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El Che Leaks

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FSD got an e-mail with two cuts from Rhymefest's El Che ("Bring It Back" & "RNQ"), along with a few paragraphs detailing how 'Fest left his iPod around, with what appears to be El Che in CDQ. What can you do, aside from do what I always say - blame the nigga. Niggas want to blame bloggers, teenagers, whatever. Any album that leaks has to come from somewhere... "your boy" in the backseat of your whip, your engineer, that A&R, the producer, the bitch you were fucking in your whip, and even you. If you are seriously trying to keep something leak-proof, keep it to yourself, and keep it encrypted at all times. If you don't, you run that risk.

BTW, "Real Nigga Quotes" is that fire.

What An Asshole


How William Roberts, aka Rick Ross, figured that niggas couldn't find out the truth when HIS FUCKING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER WAS OUT THERE is beyond me. The Smoking Gun has finally revealed his lies. Lying ass niggas.

[video] Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West "Put On"

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[video] Fatlip "What's Up Fatlip? (Breakbot Remix)"

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Bonus Beats: Fatlip "What's Up Fatlip? (Breakbot Remix)"

6th Sense Just Do It: A Mixtape Ode To Nike

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6th Sense hit me up with this mixtape about an hour ago, and its the shit. He and Mick Boogie were brought out to Nike's HQ out in Portland, and experienced a lot in those few days (meeting LeBron James, DJing a few events, the 7on7 Touch Tournament, etc) . To commemorate the trip, Mick figured it'd be an ill idea to do a mixtape about it, and flipped this in 2 days. Only 50 copies were made, and given to the heads and employees over at Nike, and features exclusive tracks and other songs that are all in the name and vein of Nike and their kicks. So, without further ado, Mick Boogie and Notherground Music present...



1. Intro
2. Classic Freestyle
3. December 30th (King James) {prod. 6th Sense}
4. Team USA (prod. Just Blaze)
5. A-Trak & Lupe Fiasco feat. 6th Sense - Me & My Sneakers
6. Nike Boots Freestyle
7. Fly Union feat. 6th Sense - Bonike Applebaum Remix
8. Let's Do It (prod. 6th Sense & Frequency)
9. Ignite The People (Like Obama) {prod. 6th Sense}

6th also documented the trip with this video:

Shouts to 6th for lacing me with this - good work, fam!

Muja Messiah "At All Cost (My Economics)"

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Muja Messiah "At All Cost (My Economics)" (prod. by Che Vicious): Another gem from Muja's forthcoming album, which is sounding fresher and fresher with each track I hear!

Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy - in stores July 29th!

[video] Aych "Cowboy (Remix)"

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Wally Clark just shot this video over to me, which features a remix to Aych's "Cowboy", featuring Rampage:

Beat Drop: The Neptunes

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I dropped the ball and neglected to finish my words for the latest Beat Drop for Metal Lungies. They got a number of reputable bloggers, as well as the homey Skillz, to wax nostalgic on the greatness that is the Neptunes' production.

4th Annual Trenton Graffiti Jam

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So I was in my old hood yesterday with wifey, and finally peeped this sick mural thrown up on a corner store on my old street. I peeped on the wall that a MySpace address was up for the Vicious Styles Crew. Hittin' up that page, I realized that a shitload of quality graf in my neck of the woods is being done by these cats (just peep their Pics). I also saw the above flier, and figured you tri-state Graf & Hip-Hop heads should check it out. Free to the public, from noon to dusk? I have plans that day but I might try and get out there...

Angela Simmons "Center Of Attention"

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Angela Simmons "Center Of Attention": OK Ang, let's talk. I love watching Run's House, and I know the Pastry kicks are poppin' But seriously, was this even necessary? I mean, you're not HORRIBLE, but really, lyrically, this is dead corny. And the whole mash of heavy rock strumming and cornball Pop beats just doesn't work for me. Sorry, ma.

Via Splash.

Solomon Childs "You Do It Yourself"

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Solomon Childs ft. RZA & Mark Ronson "You Do It Yourself": Solomon's You Don't Want War album is available at CHAMBERMUSIK. And that cover reminds me: did you guys know that Season 2 of The Boondocks came out last month? I just copped the DVD set, and it's official.

Cappadonna The Cappatilize Project Cover+Tracklist

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Cappadonna's The Cappatilize Project LP is in stores tomorrow. Check out the tracklist, along with a leak provided by Killer Beez.


