Saturday, June 14, 2008

Praverb "The King"

Praverb "The King" (prod. by The Admiral): New Praverb track that just got passed to the good ol' inbox. Dude goes in over a fire of a beat, with the perfect classic sample, and cuts by Teddy Roxpin. Praverb is featured on Disc 2 of The Lighthouse Project, so get familiar.

[video] Young Chris "Never Die"

[video] Stacey Dash On Celebrity Circus

[video] Cymarshall Law LIVE In The Netherlands

Malicious "Gettin' It"

Malicious "Gettin' It" (prod. by Denox): Shouts to DJ Denox for hitting me with this, which is dropping on his forthcoming street album, Worldwide Producer Extraordinaire, which won't be dropping until November. Canada is in the building...

R Kelly Jurors ID R Kelly On Tape

Via TMZ:

Even though jurors in the trial of R. Kelly absolutely believed it was him on the tape, they could not reach a guilty verdict because they said there was "not enough evidence to prosecute." Huh?!

Five of the twelve jurors met with reporters immediately after handing down the acquittal. They said they just couldn't reach a verdict even though they voted on the hour, every hour because the alleged victim hadn't testified and refused to cooperate. As recently as this morning, we're told, the vote was split nine to three for a not guilty verdict.

The jurors were also "absolutely disgusted" with the tape. Unlike the bootleg version you can buy on the street corner, the version they got to watch was "clear as day." Ew.

We're hearing R. Kelly will be partying it up tonight in Chicago.

How that works is beyond me.

Lil' Wayne "A Millie (Dubstep Remix)"

Want. I went to the website on the vid, but didn't see anything. Definitely want.

EDIT: Just got sorted out. Grab that.

[video] Snoop Dogg "My Medicine"

Bonus Beats: Snoop gives Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson parenting advice... with a 40.

[video] Flo-Rida ft. Will.I.Am "In The Ayer"

[video] The Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up"

[video] The Game TRL Interview

[video] Busta Rhymes Rap City Freestyle

Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly Acquitted

I am not surprised at all about the verdict, but I mean, shit, half of the damn country (including this nigga right here) seen R Kelly piss on that girl. Must be the money.

So, the morale of this story is, as long as you have 1) a shitload of money and 2) a legion of fans backing you, you too can piss on a little Black girl. And don't give me that OJ shit, while OJ wasn't on tape murdering his wife, I see Kellz piss on a child.

Thing is, I bet there are loads of Black females in the hood that are happy as hell. I mean, he had them in his back pocket, with charges and everything up! I admit, I watched Trapped In The Closet on IFC, but shit, I got daughters, you nasty nigga. Now he's gonna be singing "Kelly, not guilty!" to the studio. Expect a mixtape out by the end of the month.

I guess Aaron McGruder was right.

[video] Sleepover Sex Show

This story out of Pennsylvania was the cover of my local paper the other day. These two moms got arrested on sexual assault charges; apparently this one woman, who was described as a "hottie" by a co-worker", "danced seductively" and "exposed her breasts" to a group of 14 and 15 year old boys. That's actually the most tame shit - she apparently took a shower with 2 boys, fucked with one in the shower, then took another into a room and fuck him too, while the woman who owned the house has the boys listen at the door (one of the kids said he heard "flesh clapping sounds"). I am not gonna say "where were these females when I was a teen", but damn, it's much easier for young males to get sex these days. Check the report:

[video] Living Legends "She Wants Me"

[video] Ashanti Chelsea Lately Interview

I'm feelin' Chelsea:

[video] The Game ft. Keyshia Cole "Game's Pain" LIVE

[video] Nelly "Stepped On My J's"

Featuring JD & Ciara:

Friday The 13th (June 2008) playlist

What a week. Couldn't seem to get things going - just been behind the 8ball with no sign of ending. In any case, some dope ish came out this week... ch-chek it out!


leaks o' da week!




I'm not sure what would be a good video to drop in relation to Friday the 13th. So I figured I'd take it back...

Nas "Halftime"

CLASSIC! Enjoy your weekend, troop.

