Saturday, August 02, 2008

[video] Behind The Scenes: Termanlogy "How We Rock"

Theo was at the videoshoot for Termanology's "How We Rock", which features Bun B. He got this inside footage and promptly threw it up on YouTube:

Friday, August 01, 2008

[video] David Banner "Shawty Say"

Featuring Lil' Wayne:

I'm such a "Lollipop" hater, but I like how Banner flipped that line.

Theo The Birth Official Cover

The boy Theo just hit me with the official cover for The Birth, the mixtape he is dropping on 08/08/08. Very excited to hear this one.

related: Theo "Hola Oh Theo"

GZA "0% Finance"

GZA "0% Finance": Is he dropping a track a week? Some fresh new GZA from the ProTools LP.

Shouts to Enigmatik for the link.

Ludacris "What Them Girls Like"

Ludacris ft. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett "What Them Girls Like" [clean \ dirty]: Luda drops the first official single from his forthcoming album (I'm assuming). Got enough knock to keep the ladies on the floor wylin', as well as making sure their guys aren't totally bored.

Shouts out to BOBO for the look.

[video] Emilio Rojas "That Time"

This M-Phazes-produced banger is one of the two singles taken from Emilio Rojas' The Nouveau Slick EP, set to drop on Coalmine Records in 4Q 2008:

The video for the Illmind-produced "Young, Fresh & Fly" should be dropping soon...

BGDB Interviews Yves Saint

Enigmatik just posted this interview with Houston MC Yves Saint over at The Boom. I know homey is making some moves, and we here at rock the dub fully support it.

PS: BGDB is trying to get further than "Finalist" in this year's Black Weblog Awards. Show some support to homey and vote for Boo Goo Doo Boom in the "Best Hip-Hop Blog", "Best Music Blog" and "Blog To Watch" categories.

Friday, August 1st 2008 playlist

No rest for the wicked? You damn right...


leaks of tha week!




Listening to mad Biggie this morning, I just had to post this throwback...

The Notorious B.I.G. "Juicy"

Get some sun in ya face this weekend. One love!

Theo "Hola Oh Theo"

Theo "Hola Oh Theo": Here's an exclusive Theo cut from his The Birth mixtape, which drops next week (08/08/08), brought to you by That Real Ish (check that interview!). Theo is on the verge, and I'm privileged to have been able to throw some of his tracks online.

[video] Strong Arm Steady EPK

Shouts to Tunji for the link.

[video] Killer Mike Responds To Big Boi

Killer Mike responds to Big Boi's comments during his recent DJ Envy interview:

Via Nah Right.

[video] Mariah Carey "Side Effects" Live

MC and Young Jeezy perform "Side Effects" on The Jimmy Kimmel Show:

[video] Trina "Look Back At Me"

Featuring Killer Mike:

related: On That Leak: Trina "Look Back At Me"

[video] Angie Stone "Sometimes"

[video] Tha Dogg Pound "Cheat"


Young Jeezy ft. Bonecrusher vs. Tes La Rok "Take It To The Floor (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)": Simple, yet effective. Fresh THUGSTEP that fans of the initial .rar's already heard. Jeezy and Bonecrusher rep the dirty, tough talkin' over an moody dubstep romp from the one like Tes La Rok. Oddly enough, I dropped another track featuring Jeezy last month, but with The Recession on the horizon, I can't help it. PUNK NIGGA C'MON!!!

Joey Honey x Squincy Jones "Altered Beast"

Joey Honey x Squincy Jones "Altered Beast": Fresh riddim from the one like Squincy Jones, flipping an ATL/snap beat with some ill samples from Altered Beast (which I inadvertently bought on the Sega Genesis Collection compilation for the PS2).

related: Squincy Jones Nintendub Mixtape

Freeway "Hip Hop Lives"

Freeway "Hip Hop Lives": Gotta love when cats show love to this thing of ours.

Shouts to BOBO for this one!