01. "Cap's Back Again" (Produced by Big Zick)
02. "The Anointing" (Produced by Spinzilla)
03. "Don't Turn Around" (featuring Q-Dini) (Produced by Solo)
04. "Peace God" (featuring Born Divine) (Produced by Sosa)
05. "Get Paper" (featuring Lounge Lo) (Produced by Q-Dini)
06. "If You Don't Stop" (featuring Born Divine) (Produced by Fontane)
07. "One Night Love Affair" (Produced by Q-Dini)
08. "Growth and Development" (featuring Hugh Hef & Lahluga) (Produced by Q-Dini)
09. "Dream" (Produced by Solo)
10. "Gotta Find A Way" (featuring Born Divine & MPM) (Produced by Q-Dini)
11. "Wanted" (featuring KMC) (Produced by Danjah Mentals)
12. "Goon Skwad" (Produced by Sparx)
13. "Tug Dat Rope" (Produced by Q-Dini)
14. "My Gang" (featuring Born Divine & The Better Lifers) (Produced by Fontane)
15. "Holdin'" (featuring Lounge Lo) (Produced by B-Rock)

Check it out!

Dilla. Ghost. Doom. Leaks.

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Last month, I gave you guys the heads up on Stones Throw reporting the release of a few cuts that MF Doom and Ghostface Killah worked on over J Dilla instrumentals (primarily from Donuts). Props to Alex over at Killer Bee Promotions for hooking up links of the two tracks in question:

So were these made first, then the instrumentals released on Donuts or the other way around? Dilla RIP. Bang these LOUD!

[video] Mr. Hyde "Killer Collage"

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This is the first single from Mr. Hyde's Chronicles Of The Beastman, which drops on Psyho+Logical Records tomorrow. This cut features Q-Unique, Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse:

[video] Wordsmith's "Day In A Life" Episode 1

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Watch for these vlogs every two weeks from Wordsmith's YouTube Channel:

[video] AKD "Revenge Of The Sheep"

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Check out this 3-deck juggling routine from DJ AKD, flippin' a new battle record from Le Jad & Ordoeuvre:

Big up to DJ Cable for the heads up.

[video] DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken

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Peep this live in-store battle between Muggs & Sick Jacken:

Cormega "Fresh"

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Cormega ft. DJ Red Alert, PMD, Grand Puba, KRS-One & Big Daddy Kane "Fresh": Ill beat? Check. Heavyweight MCs on the mic? Check x 5. Why would you even choose to sleep?

Props to Shake for the CDQ.

GZA ProTools Cover

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Cover for GZA's forthcoming ProTools album on Babygrande. Via The Rap Up.

related: GZA "Paper Plates"

DMC Recovering From Emergency Surgery

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From All Hip-Hop:

Reps for DMC have confirmed to that the rapper was admitted to a New Jersey hospital on Thursday July 18.

DMC, age 44, arrived complaining of severe pain and swelling in his left arm.

Management for DMC told that he started experiencing pain in his left arm as early as last Sunday.

After two days of suffering, DMC’s arm became noticeably swollen, resulting in the rapper seeing a doctor, who diagnosed two dangerous blood clots in his left arm.

When blood thinning medication did not work, doctors decided that surgery was the best option to reduce the swelling in DMC’s arm and to prevent the clot from moving any further.

"DMC's surgery yesterday to remove the blood clots in his left arm was successful," DMC's manager Eric Blam told "I had the opportunity to visit with him last night at the hospital. He was resting comfortably and is on his way to a full recovery. We want to thank everyone for all their prayers and get-well wishes. He's grateful to have so many wonderful fans and friends out there who care about him."

You're in our prayers, DMC.

Salma Hayek Calls Off Engagement

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Salma Hayek has canceled her engagement? Who knows, who cares... for you single niggas - go get her!

[video] Saints Row 2 Trailer

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[video] Tomb Raider: Underworld Trailer

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"Jail Bird" Gets 2 Years In Prison

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Check out what this dumbass did:

Two weeks after Joshua Lipton was charged in a drunken driving crash that seriously injured a woman, the 20-year-old college junior attended a Halloween party dressed as a prisoner. Pictures from the party showed him in a black-and-white striped shirt and an orange jumpsuit labeled "Jail Bird."

Yeah, that idiotic. Peep what happened to him:

In the age of the Internet, it might not be hard to guess what happened to those pictures: Someone posted them on the social networking site Facebook. And that offered remarkable evidence for Jay Sullivan, the prosecutor handling Lipton's drunken-driving case.

Sullivan used the pictures to paint Lipton as an unrepentant partier who lived it up while his victim recovered in the hospital. A judge agreed, calling the pictures depraved when sentencing Lipton to two years in prison.

Fucker got two years for posting a dumbass picture up on his MySpacee. You teens better beware: Big Brother is watching, and if you fuck up, they WILL use that shit!

Via CNN.