Tricky Knowle West Boy Cover+Tracklist

Tricky's Knowle West Boy drops on July 7th for the UK heads (I believe), and his single for "Council Estate" is out on June 30th. I haven't heard any of these joints, aside from "Council Estate" (as well as the banging South Rakkas remix), so who knows what the complete package will be like...


1. Puppy Toy
2. Bacative
3. Joseph
4. Veronika
5. C'mon Baby
6. Council Estate
7. Past Mistakes
8. Coalition
9. Cross To Bear
10. Slow
11. Baligaga
12. Far Away
13. School Gates

Who thinks this is gonna bang out? And with Portishead and Tricky dropping this year, where's Massive Attack? This is like 1995 all over again!

88 Keys Adam's Case Files Mixtape

Been a fan of 88 Keys' production since the Black Star album; spotted over at WDIR:



1] A Happy Ending?
2] Fibs (feat. Grafh)
3] Wasting My Minutes feat. KiD CuDi)
4] 21 & Over (feat. Big Sean)
5] Deal Breakers (feat. Mr. Bentley)
6] Typical Maury (feat. Izza Kizza)
7] Quit Playing (feat. Serius Jones)
8] True Feelings
9] Cuddle Bums (feat. Tanya Morgan)
10] Just LIKE A Man (feat. Guilty Simpson)
11] Young, Dumb & Full of…
12] Outro

Don't sleep.

[video] The Theo Show (Episodes 1 & 2)

Theo just hit me up about his new web-series, "The Theo Show", which you can check out via his YouTube page (and is being done in conjunction with We Do It Right); check out the first two episodes:

"The Introduction"


Rhode Island is in the building. You can also check out Theo in the recent issue of Arize Magazine.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

[video] Busta Rhymes On The Black Carpet

Speaks on why he hasn't spoken on Izzy:

[video] Punisher 2: War Zone Trailer

[video] 50 Cent Forbes Magazine Interview

Tech Supreme ft. Aunjel "Famous Flavor"

Tech Supreme ft. Aunjel "Famous Flavor": Just letting you guys know, I have uploaded a newer version of "Famous Flavor", Tech's cut from The Lighthouse Project, Disc 1. He remastered it and it sounds hotter. Plus, peep the cover that he sorted out for the project. Fire, right? Hit him up if you are looking for graphics work.

Supa Mario & D-Block So You Wanna Be a Supa Hero?

New Supa Mario/D-Block tape with the usual fire suspects on it:



01 Supa Mario Intro
02 Hustlers Prayer feat. Jadakiss
03 That’s My Nigga feat. The Lox & Jae Hood
04 Benji’s 2010 feat. Team Arliss & Sheek Louch
05 Move Back feat. Styles P.
06 I’m A Muthafuckin’ Beast feat. Jadakiss & Rashad
07 Here We Go Again feat. St. Raw Of Team Arliss
08 Shake It feat. Sheek Louch
09 Understand Me feat. Styles P. & Wyclef
10 Baby Baby feat. Don D&T.Y
11 My Hood feat. Trav Of Team Arliss
12 When You Close Your Eyes feat. The Lox
13 Tarheels feat. Don D&T.Y
14 I Got My Eyes On You
15 Gunman feat. Styles P.
16 Niggas Bleed feat. St. Raw Of Team Arliss
17 Monsta Talk feat. Bucky
18 I’m Your Nigga feat. Team Arliss
19 Am I In The Right Game feat. Styles P.

Via 2DB.

Hustle Simmons ft. Buff1 "Over & Over"

Hustle Simmons ft. Buff1 "Over & Over" [clean / dirty]: This is the new single from the Hustle Simmons album, which drops on iTunes on June 24th. Hit up their EPK, where you can hear snippets of the whole LP, as well as get some background info on this duo from the 215.

I've heard the entire LP, and if you like "Over & Over", as well as "The Rundown" (which was featured on The Lighthouse Project, Disc 1), you should check these cats out.