Megan Rochell "Caught Up"

Megan Rochell "Caught Up": You guys grow up in a household that listened to a lot of R&B and Soul? You remember Saturday mornings, when mad housework got done, and your mom would be blasting her jams on the stereo? I might have to start doing that with this track, which has the right amount of funk and Hip-Hop appeal to get me open, and get my floors clean.

Shouts to Young Sav for the heads up!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

[video] Khujo Goodie "Shittin' Me"

[video] Slim "So Fly"

Featuring Shawty Lo & Yung Joc:

Termanology Politics As Usual Cover+Tracklist

I told you guys on Monday that when I got more info on Politics As Usual, I'd hit you with that info properly. Well, the homey Matt just sent over the cover and tracklist, and this album looks like it's going to be a MONSTER!


1.) Its Time (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
2.) Watch How It Go Down (Produced by DJ Premier)
3.) Respect My Walk (Produced by Buckwild)
4.) Hood Shit f/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep (Produced by The Alchemist)
5.) Float (Produced by Nottz)
6.) Please Don't Go (Produced by Nottz)
7.) How We Rock f/ Bun B of UGK (Produced by DJ Premier)
8.) Drugs Crime & Gorillaz f/ Sheek Louch & Freeway (Produced by Nottz)
9.) In The Streets f/Lil Fame of M.O.P. (produced by Hi-Tek)
10.) So Amazing (Produced by DJ Premier)
11.) Sorry I Lied (Produced by Large Professor)
12.) We Killin Ourselves (Produced by Pete Rock)
13.) The Chosen (Resurrecting The Game) (Produced by Havoc)

Seriously, with that batch of producers, this looks beyond ridiculous. I hate to call this an album of the year candidate before hearing it, but from top to bottom this just looks fly as hell. Word is a video for "How We Rock" is set to be dropping soon, too.

Politics As Usual, September 30th.

PS: Does "Sorry I Lied" have a KRS-One sample in it by any chance?

Sugar Tongue Slim - Demand More #3

Sugar Tongue Slim "Demand More Freestyle #3": After peepin' the first two freestyles STS has done, him and I ended up chatting a bit back and forth via e-mail, and I sent him a .rar with a batch of beats, both newer shit and some curveballs. I got an e-mail from him late Monday night with two freestyles in them. The official Demand More #3 freestyle is over Busta's amazing "Don't Touch Me" beat, causing STS to just go for broke on that throwback instrumental. Oh, and this marks the first time rock the dub has been namechecked in a freestyle! The second...

Bonus Beats: Sugar Tongue Slim "Next Levels Freestyle (RTD Exclusive)": an exclusive to the site, and over something you might not expect. Fans of MF Doom's King Geedorah moniker should know this beat ("Next Levels", from the Take Me To Your Leader disc), and STS shines bright over that jazzy piano. I'm guessing this is the first of the "On Demand" freestyles STS is doing!? Shouts out to him, regardless!

As another added bonus, STS sent a video...

Sugar Tongue Slim Demand More (Sneaker Edition)

Until next week... DEMAND MORE IS A MOVEMENT!

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #27

DJ Cable's latest mix is finally here, and he decided to flip it on you guys. I know he's been on his 'tablism shit, so make sure you peep the fresh cuts and blends he threw special in this mix:



01. Swizz Beatz - It's Me Bitches
02. 50 Cent - I Get Money
03. David Banner - Play
04. Ne-Yo - So Sick (DJ Cable Blend)
05. Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot
06. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah! (DJ Cable Blend)
07. Fantasia Feat. Polow Da Don & Young Jeezzy - When I See You (remix)
08. Nicole Scherzinger Feat. T.I. - Whatever U Like

As an added bonus, here's a mix from DJ Smoov (of Def Jam UK); this was featued on BBC's 1Xtra, which is oddly how I first met DJ Cable. Check it out for a fresh Hip-Hop/R&B selection!