[video] J Dilla & Q-Bert

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Q-Bert cuts over J Rocc's J Dilla Megamix:

[video] Ruby Hornet TV: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

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Ruby Hornet TV covers this year's 4th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival:

K-Salaam & Beatnick Whose World Is This? Sampler

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Pretty self-explanatory. Download it and stay captivated. Album drops July 29th.

[video] Nelly ft. Ashanti & Akon "Body On Me"

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[video] High School Musical 3 Trailer

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[video] Skillz Rap City Freestyle

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Friske & Perpetuum "Step Up"

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Friske & Perpetuum "Step Up": This is the kind of Drum & Bass that gets me up and going. Really aggressive, with that nasty bass... but flipped with the classic Milk D sample? Taken from Dieselboy's latest comp, the 2xCD Substance D, this was a cut that I had been feelin' for a minute. My boy Perpetuum is a beast on the production, and is crazy versatile. He's got some shit up his sleeve that will be getting more play when I can divulge full details. For now, enjoy this.

Via Missing Toof.

[video] God Of War III Trailer

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Ne-Yo "Miss Independent"

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Ne-Yo "Miss Independent": Young Sav and the BoBO heads just don't stop. Here's Ne-Yo's 2nd single. Bit of a mid-tempo flavor on this one. You ladies will be creamin' over this one.

GZA "Paper Plates"

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GZA "Paper Plates": I had been waiting for this 50 Cent diss to come up all day, ever since peeping what GZA had to say about the situation. I heard Pitchfork would have it, but saw nathan, all day. I go home, get on the PC about 10 minutes ago, and I see Shake had it up... 4 hours ago! In any case, this is that gutter shit. I don't think 50 can fuck with this. From GZA's forthcoming ProTools album, which drops in August.

PS: This has tags in it, but its so essential, download it!

J Dilla "Oxtopus"


J Dilla "Oxtopus": Props to Dukes for sending me this. You're probably seeing this all over, and I figured this needs a mirror, so enjoy the mediafire link on this. Taken from The Oxtopus compilation (?), this is rumored to be the last track Dilla touched before he passed. The beat literally sounds like "Grindin'" unplugged. Can someone confirm the story behind this? I'm forever a skeptic, especially about tracks just coming out of the blue...

EDIT: eskay posted this video of J. Rocc dropping this in Switzerland...

[video] B.E. Diaries, Webisode 1

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NJ's Brokn.Englsh come with a new web series:

Friday, July 18th 2008 playlist

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Tomorrow cannot come fast enough, even if its going to be hot as shit. Keep cool and blast some of these leaked tracks...


leaks of tha week!


Look at what you missed this week...


I couldn't find the video my boy SBK wanted to, but I did the next best thing... threw on the classic jawn:

Noreaga "Superthug"

Remember when this one dropped? Blew the Neptunes up, period. Hyper!

In any case, go sit in the shade, sip on something cold, be with your loved ones, and enjoy the weekend.

Britney Spears Gives Custody To K-Fed

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After word that she is working on a new album, reports are coming that Britney Spears has given sole custody of the kids to Kevin Federline, while she retains visitation rights. One has to look at this a few ways, with the following questions: did Brit realize she is not fit to be a proper mother for the kids? Did she just want to end the drama? Is she back on the ho train, full speed ahead?

Regardless of the answer, you gotta realize: K-Fed = an enigma. Or an idiot savant. This talentless cat not only got with Brit, but ended up with two kids out of the deal, which he now has sole custody of. This = crazy paychecks for the rest of his life. That's more than can be said for busting off in Shar Jackson. Kind of a convoluted way to get set for life, but stranger shit has happened...


[video] Hayden Panettiere "Wake Up Call"

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Homegirl sounds like Rihanna with even less talent. Shit like this is the perfect example of fly chicks with no talent being able to do whatever the fuck they want.

[video] Nappy Roots Rap City Freestyle

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[video] Saul Williams "Convict Colony"

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Via Nah Right, by way for The Fader.

[video] Behind The Scenes: Robin Thicke "Magic"

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Strong Arm Steady "Can't Let Go"

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Strong Arm Steady "Can't Let Go" (prod. by DJ Khalil): Khalil cooks up a heatrock for SAS to merk. And boy do they merk!

Props to Tunji for this one.

Aych "Use To Be Tight"

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Aych "Use To Be Tight": Tracks like these make me think about the homies I don't talk to anymore. Really deep track - niggas don't make tracks like this anymore!

Andre 3000 x Che Grand "Airtight Ninja"

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Andre 3000 x Che Grand "Airtight Ninja": Wow. Jacked from Meka. Essential.

[video] Westwood Interviews Common, Pt. 3

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related: Part 1 /Part 2.

