Saturday, July 05, 2008

Competition: "A Night Of Understanding"

Clockwork Orange "A Night Of Understanding": Check out this fly instrumental. Are you an MC or singer? Download this beat. The good folks over at Redstarr Studios have linked up with rock the dub to have a likkle competition of sorts. Here's the deal from the folks over at Redstarr HQ:

This beat is open to any and all who think they can represent on it. All styles and genres are welcome from hiphop to soul. The process is real simple, ROCK TO THE BEAT and send it back to us. If we are feelin it it will be used as our first official release which will be by end of the 08 year. If you come on some wak shit we will let you know and the song will be destroyed. FYI for all of you everything is copy-written so dont be shady. On the other side if you do fit the Redstarr sound everything will be handled in a legit way.



So there you have it. Grab the beat, mull over it, represent over it and if your track is picked, you're getting released. Simple as that. For further info, hit up Lex at Good luck!

[video] The Herbaliser LIVE

Friday, July 04, 2008

Raekwon "Trenchman"

Raekwon "Trenchman": That's what I'm talkin' about, some straight gangsta shit. Yeah, you know that sample.

Big up yo Young Sav for the hook-up.

BK Cyph "Summertime '08"

BK Cyph "Summertime '08": Mr. Never Sold Crack dusts off a classic for the 2K8. Gotta love this, especially for the July 4th weekend.

Bonus Beats: BK Cyph "Watcher Freestyle"

Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution

As an annual staple on rock the dub, here is my mix for July 4th. With what's gone on in Black America this year, I figured I had to cover two subjects: Obama for President and Sean Bell. I didn't think I could do this in a CD-length (i.e. under 80 minute) timeframe, so here's a 90-minute mixtape (split up into 45 minute mixes) for your cassette decks. Yes we took it back.

(Side A \ Side B) (dload the complete package)


Side A
01/intro (Mumia / Pete Rock)
02/Elucid "Starstruck"
03/David Banner ft. Nas "Middle Finger"
04/interlude (Mumia / The ARE)
05/The ARE w/ Oh No & Kay ft. ROc C "When You're Down (Bad Boys)"
06/KRS-One "Black Cop"
07/Trick Trick "Fuck The Police"
08/Guilty Simpson "Pigs"
09/Trama ft. Muja Messiah "Fuck Da Police"
10/2Pac "Trapped"
11/SoulBrotha "Unforgotten"
12/Mos Def "Can U C The Pride In The Panther? (Jay Dee Remix)"
13/Jay Dee "Fuck The Police"
14/NAs "Testify"

Side B
01/The Last Poets "Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution"
02/Nas ft. Johnny Polygon "Black President"
03/Kidz In The Hall ft. Bun B & Talib Kweli "Change (Work To Do Remix)"
04/Bun B "Get Cha Issue"
05/Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkings "Letter To Obama"
06/interlude ("Inadequate Black Male" / Pete Rock / Mumia)
07/Shala "Audacity Of Hope (Live)"
08/6th Sense "Ignite The People Like Obama"
09/interlude (Mumia / M.O.P.)
10/Foul Mouth Jerk "Culture Of Life"
11/Cody ChesnuTT "AfrObama"
12/Eric B & Rakim "Eric B Is President"

As you can see, a lot of new shit interspersed with some classic anthems. Shouts to anyone I spoke with on this. Your words mean a lot. Our country definitely needs a mess of change, and what better way to highlight it by with music.

PS: Yes, the title is lifted from The Last Poets. Yes, I believe it still holds water today.

Fourth of July, 2008 playlist

Enjoy your 4th. I'll be at the in-laws, sipping on some beer and hoping to not get rained on. And missing fireworks. Whatever, grab these beats and get your 'Q on...


leaks of tha week!




Want some thought with your hot dogs and beer?

Public Enemy "Son Of A Bush"

That's it for this holiday. I wanna shout out Enigmatik, who's bornday is today. Don't get too tipsy... ah, hell, Black man in America? Drink the whole damn bar! Enjoy yaself!

[video] Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube "Pressure"

[video] Mujah Messiah ft. I-Self Divine "Patriot Act"

Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy drops on July 29th!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

[video] Trae "Nuthin' 2 A Boss" / "Million Bucks"

"Nuthin' 2 A Boss" is my fav shit off Trae's last album...

O.C. & AG "Put It In The Box"

O.C. & AG "Put It In The Box": From their album Oasis, which is set to drop this Fall. Oasis is executive-produced by Show, and features production from Lord Finesse, E Blaze and Statik Selektah, so it sounds like that DITC flavor will be alive and well!

Props to Matt.