Spec Boogie "By My Side"

Spec Boogie ft. Noñameko "By My Side" (prod. by Von Pea): Nothing I can say in writing will be able to properly explain what this track means to Spec, so I will just copy the blurb he sent me:

Today is the 13th anniversary of the passing of my mother so I wanted to leak a track I recorded last year dedicated to the memory of her and my father (who passed on in september 98) it may be a little personal for a blog blast but hey, I hold nothing back. I'll get back to talking that shit next week.

If that ain't real talk, I don't know what is. For those in the New York area, Spec, Che Grand, 8th W1 and Fresh Daily will be holding it down at the Gallery Bar on Orchard Street, L.E.S. NYC (here's the flyer). Loosie.

related: Elucid "24 Hour Heartbreaker"

[video] Prodigy "People Is Power" (Director's Cut)

Elucid "24 Hour Heartbreaker"

Elucid "24 Hour Heartbreaker": Flipping Adult.'s "Good Deeds", Elucid spits some fiery flames on those chicks who you love but don't share that feeling. Dude channels Elvis and Prince, all the while maintaining his unique voice over this skankin' electro-punk romp.

Like He Stole Something

Enigmatik hipped me to this link over at Dallas' spot, of what is definitely some fucking police brutality:

(Here's a direct link if the above video isn't loading up)

A fucking BLACK COP beat that nigga like he was a slave. KRS-One was so on point. No Justice from the punk police. Sad part is, niggas are scared of revolution... how long are YOU going to let this go on?

Ready To Die: The O.G. Edition

Sick. No need to get all deep in this, just know that this (DJ-less) mixtape features the original Ready To Die songs, complete in their unreleased, uncleared sample glory, just like how Biggie would've wanted you to hear it.



01 Intro(Original Uncleared Sample Version)
02 Things Done Changed(Original Version)
03 Gimme The Loot(Uncensored Never Before Heard Version)
04 Machine Fun Funk(Dj Premier Version)
05 Warning(Original Version)
06 Ready To Die(Original Beat Version)
07 One More Chance(Original Uncleared Sample Version)
08 Fuck Me(Interlude)
09 The What(Original Unheard Lyrics Version)
10 Juicy(Pete Rock Version)
11 Everyday Struggle(Demo Version)
12 Me And My Bitch(Original Beat Version)
13 Respect(Original Extended Version)
14 Friend Of Mine(Original Demo Version)
15 Whatchu Want(Unreleased Original Version)
16 Suicidal Thoughts(Pete Rock Version)
17 Come On(Unreleased Original Version)
18 Who Shot Ya(Original Demo Version)
19 Mac’s N Dons(Unreleased)
20 Pepsi Freestyle(Original Unreleased Version)
21 Biggie Got That Hype Shit(Unreleased Demo)

Via The Hip Hop & Vinyl Giant (spotted over at GRANDGOOD).

Bekay "Uncle Murdered"

Bekay "Uncle Murdered" (Uncle Murda Diss): Wow, I had no idea Uncle Murda changed his name to BK... looks like "BK" has awoken the beast...

Uncle Murdered? In response to Uncle Murder’s name change to ‘BK’ that was announced on Hot 97 on Friday, July 18, the ‘real’ Bekay has some words for Uncle Murder as he battles to claim his moniker. “You’re a liar, the streets is sick of your bars/ Uncle Murder?, more like Aunty M from the Wizard of Oz” -Bekay delivers back to back punch lines over classic Alchemist production

Can't wait to hear Murda's response. Why would he change his name to "BK" anyways? He trying to get a new single put on Urban radio?

Nas "What It Is"

Nas "What It Is" (prod. by DJ Khalil): Finally, a Full, dirty, CDQ version of this track I've been hype over since February has come out. Khalil is a beast on this beat, and Esco does the damn thing.