[video] Police Altercation At Summer Jam 2008

With those "I Am Sean Bell" comments, it looks like a scene out of a Spike Lee movie, but regardless, that was pretty fucking unnecessary. Fuck the police, all day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"A Millie" (rock the dub Mega Mix 2)

Jadakiss, Cassidy, Lil' Mama, Fabolous & Jay-Z "A Millie (rock the dub Mega Mix 2)": Sorry, but with the dirty/No DJ version of Jigga's "A Billie" leaking, as well as the recent Loso freestyle over this, I had to go back in. Round 1 was cool, but this one is perfect - and like a minute and a half shorter, as well as being Weezy-free! If any other MCs go in deeper than these 5, let me know.

LL Cool J ft. The Dream "Baby (Block Version)"

LL Cool J ft. The Dream "Baby (Block Version)": Here's LL's new one, aimed straight for the ladies. His forthcoming Exit 13 album drops August 5th.

Forever in debt to the homey Young Sav, who also sent this prank call Eminem did on LL Cool J the other day.

Beat Drop: Kanye West

While I am not always a fan of his ego or his fashion sense, I have always been a big fan of Kanye's production, so when the folks over at Metal Lungies told me they were taking in contributions for the Kanye West edition of their Beat Drop series, I was down. It's been uploaded today, and features a hefty list of Hip-Hop bloggers, including Andrew Barber, Ges, Travis, DJ Franchise and others. Oh yeah, my drops are in there too!

Beat Drop: Kanye West

[video] Sean Price Grind Time Interview

Tapemasters Inc, Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star Black Friday, Pt. 2

Check the tracklist on this mixtape, which features a host of cuts you've heard around in recent weeks:


Grab it over at

[video] PackFM "Click Clack & Spray"

Via 2DB.

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Final Frontier"

Elucid "Final Frontier" (prod. by Imported Goodz): It just doesn't stop. Seriously. Elucid is hard at work, bringing you another original banger this week. Beat has that jazzy, headphone flair to it. This is dropping on the K.E.Y.S. EP later this summer... let E tell you about it:

K.E.Y.S. is a cohesive, forward thinking project that will follow in the classic hip hop mold of one emcee and one producer. With Kaliff and myself being friends for 9 years, for this EP we aimed to make songs that captured the spirit of hip hop that we knew and loved in the past without trying to imitate/reinvent the style or be overly nostalgic. Unadulterated raw shit from our viewpoint looking into the future. Dusty samples paired w/ live guitars, bass, synths and 808's. The final frontier...

I'd say, given this track as an example, that they will complete their goal. Don't sleep, don't even hit that snooze.

DJ Cable's Monthly Mix - May 2008

Peep this dope mix of DJ Cable's favorite leaks from the month that was:



01. Another Public Service Announcement (Intro)
02. Lil Wayne – I
03. Nelly – Bay Bay Bay
04. 110 Feat. E-40 – Gettin’ That Gwop
05. Lil Kim – Respirator
06. Swizz Beatz – Where The Cash At?
07. The Roots – Get Busy
08. Busta Rhymes Feat. Spliff Starr – Get Busy Freestyle
09. Qadir – Nickname
10. Uncle Murda – Anybody Can Get It
11. S.O.U.L. Purpose – Concrete Jungle
12. J. Dilla Feat. Frank N Dank – We F’ed Up
13. Lil Wayne Feat. Jay-Z – Mr. Carter
14. Immortal Technique – The Third World
15. Clipse Feat. Re-Up Gang - 9mm
16. Crooked I Feat. Akon – Dream Big
17. Lil Wayne Feat. Fabolous & Juelz Santana – Ain’t Got Nuthin On Me
18. Nas – The Slave & The Master

Lovely touch.

CRUNK!!! Citrus [review]

While I don't drink much in the way of energy drinks or such, I should. I'm hella lethargic, and really just a lazy ass when I shouldn't be (especially with a toddler keeping me in check at the house). So, when my homey over at CRUNK!!!, Regis, let me know that there's a new flavor of CRUNK!!! out there called CRUNK!!! Citrus, I figured, why not try it?