[rock the dub Interview]: MC Serch


In the early to mid-90's, Hip-Hop for me was on two spots: on the radio, where Philly radio DJs from the afternoon to late nights were my lifeblood, and I had so many Maxell tapes it was kind of crazy. The other spot was on TV, where I would flip between Yo!, Rap City and Ralph McDaniels, every day, after shool. A third place was on The Arsenio Hall Show, where one of my favorite memories of seeing Hip-Hop outside of my normal outlets was seeing 3rd Bass perform "Pop Goes The Weasel" on Arsenio's stage. I grew up following 3rd Bass, and then MC Serch on his solo outings, and was always a fan of the lyrics, the humor and the dancing executed in their performances. It wasn't until I got older that I realized how many projects Serch had his hands in back then, and seeing him come back through the VH1 & ego trip shows over the last two years has been such a shock to my Hip-Hop system. I hit up Serch the other day, and he was gracious enough to answers some questions for me. Check it out!

khal: First off, I wanna thank you for being down with doing this interview. It’s been a while since many have heard you kick a rhyme. Do you still write these days? I know you dropped Many Young Lives Ago, which was primarily older material – you ever get the bug to put out something new?

MC Serch: It’s funny when people say that to me. I know that I have not recorded in a while, but I was just rhyming this past Saturday on my radio show, Serchlite Saturdays, on Hot 102.7 in Detroit. People can check out the show on the web every week at I recently did a few new tracks for a project that is 100% non profit called Peace in the Middle East. It is a group of Palestinian and Jewish artists coming together to promote peace in the Middle East. The money made is going to orphanages that are taking in children that have lost their families in the war. I will also be showing up on mixtapes here and there so be on the lookout.

khal: Some might not realize that you were down with a lot of cats back in the day – from MF Doom, Nas, O.C. & Non Phixion, among others. Do you think you have a gift for finding that new talent in the game? Are there any MCs out today that give you the same feeling some of those guys did?

MC Serch: Currently, there are two. One is a female named Mae Day who I just think is incredible. Another is an MC named Mr. Wrong.

khal: Speaking of Nas, you executive produced his Illmatic, a bonafide classic. Have you heard his new album, Untitled, in its entirety? What’s your take on the album-title controversy? And finally, many heads feel as though he’s not dropped something with the caliber of Illmatic – do you feel the same way? If you guys were working together again, how would you shape the next Nas album?

MC Serch: I just spoke to Nas a few days ago and we were talking about his new album. I have heard a few songs and I was really impressed. I think that many people feel that Stillmatic is right up there as one of Nas great pieces of work. Nothing is ever going to be as great as Illmatic, for me. He recorded ten songs and those are the ten songs you hear on the album. It is perfect as a body of work. I don’t know if I would ever be able to “shape” a Nas album. He is such a visionary when it come to his art. I cannot take credit for shaping Illmatic, except for making sure that he was able to make his music uninterrupted.

khal: How did the idea for “The Gas Face” come up?

MC Serch: My crew that I grew up with in Long Beach, Long Island called the GYP Posse came up with the term, more specifically Zev Love X. That was the term we gave the face that females gave us when we were trying to get at them at Roosevelt Field Mall and they were not trying to hear our game. We spent all this gas money to get out here and we get dissed. My rhyme partner Pete Nice asked Zev if we could do a song about it and Zev was down and we all did the song together. It is funny how is has become a part of American Language. I hear them use it all the time on ESPN when some get struck out by a fast ball, and Reggie Miller used it to describe the face that one of the Wizard players, I believe his name is Deshawn Stevenson, was making when he was dropping 3’s on Cleveland’s head during the playoffs.

khal: One thing that that I remember are the beefs you guys got into back in the day. I know there were rumors and stories of Hammer trying to set you up, and I remember the “Pop Goes The Weasel” video, with you guys beating up that fake Vanilla Ice. Are there any beefs that 3rd Bass or yourself individually got into that might not have been as publicized?

MC Serch: No, you covered them both, LOL. We were really about the message that there were better artists making better music than those two. Artists like De La, Tribe and others were not getting the play that those two were accumulating. It didn’t seem fair.

khal: How many of your videos was Gilbert Gottfried in? Were you guys big fans of his or what?

MC Serch: LOL, yeah we were big fans. He did three videos for us. One long form, "Gas Face", and two short form, "Triple Stage Darkness" and "Words of Wizdom".

khal: I was happy as hell when I saw that you were going to be hosting the white rapper show on VH1, and in watching the show, I loved that you guys made sure that the real Hip-Hop was emphasized and taught. Now, who within that show was the MOST Hip-Hop, in your opinion? Was Shamrock a pick to win the show early on?

MC Serch: I think that each one of them represented a true part of the culture. I personally thought that Persia was going to take it. No one saw Shamrock coming. He did a great job of staying under the radar and being focused. I was so happy for him when he won.

khal: I had a hard time myself picking a favorite in Miss Rap Supreme, but Rece Steele was always consistent. Did you think she’d make it to the end? And how do you think Persia would have done in that group?