Jacked from Nah Right.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[video] Big Boi "Something's Gotta Give"

Featuring Mary J. Blige:

related: [video] Big Boi Speaks To DJ Envy

[video] Angela Simmons "Center Of Attention"

related: Angela Simmons "Center Of Attention"

SPECTRUM FUNK (July 31st, 2008)

DJ G-Spot Philly Star Power Mixtape

I guess we know why all those Freeway freestyles were being done...



1. Freeway Intro
2. Cassidy – Amnesia
3. Cassidy – In One & Out The Other
4. Cassidy – Money Come Fast
5. Cassidy – Let’s Get It
6. Cassidy – Lost It All
7. Cassidy – Definitely In It
8. Cassidy – Pullin Out That Pistol
9. Cassidy – A Millie
10. Cassidy – Rap City Freestyle feat Kanye West
11. Cassidy & Freeway – Battle Pt 1
12. Freeway – Reality Rap
13. Freeway – A 2 B
14. Freeway – It’s Drought Time
15. Freeway – The Flow Master
16. Freeway – Freedom Of Speech
17. Freeway – Let The Beat Build
18. Freeway – This Can’t Be Real
19. Freeway – Take It To The Top feat 50 Cent
20. Freeway Speaks
21. Freeway – Paper Planes (rmx) feat MIA
22. Freeway – Getting Mine feat Rick Ross & Fabolous (prod by Breez)
23. Freeway & Cassidy – Battle Pt 2
24. DJ G-Spot – DJ’s Unite Or Die Outro

Free hosts this as well.

KeiP.H "Don't Like Me Now"

KeiP.H "Don't Like Me Now": Some fresh flavors straight out of the 215. I'm liking this one, I can't lie. Check his MySpace for more beats.

Shouts to Young Sav for the heads up.

[video] Dem Franchize Boyz "Mr. Feel Good"

Featuring Mannie Fresh:

DJ Revolution King Of The Decks Cover+Tracklist

I hit you with the advanced word on this album back in February, and Matt just sorted the cover and tracklist for you heads to gander upon:

1.) Intro f/Jazzy Jeff
2.) King Of The Decks f/ Sean Price & Tash
4.) Do My Thing f/ Guilty Simpson & Royce Da 5' 9"
5.) LADJ (skit)
6.) Funky Piano f/ Bishop Lamont, Crooked I, Styliztik Jones
7.) For The Kids (skit)
8.) The Big Top f/ Special Teamz
9). Start The Revolution f/ Boot Camp Clik
10.) Scratch Nerds (skit)
11.) Invaders from the Planet Sqratch f/ DJ Qbert
12.) EY! f/ Joell Ortiz and Termanology (Produced by DJ Revolution & DJ Numark)
13.) Casualties of Tour f/ Rakaa Iriscience (produced by Marco Polo)
14.) Damage f/ Blaq Poet & Bumpy Knuckles
15.) Willie Lynch f/ Styliztik Jones and KBimean
16.) The Biggest Up f/ DJ Premier (Skit)
17.) Blow Da Spot f/ Strong Arm Steady
18.) School f/ Planet Asia
19.) Spit Ridiculous f/ Defari
20.) Pro's & Con's f/ Evidence
21.) Calling Haul (Skit)
22.) Man or Machine
23.) The Set Up f/ Sway & King Tech
24.) The Re-Match f/ DJ Spinbad

All tracks on this badboy are produced, mixed and arranged by DJ Revolution, so you know this is official. Album in stores September 16th on Duck Down.

PS: "Funky Piano" comes by way of Nah Right.

[video] Big Boi Speaks To DJ Envy

Speaks on the Lucious Leftfoot LP, as well as on the Killer Mike beef:

Shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up.

Shawn Hewitt "One On One"

Shawn Hewitt "One On One": New, interesting Pop record from Shawn Hewitt, who represents Toronto, Canada. Dude has a nice, unique voice, and brings that raw emotion to his lyrics. Fans of cuts that truly tug at the heart strings should check this out. Shawn's Spare Hearts drops on Sept. 30th on EMI Canada.