And guess what? It's damn good. If you like drinking lemonade, this is the energy drink for you. It has that sour/tart flavor to it, but it's not overdone at all. It's essentially lemonade with an extra "oomph" to it. Did I feel like tearin' the club up and whompstompin' on some fools? Not necessarily, but I could definitely use this as a fresh pick-me-up before I go take a walk (read: trot/run) with lil' man around the block! Plus, it has none of that artificial nonsense in it, so my ever-growing waistline shouldn't be hampered by any extra additives that you pick up in other flavored waters and drinks.

Now, I only got 2 cans, and my stepdaughter is all about energy drinks and vitamin water and such, so I graciously gave her a can. She was feelin' it - to the point where I almost didn't get my can! She not only preferred this to the original CRUNK!!!, but she dug it more than the other lemon-flavored energy dranks out there, which is wild because she spends damn near a third of her check on that stuff!

All in all, if you want that energy drink that will help you get through a serious session of GTAIV, something to mix your Bacardi Limon in, or just something to get you energized for your daily run (whilst listening to that new DJ A-Trak/Nike+ mixtape) or other activities, rock the dub highly recommends that CRUNK!!! Citrus. YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

Cynergy Soundz & Cy Yung Y'All Gon' Soon C-Y

Here's a project from BPA members Cy Yung & Cynergy Soundz that has been sitting on the shelf for a few years. You guys should have already heard "Reel Hip-Hop", and this project brings more of that fire. I could go on for days about it, but it makes more sense for you nakkas to just download it for free, vibe to it, then hit up both C-Y's with much praise.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[video] Mic Terror "Detention"

Dilla. Ghost Doom.

From the latest Stones Throw e-mail:

In late 2005 Ghostface Killa and MF DOOM were both recording over tracks from J Dilla's instrumental opus, Donuts, which saw release the following February. Some of these were released on Ghostface's Fishscale in 2006, while others, including a Dilla-Doom project, were postponed indefinitely after J Dilla's passing. Two of these tracks, “Sniperlite” and “Murder Goons,” will be released digitally, exclusively through Stones Throw's webstore, due to launch in late June.

[video] Hangar 18 "Feet To Feet"

Raekwon ft. Mika "Once In A Lifetime"

Raekwon ft. Mika "Once In A Lifetime": New Rae is always a blessin'. Nice Hip-Hop Soul vibe to this one, even if it seems like hoemgirl is doing a bit too much singing in it. Late night creep music.

On a related note, for all of you New Yorkers, Rae and Cappadonna will be performing at BB King's on June 19th at 8PM. Make it out there!

Big up Alex and the Killer Beez Promo crew.

Lil' Wayne Tha Carter III [review]

So one of the most anticipated Hip-Hop albums of the last 5 years or so is finally here. Does Lil' Wayne finally make good on his "greatest rapper alive" claims, or does he just die slow?

"3 Peat"
It's not really sensical to call a track "3 Peat" when you didn't get the ring on the first two.

"Mr. Carter (ft. Jay-Z)"
Oddly enough, Weezy can't even be saved by a decent Jigga verse and a decent Just Blaze beat. You'd imagine that trio would come with some serious fire, but this is worse than "Hello Brooklyn 2.0".

"A Milli"
Can't help it, I love this beat. I love it so much that I have Wayne's ridiculous lines committed to memory, like "tougher than Nigerian hair", and my favorite, "I can turn a crack rock into a mountain". What kind of boast is that, and how is that possible? Why would you want a crack rock that big?

"Got Money (ft. T-Pain)"
Such a ridiculous use of computerized voices over electronic beats. I didn't think niggas could niggerize computers this bad.

"Comfortable (ft. Babyface)"
What the fuck is Babyface doing on a Weezy album? This track is pretty dope for what it is, except with Wayne's dumb lines ("I got game like EA"). Kanye is mad subdued on the beat, but it works.

"Dr. Carter"
Cold, cold beat. I wonder how much Swizzy got paid for this one. I do find it odd that Wayne is the doctor trying to resurrect Hip-Hop, when he's arguably one of the reasons the shit is dying.

"Phone Home"
I always thought this nigga was an alien. Now he admits it.

"Tie My Hands (ft. Robin Thicke)"
I actually like this one. I was a fan of "Shooter", oddly enough. I can get with this sly Robin Thicke beat. Lovin' that smooth bass.