MC Serch: That is a great question. I think that Miss Rapp Supreme had a better group overall of contestants, they were more consistent and really more focused on wanting to win. No one quit on the show. No one gave up, which we had a lot of in the first season. I think that Persia would have been tough competition.

khal: You guys brought back Prince Paul in the white rapper show, and Yo-Yo with the latest show. Are there plans for another ego trip show on VH1? If so, who’s on the list from back in the day to reemerge?

MC Serch: As of today, July 14th, 2008, there is no word yet, but Ego Trip and VH1 have a great relationship and are working out some sort of evil plan to take over the world, LOL. We will see when we see it.

khal: What’s going on with Serchlite Music today? What’s your aim with your company from today and beyond?

MC Serch: I have been away from the company doing full time radio gigs in Detroit and VA for almost 6 years. Serchlite since has been focusing on Event Production and Corporate Consulting. I have been back in the fold with the company now for a full year and have wanted to take Serchlite into the Multi-Media realm. We just did a deal with YouTube that we will be announcing later in the summer and looking for content for our television network with YouTube, Serchlite Music. We have been also looking at brokering venture capital deals between holding companies and multi-media start ups. On the promotion side, we are really excited about a new liquor company that we are doing brand marketing and promotion for, NUVO. NUVO is the first sparkling liqueur in the world, and we are doing brand consulting for NUVO. We believe that this brand will be the biggest brand in liquor for the next ten years and beyond, and have put together an A-list street team to make sure the message gets out. I am very proud of the companies I have been involved with, from Def Jam to Sony, Ecko to ESPN, and now NUVO. We have always brought a new thought process to each brand on how to properly expand.

khal: I know you’re a married man and a father, as am I. I was wondering – how hard is it to juggle your career and the demands of your profession with the home life? Does it get easier or harder these days to devote the proper amount of time to both sides of your life?

MC Serch: I made a conscious decision early on that I would never put more work before family. It does not matter what I have done and with what company. I have always put family first. There are going to be times when you have to go out of town on business. That is part of the grind, but to be honest I spend more time at home then I do anywhere else. Since moving to Detroit, I have my home office and that is where things get done. I have been blessed to have jobs where I can pick up my kids every day after school. I have been blessed to have jobs where I can see my kids and their events. My mentor said some thing to me that has been my moral compass for most of my adult life. He said “I can remember all the times I could not be with my kids because I had a meeting to go to, but I cannot remember what that meeting was about.” Your family is everything. How they develop as people is based on how YOU develop as a person. They see your growth just as much as you see theirs. I love my family more than my own life. Anything I do is this life is based on their needs.

khal: When it’s all said and done, what would you like your obituary to read? Do you have any reservations on how any of the situations in your life played out?

MC Serch: I told my wife this and this is how is will read: Michael “M.C. Serch” Berrin. Father, Husband, Friend, M.C. IT WILL NEVER BE A GAME, PEOPLE. I don’t know if the word “reservations” is how I would describe it, but if I had any regrets in this life, it would be how I handled the O.C. album Word…Life on Wild Pitch. That album should be mentioned with all the other classic albums of its era and I was not smart enough to be a VP at Wild Pitch when I was. I will regret that for a long time.

khal: Do you have any shout outs, plugs or final thoughts before we end this?

MC Serch: Yeah, Please check out for some great clips and webisodes coming. Please visit to hear some great new artists, and if you want to call me, here is my number, 313-879-2793. I would love to talk, real talk. That is my number so use it. One love.

For more info on MC Serch, make sure you check out his MySpace page, including his blog on MySpace. And make sure you are hitting up Serchlite Music and their YouTube page.

[video] Big Kuntry King "Da Baddest"

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Featuring Trey Songz:

[video] Westwood Interviews Common, Pt. 2

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Spotted over at BGDB.

related: [video] Westwood Interviews Common

[video] The Pharcyde "Runnin' (Philippians Remix)"

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This is taken from the forthcoming RMXXOLOGY project:

RMXXOLOGY features Delicious Vinyl classics by the likes of The Pharcyde, Tone-Loc, Masta Ace, The Brand New Heavies, and Born Jamericans re-imagined by artists including Peaches, Eminem, Diplo, Hot Chip, Spank Rock & Amanda Blank, Phillipians, Ed Banger's Mr. Flash, and Bobby Evans.

You've heard a lot of these jawns, so get ready for this one. Delivious Vinyl, baby.

Benja Styles & Larry Larr The Philadelphia Movement (We Run This) Vol. 1 Mixtape

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Benja Styles reps HARD for the 215, so seeing him have a new mixtape out, featuring a lot of Philly's dopest spitters, is always good to see. Also good to see Larry Larr back in the mix as well! Download link and tracklist below...