Shouts to Jon Jon for the link!

Rhymefest "What's Up"

Rhymefest ft. Jadakiss & Chamillionaire "What's Up": As long as Andrew is going to keep dropping these, and they keep sounding hot, I'm gonna keep posting them. 'Fest, you need to find this dude, forreal!

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z "Put On (Remix)"

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z "Put On (Remix)": Young Sav hit me with this last night (this morning?), but I didn't even check it until this morning. It's the dirty version, because you know I like my rhymes filthy. Nothing too stupendous about this, although I like Jay's effortless-ness. I finally checked that Jezzy interview in Vibe, and dude is talkin' that real shit. Being a father and all that, I feel for him. We'll see how The Recession plays out...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[video] Redman "Run My Block"

Nice lil' video of Redman flippin' his "I Run My Block Freestyle", from DJ Scoob Doo's Streets Talk DVD:

Peep Red showcasing his new whip:

[video] Raekwon on KarmaloopTV (Part 1)

Part 2 to drop tomorrow.

[video] Young Jeezy The Recession EPK

[video] Joell Ortiz "Good Times"

[video] Muja Messiah & Slug Live (7/27/2008)

Here's some footage that Saucy Dame Delux took from Muja's album release party this past Sunday:

related: Muja Messiah ft. Black Thought "Give It Up"

Jah-C ft. V/A "Soul Banger (Remix)"

Jah-C ft. Baje One, Scott Thorough, MC K-Swift, Stimulus & Cavalier "Soul Banger (Remix)": I brought you guys the video for the original last month; here's the official remix of "Soul Banger", which will be on the forthcoming Soul Banger EP, due out on Coalmine Records.

[video] Opio "Original Lyricist"

Bonus Beats: Opio "Original Lyricist"

Izza Kizza Kizzaland Mixtape

Izza Kizza is the newest artist signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group (and a cat I was just randomly reading about him in Vibe); here's his latest mixtape, mixed by Nick Catchdubs:



01. Intro
02. Flippin' In The Rizzide
03. I'm The Izza Kizza
04. Millionaire (Preview)
05. Walk The Dog ft. Missy Elliot
06. Wham!
07. Timbo Freestyle
08. Tell 'Em What My Name Iz
09. Red Wine
10. Here I Izz
11. Ooh La La (Preview)
12. Living My Dreams (Preview)
13. Don't Stop Go!
14. They're Everywhere
15. Hello
16. Me & Keesha (Boy Meets Girl)
17. Testimonial
18. PUSH
19. Outro
20. Georgie Porgie (Bonus)

What's good with two Nick Catchdubs mixes in one day? Via That Real Ish.

Muja Messiah ft. Black Thought "Give It Up"

Muja Messiah ft. Black Thought "Give It Up" (prod. by Malik Worthy): MPLS titan Muja Messiah and Illadelp representer Black Thought link up over a sick track, taken from Muja's forthcoming Thee Adventures Of A B-Boy D-Boy, which is in stores TODAY! Go cop that!

Peep this write-up on Muja from the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Shouts to Jon Jon for the track!

related: Muja Messiah "At All Cost (My Economics)" \ Muja Messiah "Growing Pains"

Nick Catchdubs Slick

Check this, for lack of a better term, slick, mix from the one like Nick Catchdubs:



01. Pase Rock “Get Money Kids”
02. 50 Cent “I Get Money (Catch On 45)”
03. Trap House “Step Into”
04. Bad Yard Club “In De Ghetto (GrandTheft Remix)”
05. Dukeyman “Shine”
06. DJ Sega “Everybody Handz Up”
07. Machines Don’t Care “Juggs”
08. Mr Vegas “Round Of Applause”
09. Moby “I Love To Move In Here (Crookers Bass In Here Mix)”
10. Nacho Lovers “Acid Life”
11. Jamie Anderson and Content “Body Jackin”
12. DJ Big Red “Jakybodi”
13. DJ Will Roc “Replay Again”
14. Loco Dice “Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!!”
15. Lil Bo Tweak “K Rizzle”
16. 2 Bad Mice “Hold It Down”
17. Bassbin Twins “Woppa”
18. Loefah “It’s Yours”
19. Big Tuck “Not A Stain On Me”
20. Busta Rhymes “I Got Bass”

Via Trash Menagerie.