"Mrs. Officer (ft. Bobby Valentine)"
Why follow up a dope R&B collab with a fucked up one?

"Let The Beat Build"
This beat sounds like Kanye from 5, 6 years ago. I kind of wished this didn't have the drums in it; that sample is cold enough. Dude is getting saved by dope beats, though. EDIT Props to 2DB for uploading the instrumental to this one.

"Shoot Me Down (ft. D. Smith)"
I guess Wayne is going introspective on this? I can't take this anymore...

"Lollipop (ft. Static Major)"

RIP Static.

"La La (ft. Brisco & Busta Rhymes)"
David Banner is a fool for this beat. I do not like Weezy's "I'm richer than y'all, I got a bank full of pride" line. What kind of dizzy shit you spoutin'? This should've been a Bus-A-Bus solo cut. I love this beat!

"Playing WIth Fire (ft. Betty Wright)"
How much did he pay Miss Wright?

"You Ain't Got Nuthin' (ft. Juelz Santana & Fabolous)"
Fab's verse is the truth. The rest of it? Not so much.

"Don't Get It (Misunderstood)"
The only way we misunderstand Weezy is depending on how much lean he drank before he wrote his joints. Why is this track damn near 10 minutes? And is all of that Al Sharpton hate really necessary?

I don't see the point in even trying to bring up Weezy's rhymes. While dude can keep a flow throughout a tune, he isn't the best writer, especially when people try to compare him to a Jigga or Nas. He's not even in that realm. And with albums like this, that contain some hot beats and some dope rhymes, dude hasn't gotten that one classic album yet that's sorely needed to solidify his spot within the game as a true entity. He's just a glorified mixtape rapper, period.

rock the dub gives Tha Carter III 2 out of 5 stars. While there are some dope beats, and Weezy can trip up on a decent line every now and again, there's no way that this is his classic album. Maybe the best album out of his catalouge, but that's not saying much at all.

Burn Deez: "A Milli", "Dr. Carter", "Let The Beat Build"

Tha Carter III is in stores NOW. Boo Goo Doo Boom has also reviewed Tha Carter III, and gave it a more favorable rating than I did overall.

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #20

Damn - 20 mixes already?!?! Cable, that's DEDICATION!



01. 95 South - Wet N Wild (DJ Laz Booty Bounce Mix)
02. N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose
03. DJ Assault - Bitch I Ain't Yo Man
04. DJ Khaled - I'm So Hood
05. DJ Cable - Kisses So Hood
06. Dexplicit - Bullacake
07. Wideboys Feat. Shazney Lewis - Daddy O (Bassline Mix)
08. Squarepusher - Red Hot Car

Damn, haven't heard that Squarepusher tune in a MINUTE!

Cable's also set up his own podcast, so if you missed any of the previous 20 mixes, or want to make sure you don't miss the others in the future, get on it!

[video] Ali Vegas "That's Nothin'"

[video] Kurupt & Damani "The Double Up"

Damani's cut is entitled "I.N.G.", while Kurupt's is called "Take Off".

[video] Ray J "Gifts"

[video] Lil' Wayne on 106 & Park



Monday, June 09, 2008

[video] Nas "Be A Nigger Too"

Powerful shit. I knew this was exactly what Nas was trying to do. Grab The Nigger Tape, niggas.

[video] Chappelle & Mos Def

I think this is from that Comedy Central special on Richard Pryor, or rather outtakes from it.

The Nigger Tape

Wow. It's out. In one big ass, podcast style MP3. Via Eskay and Shake, aka Them New Music Niggers.

DOWNLOAD: sendspace / zshare EDIT: Here's the proper version.


01 Intro
02 Gangsta Rap (rmx) (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
03 Cops Keep Firing (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
04 Hero (prod. Polow Da Don)
05 Black President (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
06 Association f. (of dead prez)
07 Legendary (Mike Tyson).. (prod. Salaam Remi)
08 Ghetto (rmx) f. Joell Ortiz (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
09 Seen it All (Green Mix)
10 Esco Let’s Go (Full Song) (prod. Dj Khallil)
11 N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master). (prod. DJ Toomp)
12 Be a Nigger Too (rmx) f. Dante Hawkins (prod. DJ Green Lantern)
13 Surviving the Times (Original Cool and Dre Version)
14 Nas Timeline (mixed by Statik Selektah) (Nararated by Nas)
15 Outro f. Richard Pryor

If/when I see a version that's split-tracks, I'll post it and re-bump this one. Updated.

The Lighthouse Project (Disc 1)

I told y'all on Friday that this was coming. It's been a bit, and I've gone batty trying to get this paired down perfectly, but I am happy with how this came out, overall. This is my testament to the talented artists who hit my inbox on the regular, who stay hungry and, whether it's imeem or MySpace, Facebook or CDBaby, these guys are not letting their talent go to waste. Look at this as a celebration of the dope MC, the dope producer, and the true Hip-Hop that's still alive and well...

01. Cyrano aka Cy Yung "Reel Hip-Hop": This was the first track I received for the compilation, and it was always the intro. I envisioned this comp as a one CD thing, and this was always track 1. Just has that ill intro appeal, with the way the piano was flipped, and that message, basically trying to let the mainstream know that there's more out there than what Clear Channel gives you. Representing the BPA, Cy Yung is an ill emcee that has gotten love on this site ever for a bit. I know him and J. Slikk have some ish going on in terms of a collaborative LP, as well as the Y'All Soon Gonna C-Y EP with Toronto producer Cynergy Soundz (which is where this track comes from), his Cyrano's Edict EP, the Rosie Perez project, and a bunch of other things I can't reveal as of yet... BPA is coming on like a bullet train, y'all.
02. Tech Supreme ft. Ajunel "Famous Flavor": And this track was always #2. Tech was voted Best Hip-Hop Producer by the St. Louis Riverfront Times back in 2007, and if you listen to this horn-driven banger, then peep his remix of Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop", you can hear the diversity. I know he is working on an album, and I am pretty sure this cut is on it, which should be a great primer to what he has dropping in the future. The 'Lou is much more than Nelly and Murphy Lee. I love that Delorean line - this is def. some back to the future shit, just has a cool vibe that Tech attacks perfectly.
03. R.O.E. "Can't Help Myself": This is my jam, forreal. A magnificent beat cooked up by the one like J. Slikk, who has become a fast friend, is the perfect bed for Rising Over Envy's flavorful flows. It's hard to come wack on this beat (J. Slikk is a beast on the boards), and R.O.E. has the perfect flow and poise over this track. The bass in this takes me back to the mid-to-late '90s, just that back-of-the-whip, dutch-passin' vibe. R.O.E. has an EP on deck that should be coming sooner rather than later, but for now, grab that Return of the Soulstar for more fire, and revel in how R.O.E. coasts on this beat. Another BPA representative.
04. Hustle Simmons ft. 84 & Fel Sweetenberg "The Rundown": For you Johnny-come-latelies, I interviewed Tha S Ence back in '06, and this Philly-residing producer has been working on some fire, including the forthcoming project with Dave Ghetto under their Hustle Simmons guise (their LP drops on iTunes on June 24th - I've heard snippets of the jawn, and its something serious). This cut screams boom-bap, with some wicked horns hopping on top of those cripsy drums. With the 215's 84 and NJ's Fel Sweetenberg providing the perfect compliment to Dave's bars, this track is a certified heat rock for your block.
05. Brokn.Englsh "TCBY": Had to get some more Jersey on this comp. Brokn.Englsh rep Hillside, NJ, and come with the heat (peep the video for this jawn here). This beat is infectious, with that weird ass vocal in there - ultimate rewind material (it was produced by Dert, who I can't find a valid MySpace URL/website for). And those punchlines in this one? Potent. I've been quoting a lot of the lines in my head, including this personal favorite: "I'm a killer with text like anthrax messages..."; probably not the most politically correct line, but being a writer myself, I love those cold ass lines about your craft. Watch out for these cats - Myk Dyaleks is already working on some new ish, and I imagine the others are following suit. Infinite respect to J-Dub for putting me on to these cats.
06. Genesis Elijah "Hard": Genny (AKA the Voice of the Angry Black Male) is an MC from the UK that I interviewed for the now-defunct e-zine The Flow, and I am glad to hear he is still creating fire. This track begs you to question: what can truly be considered HARD? One answer is, that BEAT, with its thick, woofer-beating bassline, and those crazy sounds overtop? Whoa. Dude has 'nuff knowledge, and now with what seems like the right people behind him, I can only hope we get to hear more from this gifted MC. You also have to respect how much the UK appreciates real Hip-Hop, even though I imagine their mainstream still has the "money cash ho's" tracks that so densely populate American Urban Radio. Props to Nina and Escape Route Music for the hookup.
07. Muja Messiah ft. Slug & Hap "O'Silly Me": This is from Muja's MPLS Massacre mixtape, which is just pure dope. Atmosphere's Slug is featured on here, and they all take to task these chicks who are on your jock when you are making it... but seem to ignore you when you're low. The other thing that killed me was the pro wrestling lines in here - sorry, been a fan since the early 80's, and any reference to Jimmy Snuka kills me. You know how it goes. Minnesota in this! Muja's LP drops on July 29th - keep it locked!