23. O.T. "MAD IZM 2008"


DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #25 & June Monthly Mix

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Better late than never... DJ Cable finally hits us with this week's mix, and also brought out the June 2008 Monthly Mix! Check out both:

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #25


01. Juelz Santana Feat. Cam'ron - Dipset (Juelz' Town)
02. Three 6 Mafia - Who Gives A F**k Where You From
03. Lil Boosie Feat. Yung Joc - Zoom
04. 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta
05. The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem
06. DJ Cable - Dipset Rascal
07. Dem Franchize Boyz - I Think They Like Me
08. Grafh - Glow In The Dark
09. Dizzee Rascal - Driving With Nowhere To Go

Lil' dirty for your clean-cut cats, right? Peep the monthly mix...

DJ Cable's Monthly Mix - June 2008


01. Hello... (Intro)
02. Nas Feat. Keri Hilson
03. G-Unit - Rider Pt. 2
04. G-Unit - Southside
05. Crooked I - N.W.A. (New West Anthem)
06. A-Trak Feat. Lupe Fiasco - My Sneakers
07. Nas Feat. Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken
08. Little Brother Feat. Skillz & Carlitta Durand - Life Of The Party
09. Lil Wayne - Whip It
10. David Banner Feat. Yung Joc & Chris Brown - Get Like Me
11. David Banner Feat. Lil Wayne - Shawty Say
12. G-Unit Feat. Movado - Let It Go
13. Ludacris - Big Ass House Freestyle
14. Doo Wop - Go DJ 2008

I'm sorry but homeboy went in on this one! Lil' slice of everything, and I have to admit - both of those David Banner joints have me open. I dig his new album.

Well played, Cable.

Mickey Factz ft. Tanya Morgan "We Ain't"

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Mickey Factz ft. Tanya Morgan "We Ain't" (prod. by AEON): AEON is definitely a problem, as you can see on this production alone - '08 + '09 are looking bright for dude. TM & Factz are nothing to sneeze at, either, as both were included in's Big 10. No need to sleep on this - if you say you like that real Hip-Hop, get on this one, early!

Props to Nate on this one!

Big Daddy Kane "Set If Off (Boysand Remix)"


Big Daddy Kane "Set If Off (Boysand Remix)": Just got passed this joint from Homeboy Sandman, who's hopped up on Big Daddy Kane's "Set It Off", and done the style justice. I was honestly expecting some sub-par flows, but dude kept up with that shit! You saying you're not up on Sandman? Pardon Me Duke has the answer, and Hip-Hop Linguistics reviewed his Nourishment album, and gave it a good write-up, so definitely get up on this cat!

[video] Westwood Interviews Common

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Via Nah Right.

[video] The Clipse "Fast Life"

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[video] Ashanti "Good Good"

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[video] Lil' Mama "A Millie Freestyle" LIVE

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[video] Alicia Keys "Superwoman"

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[video] Hell Rell "Get Ready"

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2DB has Hell Rell's Top Gunna (The Ruga Edition) mixtape up for download.

One Day As A Lion "Wild International"

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One Day As A Lion "Wild International": One Day As A Lion = Zach de la Rocha (of Rage Against The Machine) & Jon Theodore (formerly of The Mars Volta). I was just reading about this on Dogs On Acid, but finally got the audio from Shake, so much respect. EP coming soon? ALBUM in stores July 22nd!?

[video] S.O.UL. Purpose "Boob Tube"

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Mazzi channels his inner GZA:

[video] Mickey Knoxx ft. DJ Big Jae "I Wear My City"

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A few Trenton, NJ heads rock the theme song for (interview with them coming soon):

Timbaland To Produce Entire Jay-Z Album?

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That's what Timbaland told MTV News:

"He wants me to do the whole thing this time around," Timbaland said Monday during a visit to the MTV News office. "I'mma make it a classic too. You better believe it. It'll be a monster! I always say this: You get a first single from me, I'mma get you up to gold. And it's hard to get you up to gold in this day [and age]."

I actually would really like to hear this, just based off of their chemistry with cuts like "Dirt Off My Shoulder", "Lobster & Shrimp" and "Big Pimpin'", among others. I think Timbaland might have that spark that could get Jay-Z doing a pretty ill album. He always seems to flex kind of hard on Timbaland's work, kind of like Tim goes in, so Hov goes in deeper. We'll see if this even goes down like that, but with the way the game is right now, we need event projects like this.

BGDB Reviews Untitled

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And I co-sign everything Enigmatik had to say. I'm still waiting for my copy from Amazon, and wasn't planning on reviewing this, so this is the next best thing. And as an added bonus, Rolling Stone interviewed Nas, as did CNN.

