gone In The Morning
11 - Respect The Shooter (feat. 50 Cent Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo Spider Loc
& 615)
12 - Put Me In The Game
13 - Throw Your Hoods Up
14 - Mr Ten A Key
15 - I’m a Pimp
16 - Take A L (feat. T.I. & Young Jeezy) (GotNow blend)
17- Go Hard (feat. 615)
18 - Damn Right I’m Bout Mine (feat. Lil Boosie & 615)
19 - Chronic 2008
20 - Party Aint Over (feat. 50 Cent)
21 - Tell Me How It Feel
22 - U Liein (Grind Hard) (feat. Allstar)
23 - Come & Catch Me (feat. Allstar & Lil Scrappy)
24 - Hit Em Up
25 - Bang Bang (feat. C-Bo) (Prod. By PC)
26 - DUI (Drink & Drive) (feat. 615) (Prod By The Runners)

Who's feelin' this?

Snapshots: Bow Wow Turns 21

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I guess Bow Wow is really trying to show you niggas that he is a grown man now. Shit, when I turned 21 I bought some alcohol (legally) and got tipsy at home. This nigga has bitches with paws painted on their bare breasts. What a difference some cheddar makes. More pics over at The Rap Up.

[video] Teriyaki Boyz "ZOCK ON!"

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I always find it odd when niggas be on tracks by like Asian people and throw the word "nigga" around. In any case, this cut features that nigga Busta Rhymes and Pharrell; nice, percussion-heavy/wobble bass monster:

I didn't realize brolic-ass rappers even thought about six-steppin'!

Toccara Jones Wylin' On Celebrity Fit Club

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Peep this video of Toccara Jones cussing out the judges on Celebrity Fit Club:

She does that annoying shit where her voice goes super high, but this is classic.

"Have some class!"

Ashley Alexandra Dupre Vs. Snoop Dogg

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Peep this blend of Ashley Alexandra Dupre's "What We Want" and Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction", which I spotted over at Dallas Penn (who would probably frown at my uses of "Vs." as opposed to the ever-popular "x"), and originated over at Ill Doctrine:

Grab the MP3 here.

BGDB Presents Boom Shottas

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My nigga Enigmatik has been on a serious Dancehall/Reggae kick for the last week or two, and has been wanting to make a mix as well. We build on the regular, and I suggested her combine the two and do an island-themed mix. He took that and created Boom Shottas. Lovely mix right here, check it out:



1. BGDB Intro
2. Baddest Man Inna Jamaica
3. Last Night - Mavado
4. Bad From Mi Born - Munga
5. Analyze This - Beenie Man
6. Anywhere We Go - Assassin
7. Take It Easy - Mad Lion
8. Sound Bwoy Killing (remix) - Mega Banton
9. Top Shottas Are Back
10. Bad Boyz - Shyne f/Barrington Levy
11. Top Shooter - Sean Paul, DMX, Mr. Vegas
12. Top Shotta Nah Miss - Mavado
13. Enemies - Wayne Wonder
14. Grindin' (Selector Remix) - Clipse f/Sean Paul, Simpleton, Kardinal Offishall
15. Come Fly With Me - Foxy Brown f/Sizzla
16. One In A Millon/Dipset Anthem - Sanchez & The Diplomats
17. Ghetto Red Hot - Supercat
18. Ready Fe War - Pete Rock f/Chip Fu & Renée Neufville
19. Brown Bottle - Mavado
20. Definiton Of A Gangster
21. BGDB Outro

On the low, I wanted to do a Hip-Hop mix with a Dance Hall appeal to it - I might still do this, but until I do, this will have to do. Shouts to E on the slick shit.


One Question


Are Lil' Wayne's (old) STRAPPED condom ads being cease & desisted due to the shit looking super homo, or for actual legal reasons? I mean, why sort me out with a C&D on some shit that's being promoted on loads of websites? I won't hyperlink them, but anyone with a brain can find a multitude of sites with the previous ad, which many people considered to be downright, um, homo.

Notice the new image, right? Skraight off the MySpace. Some punk shit, regardless. Like, I think it's really funny - Weezy takes a fag picture, it gets dissed over the 'Net, then you tell me to C&D? LMAO B2B SMH...

On That Leak: AC "She Spitzer Swallows"

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AC ft. Client Number 9 "She Spitzer Swallows" (prod. by Phoenix): I love how Hip-Hop has embraced this Elliot Spitzer scandal. First it was the Three 6 Mafia video, now Staten Island's AC shares the same views I do - what the FUCK is this broad doing for that kind of bread? Ill rhymes, ill beat - plain ol' fire!

On That Leak: 9th Wonder & Buckshot "Hold It Down"

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9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods "Hold It Down": You already know. Two Formula related-posts in one day? I can't wait for this disc! The video for this track should be hitting the 'Net next week - I'll post that when I get it. The video for "Hold It Down" will also feature Charlie Murphy.

Shouts to Matt, as per usual.

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Charlie Murphy "Go All Out"

Bonus Beats: Peep Buck and KRS-One recording Conflosations

Sounds sick. Via Nah Right.

Friday, March 14th 2008 playlist

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Busy week; hopefully after this weekend, I can get back to normal. Is that too much to ask?


leaks of tha week...


Grab these new mixtapes that just surfaced, like, today:

  • Trae's I Am Houston dropped recently; Rizoh has the scoop.
  • 2DB just linked up a mixtape from LiveSoul entitled The Forward; highly recommended.

Get your rock the dub late pass on all things musical that I posted this week:


Did I miss anything? Hit the comments or hit the e-mail.

Peep this quick video for the Million $ Mano remix of Shawty Lo's "Dey Know":

That kid is the shit. Enjoy your weekend!