08. Nov Gannon "Epiphany": This is actually one of the latest additions to the comp, but I had to put this one on here. Just has that ill vibe I was looking for to mix up this disc. That old school sample just works so well. Nov's one of URB's Next 1000, and also represents over at Flew Humble Martians. He classifies his brand of Hip-Hop as "Hip-Hop Fusion", and while that name makes sense, its just pure Hip-Hop to me.
09. Che Grand "Swing": Dear Che - I interviewed you back in July 2006, and Everything's Good Ugly is still not out. I know, I know, by hell or highwater it will be out on your born day, but I want it now, especially with tracks sounding as dope as this club-ready cut you allowed me to drop "Swing" on this comp. Let me, and the world, know when this is coming. Tracks like this always get me, because people think underground or backpack Hip-Hop, and think "this shit won't pop in the clubs", but I guarantee if someone like DJ Khaled dropped "Swing", it'd be a wrap - panties would drop, Patron would get bought up, and Che would be on TRL, cheesin'.
10. Junclassic "The Promo": Jun is one of two Monster Island Czars on The Lighthouse Project (he goes by the AKA Gabarah when with the MIC), and he flips a breathless, hookless stream of consciousness flow on this reworking of a Jungle Brothers classic. Just a dope track that might require multiple rewinds before you really hear what he's saying. Pure unadulterated, raw Hip-Hop - dope beat and dope rhymes, no nonsense. No frills fire.
11. L.E.G.A.C.Y. ft. Sean Boog "That Me Shit": Exclusive shit. Out of all of the Hall of Justus niggas (as well as the Rawkus 50 heads that L.E.G.A.C.Y. is grouped with), Leg has been my favorite. Dude just has those wild lines that make you stop midtrack and just... think. Really captivating writer, especially when he goes introspective. This is not on that flavor, though. With Sean Boog on the hook and Khrysis on the boards providing a heavy track, Leg gets on his mixtape shit and just comes with bars bars bars. Watch out for his forthcoming Suicide Music album, as well as the S.I.N. Music Group.
12. Aych "She's Cheatin'": This is one of two Wally Clark-produced cuts on this compilation, and this one is pure comedy. The title says everything, and fans of the show Cheaters should be up on the premise of this track. Aych is coming with some fire, please believe - lyrically, dude is creating some ill tales, and he does it without compromising his steeze. You don't find that too much these days.
13. Bun B "That's Gangsta (The Amps Remix)": Wow. Not only do L.A.'s The Amps provide a serious dubby-feel to the beat in this one, but they completely axed Sean Kingston's hook (aside from the "yeah!", which sounds dope). Bun's fierce flows sound so perfect over this big beat. They've already been featured producers on mixtapes for cats like the Clipse and Ray Cash, and are working on a plethora of remixes for artists like Weezy, Rick Ross, Eightball & MJG and others, so keep your eyes peeled for these talented cats.
14. Styles P ft. Swizz Beats "Blow Ya Mind (Benja Styles Remix)": For those paying attention, I dropped this weed-soaked anthem on the 19th edition of rock the dub radio. Benja Styles throws a throwback beat underneath Styles' latest ode to the greenery, and this actually sits much better than Swizzy's original. Has that blaxploitation vibe to it, which is something I'd love to zone to if I was still chiefin'... and don't get it twisted - Benja is more than just a Hip-Hop remixer/producer - he has many styles!
15. SIN "Last Night": SIN is a dope North Carolina spitter, with an everyman-appeal and some wicked flows. He's not super flashy, just real, and when he's in the pocket, he's murder. SIN beasts on this banger of a beat, bridging the stylin' from the old school with the aggression of today, this cuts a sleeper. This is another cat I interviewed for The Flow who's kept in touch, and kept making heat, getting love stateside as well as in Germany. How does that work? Consistency... pick up his Warning Shot mixtape to get more fire like this.
16. Both Nice ft. Jelani "The Cuchifritos Groove": Those Notherground cats are working on a ton of stuff, from Jelani's forthcoming Wait, You Can Rap?!?! album to a ton of other stuff. "The Cuchifritos Groove" is some slick shit, something to lean and rock to. Bang this one LOUD in the whip, and feel the windows shake off that bass. Oh, Both Nice = 6th Sense + Wildabeast, so you already know!
17. The Homebodies ft. Cool Breeze "Cool (Remix)": The Homebodies = A-Bomb & Wes Green, and this keeps you on that slinky, groovin' vibe we're on right now. And yes, it's that Cool Breeze. Get your lighters out for this one - all of you peeps who just KNOW you're cool, here's your anthem. ATL is definitely in the house. Check out their recently-released video for "Know Me Foe", and definitely be on the lookout for these cats.
18. Tef Poe "Niggas Ain't Brolic": Tef is another St. Louis rhymer, and this just has me open. "Niggas Ain't Brolic", aside from being a hot title, is also full of punchlines, and doesn't get old. Manifest Destiny should be out at some point this year (right, Tef?), but for now, keep up with dude - he's an interesting cat.
19. 5th Flow "The Reign": Yes, these three Texas spitters are just warming up for their album, but this banger, which was on their Quarter To A Half mixtape, is more fitting as an end-cap on this chapter, with some fierce bars and a bombastic beat. Pink Slip up in this, forreal...