Hive, Keaton, Gridlok & Echo "Salvation"

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Hive, Keaton, Gridlok & Echo "Salvation" (mirror): This is taken from the forthcoming Salvation LP, which drops on Violence Recordings in September. I posted snippets to every track over at DPD, but didn't realize at first that the snippet of "Unearthed" was actually the entire track, so here you go.

Fans of the Welcome To Violence LP should know the score with this one...

[video] Fonzworth Bentley "Everybody"


Featuring Kanye West, Sa-Ra & Andre3000:

Shouts to smokeYYY, Enigmatik & Shake for the heads up.

Boss Hogg Outlawz "Ridin' Wit No Ceilin'"

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[video] Team Blackout Takes Ove Manhattan

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Kendra Smartens Up

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Kendra Wilkinson is one of the 3 Playmates who are also dating Hugh Hefner. Yeah let that one sink in for a minute. Most of your Hip-Hop heads might remember her as the chick who said Eminem was mean to her, or the chick from that God-awful MTV Celebrity Rap show. In any case, Hollywire is reporting that babygirl has actually smartened up and is leaving the Playboy Mansion, and the Viagara Millionaire. You may ask, what the fuck does this have to do with anything, right?

My one question: how come Hugh Hefner, who is older than the dirt coming out of God's ass, is OK to be a Reality TV pimp with 3 younger chicks, but we continue to throw Flav under the bus for trying to find a chick? Explain that one to me...

[video] Radiohead "House Of Cards"

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[video] Prodigy "When I See You"

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Featuring Cormega:

[rock the dub Interview]: Elucid

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Brooklyn, NY. Home of some of the illest to ever do it. One of today's guard is living in that borough in the human form, and goes by the name of Elucid. Channeling the struggle of our forefathers, he brings that emotional aggression to the mic, weaving tales of street dreams, sexual escapades and other stories over an assortment of found sounds, from modern-day boombap to the stuff that goes higher in BPM the tighter your pants are. Regardless of the sound, the venom is still potent, and I am honored to not only get this look inside the mind of Elucid, but to consider homeboy as a true friend. Check out our conversation...

khal: First off, can you give us a bit of background on how you got into rhyming and what brought you to the point where you are today?

Elucid: 1996. I was a pimple faced 15 year old backpacker watching Rap City. Biggie's “One More Chance” video came on and I watched with disgust. The song ended and I marched upstairs to write my first rap. I thought I could do better.

khal: What MC’s did you grow up listening to?

Elucid: Biggie, lol. I may have been the only cat in my high school to love bang B.I.G. and Company Flow in his walkman. I was a HUGE Wu-Tang fan. Nas. I loved all of that West Coast underground shit, Living Legends and Freestyle Fellowship. Outkast. The whole Rawkus Records roster. Ras Kass got a lot of burn in my deck. Understanding what was going on in Hip-Hop at that time, I just didn't fuck with that shiny suit wearing, champagne sipping style that was so prevalent. I will and forever be inspired by lyric-driven Hip-Hop.

khal: You’re affiliated with Loosie, as well as part of the Lessondary crew. How did those affiliations start out?

Elucid: I did a song with Von Pea around 2001. Around 2004, I put out the Progress mixtape, which caught the attention of Loosie. Turns out the Loosie compound was literally around the corner from where I was living at the time. We linked up and have been rocking ever since. Spec Boogie (part of Loosie) knew Von Pea who knew Donwill and so forth. Things came together pretty naturally.

khal: It sounds so cliché, but Brooklyn seems like a real hotbed for talented MCs. What, if anything, from that borough comes through in your rhymes?

Elucid: To me, I love the sort of gritty beauty of Brooklyn. There are plenty of hardworking, good folks in the grimiest of areas here. There are issues surrounding gentrification which I've mentioned more than a few times in my lyrics. I definitely make a type of struggle music, and the influence of living in Brooklyn can't be denied.

khal: You’ve already put out a CD, The Bible & The Gun. How did that project come about? Do you feel that you accomplished your goals with that disc?

Elucid: Well, the summer before I began recording The Bible & The Gun, I was homeless, writing rhymes and sleeping on the F train. I worked at a movie theater at night. I was so hungry to do this rap shit, man. First day I met Drama (head of the label the album was released on), I went in the booth and tore it down. I was just happy to be back in a studio doing something I loved and missed. Before I left, he told me his plans of releasing music on his newly formed indie label and asked if I would be a part of it. I was geeked, yo. I eventually got myself a place to stay, got back into school, and was recording every weekend at the studio. 2001 was such an up and down year for me, personally. But it definitely brought about some of the most memorable times in my life.

khal: The one thing that made noise for you specifically was your Smash N Grab project, where you started flipping some pretty unconventional songs into loops for your rhymes. What made you choose to flip tracks from Johnny Cash and Bjork?

Elucid: Well, I had a sound and vision in my head that producers just weren't giving me at the time. I'd talk to people about it, trying to explain and I'd receive blank-faced stares. I've always had pretty diverse musical tastes and I felt like my music never really reflected that. Hip-Hop has a tendency to pigeonhole itself, which is counterproductive to the progression of this artform. So, Smash & Grab was really my attempt in trying to erase those genre lines. I'm a student of Afrika Bambatta, and my music is definitely influenced by a sort of global vision.

khal: You’ve since progressed this idea into the Warning Shot Wednesday material, continuing in this trend. How do you choose which track you will be rhyming over – do the lyrics ever dictate the track you choose, or vice versa?

Elucid: The Warning Shot series was done initially to generate a little buzz on the blogs. I figured if I was going to commit to releasing weekly joints, I may as well stick to what I know and have fun with it. I listen to tons of music, both new and old that span across mad different genres. In picking tracks to use, what usually makes Warning Show Wednesday is a song that INSTANTLY moves me to rap. Images and ideas flood my brain and I just follow. I can't explain it much more than that. But I rarely spend much time on these joints. It's a very spontaneous process and I hope it translates that way.

khal: Speaking of your lyrics, I have noticed that you’ve had a certain theme going on with a batch of your recent WSW’s: “Would Be Killer”, “Code For The Streets” and your “Lifestyles” remix all feature some real gritty street crime feel, just some raw, violent emotion. Is everything OK? Where’s that coming from?

Elucid: Yeah, I've gotten this before. I put out heartfelt shit, they say I'm too emo. I spit empowerment, they say I'm conscious. I let the aggression run wild, they say I'm too angry. I go off the deep end and spit psycho narratives, they say I'm crazy. It's really just art, man. I'm a writer and I get off on flexing with styles in a non-cliche manner.

When I write, I genuinely want to take you on a ride with me. I want you to forget that you're listening to a bootleg mp3 and really visualize whatever it is that I'm trying to convey. I feel like a video with a talented director at the helm would make the pill a little easier to swallow.
For "Lifestyles", that was definitely a true to life song. Every line. I've felt my share of pain and disappointment and it definitely translates through to my music.

As I wrote my verses for "Would Be Killer", I knew some people would raise eyebrows. But, I really can't be concerned with that. I do what I do. It's my favorite song on the Gnarls Barkley album and thought it was so ill how Cee-Lo can sing about wanting to murder people on a pop record and nobody said shit. I just had to throw my 2 cents in and take the narrative a little further, I guess.

khal: Being that you’re an MC who likes to accent on the writer aspect of your craft, what would you say was the best song you’ve written, and why?

Elucid: I haven't written my best song yet!

khal: The one thing that draws myself and many fans into your work is your voice – your flows and the way you twist your voice, it’s not necessarily something that is common at all, and works well for your rhymes. How did you develop your style?

Elucid: I think that comes from me wishing I was a Delta blues singer in another life. I can't sing for shit but when I rap I still want to use my voice as an instrument. As far as flow, lyrics and concepts come to me pretty quickly but for me the key has been nailing the cadence and rhythm. What's the point of dope lyrics with a wack ass flow?

khal: What current projects are you working on? I know you have an EP dropping soon – any word on an album or mixtapes or anything?

Elucid: I'm working on two projects right now. My solo album, Save Yourself, due out in the fall, and K.E.Y.S. is an EP I'm working on with a longtime friend. It's more of a focused effort being that it's a concept album with 1 rapper and 1 producer due out by the end of the summer. I'll also be releasing a compilation of my favorite selections from the Warning Shot Wednesday series in the next few weeks.

khal: What about live shows? I know you were rockin’ during the Lessondary show a few weeks ago – how did the crowd react to your material?

Elucid: Well, to be honest, rocking a live show is interesting. Being that my style is a little off center, performing to a crowd unfamiliar with my material, I get a lot of wide eyed stares. As my set progresses people usually get into it. I've never been booed if that counts for something! For my new projects, I have made a conscious effort to make music that would really bang in front of a crowd. I'm taking cues from a gang of past greats on how to make a live show a true experience for the audience.

khal: To take the attention away from Hip-Hop for a bit, what does Elucid like to do to relax? I heard the Lessondary crew are big on movies – what movie character do you think embodies who you are as a person?

Elucid: Travis Bickle, haha.

khal: Do you have any shout outs or final thoughts before we wrap this up?

Elucid: Lessondary kicks ur ass.

For more info on Elucid, peep this MySpace page. Or just keep it locked to this site.