Saul Williams "World On Wheels"

Saul Williams "World On Wheels": This is one of the 5 bonus tracks on the CD/limited edition vinyl double pack release of Niggy Tardust (more info on Saul's MySpace page), which drops on July 8th (but is available now on iTunes).


T.I. "Swing Your Rag"

T.I. "Swing Your Rag" (prod. by Swizz Beats): Some hype shit for you to get your cookout-on to. I like hearing T.I. over these hype, uptempo beats.

Props to for the track.

Bonus Beats: T.I. "What Up" [via Nah Right]

Prince Bottle-Cork Dread "Short Hair Dub"

Prince Bottle-Cork Dread "Shorthair Dub": Nice and tidy dub-style flavors from the one like badmammal. I personally wish it was a bit longer, but what you have here is dope in its own right. Check out goodluck/badluck for some new news and other cuts you can download for free (or a small fee). Enjoy!

Tame One ft. Sean Price "Haha Da Rah Rah"

Tame One ft. Sean Price "Haha Da Rah Rah": More heat from Tame's forthcoming Da Ol' Jersey Bastard album, which drops on July 29th. This sounds exactly how you'd imagine it to, which means its type ill.

Big up to Matt for this!

related: Tame One "Catch Me"

[video] Mariah Carey ft. T.I. "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time"

Dizzee Rascal "Driving With Nowhere To Go"

Dizzee Rascal "Driving With Nowhere To Go": This joint is the US bonus track from Dizzee's Maths + English reissue on Definitive Jux from back in April. I hadn't heard this before, and I imagine a lot of you US Dizzee heads might not have peeped the reissue, so here you go.

Props to DJ Cable for the link.

[video] Roots Manuva EPK

Roots Manuva's forthcoming Slime & Reason is set to drop in August 2008.

Team Blackout "Billion Dollar Boyfriend"

Team Blackout "Billion Dollar Boyfriend" (prod. by Chris n Tweeb & Rockwilder): Here's the official lead single to Team Blackout's Lights Out, which will be released on August 19th. Oh and just so you know, Season 5 of Run's House premieres on July 16th - you know I'll be watching!

On That Leak: Nas Untitled

Think of this post as a mash-up between the Nas Untitled leaks as they came post, the Cover/Tracklist post and any other Nas/Nigger/Untitled post I've done.

Much props to Shake and h.e.r. for putting up posts with all the tracks in one spot.

NOTE: All of the links below come from Shake's post. Holla.

01. Queens Get The Money (Produced by Jay Electronica)
02. You Can’t Stop Us Now (Featuring Eban Thomas of The Stylistics & The Last Poets) (Produced by Salaam Remi)
03. Breathe (Produced by J. Myers & Dustin Moore)
04. Make The World Go Round (Featuring Chris Brown & The Game) (Co-produced by Cool & Dre & The Game)
05. Hero (Featuring Keri Hilson) (Produced by Polow Da Don)
06. America (Produced by Stargate)
07. Sly Fox (Produced by of Dead Prez)
08. Testify (Produced by Mark Batson)
09. N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) (Produced by DJ Toomp)
10. Louis Farrakhan (Produced by of Dead Prez)
11. Fried Chicken (Featuring Busta Rhymes) (Produced by Mark Ronson)
12. Project Roach (Featuring The Last Poets) (Produced by Eric Hudson)
13. Ya’ll My Niggas (Produced by J. Myers)
14. We’re Not Alone (Featuring Mykel) (Produced by of Dead Prez)
15. Black President (Featuring Johnny Polygon) (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)

I've also thrown up a .rar of this leak, for all of you who want to grab the full jawn in one shot. Also, the bitrates on these MP3s are all over the place. I'm just compiling 'em, I didn't rip 'em!

Here's a message from Nas himself, via BOBO:

And to paraphrase Extra P, buy the album when Nas drops it! July 15th!

[video] Reks "Say Goodnight"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

[video] Lil' Wayne "A Milli"

Here's the official video for "A Milli":

[video] Ice Cube "Do Ya Thang"

Nas Untitled Leaks

With the wealth of tracks leakin', I had to change the title of this post.

Nas "Breathe" (prod. by J. Myers & Dustin Moore): I so need Nigger Untitled.

Super hyphy jacked from Eskay.

Bonus Beats: Nas "Queens Get The Money" (prod. by Jay Electronica) [via The Fader - shouts to Mike!]

Bonus Beats: Nas ft. Eban Thomas "You Can't Stop Us" [via OnSMASH]

Oh my days...

Bonus Beats: Nas "We're Not Alone" [via You Heard That New...]