So that's that, for now. You can grab this as one complete .rar, or hit up the mirrors over at mediafire. Shouts to beatplexity and openeyesconnect for the hosting. Shouts to all of the heads who allowed me to include their music on this compilation. Big ups to all of the heads I converse with on the regular, those who give honest critiques and insight into how I might want to do things. Props to all of my fellow bloggers for filling in the gaps on my musical journey. Much love to my wife, who always has a supportive ear. And one love goes out to Hip-Hop.

Disc 2 drops on June 23rd... keep it locked!

Boom Shottas, Part 2

Back in March, my boy Enigmatik brought you the first edition of his Boom Shottas mixes. He's back, fresh for the summer, with round 2, hitting you with some hot Dancehall & Reggae vibes. CIRCLE!



1. BGDB Intro
2. Mus Come A Road - Mr. Vegas
3. Doh - Serani f/Bugle
4. Pussy Informer - Mavado
5. Doh Be No Pussy - Bugle
6. Champion Sound - YT Million Stylez, Mr Williamz, Blackout, Ja Iverse, Jah Knight
7. JA News Investigative Reports
8. Broad Daylight - Vybz Kartel
9. Duppy - Demarco
10. Ghetto Story (remix) - Cham f/Alicia Keys
11. Welcome To Jamrock - Damien Marley
12. JA News Nuh Irie
13. Dem Nuh Build Great Man - Jah Cure f/Fantan Mojah
14. Overcome (Brighter Day) - Mavado
15. BGDB Outro

Blaze a tree and cool out to this one.

Jesikah Maximus' SSX Magazine Photos

Never heard of honey dip before, but thanks to Shake, I am now a fan. Goddamn.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

[video] T.I. Live At LOVE Nightclub

Word is this is the Tip's first performance since his arrest?

Part 1

Part 2