Monday, July 28, 2008

[video] Rocsi & Terrence Together On 106 & Park

[video] Bow Wow "Big Bank Take Lil Bank"

Featuring Swizz Beats:

Who Killed Obama?

Pretty interesting piece, when you peep this post over at Animal New York and get a bit of the story behind it. Props to Elucid for hitting me with the link.

[video] The Mighty Underdogs ft. MF Doom "Gunfight"

Via Okayplayer:

The self-proclaimed hip-hop supergroup is comprised of Lateef the Truth Speaker (Quannum Projects), Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), and Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), and they will release their first album on Def Jux this October, entitled Droppin' Science Fiction. In addition to MF Doom, guests include DJ Shadow, Mr. Lif, and Damian "JR Gong" Marley, among others.

Bonus Beats: The Mighty Underdogs "Anthem" [mirror]

Via Nah Right.

Termanology ft. Bun B "How We Rock"

Termanology ft. Bun B "How We Rock" (prod. by DJ Premier): Tracks like these are the stuff of dreams for Hip-Hop heads on the 'Net. Termanology's Politics As Usual drops on September 30th via S.T Records/Nature Sounds, with production from Primo, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Hi-Tek, Havoc, Nottz, Buckwild, Large Professor & Easy Mo Bee. More word on this when I get it!

Shouts to Matt for this one, as per usual!

How Much Is Too Much?

How many stories like the death of "Scooter" Pikes, or the recent hospitalization of Mace Hutchinson, both involving excessive use of a taser, do we need to hear before we question the authorities? I can understand the use of a taser to subdue an unruly citizen, I get that, and prefer it over more lethal weaponry. My thing is, after two, maybe 3 shots with the taser (depending on height & weight), when does a cop just say "OK, let's try something else"? When does it step over the line of trying to get a situation under control and become police brutality?

9 times surely seems like it was over the limit, and that killed Pikes. 19 times is far too many, and luckily Hutchinson is alive, albeit suffering from a laundry list of ailments, including a serious fall that the tasering delayed.

If I went out and had a dispute with 5-0, and I felt threatened, legally had a taser on me and shot the cop with it, could I get off on a light rap? I highly doubt it. I seriously feel as its us against them. My thing is, my hood isn't nearly as bad as other spots in my area, and yet I get double looks from cops when I don't fit any kind of description. Shit like that makes a nigga feel like, while my taxes go to pay their checks, they could give fuck-all about me.

And then they wonder why people in the US can't trust them. Look at the timeless issues people in general (not just based on color/sexuality) have had against the authorities. And there are good cops out there, but it feels like the cats who are whupping upside your head or repeatedly electrocuting you are outnumbering the cats who help old ladies cross the street, walk the city beat and truly give a damn about our communities.

Hopefully we can see an end to these excessive forms of police brutality.

[video] Lil' Wayne "Got Money"

Featuring T-Pain & Mack Maine:

[video] The Alchemist "Key To The City"

Featuring Prodigy & Nina Sky:

rock the dub radio: episode 025

I had a busy weekend and din't think I'd get a chance to do this, then suddenly around 11PM Friday night, I got hit with some inspiration. I wonder why cats are doing remixes of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" NOW!? In any case, loads of freestyles that I dug dropped in the last few weeks, so I included my favorites, alongside from fresh flavors from the likes of the GZA, Spec Boogie, Elucid, Nov Ganon, A.R.M., Amanda Diva, Big Boi, Rhymefest and others, including the full version of Joe Budden's "Who". Check it!

rock the dub radio: episode 025
(MP3 / beatplexity mirror)


01/M.I.A. ft. Freeway "Paper Planes (Remix)"
02/Esso "Paper Planes"
03/Butta Verses "Officer Ross"
04/Redman "I Run My Block Freestyle"
05/Theo "Grammy Family Freestyle"
06/Joe Budden "Addiction Freestyle"
07/Rukus "Addiction Freestyle"
08/MF Doom "Sniper Elite"
09/Ghostface Killah "Murder Goons"
10/GZA "Alphabets"
11/A.R.M. "Uprisin'"
12/Amanda Diva "Night Flights"
13/Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige "Sumthins Gotta Give"
14/J Dilla "Oxtopus Boom Boom"
15/J Dilla ft. Nottz & Boogieman "Fight Club"
16/Nov Ganon "Get Loose"
17/Andre 3000 x Che Grand "Airtight Ninja"
18/Elucid "Mannequin (Dead Fresh)"
19/Spec Boogie "S.B."
20/Spec Boogie & Elucid On Crack Distributors Radio
21/Vordul Mega ft. Vast Aire "AK47"
22/NoCanDo "Black Captain America"
23/Mos Def "Twilight Speedball (Live)"
24/Skillz ft. Truck North "Yeah Ya Know It"
24/Rashid Hadee "Get Mine"
25/Rhymefest "Real Nigga Quotes"
26/Cy Yung "Stand & Da Liver"
27/Cormega ft. DJ Red Alert, PMD, Grand Puba, KRS-One & Big Daddy Kane "Fresh"
28/Nas x Styles P "Hope I'm Black"
29/The Game ft. Lil' Wayne "My Life (Alternate Version)"
30/Joe Budden "Who (Full Version)"

rock the dub radio: URL/RSS/iTunes.

[video] New LOST Video

Just like last year, Dr. Marvin Candle (or shall I say Pierre Chang) is back in another LOST teaser video; last year's vid was pretty wild, and ended up tying into the season very well, so I imagine this one will do the same:

Lostpedia has the complete rundown. You guys up for another ARG? Doc Arzt also has the full LOST panel, and EW has provided a bit of scoop, too.

Ludacris & DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz: The Preview

Ludacris has had cuts leaking from this for the last few weeks, and it's finally here. Many heads are already jumping up and down over this one. You be the judge...



01. And Starring…
02. Still Spittin’
03. DTP Magic (Feat. Willy Northpole)
04. Get Up Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange)
05. So Thoro
06. The Vocalizer
07. Bigg Ass House
08. 2 Kings (Feat. I-20)
09. Politics As Usual
10. Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle)
11. Pinky Shinin’ (Feat. Small World)
12. Sho’Nuff Revisited (Feat. Lil Fate)
13. Ordinary Negroes
14. Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Wayne & Ludacris)
15. LA The DarkMan - Coogi Down (Feat. Willie The Kid)
16. I’m A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle)
17. Smokin Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna)
18. Stay Together
19. We Ain’t Worried Bout You
20. Roll The Credits
21. Been Puttin On / Secret Song

Spotted over at BGDB, via OnSMASH.


Just a nice Kim Kardashian ass-shot via The Superficial.
Tricky "Council Estate (Drums of Death Remix)": I brought you the original in video form back in May, the South Rakkas Remix back in June, and now I bring you this glitchy, hyper mix from Drums of Death. Tracks like this will throw the dancefloor into a frenzy, especially with how the track flips around the 3:45 mark.

The single for "Knowle West Boy" drops in North America on August 5th, and will feature the aforementioned South Rakkas & Drums of Death mixes alongside a mix from Toddla T. Shouts to KCG for the links, and the info!

Bonus Beats: Tricky "Past Mistake"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

[video] Snoop Dogg "Those Gurlz"

[video] Rapper Big Pooh "With You"