Bonus Beats: Nas "Testify" [via Nah Right]

Bonus Beats: Nas "America" [via h.e.r.]

Bonus Beats: Nas ft. The Game & Chris Brown "The World Go Round" [via 2DB]

Bonus Beats: Nas "Y'all My Niggas" [via DubCNN]

Warning Shot Wednesday (7/2/08)

I just got hit with a few Warning Shots from the good folks over at Loosie. Damn I love Wednesdays...

  • Spec Boogie "Vics" (prod. by Suburb): Really uplifting vibes, both lyrically and within the beat. Something about bright horns that are perfect for lighting that fire under our people. Hopefully this will be the year for change...
  • Elucid "Would Be Killer": ...and in true Loosie fashion, all walks of life are shown. Elucid becomes Travis Brickle on this one, detailing the insane thoughts of a person on the brink of causing mass destruction. That Gnarls Barkley loop further brings on the eerie, paranoid feeling.

Damn. Felt like I just read a good novel, or watched an ill movie. Don't sleep.

[video] Trae "I'm Fresh"

[video] Asher Roth "Roth Boys"

What are your thoughts on homeboy? Grab that GreenHouse Effect Vol. 1 mixtape HERE.

No, Kerry, No

Kerry, you're too fly to fuck with frocks like this. Fashion is one thing, and it probably cost a lot of scratch, but you don't have to go out like this, ma.

[video] Chocolate Wang

[video] DJ Premier At Prospect Park

World Wide Renewal Program

Adult Swim and Chocolate Industries have linked up to bring you a FREE compilation of some leftfield beats and rhymes. Simple as that:



1. Cool Kids 88
2. Kovas Go That Route
3. Hollywood Holt Hollywood
4. Numeric Untitled
5. Diverse Escape Earth
6. Proton Good Guys
7. Via Tania On Sawyer
8. Diverse F_Vast Aire Big Game
9. Push Button Objects Breakers Delight
10. Push Button Objects LXP******s
11. Free Moral Agents When I Smile

Push Button Objects is my shit. Via 2DB.

The UNI Crew "Soul Hop"

The UNI Crew "Soul Hop": Peep this joint that got passed to my inbox overnight. I'm honestly not that up on UNI, but after hearing this, my interest has been piqued. Those strings are hypnotic... just has a cool vibe to it, period.

Props to Chris for the link!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

[video] Crooks and Castles on KarmaloopTV

Big up to Chelsea each and every.

Max B Signs To Amaglam Digital

Just got the news that Max B, that wavy ass nigga, has signed a deal with Amaglam Digital. His album, Public Domain 3: Domain Pain, will be in storeso n August 5th; this will be the precursor to his Vigilante Season release, which will then be followed up by an as-yet-untitled, digital release only album. And peep game: all three albums are being produced solely by Dame Grease. Crazy, right?

Check the tracklist for PD3:

01. Paperwork
02. Picture Me Rollin
03. Chase You Home ft. Al Pac
04. Let It Go ft. Al Pac
05. Get Low ft. Al Pac
06. Bad Whiskey
07. Chevy
08. Ready To Ride ft. Mac Mustard
09. Lip Sing
10. Blow Me A Dub (Remix)
11. White As Snow (Grand Cru Anthem) ft. Al Pac
12. I’m G’d Up ft. Henny

Bonus Beats: Check out episode one of Biggavelli TV.

Kris Kasanova "Street Lyfe"

Kris Kasanova "Street Lyfe": Props to Brooklyn's Kris Kasanova for hitting me up the other day. Dude hit me with a few cuts and I am really impressed by this one track in particular, which details the everyday struggle in Hood America, USA. It's just wild because dude is younger, but most young cats aren't really coming out with material like that. Definitely keep your ears peeled for this MC.

Bonus Beats: Kris Kasanova "Go 'Head"

[video] 88 Keys "That Rap"

Via Nah Right.

On That Leak: Beck "Orphans"

Beck "Orphans": One of the few cuts that have been updated to Beck's MySpace page; this is taken from Modern Guilt, his forthcoming album that is largely produced by Danger Mouse. Your thoughts?

Modern Guilt is set to drop on July 8th.

Jay-Z "American Boy Freestyle (LIVE)"

Jay-Z "American Boy Freestyle": I had to post this. It's from his recent performance at Glastonbury 2008, and it's ill how he flips a lot of the British slang in his verse. Not groundbreaking, but when you break it down... dope stuff.

Bonus Beats: OnSMASH has video of this portion of the performance.

[video] Snoop Dogg "Snooperman"

From Snoop Dogg's new animated DVD.

[video] Olivia "Internet Girl"

AOTS is the shit. For those who are confused, check out Leoncie.


Boo ft. Young Jeezy & Blu Davinchi vs. TRG "Dat Rap Shit (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)": Oh yes, this is a true fucking anthem. I put Jeezy's pic up because, well, this track is all about his signature ad-libs, and that boastful hook (I dare you to get that "MISS ME WIT DAT RAP SHEEEEEEEEIT" out of your head after playing this). The kicker is towards the end, where TRG's dubstep rumble drops into a 4x4 kick, alongside that hook? On The Night THUGSTEP Came Alive, this had all of the party rockin', so DJs, test this one on your hungry masses.

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #23

My homey DJ Cable comes with a pretty dope mix for this week. Nice cross-pollenation of styles, from a dope IDM edit he did to an ill blend, and some other club-movers:



01. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction
02. Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare
03. Common Feat. Pharrell - Universal Mind Control
04. DJ Cable - Universal Milkshake
05. Kid Sister - Control
06. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Cable's Dancefloor Friendly Re-Edit)
07. Teriyaki Boyz Feat. Busta Rhymes & Pharrell - Zock On

Enjoy this. Pop it on your iPods, pass it to your friends. Do the damn thing.

Monday, June 30, 2008

[video] Fresh Coast Battles DVD Trailer

Pre-4th Of July Kick Off (July 3rd 2008)

The Red, White & Green Party ooks like a dope event, featuring both Keith Murray and Peter Rosenberg among those performing, with proceeds being donated to Obama for America. Get with the program, people!

Knitting Factory, Thursday. Be there!

[video] Miracle At St. Anna Trailer

Spike Lee's latest, coming this Fall.

[video] Ise Lyfe "Bad Word Bounce"

Bonus Beats: Ise Lyfe "Bad Word Bounce"

Ise's Prince Cometh is coming...

Props to Michelle for this.

[video] S.O.U.L. Purpose At SOB's

Big up to Young Sav for the link!

rock the dub radio: episode 023

That #23 is a powerful number. It means quality, excellence and a long-standing legacy. Am I perfect and excellent in every way? No, but I am striving towards it. Hell, I didn't ever see myself doing my little corny podcasts, or that people would respond. It's been a deep trek, and I'm proud to continue to embark on it.

This mix was made Friday night, after I got the dirty/no DJ version of Nas' "Fried Chicken". Some cuts from The Lighthouse Project, more new Nas, and a host of joints that I am feeling currently. Check me out:

rock the dub radio: episode 023
(direct MP3 dload / beatplexity mirror)


01/Nas ft. Busta Rhymes "Fried Chicken"
02/Nas "Sly Fox"
03/David Banner ft. Nas "Middle Finger"
04/Vordul Mega "Megagraphitti"
05/Vast Aire "The Man With Out Fear"
06/Cam'ron "My Aura"
07/Brokn.Englsh "TCBY"
08/5th Flow "The Reign"
09/Muja Messiah ft. Slug & HAP "O'Silly Me"
10/Wale ft. Skyzoo "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan"
11/Hustle Simmons ft. 84 & Fel Sweetenburg "The Rundown"
12/Bun B "That's Gangsta (The Amps Remix)"
13/Master 3 "What Is Your Name"
14/Nobody "Dirty New Jerz"
15/R.O.E. "Can't Help Myself"
16/Cy Yung "Dreamcatcher Revisited"
17/Daft Punk & Jay-Z "Something About Us (Burt Fox Blend)"
18/Jay-Z ft. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel & Amil "You, Me, Him And Her"
19/Lupe Fiasco "U, Me, Him And Her Freestyle"
20/Ludacris "Big Ass House Freestyle"
21/Rick Ross ft. T-Pain "The Boss"
22/Rick Ross ft. Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy & Trick Daddy "Luxury Tax"
23/Freeway "When They Remember"
24/N.E.R.D. "Everyone Nose"
25/Von Pea, Elucid, Che Grand & Spec Boogie "Lessondary Nose"
26/Praverb "The King"
27/Brokn.Englsh "Different World"
28/Joulz Il "Imagine That"
29/Burt Fox & El Juba "The Jungle"
30/Common ft. Pharrell "Announcement"
31/Junclassic "The Promo"
32/Brown Bag All-Stars "Make Way"
33/Nas ft. "Association"

Fresh, fresh cuts. Any DJs/MCs/producers lookin' to submit music to me, just holler.

rock the dub radio \ RSS \ iTunes

Sunday, June 29, 2008

[video] Jay-Z's Full Glastonbury '08 Performance

[video] Jay-Z "Wonderwall" Live

Taken from his recent performance at Glastonbury: